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What I Need For My College Dorm

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Seward Trunk College Dorm And Camp Storage Footlocker 30 Inch

what you REALLY need in your dorm room // college dorm essentials GIVEAWAY

Trunk College Dorm Storage Footlocker

Collegiate 30 footlocker is made of finished vinyl with a handle and banded edges. Heavy gauge vinyl. High impact styrene binding. Easy open push button key lock. Dust & moisture resistant tongue & groove closure. 1 plastic handle. Nickel plated hardware . Wooden construction.

Seward Trunk College Dorm and Camp Storage Footlocker, 30 Inch

Get In Touch With Your Roommate

Before school starts, try to contact your roommate to learn more about them and discuss what items you plan on bringing to school. For instance, if you already have a floor lamp, you can arrange to bring it for the shared area, rather than both of you bringing multiple items that arent necessary. Good communication upfront will help you both avoid headaches later on.

Pro tip: Make an inventory of all of the items youre contributing to your dorm room. This will help you keep track of what belongs to you, and what belongs to your roommate.;

Privacy Pop Up Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Up Bed

Privacy Pop, the innovative bed tent that lets you let it all hang out, no matter where you are. A Privacy Pop tent gives you the coverage and privacy that you want, so that you can enjoy a place of your own, even in a dorm room or room shared with others.

The Privacy Pop is a unique bed tent that is designed to give you maximum privacy even when you have to share a room with others. This advanced bed tent was created especially for college students living in dorms, kids and teenagers that share a room with their siblings, and people of all ages who share rooms to cut down on rent costs. College students and siblings who have shared their bedrooms for years are buzzing about this new product that carves out a closed off space just for you.

A Privacy Pop tent is perfect for:

Keeping bright sun out of your eyes so you can sleep Listening to your iPod or reading without bothering anyone else in the room The perfect place for studying without being bothered or bothering anyone else Ensuring you have privacy from prying eyes

Privacy Pop Up Bed Tent

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A Laptop Keyboard Cover

Remember what I said about spending a lot of late night study sessions on your bed. Well, my college kid was studying late one night and made herself a bowl of microwave mac n cheese and then proceeded to spill the bowl on her laptop. Let me tell you that was one expensive bowl of mac n cheese.

The damage to her laptop could have been avoided with a laptop keyboard cover. For that reason, Im throwing this one in as a nice to have

Do: Bring Extra Towels


There are few things in this world more distressing and inconvenient than going to shower and realizing you have nothing to dry yourself off with, Cohen said. Towels are another basic item that can get overlooked in the moving madness. Make sure theyre packed neatly in the car, and even throw in a few extras for posterity. You never know when they might come in handy.

Bath towels, $4.19-$11.39 at

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What Not To Bring To College

Its understandable that you may want to bring everything you love, but there are some things best left behind.

  • Large electrical appliances: These are likely not allowed in dorms, and anyways you may not have the space.
  • Your beloved pet: Most colleges will not allow pets in dorms, and many apartments have no pets rules
  • A printer: Most colleges offer printing included in tuition
  • Your entire wardrobe: You will likely be switching out between seasons
  • All new decor: Remember, you will only be there for 9 months so there is no need to go all out with new things

Closet & Under Bed Storage

If youre like me, you have a lot of clothes. Closets in college arent always the most generous, so you have to get creative with your space. Here are some things that helped me maximize my dorm room space and allow for the closet of my dreams.

  • Over-the-door mirror: Over-the-door mirrors are huge space-savers and perfect for dorm living. Youll definitely want to have one of these.
  • Over-the-door shoe rack: If youre like me and you have way more shoes than you need, an over-the-door shoe rack is a life-saver and definitely a good investment.
  • Collapsible hangers: Collapsible hangers will change your life! Make the most of your space and hang more than double than you could with regular hangers.;
  • Laundry bin: My favorite kind of laundry bins stand up on their own so you can throw your clothes in from across the room but are soft enough to sling over your shoulder and carry to the laundry room. Bonus points if yours have pockets for tide pods and dryer sheets!
  • Under-the-bed drawers: Depending on the height of your bed you can choose taller or shorter drawers, but whichever you choose will provide a great space for your folded clothes and perhaps unsightly clutter.;

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Ultimate College Packing List For The 2020

Packing for college may seem challenging or overwhelming, especially if youre moving far from home. But knowing how to approach the packing process with a college packing list will make packing far less stressful. Knowing what to pack well beforehand can also help you stay within your available student budget. The following guide will provide some advice on how to pack efficiently and what you should include. Use this ultimate college packing checklist as you pack for the next chapter of your life.

