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How To Get Recruited For College Softball

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Should I Wear A Protective Mask


This is a very controversial topic. However, until there is a rule enforced, it still comes down to personal belief and safety. The main thing to understand with wearing a mask at third base, first base, or as a pitcher, is although it may be something you’ve always worn and feel comfortable with, there’s always a possibility that this coach or that will not like it. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that there may be a coach who is recruiting you that wants you to play without a mask. But if removing the mask is something you’re not comfortable with doing, this coach and you may need to have that conversation and if not seeing eye to eye, this may not be the program for you.

College Recruiting: Softball Parents Heres How To Help Your Athlete Get A Scholarship

Parents we gotta talk.

After a pandemic year where many events, teams and players were not able to play in front ofand be seen bycollege coaches, were seeing a return to a more normalized summer where college coaches are watching and evaluating kids.

Good, right?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, in the fact that recruiting is returning to normal but no in how parents are, in some cases, making the situation not pleasant.

Let me give an example: over the weekend, I was at Top Gun and one of the hard-working staff members told me about an experience she had just witnessed.

She stepped into the restroom and heard a mother addressing her daughter in this manner:

You need to run everything out. Coaches are watching and if you dont get it done in the next 24 hours, youve ruined your chance for a scholarship!

Wow. Just wow.

First of all, last time I checked this was a game and it was supposed to fun. And a great forum for life lessons learned from success, but also failure.

Pressuring a young teenager to perform because her life will be ruined if she doesnt get the Golden Ticket is abusive in my opinion. Theres a way to motivate and this sure isnt it.

This coach said it was common for parents, as soon as a kid would sit down in the car for the ride home or to the airport, to unleash on the player everything that was done wrong. After a hard day of grinding on the fields, the athlete got an earful involving the frustrations of the parent.

We recruit the family and the athlete.

How To Get Your High School Athlete Recruited Without Wasting Thousands Of Dollars

If youre worried you will waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recruiting services

If youre terrified that youre going to ruin any chances your teenager has of being recruited by a great athletic program

If you want to do everything you can to give your high school athlete the best chance at an amazing sports career that will fuel their self-identity for decades to come

Then this may be the most important book you can get your hands on.

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How Likely Are You To Respond To Recruits Introductory Email

The survey revealed that a recruit deemed to be a good fit is most likely to get a response from a coach to their introductory email. D3 coaches are the most likely to respond to a good majority of the email they receive, but this is less common at the other division levels. There are hundreds of thousands of athletes out there, Winters emphasizes. Coaches dont have time to respond to every email. We preach the importance of follow-ups; dont just send one email. Its all about communication and making sure your name gets into that coachs inbox.

MORE: Straight talk on how to call coaches

Does An Athlete’s Size Matter To A Softball Coach

How to Get Your Child Recruited for College Sports  Avid ...

Depending on the college softball coach, size may or may not. It’s not one factor of the athlete that is a deal breaker for the college softball coach, it’s the overall combination of factors of what does this athlete bring to the table that can benefit me and my program. Size on certain positions are obviously appealing. However, an undersized athlete may also be a record-setting sprinter with a strong, accurate arm, therefore her size still matters but not in the fashion many would assume. The important thing to keep in mind is if size is one of your strengths, this is definitely something you want to portray to the coach. However if size is not one of your primary selling points, the size does not necessarily matter.

Find College Women’s Softball Scholarships In Florida

Welcome to the SportsRecruits college Women’s Softball athletic scholarships page for the state of Florida. Here you can research athletic, academic, merit-based and needs-based scholarship and recruiting opportunities from any of the 60 college Women’s Softball programs in Florida – all in one place. Most student-athletes believe the only opportunities to compete at the college level for Women’s Softball in Florida is to be a Gator or a Seminole – thats just not true. Thats why SportsRecruits was created, to help college Women’s Softball prospects research schools and find the right fit.

To review any of the colleges and universities offering Women’s Softball in Florida, simply click on the schools link and you can explore all the program has to offer a student-athlete interested in Women’s Softball. Research academic, athletic and other scholarship and grant opportunities, as well as explore majors, admission requirements, and even learn about their coaching staff. The SportsRecruits college Women’s Softball athletic scholarships page is a great resource for any college Women’s Softball recruit looking to compete at the college level in Florida.

