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What If I Lost My College Diploma

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How To Get A Replacement Diploma

How To Make Fake College Degrees, Diplomas, and Resumes. (EASY)

Are you wondering how to get a replacement diploma?

As we mentioned above, calling your old high school for a new copy should do the trick. After this, they will usually give you the steps you need to receive a new document.

If your former high school doesnt exist anymore, you may have more trouble than youd think getting the job done. In this case, try contacting:

  • The head office of your local school districts
  • The superintendents office in your area
  • The states Department of Education office

Of course, its essential to know that your new diploma has to be a legitimate copy. This means that it must have your schools seal to show that it hasnt been tampered with.

To do so, youre going to need a government-issued ID like your drivers license. In addition to this, youll need to provide a signature and a completed request form too. Its as simple as that.

Desperate to find fake certificates?

If yes, we highly recommend that you replace your old ones immediately!

The Big Question: How Do I Get My Original Certificate If I Lost It

Have you lost your high school diploma recently and couldnt find it even with the best of your efforts? Well, you have come to the right place then. There are thousands and millions of students out there that are confronting How do I get my original certificate if I lost it kind of thoughts right now.

So, if you come over as one from the bunch, you only need to sit back, relax and read this blog till the end. A high school degree or diploma comes as one of our best life achievements. Yet, we only realize their relevance in our lives while applying for a job or promotion.

In other cases, most of the professionals love to display their degrees and diplomas in their offices. Yet, as they lose or misplace those degrees, they step into that panic mode with random ohh, I Lost my original documents or How to get lost certificates from school kind of questions in their minds.

You first need to understand the fact that losing a high school degree isnt the end of world for you. You can always file an application for lost certificates with the school or relevant authority while seeking a replacement. Although the process may go time consuming and cumbersome, it is worth the effort.

Bonus: What You Must Avoid

  • Never open a sealed transcript: If your college provides you with a sealed transcript for your own records, do not open it if you intend to submit it to a school or employer. Once opened, its no longer official.
  • Never provide a fake diploma: While it may be tempting, do not buy a phony or forged college diploma. Its illegal in many cases, so you can get fired or expelled. Its just not worth the risk.
  • Never lose your replacement diploma or transcript: When you receive a copy of your diploma/transcript, keep it safe. Print some copies, make digital copies, and save these in different places.

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Reach Out To The Registrar Office

Whether it’s a lost diploma or degree, you’ll need to make contact with the registrar’s office at the college or university you attended. Only the registrar keeps a record of all important documentation and transcripts.

These records are updated with all newly registered students and their classes each year. So you can imagine how much paperwork this office stores.

This being said, the registrar’s office should still have a record of your studies and proof of graduation. You just have to submit a request for a replacement, and from there you will be guided in the right direction.

Gather The Information Needed To Request A New Diploma

What to Do if You Lost Your College Diploma

Most requests for a new college or university diploma are pretty intricate.

You cant just send an email or even a written letter with your signature. Youll likely have to provide some sort of government-issued form of personal identification like your social security number, drivers license, or maybe your passport information.

Dont send these at random!

Take the time to research what your higher education institution requires in order to issue a diploma. Make sure you send the necessary payment with your paperwork if you want to get your new diploma as quickly as possible.

If you cant find the diploma request requirements youre looking for, check the office of the registrar. These are usually listed somewhere on a university registrars website or you can call the office directly.

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S To Take If You’re Dealing With A Lost College Diploma

Life happens and in-between all of its best and worst moments, important paperwork may go awry. This could be anything — your passport, a professional award, certificates, or a college diploma.

Maybe you just misplaced it or it was destroyed by a flood, fire, or mold. Whatever the case, a lost college diploma is not the end of the world. But, you should take immediate steps to replace it once you notice it’s lost or damaged.

Here’s how to tackle the replacement process…

Oops I Lost My College Diploma A Guide On How To Get A Replacement Diploma

Attending college has become a part of life for many Americans. The road to graduation is riddled with exams, research papers, essays, and financial aid.

So walking across the stage to receive your college diploma is an accomplishment. It’s a reflection of your dedication and hard work.

But as post-college life begins, sometimes events happen, and we lose track of things, including our diploma.