Get A Freaking Shower Caddy

What To Bring To College Dorm I College Essentials

Ain’t nobody got time to carry around a million shower products. You’d be surprised just how much you use in the shower. It’s so easy when you are at home because you can keep your stuff in the shower. When you go to college, though, you have to tote your supplies to the shower. When you need soap, body wash, loofahs, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and shaving cream you will thank yourself for having a shower caddy.

Also, spring for the one with holes, so you are not carrying around a walking mildew factory. Water will get in your shower caddy, and you don’t need to carry that around with you. The one without holes may be cheaper and look more appealing because of that, but you will regret not paying the few dollars more for one with holes when you need to clean the one without holes constantly.

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Wear A Shower Cap If You Are Not Washing Your Hair

Here’s a trick if you are sure you don’t want to wash your hair, get a shower cap! Shower caps are inexpensive, and they protect your hair from getting too wet if you aren’t trying to clean it. You don’t even have to wear it for an extended period, just put it on right before you step in the shower. Shower caps protect your hair from getting wet, and it protects the shower from getting all your random pieces of hair in the drain.

What You Actually Do Need To Pack For Your Dorm

Getting my daughter ready to move into the dorms was a huge event. I really got into it, saving up my Bed Bath & Beyond coupons and reading all of the What Youll Need In The Dorms articles I could find online. You would have thought it was me that was moving in, with all of my carefully curated lists and precise measurements.

Then the school really threw me for loop with their You must buy these sheets mailer that said ordinary store-bought linens wouldnt fit their specially-sized beds. And of course I was all in! Because what could be more catastrophic than my daughter arriving at her dorm and finding that the sheets I bought with my 20% off coupon wouldnt fit her mattress? It would crush her, ruin her entire college experience and surely impact her ability to land a good job when she graduated.

Mom, I think theyre just ordinary beds, my wise daughter chimed in, pointing out that an extra-long sheet would fit them just fine. Crisis averted.

Dorm prepping and making parents feel like they need to buy everything is big business. According to a 2017 survey by the National Retail Federation, parents spent $5.9 billion on dorm and apartment furnishings for their college-bound kids. Thats a lot of custom sheet sets.

I brought up those cooking supplies when what I really needed was more Cup o Noodles, my daughter said when I asked what advice she would give.

Conversely, here are a few things that could have stayed home :

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Do: Pack A Sewing Kit

The struggle to survive often brings out skills and ingenuity we never knew we had, Cohen said. College kids can become master chefs with the most random ingredients and almost anything can be fixed with tape and basic school supplies. One thing thats often looked over in the packing process is a simple sewing kit. Replace lost buttons and mend torn comforters with a little needle and thread. This saves you from having to replace ripped items, and its a good skill to hone.

Real Simple sewing kit, $9.99 at

Its a must, said Joey Brenneman, mom of a college sophomore who dust-busted her way through a ladybug infestation. Cute, but no thanks.

Dirt Devil Scorpion cordless hand vac, $22.63 at

How To Pack For College: Your Ultimate Dorm Checklist For 2021

35+ Lovely Dorm Room Ideas Blue ~ Gorgeous House

If you’re moving to campus for the upcoming semester, you’re probably wondering what you should pack and what you should leave at home. And with COVID still impacting some opening plans, there a few additional things you might want to bring, just in case.

We’ve got you covered.;In this checklist, we’ll tell you everything you’ll need and want your first year in a dorm. Scroll down to view to items by category, including a special COVID section.

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Command Strips & Hooks

You cant put holes in your dorm room walls so you need an alternative.;

Command hooks are very popular for dorm rooms because theyre sturdy, easy to use, and easy to remove. Plus, they can carry your heavy items.

Use them to hang up your LED lights, tapestry, wall canvases, and pretty much anything!

Do: Wear A Messenger Bag

A backpack may have cut it in high school, but youll be doing a lot more walking, and your shoulders may pay the price. Wheeler learned in a movement class that the neck pain her fellow students were griping about came from their backpacks. So everyone opted for a messenger bag, which distributed the weight better .

Mossimo Mens messenger bag, $19.99 at

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What Do I Need For My Dorm Room

For most students, a dorm room is their first home away from home. Dorm room living poses several challenges to people. You will probably share the room with a roommate, which can be challenging for students who grew up without having to share space with siblings. Dorm rooms are also quite small, so you might need to consolidate your items to make room to live and study.

