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How To Transfer Colleges Cuny

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Dont Run Out Of Financial Aid:

CUNY Transfer Application Overview 2020

There is a limit to how much financial aid you can receive up to 12 semesters of Federal aid and 10 semesters of New York State aid . There is a limit to the total amount of Federal Pell Grants that a student may receive. Visit to understand your Federal Pell limits and click here to find your usage.

Financial aid grants available to students are for a limited number of semesters. Choosing courses that will not transfer can result in you running out of financial aid before you finish your degree. This means planning is essential.

Work with your advisor and use transfer credit tools to identify and take courses that will transfer to your future college. Financial aid used on courses that dont transfer cannot be recovered, and the more courses you take that dont transfer, the higher the risk of running out of financial aid before you graduate.

Additional Application Requirementsopen Accordion

If you have completed less than 24 credits from a college or university at the time of application:

  • Required: A final high school transcript must sent to us by email to or mailed to Stony Brook University, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 118 Administration Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901.
  • Optional: You may submit your official SAT or ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency
  • SAT Code: 2548
  • ACT Code: 2952

See below for the admission criteria for restricted majors, including those in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and others.

Special consideration will be given to qualified graduates of university-parallel programs, i.e., AA and AS degree recipients from colleges within the State University of New York and City University of New York systems. Students are not, however, guaranteed admission into the program of their choice. Graduates of career-oriented programs will be considered for admission on an individual basis and in competition with other transfer applicants.

Applicants who do not specify a major on their application are considered for admission to the University rather than to a particular major. Transfer students with more than 56 credits must indicate a major on their application to be eligible for financial aid.

Offers of admission are conditional, pending receipt of all official records showing successful completion of academic work in progress.


Option 1

  • SAT Code:;2548
  • ACT Code:;2952
  • First Semester: 0 To 15 Credits

    • Start thinking about your career choices. Taking Focus 2 to help you find your career path. Make an appointment with a career adviser in the Office of Career Services to understand your results.

    • Meet with your academic adviser to plan your classes. Be sure to ask about Dual/Joint Degree Agreements and Transfer Agreements with four-year colleges.

    • Begin researching four-year colleges and universities. Focus on degree programs offered, location and cost.

    • Maintain good grades. A minimum Grande Point Average of 2.0 is required for graduation. For certain programs, i.e. Education, the GPA requirement for graduation is 2.75 or higher.

    • Join one of QCC’s student clubs, groups and organizations.

    • Meet with your academic adviser to stay on track.

    • Make an appointment with a career adviser in the Office of Career Services to discuss your career options if you were not able to do so in your first semester.

    • Make an appointment with a Transfer Adviser in the Transfer Resource Center to discuss transfer options.

    • Attend the QCC Transfer Fair , transfer information seminars, four-year college open houses, and campus tours to learn about programs at 4-year colleges.

    • Contact the colleges that interest you to discuss admission requirements for your intended major.

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    Thinking About A Break

    Some scholarships, such as the New York State Excelsior scholarship, require that you be enrolled in at least 12 credits per term and complete at least 30 credits each year , applicable toward your degree program through continuous study. So keep in mind that if you take a break between your current college and your future college, you will lose your scholarship. Visit the Excelsior Scholarship page for more information.

    Follow These 9 Steps For A Smooth Transfer Between Schools

  • First, assess why you want to transfer. There are good reasons to transfer and not-so-good reasons. Explore whats behind your desire to transfer and speak with your advisor, family and friends about whether or not its the best move for you.

    No essay required. Students and parents are eligible to win.

    Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but it doesnt hurt to get a second opinion. After all, transferring colleges can be a long, detail-oriented process. If this is the move you really want to make, it will be worth the extra work and effort.

  • Begin your college searchagain. Now that youve been in college for a few months or a year, make a list of what you do and dont want in a college. For instance, look for colleges that have your major, your desired location and social environment. Using Fastwebs college search can help you narrow down colleges that are a good fit for you based on your needs.If youre unsatisfied with your current institution, make a list of what exactly you dont care for or what its lacking. Use this list to find colleges that contrast your college or university. You dont want to go through the transfer process just to end up at a similar institution unless youre making a move to a better location.
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    Apply As A Transfer Student

    Youve earned the credits and now its time to earn your degree. Transfer in up to 90 college credits, including credit for work experience, military training, and CLEP, and turn your hard-earned credits into a bachelors degree at Monroe College. Take advantage of our flexible scheduling options, 6 calendar starts per year, online and on-campus opportunities, and generous life experience credit opportunities. Let Monroe help finish what you started.