Here’s What You Get In The How To Get Recruited Guide

  • Get advice directly from college coaches. Don’t wonder if you found the right answers on the internet.
  • Figure out what to do if you started the recruiting process late. The truth is it’s never too late to find a roster spot.
  • Learn to evaluate offers. You don’t want to act too fast or wait too long.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars you would spend on a recruiting service, and get peace of mind that you’re not making a major mistake.
  • Learn the recruiting timeline so you won’t miss any important dates.
  • Discover how your teen can self-evaluate so they can find an athletic program that won’t damage their self-image. You want your child to thrive.
  • Coaches will respond when you use the template in the guide. In both emails and phone calls, you’ll have confidence when communicating with college coaches.
  • Use the action steps at the end of each chapter to make your way through the recruiting process. No more wondering what’s next.

Attend Events That Will Get You In Front Of The Coaches Youre Interested In

Coach Patterson emphasizes the importance of doing your research and finding the right camps, showcases and tournaments to attend. Before you go, research which coaches attended the camp the previous years and if the camp has a tradition of high coach attendance. Then, contact those coaches to double check that they will be there and let them know to keep an eye out for you.

Another way to gain exposure to college softball coaches is through club and travel teams. Because the high school softball season is at the same time as the college softball season, its difficult for college softball coaches to watch high school softball players compete. However, a travel or club team will compete in the summer or fall, and college softball coaches can get out to watch teams compete in person. Again, do your research to make sure that the club or travel team attracts coaches from schools youre interested in.

How Good Do I Need To Be To Get A Softball Scholarship

How To Get Recruited For College Softball

These are the general guidelines for what coaches look for in a softball player. If you fall outside of these general requirements, there are still opportunities for you.

<3.1 <3.3

Statistical requirements for both position players and pitchers are not listed here because these numbers will depend largely on the level of competition around you. For example, it can be more impressive for a player to hit .300 in a tough league than for a player to hit .400 in a very easy league. Similarly, it is more impressive for a pitcher to have a 3.00 ERA in a tough league than to have a 2.00 ERA in an easy league.

We Were Helpless In Not Knowing If We Were Doing The Right Thing

helpless in not knowing if we were doing the right thing in getting my son a chance to live his dreams as a football kicker and punterIt provided more information than most of the recruiting services that did not guide you, and gave you step-by-step of what the parents and student can doWe know that finding the right school is the best thing rather than going to a prestigious Ivy League school. What matters is the education and serving his community to the best of himself.

Recruiting Guidelines By Position What College Coaches Look For

Catcher, Pitcher, Short Stop, 2nd Base, Center Field are usually occupied by the team’s best athletes. When recruiters and scouts come to a game they usually look up the center of the field unless they come to see a specific player who may be on the corners.

Recruiting is not necessarily about game performance. Many will just watch the pregame warm up where they are guaranteed to see the player make a play. He watches the fluidity, the softness of the hands, the footwork, velocity which the player throws and his accuracy. If a coach want to see a whole game they will be looking for ATTITUDE and HUSTLE that leads by example and be motivated to play at his ability level.

Regardless of position, batting skills will always help after all it is the number of runs that wins the game.

The Journey Of College Softball Recruiting Part 2: Alexa Peterson

Keep reading about Alexas journey in college softball recruiting, as well as specific tips for getting recruited to play college softball, check out part two of our blog post.

For more information about the college recruiting process, be sure to check out Alexa and Coach Lisles digital book, Next Level: The Insiders Guide to Unlocking College Ball.

*Please note, this is a digital book that is available immediately upon purchase.

For Many High School Softball Players Competing At The College Level Is A Life

5 Ways to Get Smart About College Softball Recruiting ...

To get there, you need to know what it takes to get recruited by college coaches. The softball recruiting process can be tough, with many milestones to meet and boxes to check off. Weve compiled the crucial information you need to know to find the best college softball program for you.

Below, weve outlined the major sections of our softball recruiting guide. This information was created by our team of former college softball coaches and athletes, who have experienced both sides of the recruiting process. Keep an eye out for their insider tips to get that extra edge in your recruiting. Use this softball-specific information alongside our;college recruiting guide, which outlines the whole recruiting process from start to Signing Day, to learn everything you need to know to successfully navigate the softball recruiting process.

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Should I Play Multiple Sports

While growing up, playing multiple sports increases athleticism. However, playing multiple sports after the ninth grade has the chance to interfere with your softball showcasing and thus interfere with your recruiting. This is easily one of our most asked questions, and it merits a very important discussion between you, your parents, and your coaches.

Three Sources Of Help

You can pay someone to help you through the college recruiting process or take advantage of the experience of those who have already gone through it. There are multiple softball specific forums but one the biggest and most active is;Hey Bucket. The Softball Channels Fastpitch Forum also includes a topic just on college recruiting.

