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What Are The Military Colleges

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Top 10 Military Colleges

Life at the Royal Military College of Canada


Military colleges that offer four-year undergraduate degrees fall into two main categories: federal academies in which students receive training to become commissioned officers into different branches of the military, and senior military colleges, which offer Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. While the federal service academies offer an education intended exclusively for students entering the military, many military colleges are part of a larger university, such as the military college at Texas A& M.

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How To Select A College

On top of the type of school you decide to attend, it’s important to select the specific college that’s the best fit for you. Learn how to choose a college. Also, make sure you do ample college research before you apply.

Some factors to consider as youre doing your research are the location, undergraduate enrollment, selectivity, academic programs, and on-campus culture of the schools.

You can use college websites, finders, guidebooks, ranking lists, and search websites to help with your research.

Additionally, you may want to consult with counselors, teachers, current students, and alumni to help you with your college decision.

Exhibit 64in The 201415 Fiscal Year It Cost National Defence More To Educate A Civilian Recruit Through The Royal Military College Of Canadas Officer Entry Plan Than Through Other Entry Plans

Officer entry plan
$0 x 0 years = $0Note *

6.52 We found that RMC was the most costly way to educate future military officersâabout $40,000 more per year than sending an Officer Cadet to a civilian university through the ROTP-civilian plan. Given the shortage of officers in the Canadian Armed Forces, as noted in our 2016 audit report on recruitment and retention, it is our opinion that National Defence has an opportunity to increase the overall number of officers at a lower cost by increasing enrolment in the ROTP-civilian plan or recruitment through the Direct Entry Officer Plan.

6.53 The ability to communicate in both official languages is a key skill for all officers, and learning this skill early is beneficial. The higher costs of educating an Officer Cadet at RMC may be partially offset by reducing official languages training that could be required later in some officersâ careers. However, a significant number of RMC graduates still require second language training after graduation, either to attain minimum standards or to refresh their language levels.

6.58 In our opinion, it is difficult to make a direct link between graduation from RMC and military career success. It is our view that National Defence needs to be able to demonstrate that the higher costs and standards of the ROTP-RMC plan are required, reasonable, and produce better officers.

RMCâs governance was not effective

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Norwich University The Military College Of Vermont

Founded in 1819, Norwich University The Military College of Vermont is a private university. Its faculty design and deliver the course curriculum for all of our degree programs, and serve as the prime source of academic support for students. Norwich is the oldest private military college in the United States and considered the birthplace of ROTC. The College of Graduate and Continuing Studies oversees the universitys graduate programs. The majority of the graduate programs are conducted on a distance learning platform. The university offers accredited and highly recognized programs in a range of fields including diplomacy, military history, history, business administration, civil engineering, justice administration, public administration, information assurance, education, nursing, and organizational leadership.

Founded: 1819

Valley Forge Military Academy

Is Military College Right for Your Student?

Founded: 1928Acceptance Rate: 100%Average yearly tuition: $29,975 per year

Description:Valley Forge Military Academy and College is an expensive yet highly prestigious military college in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

The military junior college also doubles as a private college preparatory boarding school for grades 7-12.

VRMAC follows the traditional military school format in-line with Army traditions.

Graduates have the option of serving the Armed Forces or pursuing a career elsewhere.

The Valley Forge Corps of Cadets is unique in that the program is entirely run by the students.

Additionally, VRMAC is the only American military organization that has maintained British rank, drill, customs, and ceremonies.

The Corps of Cadets is also the only program in the U.S. to feature a traditional mounted battalion of one cavalry troop and one artillery battery.

The Military College of Pennsylvania requires cadets to pass a board and earn a Capshield to become an official member.

All cadets must pass a board and earn a Capshield to be a member of the Corps of Cadets.

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Understand The Escalating Tensions Over Ukraine

A brewing conflict.Antagonism between Ukraine and Russia has been simmering since 2014, when the Russian military crossed into Ukrainian territory, annexing Crimea and whipping up a rebellion in the east. A tenuous cease-fire was reached in 2015, but peace has been elusive.

A spike in hostilities.Russia has recently been building up forces near its border with Ukraine, and the Kremlins rhetoric toward its neighbor has hardened. Concern grew in late October, when Ukraine used an armed drone to attack a howitzer operated by Russian-backed separatists.

Ominous warnings.Russia called the strike a destabilizing act that violated the cease-fire agreement, raising fears of a new intervention in Ukraine that could draw the United States and Europe into a new phase of the conflict.

The Kremlins position.President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has increasingly portrayed NATOs eastward expansion as an existential threat to his country, said that Moscows military buildup was a response to Ukraines deepening partnership with the alliance.

