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What Size Are College Dorm Beds

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Jersey sheets are a popular choice for college students, and this set from Amazon Basics is a top option if youre looking for that super-soft T-shirt feel. The fabric is made from 100% cotton with a heathered effect , and the set is available in nearly a dozen colors. Theyre easy to wash, and reviewers love that the fabric is stretchy and soft without being too hot.

What Should You Look For In A Dorm Bed Comforter

Match with Mattress Size

Before buying a comforter, make sure to match with mattress size. Dorm beds are twin XL, as mentioned, but at times the length and width can vary. So, check the mattress size before deciding on the comforter.

Another point to be noted is the thickness of the mattress and comforter. Usually, the catalog will only show the beddings length and width while being ambiguous about the depth. So select a comforter with appropriate thickness for the best comfort.

Duvet vs. Comforter

You can choose to buy a duvet instead of a comforter, as they both have the same function. Duvets are a fluffier version of the comforter, and they are easier to clean. The comforter is flatter but serves a similar purpose. Comforters have the upper edge of being easier to carry and store, whereas duvets are better suited for the home.

Fabric Type

Its important to choose a comfortable fabric for your comforter. Cotton comforters are perhaps the most popular ones. They are easy to clean but wear out in a short time. If the weather is often too cold around the campus, you could choose a wool comforter. However, they might cause overheating. Silk comforters are a great option, as they are soft and hypoallergenic. The only downside is their cost. Recently, bamboo material has become quite popular as comforters.



How Bigs Are College Dorm Mattresses

In order to figure out how large college dorm mattresses are I did a study of the beds offered in college dorms across the 10 largest universities in the United States.

I found that 80% of colleges/universities offer a twin XL in the majority of their dorms. For the other 20%, they offer a special version of a twin mattress that deviates slightly from the standard twin mattress dimensions. On average, the primary twin or twin XL mattress were 6-8 in depth. Nearly all universities have a small number of special dorms, whether upgraded or private, that offer larger bed sizing. These were typically full sized beds, and in one case, a queen size bed.

If you are unsure what size to purchase for your dorm, be sure to check with your student housing or check your move-in literature which will tell you the exact size of what mattresses your dorm will have.

Below you can find the results of the research I did. As a reference point, the average size of a twin bed is 75 long x 38 wide. A twin XL usually adds 5 to the end and makes the dimensions 80 long x 38 wide.

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What To Look For When Buying Dorm Bedding

College is exhausting, but having the right bedding can make the difference between a restful night and an unintentional all-nighter. This is especially important because dorms generally offer a uniquely sized mattress that may not match the mattresses at home. Make sure youre getting the right sheets before setting off for school.

Are College Beds Twin Or Twin Xl

Twin XL Size Bed Sheets Set by Nestl Bedding

sizecollegeCollegeextra-long twin bedsextra-long twin bed mattresstwin beds

A Twin XL mattress is standard for most college dorm rooms and residence halls. Since Twin XL beds are made with saving space in mind, it does not offer any more width than a standard twin. However, at 39 in. wide by 80 in.

Beside above, do you need a twin XL comforter for college? 2) Blankets – Most Bed Blankets for college will be standard twin bed blankets. The reason is that twin down comforters are often made long and fit twin XL beds. Since they fit twin long beds their is no need for a duvet cover for Twin XL down comforters because their is no need for Twin XL comforters.

Herein, can you put a twin XL mattress on a twin frame?

Both fit the same headboard but will need different lengths for a bed frame. Finding bedding is easier and less costly for the twin size bed than the less common twin XL. Choosing between the twin mattress and twin XL bed is merely a choice between 5 inches.

Are twin and twin XL the same?

Both the standard twin and twin extra long size mattresses are 3.16 feet in width, but a twin XL is longer. A traditional twin size mattress is 75 in length whereas a twin XL is 80. That difference affords a sleeper an additional five inches in length, perfect for those who need more leg room.

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What Makes The Dreamfoam Stand Out

  • The Dreamfoam is a very affordable yet comfortable mattress topper.
  • It should provide more pressure relief for side sleepers.
  • The topper should contour to the body, making for a significantly more comfortable sleep.
  • The gel swirl should help dissipate heat in the topper, so sleepers shouldnt wake up hot or sweaty.;

Other Sleep Accessories For A College Dorm Room

A mattress topper is just one item college students should consider if they want to sleep better in their dorm room. Here are a couple of other handy items that can ensure they get the best sleep possible.