    It’s an exciting time.;If you have any questions,;, Vice President, Admissions Operations, will be happy to help you.;

    Ap Ib Clep And College Courses Taken While In High School

    Advanced Placement

    Hunter College accepts Advanced Placement for transfer credit.;Students who completed Advanced Placement courses in secondary school and who passed the AP Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board with a grade of 4 and above will receive credit for the equivalent requirement at Hunter. Students with grades of 3 may also receive credit for corresponding courses or elective credit.;

    To view exact AP exam equivalencies:;For more information on CollegeBoard AP score reporting;

    How to submit your scores?;To have your test scores sent directly to Hunter College, enter the Hunter College code number, 2301, when prompted for your “Score Report Recipient” at the time of your examination.

    International Baccalaureate

    To view the International Baccalaureate Policy and which courses may be awarded, please;;

    How to submit your scores?To have your test scores sent directly to Hunter College, please have them mailed to Transfer Course Evaluation, 695 Park Avenue, Room 203N New York, NY 10065 or sent to electronically.;

    College Level Examination Program

    Hunter College participates in the College Level Examination Program , which provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. Registered degree-seeking Hunter students may receive college credit by completing certain CLEP Subject Examinations and earning specified scores.

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    Information For Students From Cuny Community Colleges

    Students with an AA, AS or AAS degree from a CUNY college should be awarded 60 transfer credits. Students with an AA or AS degree from a CUNY community college will be deemed to have completed CUNY Pathways Common Core requirements. Credits will be granted for courses with a grade D or better. There is a 70 credit maximum on the number of credits that may be transferred.

    Students may use the resources below to find course equivalencies at Hunter:

    What Are We Looking For In A Transfer Applicant

    CUNY Freshman Application Overview 2020

    Transfer students are a welcome addition and make a significant contribution to The City College community.

    Applications that are submitted after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis only.

    Transfer applicants are required to submit official transcripts from each college attended and a $70.00 non-refundable application fee. Those who have a General Equivalency Diploma must also submit GED test scores. Applications, fees, and all other supporting documentation should be sent to the University Application Processing Center . Click to here;start your application online.

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    Cuny Transfer For Fall 2018

    Hi! This is a thread for people who are transferring for Fall 2018 since Spring 2018 application is over. I just curious how many people are going to transfer. If you dont mind, post what colleges you want to transfer to and your standing .

    I am a freshman at SUNY Buffalo. I want to transfer to CUNY college because I found that SUNY colleges are expensive, and going to CUNY college is the better choice for me because I am an NYC resident, it is easier for me to find part-time jobs and go to class. So far, my GPA is N/A because this is my first semester.

    I am a junior and Im planning to transfer for Fall 2018.I put Baruch as my first choice. Brooklyn College is my 2nd choice. Then Queens, Hunter, York, Medgar. I am an Accounting major

    Im also transferring my choices are city Lehman and hunter. Im excited for the results hopefully everyone gets into their first choices

    I just put in my application a few days ago, Im afraid submitting it a little later will affect my chances Im actually transferring from a community college in Texas. My choices are Brooklyn, Baruch, Hunter and Queens. So nervous!!

    Geez im completely on edge about the whole submitting my application on the 25th thing. Im probably the king of anxious here because my supporting documents probably havent even arrived yet

    But if any transfer students have gotten an acceptance, let us know! Everyone in the freshman thread is getting acceptance letters already, we should be getting ours soon too.

    Will My Credits Transfer

    This is probably the most commonly asked question by students who are planning to transfer to a four-year school. It is important to note that transferring a Liberal Arts degree generally ensures a smooth transition to most four-year schools. However, there is no automatic and complete guarantee of the acceptance of credits.

    Requirements May Vary: While an AA or AS degree is commonly accepted, it may not complete all of the requirements for a specific program or major. For example, a student entering a four-year engineering program may require higher levels of math and physics than was required for their two-year degree. The four-year school may accept pre-calculus, but may apply that credit toward a general elective requirement, leaving the actual math requirement incomplete for junior status.

    Research Your Options: There may be severe limits on how credit is applied, or not applied, toward a specific major. Research is the key to an effective transfer process. Otherwise, students may find themselves needing an extra semester of coursework in order to enter into the major of their choice as a junior or spending an extra semester at the end of senior year at the four-year college.

    Transfer can be a daunting task. If you begin early and prepare carefully, however, you can ensure a smooth transition!

    Below is a list of online resources that can help you research your transfer options.

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    Students Seeking Readmission To The College

    Former Lehman students who have not graduated with their bachelors degree and wish to return to complete their degree must file a re-admit application with the Office of Admissions.

    The completed application and a $20 non-refundable processing fee should be filed in the Lehman Admissions Office in Shuster Hall, Room 161. Official transcripts of any coursework completed during a student’s absence must also be submitted withthe application in order to determine academic eligibility and perform a credit evaluation. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    Former students with a Lehman cumulative GPA lower than 2.0 must file an appeal for readmission prior to filing a re-admit application. Appeals are filed with the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation, Shuster Hall, Room 280.

