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Does Florida National Guard Pay For College

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National Guard Tuition Assistance

Army National Guard pays YOU to go to College (100% Paid in Illinois)

Learn how joining the national guard can help you earn money for college.

If youre planning to join the Army National Guard or Air National Guard and also want to pursue a college degree, you can receive tuition assistance to help you pay for college.

The ARNG and ANG each have their own terms for providing this money for college. However, both offer a variety of college financial aid to help its members complete a college education.

Members of the Activated Guard and Reserve of the Air National Guard are eligible to receive 100% tuition and related fees up to $250 for each semester credit hour and up to $4,500 for each fiscal year.

Find out more about tuition assistance, as well as the scholarships, grants and additional college aid you may be eligible for when joining the National Guard.

Civilian High School Graduates

If you are a civilian, you get to attend Army Basic Training and become a soldier in the National Guard after Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training during the summer . New Basic Training graduates are assigned to a local National Guard or Reserve unit upon completion of training.

Upon commissioning, any enlistment contract is nullified, and you may start your career as an Army officer and serve either full-time on Active Duty, or part-time as an officer in the Army Reserves or National Guard. You are not limited to any particular MOS because of your former training, nor are you locked into or out of any commissioning options.

Housing Benefits For Florida Veterans

Homestead Tax Exemptions For Veterans

Veterans who have been honorably discharged and also have a rated service-connected, permanent and total disability, as well as being a permanent resident of the state of Florida as of January 1st of the tax year for which the exemption is being claimed, are exempted from taxation for any real estate owned and used as a homestead.

If the spouse of a deceased veteran holds the legal or beneficial title to the homestead and permanently resides there, the exemption will carry over until he or she remarries, sells, or otherwise disposes of the property. If they sell the property, an exemption, not to exceed the amount granted from the most recent ad valorem tax roll, may be transferred to the new residence as long as it is used as their primary residence and they do not remarry.

If a veteran is disabled, over 65 years of age, and owns homestead property, they may qualify for a property tax discount based on their percentage of disability. This will be in addition to any other exemptions veterans now receive. The veteran will need to be honorably discharged from the military and be partially disabled with a permanent service-connected disability, where at least part of it must be combat related.

Real Estate Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

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Healthcare Benefits For Florida Veterans

Florida State Veterans Homes

There are six skilled nursing facilities and one assisted listing facility operated by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. All of the facilities are licensed by the Agency for Healthcare Administration and are inspected by the AHCA and the US Department of Veterans Affairs on an annual basis. The homes are supervised by round the clock registered and licensed nurses.

In order to be admitted to one of the Florida State Veterans Homes, the veteran will need to have an honorable discharge, have Florida residency, and have a certification of need of assisted living or skilled nursing care as determined by a VA physician.

The Veterans Homes are the Robert H. Jenkins Jr. Veterans Domiciliary Home in Lake City, The Emory L. Bennett State Veterans Nursing Home in Daytona Beach, The Baldomero Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home in Land O Lakes, The Alexander Sandy Nininger State Veterans Nursing Home in Pembroke Pines, The Clifford C. Sims State Veterans Nursing Home in Panama City, The Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Nursing Home in Port Charlotte, and The Clyde E. Lassen State Veterans Nursing Home in St. Augustine. The Ardie R. Copas State Veterans Nursing Home in Port St. Lucie is currently under construction.

Why Join The Army National Guard

Does The National Guard Pay For College? Absolutely!

Pay for your Education and Lead Soldiers Part Time in the Army National Guard!

  • The US Army Cadet Command will pay full tuition and fees or a $10,000 room and board flat rate each academic year for an enlisted Soldier in the Army National Guard to contract with a ROTC Program while in College and work towards a Commission as an Officer.
  • These scholarships can be up to four years in length and Contracted Cadets are non-deployable while in College.
  • Most states offer state tuition assistance for in-state institutions for members of the ARNG and can be combined with scholarship benefits.
  • Get paid to serve one weekend each month and two weeks in the summer for approximately $6,400 a year.
  • Monthly ROTC Stipend during the Fall and Spring Semesters $420 a month.
  • Train to be a Commissioned Officer in over 16 competitive fields and serve part-time in the ARNG after Graduation.
  • Learn and develop marketable leadership skills sought by Industry Leaders and Employers.
  • Simultaneously start your Civilian and Military Career right after College.

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Other Types Of National Guard College Pay Programs

The Army National Guard has additional financial assistance programs for its members.

The Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarships can help finance your higher learning. There is a wide range of merit-based scholarships and additional funds available through the U.S. Armed Forces.

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Already attended college but still paying back student loans?

The National Guard supports a student loan repayment program known as SLRP. It directly supports soldiers and officers with existing student loan debt at the time of enlistment.