  • Earplugs. Lets face it, dorms are loud: roommates can snore and noisy neighbors might care more about partying than studying. Earplugs could be an easy solution to this problem and, for not much money, students could be blocking out the majority of these sounds
  • Sleep masks.;When sleeping in a dorm, college students arent always in control of the light; they could have a roommate who stays up late watching TV or working on their computer or they could also have some light coming in through their window. All of this could disrupt sleep and mess with circadian rhythms, but a good sleep mask could cut out the majority of this light.
  • Bedding. Students should also;make sure that they find sheets and comforters that promote healthy sleep. If they are a hot sleeper, they should consider cotton sheets with a percale weave as well as a comforter that is breathable and wont make them overheat. Also, consider a duvet cover which can slip this over a;comforter and is;a lot easier to clean than a whole comforter.
  • Pillows. The right pillow can go a long way in helping one get great sleep, so it might not be a good idea to pick the cheapest pillow you can find. Dont break the bank, but make sure to find a pillow that fits ones sleeping position and feel preferences.

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What Is The Average Size Of A College Dorm Room

Universities and colleges often receive thousands of students, and many would rather stay on-campus for the sake of convenience. As a result, college dorms are usually not that big because they have to maximize the space. However, it would also depend on the institution and its budget.

Dorm rooms are usually no larger than 130 square feet. This would depend on how many students can occupy the room, though. Single rooms average around 90 square feet. Rooms that house more students would be larger, though, the difference between a two-person and three-person dorm room isnt that noticeable. Three to four-person bedrooms can be around 140 square feet or more.

For beds, the standard is a Twin XL, and you will notice that the upper bed is noticeably higher than the standard bunk bed. Fortunately, they can be adjusted to accommodate larger and taller students. The lower bed can be around 16 to 30 inches off the ground, and the top bed can go as high as 60 inches off the ground.

Amazonbasics Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Topper Pad Cover

Twin XL Mattress Topper for College Dorm Bedding

Our first pick is one of the best mattress pad for college dorm bed that is available in the size of twin XL. This makes it suitable for mattresses that are as deep as 18 feet. It is made of 80% polyester with 20% cotton.

This ensures maximum comfort, along with durability. Moreover, the topper is exceptionally lightweight and has a quilted texture.

And if you are allergic to dust and grains, we have good news. The topper also comes with a hypoallergenic fill that prevents dust particles from accumulating on it. Washing is also easy, and you can just clean it with a washing machine. To further give you better room to breathe, it contains poly-cotton fabric.

This fabric makes it easier for you to have a cozy sleep without facing any breathing issues. Lastly, the topper ensures the correct fit on the mattress due to its quilted texture. Therefore, it does not get replaced even if you roll on the bed.


  • Comes in the twin XL size
  • Made of 80% polyester along with 20% cotton


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Best Dorm Room Mattress

The mattress your dorm room supplies will more than likely be used and thus, not in the best shape. It is difficult to find adequate sleep on an uncomfortable mattress.

The mattress your dorm room supplies will more than likely be used and thus, not in the best shape. It is difficult to find adequate sleep on an uncomfortable mattress.

Thats why we believe one of the most important investments a new student can make is a high-quality mattress. A mattress fit to meet your singular needs can lead to healthier, deeper sleep and in turn,improved academic performance.Verified SourceHarvard HealthBlog run by Harvard Medical School offering in-depth guides to better health and articles on medical breakthroughs.View source

In this article, we will take a look at the best dorm room mattresses and discuss how to choose the right one for you.

Debunking The Myth Of Dorm Bedding

During the rushphysical and emotionalof back-to-school shopping, every year, thousands of parents and their kids are fed one of the most persistent half-truths about dorm bedding: that they must purchase specially made twin XL sheets to fit those pesky oversize dorm beds. That got us thinking. Why do colleges and many boarding schools use twin XL beds, and do you really need special bedding to fit them?

Universities used to offer the same twin-size beds found in most homes, but with the wave of mega-popularity in college sportsthink supertall basketball playersthey added extralong mattresses to the list of dorm options. Then, to prevent school staff from having to schlep the mattresses around campus, depending on which dorms the tall kids were living in, most colleges switched out all of their traditional twins for twin XL.

While the standard twin mattress is 75 inches long, the twin XL is typically 80 inches long. But the twin XL mattress is also not as tall as the traditional twin. What does this mean? Most deep-pocket sheet sets;those with a 15-inch or taller pocketstretch to compensate for the extra mattress length. And since sheet sets with 15-inch pockets are pretty common and come in a much greater variety of styles than twin XL sheeting, you can easily find dorm bedding;that is made to last and doesnt look like a sad, broke-down old T-shirt.