The third place to visit is the;Athletic Recruits;section of College Confidential. While not specific to softball, it provides a wealth of information on the college selection process.

Free Email Course on How to Start Profiling a College

What If I Don’t Live Nearby Or Am Unable To Attend Travel Tournaments

If you live in a part of the country where attending travel tournaments is impractical or poses economic hardships, then you have two options. First, you can send college coaches video links every few months, or you can rely on a softball recruiting agency to get the attention of college coaches. Many Division II and most Division III colleges have more limited travel recruiting budgets than their Division I counterparts, so as long as you have a strong online profile where coaches can find your stats, scores, grades, and video updates, you’ll be fine if you have limited travel means and are targeting these smaller colleges. All kids seem to be attracted to Division I schools, but the fact is that scholarships are limited and often it’s easier to get merit-based scholarships at the DII, DIII, or even the Junior College level.

The Number Of Scholarships Per Team At Each Division Level

HOW To Start The Process & Get Recruited For College Softball

Softball is an equivalency sport which means all scholarships are not full scholarships. For example, in NCAA DI, coaches can divide the value of the 12 scholarships available to them between as many players as they see fit.NCAA DI: 12


Total: 1,694

*NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer other forms of financial aid.

How To Get Recruited And Play College Softball

College softball is a women’s only sport and is one of the most popular sports played at the college level. Intercollegiate softball is played at a whopping 1,679 colleges across the USA.

College softball recruiting is very competitive. There are over 370,000 high school softball players and only 31,000 college players. Just over 8% of high school players go on to play college softball.

How To Get Recruited For Softball

The softball recruiting process is competitive, leaving many families unsure how to get recruited for softball. In fact, only about 8% of high school softball players will compete at the college level, and approximately 1% will play Division 1 ball. To top it off, not all softball players will receive athletic scholarships. In other words, getting recruited for softballand getting a softball scholarshipisnt easy. So, what does it take to play college softball? Athletes who have the academics, athletic talent, drive and recruiting know-how can make it to the next level.

To help guide you through the college softball recruiting process, weve created the following softball recruiting guide, complete with all the major milestones you need to hit throughout your journey and helpful softball recruiting tips and tricks. The most important softball recruiting tip to remember: Be proactive! Dont want around for coaches to find you. The only way to ensure you get recruited by softball coaches is to take charge of your own recruiting journey.

Research Schools And Create Your Target List

One of the best softball recruiting tips that we can give: Do your research and cast a wide net when looking at schools! Ideally, you want to start out by contacting a lot of college coachesthink: around 20-30and then youll pare down your list over time. Heres how we recommend organizing your target list.

  • 5 safety schools: These are schools you know youll be able to play at, and you qualify academically. Softball recruiting tip: Get in touch with these coaches early on so the coach knows youre genuinely interested. That way, if one of your target schools falls through, you dont have to start the recruiting process all over again at the last minute.
  • 10 target schools: This is where youll put the schools that are your best matchthe ones you really want to focus on in your recruiting.
  • 5 reach schools: These schools might be out of your price range or very academically or athletically competitive. Add them to your list as a great goal to strive for.

Softball recruiting tip: Always include a mix of division levels in your target list. You might be surprised which division level is right for you, and it maximizes your opportunity to get a college softball scholarship. Check out this list of questions to ask yourself to help you find your best college match.

What Should I Be Doing To Get Recruited To Play College Softball

5 Ways to Get Smart About College Softball Recruiting

Many parents and players who reach out to us with questions about our showcases also have questions about the recruiting process as a whole. To help as many parents and student-athletes as possible, we decided to address the most frequently asked questions. Please enjoy the first of our five-part series!

The first question were addressing is one of our most frequently asked, What should my daughter be doing right now to get recruited to play college softball?

Ultimately, playing at the next level takes a combination of factors that are in your control hard work, performance on the field and in the classroom as well as factors outside of your control a coach deciding that you are a fit in their program, or what positions fill their immediate needs. The important takeaway is that there are MANY opportunities to continue your career in college, and actively engaging the process is the best way to set yourself up for success.

While each recruiting journey and process looks different, whats outlined below identifies a general guide to the process. Three key take aways to remember as you go through the process are:

  • Enjoy the process. Appreciate every opportunity that you have with a uniform on your back.
  • Freshman:

    Start the year and your high school career off on the right foot by performing in the classroom. Take pride in your grades, just as you do your play on the field.

    Summer: Play!


    Video outline:



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