SLRP may pay for up to $50,000 in college debt for certain jobs, which is incredible. There are additional requirements so a local recruiter can help with the details regarding the obligation.

The Guard is particularly kind to those that extend their enlistment contracts for a minimum period of six years. The incentive can help cover previous undergraduate tuition, graduate school, medical school expenses.

You Won’t Always Have Control Over Your Life

A part-time, local commitment may sound good, but there’s always the chance you’ll be deployed. In January 2014, my boyfriend was scheduled to go on a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan.

It would be our first deployment together as a couple, and I prepared myself to handle the challenges that would come from having him in a war zone the stress, the loneliness, the sleepless nights. Just as I was feeling ready to handle this obstacle, his deployment orders were canceled.

I remembered being shocked, but mostly relieved, that plans like that could change. He wasn’t fazed. He knew what I hadn’t learned yet that as a soldier you understand orders, rules and regulations are always subject to change, and theres not much you can do about it.

The higher ups may decide to cancel drill one weekend or extend your deployment orders. Not letting this affect you emotionally and not getting pissed off when the government makes seemingly stupid decisions will be your ticket to having a much more enjoyable experience in the Guard.

Roman Samborskyi /

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% College Tuition Assistance

The National Guard can potentially cover every single dollar of your college tuition.

It does depend on what school you decide upon, however, the National Guard will commit up to $18,000 over four years. It averages approximately $4,500 per year based on the commitment.

When you consider tuition expenses alone, the National Guard college pay program should cover your tuition in full as long as you are not attending an extremely prestigious, and expensive school.

You can learn more about the college tuition assistance program here.

A Brief List Of The Other Education Benefits We Offer:


·;Student Loan Repayment Program Available to Soldiers and officer candidates who have one or more qualifying and disbursed Title IV federal loan up to $50,000.00.

·;Tuition Grant Program There are several Michigan colleges and universities that offer grants exclusively to Michigan National Guard Soldiers that attend their school. This grant is offered as a reduction in tuition.

·; Federal Tuition Assistance Program Available to all Soldiers in the Michigan National Guard. This federal benefit is used to pay tuition directly to the school.

·; GI Bill Program Earn a monthly expense allowance in a four year period. This money is sent directly to you to spend on books, supplies and anything else you may need.

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Education Dollars For Duty

State Tuition Assistance Education Dollars for Duty

This educational funding is for Florida National Guard soldiers and airmen. The Educational Dollars for Duty program provides up to 100% public tuition for the period of the Guard members service once he or she becomes eligible, and as long as funding is available. Funds can be used toward a technical certificate, associates, baccalaureate or masters degree. Unlike Federal Tuition Assistance , EDD pays the entire semester hour rate for tuition at all accredited learning institutions with brick and mortar locations in Florida.

Active Duty National Guard And Reserve Benefits

  • Discounted Tuition Rate for Military Students: Reaffirming its commitment to the U.S. military and subject to relevant Department of Defense approvals, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide has lowered its undergraduate military tuition rate and will also offer the same reduced rate to spouses;and dependents. The military undergraduate tuition rate is $250 per credit hour. This rate applies to all service members on active duty or serving in the reserves of the U.S. Armed Forces while they’re pursuing an undergraduate degree. This rate will also;apply to military spouses and dependents 26 and under.
  • Application fee waivers are available in some instances.
  • If you need to drop or reschedule a course due to unanticipated official military travel or deployment, you will receive consideration for a drop with a refund. Please review the following policy.
  • GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs . More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at;.;
  • * All students using GI Bill® Benefits should review the Worldwide VA;Handbook *;

Drop Refund Policy


READMISSION OF SERVICE MEMBERS: Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008

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Free Tuition For National Guard By State

As a member of your states National Guard, you may be eligible for free tuition! In addition to other great veterans benefits, many state National Guard units offer educational benefits that supplement federal GI Bill benefits or even grant tuition waivers for members of the guard who want to get their college degree. Read on to find out if your service in the National Guard can get you free tuition.

Years Of Experience And Salary

Necessary Facts: Armies Without Weapons

The National Guard pay calculator bases salary on pay grade and years of experience. Pay grades range from the lowest rank, E-1 Airmen Basic, moving up to the highest, O-7 Brigadier General. For example, an E-3 Airman First Class with five years of experience will earn $277.60 each month for weekend drills, plus $1,041 for the two-week training period required each year of service. Their total yearly salary would be $4,372.20. Air National Guard benefits include military retirement plan, Base Exchange and Commissary shopping privileges, legal assistance, and access to military clothing stores. Airmen also get extra perks, such as eligibility for VA home loans, free-space available air travel and use of military recreation facilities. You could also earn an enlistment or re-enlistment bonus for joining, and some states offer money for school and tax breaks in addition to the federal benefits.