A measured approach.President Biden has said he is seeking a stable relationship with Russia. So far, his administration is focusing on maintaining a dialogue with Moscow, while seeking to develop deterrence measures in concert with European countries.

I follow the example of girls who, under bullets and grenades, went to fight during the Great Patriotic War, Ms. Osipova said. They had no choice, but we do have it, and I choose the army.

Top Military Colleges To Study In The Us

Are you interested to attend an institution that marries an education with military training? There are many of colleges and academies available that designed specifically for students who want to get their education in the field of Military.

In order to help you to find the best military college, here we have compiled a list of Top Military Colleges to Study in the U.S.. You need to explore our complete list to choose the right one for your bright future. Good luck!!!

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United States Military Academy

Founded in 1802, The United States Military Academy is a four-year coeducational federal service academy. The Academy provides a superb four-year education, which focuses on the leader development of cadets in the academic, military, and physical domains, all underwritten by adherence to a code of honor. Its mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, and Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the United States Army.

Founded: 1802Website:

Guide To Military Colleges: Should You Attend One

Two women make history at military colleges

There are three primary options for students interested in receiving military training while also pursuing a college degree: service academies, senior military colleges, and military junior colleges. Each of these three options is unique, with different standards, requirements, and outcomes consequently, they appeal to different types of students.

If youre interested in pursuing both military and educational goals in college, keep reading to discover which option is best for you.

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Exhibit 63at The Royal Military College Of Canada The Cost Per Student Was Double The Average Cost At Other Small Universities

Exhibit 6.2âtext version

This diagram shows that at the Royal Military College of Canada, the cost per student was double the average cost at other small universities. The diagram includes expenditures for 2014â15 by category as follows:

  • Academic salaries totalled $33.9 million.
  • Other salaries totalled $20.8 million.
  • Benefits totalled $10.9 million.
  • Academic and administrative materials and supplies totalled $3.3 million.
  • Operational expenditures totalled $4.4 million.
  • Contracted services totalled $4.1 million.
  • Other payments totalled $2.4 million.
  • Furniture, equipment, and maintenance totalled $12.1 million.

Total expenditures for the 2014â15 fiscal year were $91.9 million, or $55,000 per full-time-equivalent student. Full-time-equivalent students are the sum of full-time students and equivalent part-time students, where 3.5 part-time students are equivalent to 1 full-time student.

This $55,000 amount represents the highest cost per student in Canada and double the average cost per student at other small universities.

This exhibit is based on unaudited data from National Defence for the 2014â15 fiscal year and from Statistics Canadaâs Financial Information of Universities and Colleges survey and Postsecondary Student Information System survey for 2014â2015.

6.44Recommendation. National Defence should explore ways to reduce the Royal Military College of Canadaâs operating cost per student and consider reducing the number of programs offered.

What Are The Us Military Colleges Should You Go

For those students who aspire to get military training and earn a college degree, there are a number of colleges in the United States that are designed for you to pursue your military and educational goals simultaneously. There are three primary types of US military colleges: service academies, Senior Military Colleges, and Military Junior Colleges.

In this article, I’ll describe each type of military college and explain the differences between them. Furthermore, I’ll help you determine which type of college may be best for you.

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Regular Officer Training Plan

Under the ROTP, the Department of National Defence pays for all costs of tuition, uniforms, books, instruments, and other essential fees. Officer cadets and naval cadets are also paid a monthly salary , undergo military occupation training and, if required, second language training during the summer months. They will also receive full medical and dental care at no cost. Annual vacation with full pay is granted according to CAF regulations.

Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic, military, fitness and linguistic progression throughout the programme. Those who do not maintain a suitable level of academic performance may be permitted to repeat one year at their own expense and, if successful, be reinstated to full pay and allowances.

Upon successful completion of the ROTP, officer cadets and naval cadets receive a Bachelors degree in Engineering, Science or Arts and become fit, bilingual officers in the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force. ROTP officer cadets and naval cadets are required to serve a minimum of five years after graduation. Students enrolled in the ROTP may request to be released from the CAF prior to the commencement of the second academic year without incurring any obligatory service or financial penalties.

Army Early Commissioning Program

Citadel Military College of South Carolina

The Early Commissioning Program offers students wishing to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army a chance to do so in two years, while completing college classes. This is faster than through a traditional ROTC program, which takes four years. Students who finish the ROTC-ECP program with an associates degree at one of four junior military colleges will commission as second lieutenants in the Reserves. They must complete their bachelors degrees before they can serve as officers on active duty. While students are completing their bachelors degrees, they will not be deployable.

Each of the four junior military colleges offers the Army ROTC-ECP program for eligible students. Students are required to complete their bachelors degrees within three years of graduating from the junior military college and will owe an eight-year service commitment to the Army from the date of commission. Students can fulfill their service commitment through a combination of active duty service and service with the Army Reserve or National Guard.