    An application for readmission may only be obtained at the Office of Admissions, located in Shuster Hall, room 161.

    For Admissions Office hours of operation, visit the Administrative Office Hours website.

    A New Resource To Help Cuny Students Transfer Smarter

    Fall Transfer Fair  CUNY Events Calendar

    When students transfer from one college to another they frequently are unable to count their previously earned credits toward degree requirements at their new institution, jeopardizing these students ability to earn degrees at their new institutions. Nationally, 43 percent of credits are wasted during transfer, and students who lose that many credits are far less likely to graduate than students who are able to transfer most of their credits.

    The COVID-19 pandemic will exacerbate this problem. Due to closed campuses, concerns about affordability and contagion within dormitories, and restrictions on travel, we should expect both more students to change colleges, and more students to choose local, affordable community colleges over bachelors-degree colleges, at least temporarily. For these reasons there will be even more students who will need to transfer their credits in order to obtain their desired degrees. Failing to streamline the acceptance of credit will mean that these students will waste credits when they can least afford to do so.

  • CUNY Course Catalog: Transfer Explorer pulls in data from the CUNY course catalogs so that users can quickly and easily view course descriptions, credit hours, and other relevant information as they are browsing within the site.
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    Candidates For A Second Undergraduate Degree

    Lehman College accepts candidates for a second undergraduate degree, provided the second degree represents preparation separate from the first. Candidates must complete a minimum of 30 credits in residence.

    Second-degree applicants should complete the CUNY transfer student application through CUNY’s online application process.

    With So Many Colleges To Choose From How Do I Decide

    The best way to choose a college is to perform research and compare the pros and cons of each college.;

    • Visit the college in which you are interested attend an open house and/or take a tour.

    • Ask for recommendations speak with family, friends, and faculty at QCC.

    • Take an ePermit class at a CUNY College of interest.

    Consider the following:

    • Do the colleges you are interested in offer the program you desire?

    • What is the cost of tuition?

    • Is the location of the college convenient?

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    Cuny To Cuny Transfer Credits

    Courses that fulfill a Common Core requirement are guaranteed to transfer and satisfy the Common Core in all CUNY baccalaureate programs. You may also be wondering about the course equivalencies at other CUNY colleges. Use the Transfer Explorer tool to see how courses will transfer across the CUNY system.

    Now you know what the equivalents are, but how will the courses fulfill your degree requirements? Use the Transfer What-If feature in DegreeWorks to see how courses may apply toward your baccalaureate degree.

    When Are Decision Dates For Cuny Bernard M Baruch College Transfer Applicants

    Baruch College Transfer Seminar

    If you applied to transfer to Baruch on or before the reported deadlines then you should have your decision date by the notification dates in the below table.


    Additionally, of the 2253 accepted transfer students, 1464 students enrolled – that means the yield was 64.98%.

    Baruch accepts 46 out of every 100 transfer applicants.

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    Will You Enjoy Transferring To Queens

    There are a lot of reasons to transfer to Queens. Maybe your plan has always been to attend community college, and then move to a four year college to save money while completing your degree.

    Maybe you had a bad experience at your first school – dont worry this is more common than you think.

    Or perhaps youre drawn to Queens…

    Regardless of your reason for transferring, youre already enrolled at another college or university so you know that the most important element in your college experience is the people and community

    Finding success at Queens is dependent on feeling comfortable – will you be able to find a place to find home and grow?

    These are the questions that numbers and data cannot answer, but CampusReel can.

    If youre considering transferring to Queens then I highly recommend that you watch the schools videos on CampusReel. These are real students with real stories.

    Transfer Timeline And Planning

    It is never too early to start thinking about and planning your next steps after graduating from KCC.; If you wait until your last semester to begin the career and transfer exploration process, it can be overwhelming and limit your transfer options.;

    • Begin thinking about your interests, major and career goals. It is common to be undecided about a major and career path at the start of your college career.; Meet with a;for assistance with choosing a major and exploring your career goals.
    • Meet with your Academic Advisor to plan your courses, discuss your degree requirements, understand how the 12-6 semester works, and become knowledgeable on how to navigate CUNY first and Degree Works. ;
    • Be sure to do well in your classes and maintain your Grade Point Average every semester. While the minimum GPA required for graduation is 2.0, many academic programs at four-year colleges require a higher GPA, especially if the program is competitive.
    • Begin to think about and research four-year colleges that align with your goals.; Some questions to consider: Does the college offer your major?; Is there an with KCC?; Are you looking to stay close to home or go away?; What is the cost of attending the institution?

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