That said, here are a couple of notes :

Clockwise, from top left:

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What Is The Difference Between Twin And Twin Xl

Twin and twin XL size differ only by length. Twin beds have a length of 75 inches, making them slightly less longer than twin XL, which is 5 inches longer. They both have the same width, which is 38 to 39 inches. Twin beds are suited for single sleepers being under six feet, whereas twin XL is for people over six feet.

Types Of Mattress Toppers

College Dorm Room  Ideas of Distributing the Nuance ...

Depending on how long you wish to stay in the dorm, mattress toppers are great for extending the life of your college dorm bed mattress. Aside from that, dorm bed mattresses are usually around seven to eight inches thick, making them a bit uncomfortable. Mattress toppers can provide additional support and added comfort. They also come in different varieties and materials.

Latex is more firm and excellent for those with joint pain. It is also more durable and absorbs movements, great for those who tend to toss and turn in their sleep. All-natural latex toppers may be a bit pricier, though.

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The Only Sheets Ill Use On My Bed

Ive tested more than a dozen popular sheet sets in my career, and my all-time favorite is the Luxe Core sheet set from Brooklinen. In fact, Ive gotten rid of all other sheets, and we only use these in my house! The linens are buttery soft and have the perfect weight, and theyre easy to clean with minimal wrinkling. The brand offers seven main colors, but they have additional seasonal options, too.

College Dorm Bed Size

Are you heading off to college and living alone for the first time? There are a lot of things that you need to consider, but securing your sleeping arrangement should be your top priority. Colleges dorms are designed to save space, while also be accommodating enough for taller students. Start by getting a mattress that fits your college dorm bed size.;

The average college dorm mattress size is Twin XL. For bed sheet size, bring one that is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. Note that these are five inches longer than the standard twin size.

For those who are just shopping for a mattress and comforter for the first time, the sizes may appear confusing. Make sure you get the right items with this complete guide on dorm beds.

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What Size Are College Beds

Twin XL We will assume your college like so many others switched to the extra long version of the twin bed after realizing they werent accommodating that part of the student population close to or just over six feet tall. 80 of beds provided in standard college dorms are a twin XL 80 long x 38 wide. Two fulls Full size bunk beds are less popular than the other two but are becoming increasingly common for teenagers and even college students sharing a room. Wooden furniture is always loved being natural.

Measurements For A Twin Xl Loftable Bed Dorm Style Dorm Room Bedding Dorm Bedding

Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Twin

College Dorm Room MUST HAVE – Super Comfy Mattress Topper!

The Mattress topper from Linenspa comes the closest when it comes to giving you the same warmth you felt while you slept at your homes cozy bed. This is because it is made of two inches of bouncy foam whose shape conforms with your bodys curves. As a result, sleeping on it feels exactly like home.

An unique thing about this item is although it is made of 100% polyurethane, it contains gel beads. The benefit of having these beads is that it helps disseminate the heat produced from your body across the mattress, preventing the bed from getting overheated. As a result, you can have a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

On top of this, the mattress topper also comes with a carefully designed memory foam, which distributes your weight perfectly along its surface, helping to maintain your spines posture. You are also able to protect the pressure points of your body.


  • Uniquely designed to conform to the shape of your body.
  • Contains gel beads to regulate temperature
  • Made of memory foam which protects the spine
  • Available in two sizes

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College Dorm Room Ideas For Lofted Beds

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. See our full disclaimer here.

Dorm room season!

When you first walk into your dorm room, youll probably instantly think that its a lot smaller than you originally thought.

Take it from me, youll definitely want to loft your dorm bed if given the option. I was only able to half loft my bed, and I was disappointed with how much vertical space was wasted.

Loft your dorm bed, you wont regret it!

Heres 22 college dorm room ideas for lofted beds.

Why Does Bed Size Matter

Image via

The size of your bed may seem trivial, but it can be surprisingly important. Most dorm rooms are tiny, and you usually have to fit at least two beds in there.

So to make the most of a dorm room, dorm beds need to be small enough to fit yet large enough to account for the fact that college students are adults. Therefore, college students need adult-sized beds.

Since you can’t compromise on the length of the bed, you have to compromise on the width. So, what size are dorm beds? The standard Twin XL bed measures 38 inches wide by 80 inches long.

And because dorm rooms are already small enough, you probably won’t have room for a comfortable chair or couch. Your bed and desk are your two options when it comes to hanging out in your room.

Lastly, bed size is also good to know because most of us don’t own Twin XL sheets or comforters. Maybe you have an older sibling who has lived in a dorm. Or perhaps you went to a summer camp at a college.

In those cases, you might have a good set of dorm sheets. But for most incoming students, that’s not the case.

You can’t just bring your Twin sheets and expect them to fit. Instead, you need to get Twin XL sheets.

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