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National Guard Pay Scale Active Duty Pay

As an active duty soldier in the National Guard you will be compensated based on your job, education level, and rank. If you want to earn more, all you have to do is spend enough time in the National Guard so that you can move up the ranks.

E-1 Private: $1,357 $1,467 monthly active duty pay

E-2 Private: $1,645 $1,645 monthly active duty pay

E-3 Private First Class: $1,730 $1,950 monthly active duty pay

E-4 Specialist/Corporal: $1,915 $2,326 monthly active duty pay

E-5 Sergeant: $2,091 $2,965 monthly active duty pay

E-6 Staff Sergeant: $2,281 $3,533 monthly active duty pay

E-7 Sergeant First Class: $2,638 $4,740 monthly active duty pay

E-8 Master Sergeant: $3,794 $5,411 monthly active duty pay

E-9 Sergeant Major: $4,635 $7,196 monthly active duty pay

Army National Guard Tuition Assistance

Air National Guard

You can receive TA benefits through serving in the Air National Guard. Make sure to check out your states specific educational benefits to know what you would qualify for. You can also work towards your associates degree through the;Community College of the Air Force.

Tuition Assistance for the Reserves

The branches that offer Reserves TA do usually stay within these guidelines:

  • Up to 100% coverage for tuition, up to $250 per semester hour, or $166 per quarter hour. Up to $4,500 per fiscal year.
  • You will need to be a reservist in good standing.
  • You will need to declare an educational goal by the 9th credit hour for the USAFR and by the 15th for the USAR.
  • You will need to work towards an educational goal higher than what you already have.
  • You will need to be able to complete your course under your current term of service or reenlist or have at least four years left of remaining service from the date of your course completion

The Navy Reserves and the Marine Corps Reserves do not have a tuition assistance program at this time. However, if you get called to active duty, you will fall under the Federal Tuition Assistance program of your active duty counterparts during your activation period.

The Army Reserve Tuition Assistance

The Air Force Reserve Tuition Assistance

The Coast Guard Reserve Tuition Assistance

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National Guard Tuition Tips & Tactics

How To Use National Guard Slrp To Cover Costs Of College

Can You Work More In The Army Reserves For More Pay? | National Guard

In 2019, the National Guard continues to provide some excellent education benefits to new enlistees, with the;Student Loan Repayment Program being one of the very best programs on offer.

National Guard SLRP benefits are available to both Officers and enlisted personnel, and as of this year, this program offers up;to $50,000;in total;student loan forgiveness.

Thats honestly one of the best military benefits packages on the table in terms of saving you from student loans, as only the Army currently offers a better, bigger benefit, at $65,000 total via Army SLRP.

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What Are The National Guard Tuition Assistance Programs

The Army National Guard offers the TA program to part-time soldiers who are pursuing an undergraduate degree program. If more college funding is available, this program also covers tuition costs of a masters degree.

The Air National Guard provides state education benefits for all of its members, as well as federal tuition assistance for courses completed through distance learning programs.

Employment Benefits For Florida Veterans

Florida Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Opportunity

Any state agency, when they are considering two or more bids, proposals, or replies for the procurement of commodities or contractual services, where at least one of the bids is from a certified service-disabled Veteran business enterprise, that are equal with respect to all relevant considerations, including price, quality, and service, shall award such procurement or contract to the certified service-disabled veteran business enterprise.

Employment Preference

Eligible veterans are able to receive preference at every stage of the hiring process. Ten points will be added to the score of the first category of applicants, which are disabled veterans, and spouses of disabled or missing veterans. Five points will be added to the score of other preference-eligible applicants. Disabled veterans with a disability ratings of 30% or more will be placed on the register or employment list first, followed by all other preference-eligible applications in order of their augmented ratings.

Occupational License Tax Exemption

A disabled wartime veteran who is unable to perform manual labor and his or her unremarried spouse, shall be exempt from the Occupational License Tax. The veteran or their surviving spouse need to be residents of Florida.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the CareerSource Florida Network

Employ Florida Vets

Business License Fee Waivers for Veterans and Their Spouses


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Other Benefits Of Joining The National Guard

In addition to the wonderful benefits provided by the National Guard in terms of achieving a college degree, or helping pay for existing student loans, the Guard has many other benefits.

Serving the National Guard is a special honor because it allows you to still live your life on your own terms. Young people can still pursue college full-time or continue to work a civilian job.

Family men and women can still remain close to their families for the vast majority of the year, yet also get some financial assistance.

It is a great alternative to active duty because the commitment is not nearly as demanding yet still offers the same self-fulfillment and pride that comes with any traditional type of military service.

You will learn things about your character you never envisioned, join a second family in the U.S. Military, help serve your country directly in it, and receive plenty of government benefits in the process.

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