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How To Sell College Textbooks

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Why Sell Your Used Textbooks With Valorebooks

How to Sell Used Textbooks on Amazon

Purge your bookshelf of old textbooks you’re not reading and score more cash. Selling your textbooks online is a fast, easy, and smart way to make money, but selling your textbooks online with ValoreBooks is even smarter. With us you get:

Highest textbook sellback prices.Our marketplace model connects you to hundreds of buyers who are looking to acquire your textbooks, meaning you get top dollar for your old textbooks.

Free shipping and easy order tracking.Sell your old textbooks with ValoreBooks and we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label. That means you get to ship your used textbooks for free! Plus we’ll keep you updated on the status of your sellback order, so you always know where your shipment is and when you’ll receive payment.

Biggest variety of textbook titles.Selling your used books with ValoreBooks is awesome because you can sell almost anything: student textbooks, novels, biographies, non-fiction, and more. If it’s on your bookshelf, chances are you can sell it with us.

Fast and flexible payment.ValoreBooks offers two payment options when you sell your used textbooks online. Choose to receive a check in the mail or payment via PayPal.

Which edition is my book?

IMPORTANT: When entering your textbook ISBN, make sure to remove any stickers that are over the ISBN barcode.

The valid ISBN will be printed directly on the back-right corner of the book.

US edition textbooks These are the most typical textbooks you find. They may be hardcover or softcover.

How it works…

Best Places To Sell College Textbooks For The Most Cash

by Saeed – Last Updated February 13, 2018

These days, college textbooks are one of the main expenses a student has to deal with.

Theyre expensive!

It doesnt make sense to let them collect dust in a box in the attic after youve finished the course.

After the semester or class is over, selling books back to the campus bookstore is a good way to make some money back, and is also a simple of way of getting rid of books that you will no longer use.

However, campus bookstores often dont offer the highest buyback price for these books.

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In the past, I have talked about selling books online.

The good news is that there are also tons of places where students or anyone with access to old and used textbooks can make money by selling textbooks for cash.

Here is a list of some of the best websites where you can sell your unwanted textbooks for the most money:

  • Your turn
  • Sell Your Textbooks Online

    Dr. Rikki Turner, a Higher Education Strategist with Valore Campus , says you can start the process by posting your used textbooks for sale online. With Valore Books, you get the chance to research how much you can get for your book and potentially connect with the right buyer.

    Baruch Silvermann, personal finance expert and CEO of The Smart Investor, also suggests selling used college textbooks on eCampus since this portal makes it easy to compare buyback prices before you make your posting.

    “All you need to do is enter the book information and then you just need to wait until it sells,” he says.

    GoTextbooks is another site you can use to sell used books and get some cash, and this website even lets you ship to them for free once you agree on a price.This site also makes it easy to find out how much your used book is worth. All you have to do is head to the website and enter the textbook ISBN.

    Other websites you can use to sell college textbooks include, eBay and Just remember that selling online requires you to factor in shipping costs and put in the extra effort required to visit the post office after the sale is made.

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    Which Textbooks Should You Buy And Sell

    • Which textbooks are in demand? Which are the most popular textbooks?
    • Which textbooks are the most profitable?
    • What conditions can you sell, and how does condition affect profit?
    • What editions can you sell?
    Did You Know? Some Star Wars books are worth hundreds Learn more

    How to find in-demand textbooks

    • Numbered editions by chronology
    • Hardcover, softcover, and loose-leaf
    • Ebooks

    So, how can you find textbooks that are in-demand, in good condition, and can turn profits

    • Browse the bestselling textbooks by subject on Direct Textbook. The list is updated daily
    • Go to eBay and search for college textbooks, then refine the listings to show only those that have sold. You might be able to scroll through and identify trends for top sellers
    • View Amazons textbook bestsellers list
    • Study syllabi for popular courses at major colleges and universities. You might even be able to get a booklist from campus bookstores, especially just prior to fall semester
    Have a book but no ISBN? Heres how to find its value

    How to find out which textbooks are profitable

  • Lets say we visit Direct Textbooks bestsellers list and find Human Anatomy and Physiology is one of the bestselling Anatomy textbooks. We click on its listing and find it can be purchased used in used condition for $78
  • How To Decide If Youre Renting Keeping Or Selling College Textbooks

    Can I Sell My College Books

    Every semester, I had questions I asked before I rented or purchased a book. Renting textbooks was a great option when I didnt expect to use the book beyond the semester, or if I didnt have the funds to shell out the full cost of the book but it has many disadvantages. Colleges are notorious for surprise fees, and any damage beyond the regular wear and tear could have resulted in me buying a book I never intended to purchase. Plus, some colleges make us return them before we take our finals which is beyond inconvenient!