When you have a lost college diploma, there’s no need to worry. Finding a replacement diploma is easy.

Follow along as we discuss how to get a copy of your college diploma.

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Legal Requirements Of A Request

When it comes to getting a replacement diploma, its a task youll have to take on on your own. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act stipulate that student records are protected property. That means your spouse and immediate family are not able to access your student recordsonly you.

Specific requirements for a diploma replacement will vary by the university at hand. Many will ask for a written request, along with a photocopy of your license or passport for identification purposes.

This process helps to eliminate fraud and identity theft that is quite common. Many colleges will have you print out a PDF form and mail it to their address. Outside of the above materials, their form will likely ask for your birthday, social security number, graduation date, and other basic info.

Some colleges will also request you include a notarized statement swearing that your diploma has been misplaced.

Many universities will charge you a fee to obtain a replacement. This fee covers the cost of printing a new diploma, but it often is a bit higher than you would expect. If youre working to replace your diploma, you can probably expect to fork over anywhere from $20 to $150.

The price all depends on the school in question and sometimes on the type of diploma youre looking to replace.

What If You Can’t Get Your Diploma

How to get your high-school diploma with out going to high-school!

What if you’ve tried all the above steps but still can’t get a copy of your diploma?

The most likely reason you can’t get your diploma is because you were unable to contact your high school. Before proceeding with this section, make sure you have tried all methods of contact: searching for your school online, asking former classmates if they know how to contact the school, or even stopping by the school itself if you’re nearby and it is still open.

If you absolutely cannot get a copy of your diploma and need one to apply to a job or school, you should talk directly to a person involved in the hiring or admissions process to figure out what your options are.

One possibility is to substitute your high school transcript for your diploma. If you have a copy of your transcript or are able to get one, it may be able to serve as a replacement for your diploma. This is especially true if it’s the final version of your transcript, created after you graduated because it will list every high school class you took and will often contain a note that you graduated. The process of getting your high school transcript is similar to the process of getting a copy of your diploma, and we’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to follow to get your transcript.

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Replacing Lost Diplomas Made Simple

Theres no need to complicate your life when youre moving or switching jobs. These are some of the most common situations in which people lose diplomas, but theyre stressful enough as-is.

If you do realize that youve lost diplomas during a transition like this, the best thing you can do is purchase a fake diploma. The process is simple, straightforward, and super efficient. It gives you a diploma that looks just as good as the real one you originally had.

to browse all the diplomas we offer and order your new one today!

Find Out If You Need A Notary

Some requirements might be more inclusive or exclusive than the above requirements. Youll most likely need to have your application request form or some of your documents notarized. Very often you can schedule an appointment with a notary public at a UPS store. Check online to find local UPS institutions that offer licensed notary public services.

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Contact The Right Person

Most colleges and universities have a website containing information on how to get a copy of your diploma .

If you graduated recently, contact the Registrars Office at your college.

They get requests like this all the time! The process is usually quick and easy.

However, there are some exceptions:

  • Moved away: If you moved to another location, you can find your schools address and phone number on the online Directory of U.S. Colleges & Universities or the College Directory USA.
  • Attended an accredited school: If you graduated from an accredited institution, you could find your schools contact information at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  • Website not found: If you cant find your school or district website, contact your College Registrar or visit the AACRAO for help.
  • School is absorbed or merged: The current school should be able to provide the records you need.

If your school has closed, you can also get your transcript. Heres how:

  • Read the guide: The U.S. Department of Education provides a guide to help you get your official transcripts.
  • Search and connect: When U.S. colleges and universities close, the Department of Education in the state you attended college provides transcripts or assigns another school to manage all transcript requests.

Key takeaway: Even if you cant contact your college, you have other options to replace your diploma.

Keep Your Diploma In Tip

This realization can make the I lost my diploma certificate!â moment ...

Once you have your replacement diploma in your hands, take the time to store or preserve it carefully! One of the best ways to maintain its longevity is by framing it.

A sturdy, professional frame will protect it from accidental damage, oxidation, moisture, and mold. It also allows you to show off your achievements! Once it’s framed, you’re also less likely to misplace it during a home move.

Cheap, craft store frames won’t cut it either. Over time, your diploma is likely to fade and change yellow in color. Go for a premium quality, archive-style frame that will stand up to the elements and all of life’s ups and downs.