  • Eligibility: The eligibility requirements vary among the institutes, but all require you to possess a high school diploma or the equivalent, be at least 17 years old, pass a medical exam, fit into Army height and weight restrictions, and pass an Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • Among all the schools, the absolute minimum acceptable cumulative GPA is 2.5, overall score on the ACT is 19, and combined score on the SAT is 920.
  • Page last updated: 08/2018

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    Traditional Badging Ceremony 2021

    A member from the Color Guard takes a moment to pose for a photo prior to the ceremony signifying that the freshman students are now an official part of the campus body as they continue forward on their journey to become officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. Badging parade 2021 Flickr

    A member of RMCs Cadet Wing shows their school spirit during the Wing Parade. This year Hunter Flight won the best time!

    Is Attending A Military College Right For You

    There are a lot of fantastic benefits to attending a military college however, its not the right path for everyone. If youre on the fence about whether a military college is a good fit for you, here are some of the pros and cons of attending.

    • Provides a pathway to a career in the service
    • Relatively low-cost when compared to traditional four-year colleges
    • Will push a student both academically and physically
    • Builds discipline and leadership

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    Boston College Vs East Carolina Military Bowl Preview

    Boston College already got a big win when QB Phil Jurkovec announced hes coming back next year. Now the team needs a win to generate a little momentum going into the offseason.

    Its an interesting team coming off a strange year. The defense was amazing at keeping the better passing games in check the Eagles finished fourth in the nation in pass defense but there were problems against the run.

    And then theres the offense.

    The passing game sputtered when Jurkovec was injured, and just when it seemed like it was bouncing back, it finished the regular season with 19 yards in the loss to Wake Forest.

    There was nothing consistent about the Eagles and the ACCs least-productive offense, and now theyre dealing with a dangerous team that was relatively steady.

    East Carolina was deep into the fight with Cincinnati, got a field goal blocked for a touchdown, and that was about it for the regular season. However, the defense was among the best in the nation on third downs, the offense was great at controlling the tempo, and the passing game will keep on pressing.

    Can a Boston College offense that failed to score more than 17 points in six of its last eight games keep up the pace if East Carolina gets up early?

    How Do I Get Into A Service/army Academy

    What to Expect at Military Colleges

    Service academies are very selective in granting admission.

    Youll primarily be evaluated by your high school academic performance, test scores, and extracurricular achievement.

    The service academies are fond of students who have pursued leadership positions and shown a commitment to their communities. Also, they appreciate students who have excelled athletically and have obtained awards and leadership positions on their sports teams.

    The requirements listed below are common to most service academies. Here are the admission requirements.

    • Transcript, test scores like SAT/ACT, recommendations, and college essay
    • Medical exam and fitness assessment.
    • Interviews

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    Armed Services / Military School Options

    The Armed Services offer many training programs that prepare you for civilian jobs. The College & Career Center has information on the Armed Services and can set up appointments for you to speak with representatives.

    This webpage provides information on the following topics related to military education, training and service:

    • United States Army Schools & Application Information
    • Five Service Academies* in the Armed Services
    • Senior Military Colleges
    • Experience Military Life at Del Mar in the MCJROTC Program

    The U.S. Army is made up of the most dedicated, most respected Soldiers in the world. These Soldiers protect Americas freedoms while serving at home and abroad, and they are always prepared to defend the nation in times of need .

    Below you will find websites with important information about application criteria, testing requirements and preparation, and a list of Army colleges and universities. To learn even more about the U.S. Army, please visit


    The Five Service Academies* are a great option for students who know they want to pursue a college education and serve in the military. Below are some fast facts about the Academies and websites where you can learn more.

    *Graduates of the Service Academies receive a Bachelor of Science, are commissioned as officers in their branch, and are required to serve for a minimum of five years after graduation.

    A Path To The Service Academies

    Military schools are often seen as a path to the service academies. And, while it is true that they offer the right sort of training and experience the academies require, parents and students need to bear in mind that nominations to our nation’s service academies are extremely selective and limited. Only the best of the best get in.

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    The Military College Of South Carolina

    More popularly known at the Citadel, this school houses approximately 2200 undergraduates. All cadets must complete four years of military training for one branch of the service, but are not required to enlist after graduation. The Citadel was all-male until 1996, when the first female cadet was admitted.

    Homeland Security And Emergency Management

    Citadel Military College of South Carolina: #87 in Money

    The Bachelor of Applied Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program provides foundational knowledge and exposure to the Emergency Management field. This concentration is designed for students seeking entry-level exposure to the emergency management field, as well as for professionals in industries such as fire science, homeland security, and EMT administration who are seeking to bolster their emergency management background Learn More…

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