    Regardless, these questions can helped me pick which books remain, and which books to turn into cash.

    • Did I actually use this textbook?
    • Was this a textbook I used for a class in my major?
    • Was it entertaining?
    • Will I use this as a reference?

    If I ended up answering yes to any of these questions, then Id consider holding on to it. Textbooks serve as an excellent way to refresh your memory when you forget small things about your college coursework like how to use the limit definition of a derivative. Or to remember what Judith Butler was really saying in her book Gender Trouble.

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    Why We Need Solutions

    It may come as a shock to you that within less than 18 years, our landfills will reach their maximum capacity. Books can contribute a large amount of waste if they are simply thrown out.

    The worst part is that books should not be considered waste! Books are resources and can be life changing. Books can easily be given a new life whether thats by donating them to someone in need or by reusing books for new purposes.

    Benefits To Selling College Textbooks Online

    The virtual textbook market can be highly competitive, but selling college textbooks online has quickly become the preferred alternative for most students, because it allows you to offer your books to a wider group of potential buyers.

    Browse the internet to find other items that are similar to the one youre offering, so you can set your prices competitively. A quick way to do this is to jot down the ISBN of your book, and then search for it on an aggregate site that will list pricing from several buyers. Some students use this to get an idea of the items value before posting it online or selling it to a friend. This allows you to set your price and target prospective students that live nearby.

    Once youve settled on a site to list your book, be upfront about the items condition. Then, pack it in a padded box or envelope, and use media mail to send it at a cheap rate.

    To conclude, youve likely spent a lot on textbooks, so why not maximize your financial return? The sale of a used book can get you a little extra pocket change, and help your classmates, who also want to save cash by buying secondhand.

    Alison Blankenship helps in the marketing department at TextbookRush. Alison uses her six years of work experience and her past college experience to help improve user engagement and simplicity for college students.

    This article was originally published in September 2015.

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    Pro Tools For Reselling Books

    BookScouter provides a number of additional resources for resellers who are serious about flipping books and making money on book sourcing. These tools have helped so many pro users gain profit faster.

    • Bulk lookup. This tool allows you to look up multiple ISBNs at one time and receive all of the best prices for each on one page.
    • Deals.: View pricing information from our buy and sell vendors to identify potential deals.
    • Historical Buyback Price Lookup. Review the buyback price history for a given ISBN, and identify seasonal pricing and trends.

    Do you need these resources? Become a BookScouter Pro member for only $29.99 a month and gain access to all the pro tools!

    High School And College Stores

    How to make money selling college textbooks

    Many colleges and universities, and some high schools have a bookstore on campus where you can sell used textbooks in person. Make sure to research your local high school, college, and university stores near you to find out what their requirements are before you head off to any of them to sell your used textbooks in person. Again, sell your old textbooks immediately after each semester you have completed so that they are still relevant and to get a good price.

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    Directly To Other Students

    If you know of students who are going to take the same class you just took, you can sell your used textbooks to them at a lower price than the campus bookstore. In this case, its likely you can still earn more than what youd get by re-selling it to the bookstore, and the buyer will also save money.

    But if you dont know any new students who are about to take that particular class, or you dont have a good way of getting the word out about your books for sale, you might need to look into other reselling options.

    Choose The Right Shipping Method

    While resellers cover the books shipping for you, if youre going to sell directly to buyers, you must pack and ship each book one by one or per order. To cut down on shipping costs, especially if you plan to offer free shipping to buyers, send your books media mail.

    Media mail is one of the most cost-effective shipping methods. Its available from the U.S. Postal Service, and you can only use it to ship media materials such as books, DVDs, and CDs. The shipping method takes a bit longer than other options, usually between two and eight days.

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    Bonus Idea: Rent Your Textbooks During The Semester

    You can rent your books instead of buying and then having to resell them.