The standard dorm room comes with a few things. It will always have a bed, desk and chair, so you dont need to worry about bringing much in the way of furniture. Dorm rooms also tend to have storage space beneath the bed, in closets and as part of the desk, but this varies from one room to another. They will also usually have at least a few shelves for books. Some dorm rooms will come with attached bathrooms, but others rely on community bathrooms for each floor.

Here are a few items you should consider bringing to your dorm room:


Youll need sheets, pillowcases, pillows and a comforter or blankets and bedspread for your bed. Dorm room beds are usually twin-sized, so you will need your own set of linens if your bed at home is larger. Because dorm rooms are so small, your bed gives you an opportunity to bring in some color and personality, so pick linens that you dont mind being a focal point of the room for anyone who visits you.

Small Furniture



Mini Fridge

Cooking Utensils


No related posts.

Saving Money On Dorm Room Essentials

what you REALLY need for your dorm room // college dorm essentials | Kent State university

Many retailers have free shipping and other special savings for college students so read the fine print and take advantage of every offer. Your student may have to provide their .edu email address to be eligible which seems like a fair ask to unlock the savings.

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Dorm Essentials To Put On Your List

We recommend that you read this post, Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer First, which will guide you through all the Q&As you want to discuss with your teen BEFORE you shop.

The next step is to gather as much insight as you can from their colleges website under Residence Life. Find out what things are provided and what might be prohibited If your student is assigned a dorm with air conditioning, they wont need a fan. No need to load up on things that youll have to return.

Then your teen will want to coordinate with their roommate if they are planning compatible decor and/or want to share a mini-fridge, microwave, or coffee maker as most dorms are too small to accommodate duplicate appliances. An area rug is also popular, but no need to get more than one.

Finally, as you shop for your son or daughter,;make sure youre not leaving any money on the table by downloading the;free Honey browser extensionits a tool that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout to help save time and money.

Then start here, with the true basics for a typical college dorm room.

Note: We are a reader-supported site and receive compensation from purchases made through some of these links.;

Polder Compact Accordian Drying Rack $1999 At Bed Bath & Beyond

When folded down, this drying rack is flat and can be stored easily under your bed. When opened up, it provides 14 feet of drying space without taking up much space in your room. If you have any clothing that is too delicate for the dryer, one of these racks will come in handy. The best part is, you won’t even notice it once you put it away.

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What To Bring To College: The Importance Of Organization

Before we introduce our ultimate college packing list, it’s critical that you understand the overall importance of organization regarding what to bring to college.

You’ll notice the word storage on our college packing list; that’s because living in a small space means it’s more important than ever to stay organized.

You can start your organizational system before you even move. Start by labeling all the boxes or storage containers you’re bringing with you to college. Label makers are great, but duct tape and a sharpie work just fine as well. You don’t want to be searching for your charger on your first night in your dorm because you can’t remember which box you threw it in.

One-up this strategy by packing your dorm items as they’ll be stored once in your room. If you have a bedside rolling cart, for example, put the items in that cart that will be there once you move in. You’ll save yourself a bit of unpacking and know exactly where your stuff is when you need it.

Some things that are college-specific can be packed in advance, but you’ll probably wait to decide what clothes to bring with you. Packing your clothes last is actually a great idea. Make a day of it! Chances are that you can stand to donate some items, and you’ll have to decide carefully what to bring to college and your dorm. Clothes will also be the last thing you unpack once you’re moved in, since you’ll want to take some time to organize.

Flush The Fucking Toilet

8 Things I Wish I Brought to College

This shouldn’t be something that needs to be said, but alas, it needs to be said.

Just do it.

It’s the right thing to do.

Plus, if you don’t, it will likely stay like that until some girl is brave enough to do it, or the cleaning crew does. And neither of those people should be flushing the toilet after you.

You’re a grown ass woman.

You should also wipe the seat if you accidentally pee on it. It’s only the nice thing to do.

Don’t be a bathroom prick.

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Snapfish Prints Starting At $009

Once you’re away, you may realize how much you miss your friends and family back home. Scrolling through pictures on Instagram and Facebook doesn’t always cut it, but printed pictures are a great way to keep the people you love around and make a great room decoration as well. Snapfish makes it easy to print your favorite pictures in a variety of sizes and finishes, and they start at only;9¢;per print.

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