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The Schedule For A Replacement Diploma

Getting a replacement diploma can take some time. If you need to have your diploma at a specific time, it will suit you to plan ahead and budget the proper waiting period.

You should expect it to take anywhere from five to seven weeks. Some schools might require even longer processing periods.

If there is a set deadline that you NEED your diploma by, you might be able to work with your schools registrar office. If pushed, they might agree to push you ahead or speed up the process. There is no guarantee, though, as these offices can get very busy once the school year begins.

If you are in a rush to get a new copy of your diploma, you might need to look into alternative methods.

How Do You Get A Replacement Diploma

Earning a college diploma should make you proud. Every year millions of people begin an undergraduate program but leave before completing their freshman year.

After all, the money spent on losing your diploma is the last thing you want to happen. But if you’ve moved a few times since graduation, it’s possible to misplace an item or two.

However, all is not lost, and there is hope for helping you regain your diploma.

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How To Obtain A Copy Of Your High School Diploma

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Its easy to lose or damage your high school diploma. If this has happened to you, you should be able to replace it easily enough. Sometimes you can get a new copy directly from your school, and other times you might have to contact a school district office or your states Department of Education. Once youve found the right agency, youll usually need to fill out a form and pay a fee. Then youll typically have your new diploma in 2-3 weeks!

What To Do If Youve Lost Your College Diploma

i almost lost my high school diploma because i went to COACHELLA

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Graduating from college can be a huge milestone in ones life. No matter where you attend or what youve studied, your diploma is a symbol of all the hard work youve put in over years of time.

Thats why it can feel so terrible if you ever find that youve lost your college diploma. Its all too easy for it to happen, of course: its just a slip of paper. If youve moved homes or even restructured a room its easy for such a document to go missing.

Lets say that sacred piece of paper had gone missing. What can you do? You certainly dont want to go without it after all the time and money youve put into your continued education. Read on, and well walk you through what you need to know.

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Reaching Out To Your College

It might feel embarrassing to have to reach out to your former institution of higher learning. After all, losing your diploma might not paint you in the most responsible of lights. But rest assured that lost diplomas are a more than a common occurrence, and your school will probably be happy to help.

Who do you contact? The office of the registrar is probably the place to go. The registrars office is in charge of maintaining student records and transcripts for both existing and former students. This means that theyre also the place in charge of fulfilling diploma replacement requests. If anyone at your school can help you, its them.

Find the number for the office on your schools website or call the main number and ask to be transferred by the operator. Even with the Registrars Office, you might need to ask to be connected with the person who handles diploma replacement requests.

Make sure to take down the name and direct line of whomever you speak to. This can save you a lot of time and stress when trying to check-in on the status of your request later on.

Replacement College Diploma: How To Get It Easily

There are many ways to get a professional replacement college diploma. But, not all of those options are genuine and authentic. Hence, just to be on the safer side, you must get in touch with a professional replacement college diploma provider.

If you search online, you may come across a list of portals and websites that claim to offer the most genuine services in regards to a professional replacement college diploma. Still, before opting for either of those, you must cross-check their reputation and background.

Besides, you must check and verify all the reviews and ratings posted by their previous and existing users online. This would help you in verifying their claims that talk about offering the best professional replacement college diploma services.

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Professional Replacement College Diploma

When a person graduates from college, he or she is rewarded with a college diploma that signifies his/her educational journey within that institution. Besides, the same document would confirm that he/she has successfully cleared a certain educational course with great success.

Hence, we can say that a college diploma is a prized possession that should be guarded with care for the rest of ones life. Even though we know how precious these college diplomas are, we sometimes lose or damage these diplomas due to certain unforeseen reasons. A replacement college diploma service is the only way to get a college diploma back in this situation.

A college diploma is a priceless asset that may come of great use in ones professional and personal life journey. Yet, for several reasons, few people lose or damage these college diplomas at some point in their lives.

However, if you are a former college student, you can get a replacement college diploma by simply using services like ours at Quick Diplomas.

So, the big question is – how to go about the whole process?

Well, before you proceed with the handpicked solutions mentioned in this blog, we will make you familiar with certain situations that create the demand for a Replacement College Diploma.

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