    Pros: Students are willing to spend more money on textbooks when they really need them. By renting your textbooks during the semester, you can get money from students who didn’t plan ahead. You also have the opportunity to make more cash by renting your books several times.

    Cons: There’s no guarantee that you will get your books back. Even honest people might simply forget to return them when they’re done. That means you’ll have to waste time finding them.

    With a little planning, it’s possible to make a profit reselling your textbooks. Which method works best for you?

    Get Thrifty On Amazon E

    Where Can I Sell Used College Books Near Me

    If you like auctions or buying second-hand, there are some great options out there for you, such as Amazon and e-Bay. But a quick internet search will give you more selections than just these two outlets. Whats great about Amazon and e-Bay is that there are several different sellers to choose from, all on one siteand best of allthe prices are usually much cheaper than the college bookstore!

    Both Amazon and e-Bay stand behind their customers, so if you have an issue with your purchase, they will intervene and help you resolve it however, be sure and check the sellers rating and reviews.

    When to buy from the online retailer

    If you have plenty of time to shop around and weigh your options, online shopping for textbooks may be a great alternative to the college bookstore.

    Again, be certain that the seller is reliable check their feedback and ratings. Also, be aware of their shipping time schedule if you need your book in a week, purchasing online may not be the best solution. The purchase process, shipping, and receiving can be a lengthy process. If you want to go this route, give yourself time and plan ahead.

    It may seem like a lot of work, but your pocketbook will thank you!

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    Condition Of The Book

    Condition of the book is key when it comes to selling used textbooks online. Especially, if you are interested in buying used textbooks to resell them for a profit online, only buy books that are in good condition, i.e. that have no loose bindings, missing pages, water damage, no stains, etc. Also, look for used books that have been published within the last three years. Do not buy used books that are in poor condition.

    Best Places To Sell Your Textbooks For The Most Money

    You’re a broke college student, and you want to get rid of the mound of books in the corner of your dorm. If you take them to the school bookstore, you know you’re going to end up earning back a quarter of what you paid, if you’re lucky. So, what other options do you have?

    If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, various online sites will help you sell your used books. You can choose to go with a book-focused online platform, a big retailer, or even your social networking apps to help you get rid of your books and build your bank account.

    If you’re interested in learning about the best way to sell used books online, you’ve come to the right place. Take the high road and sell textbooks online! Avoid the disappointment of waiting in line at the school bookstore for your pennies in return. We’ve found some of the best options to generate the highest return on your academic books for the least amount of effort.

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    Choose The Right Reseller

    If youre not selling your books directly, finding the right reseller for your textbooks can take a bit of trial and error. One company can give you a really low quote or refuse to buy a book at all, while another company offers more.

    It pays to shop your books around. You can use a tool like BookScouter to see which sites offer the best price for each book and which sites are currently accepting the titles you have.

    Just type each books ISBN into the site. The website searches through 30 vendors who buy back books and lets you know which one offers the best price. From there, you can visit each vendors website to finalize the sale and arrange for shipping and payment.

    Since many vendors have minimum buy-back amounts, it sometimes makes sense to go with a vendor thats willing to buy back several books rather than find a vendor offering the highest price on a single volume. Depending on how many books you have and the offers you get, you can sell your books to more than one reseller to get the most cash.

    Also, the book titles resellers accept change over time. If they refuse a particular title one month, it can be worth it to check back later to see if theyll buy it.

    Check Multiple Sources Before Selling Your Used Textbooks

    How to Sell Used Textbooks Online for Cash?

    Comparing costs is an important life skill to learn, especially when it comes to managing your own money. Getting as much money back as possible for your books is a good place to start practicing this skill.

    You may have to sell your books at different sites and stores to get the most cash possible. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you procrastinate. The longer you wait to sell your books, the more dated theyll be and the less money youll get for them. To maximize how much you get back, try selling them as soon as the semester is over.

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    Of The Best Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks

    In a world of rising education costs, the price tag on one semesters worth of school books alone is enough to make anyone choke. Its a widely lamented fact that most college textbooks are awfully expensive, only used for a few months, and then become some incredibly pricey doorstops. What if it didnt have to be this way? What if you could recoup some of those costs?

    This is the part where I get to tell you that the textbook resale market is alive and well and Ive got the details on how and where to sell your used books.

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