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What Are The Six Military Colleges

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Getting In To The Service Academies

BBC Revealed Extra – Training – Army Jobs

The service academies are very selective schools, and all of the academies, except the Coast Guard, require a congressional letter of recommendation to gain admission.

Students also have to submit typical requirements of a college application , applicants to the service academies have to pass a medical exam and take a fitness assessment. The Air Force Academy and Naval Academy require interviews as well.

Youll primarily be evaluated on your high school academic performance, test scores, and extracurricular achievement. The service academies are fond of students who have pursued leadership positions and shown a commitment to their communities. Also, they appreciate students who have excelled athletically and have obtained awards and leadership positions on their sports teams.

United States Naval Academy

Located in Annapolis, Maryland, and sometimes referred to simply as “Annapolis,” the United States Naval Academy trains officers for the Navy. Only 4,400 midshipmen are enrolled at one time, and admission is very selective. Of the 1,200 admitted in each freshman class, only 1,000 or so will graduate. The school’s motto is “From knowledge, seapower.”

United States Military Academy West Point Ny

For those who are interested in serving for the U.S. Army, the United States Military Academy would be the best choice for you. The college was founded on March 16, 1802. The academy educates, trains and inspires the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country.

There are currently a total of 42 majors offered at the academy. All majors fall under engineering, basic sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Each student who graduates from the school will earn Bachelor of Science degrees and are commissioned as second lieutenants in the United States Army.

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University Of North Georgia Honors Program

Distinctive to UNG’s program, 40% of the students in the program study abroad before graduation, 80% graduate in four years, and 95% graduate within five years. The Honors Program at UNG emphasizes leadership and require students to serve in leadership positions within the Honors Program and/or other campus organizations. UNG is a member of the Georgia Collegiate Honors Council, the Southern Regional Honors Council, and the National Collegiate Honors Council.

Honors classes emphasize discussion, analysis, teamwork, independent learning, and an appreciation for the interrelates of knowledge. UNG’s Honors Program classes are discussion-based, emphasizing critical thinking, with smaller class sizes that average between 16-18 students. These classes provide individual faculty attention, promote individual growth, and encourage creativity and innovation among students.

Undergraduate students accepted into UNG’s selective honors program receive priority registration, smaller classes, access to faculty, and peer research mentors. Students also receive professional networking, leadership, and scholarship opportunities. Students are also given the opportunity to present at state or regional Honors conferences.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Six Sigma Certification In Military/defense:

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College

Six Sigma focuses on identifying and eliminating any unnecessary waste in a particular system. This is one aspect of the Six Sigma methodology that creates great demand for Six Sigma Certified Professionals. This is especially true when it comes to military and defense jobs that are usually competitive and in high-demand. It is essential for military and defense processes to be perfect when lives are at stake there can be no mistakes.

The process of eliminating errors in products and services naturally leads to improved quality. Because lives can often be on the line, Military and defense groups take quality improvement extremely seriously. As a result, specialized Six Sigma Certification in Military and Defense will give you an enormous edge to advance your career. This is a skill set that all of the leading employers of the world know to invest in when it comes time to promote their employees the government is no exception when it comes to their service members.

Military and Defense Departments have long track-records for attempting to streamline their operations. For example, in the early 1980s the United States Army called it Quality and Productivity Improvement, after that they called it Total Quality Management, then later it was called Business Process Re-Engineering. No matter what the name, their goal stays the same to look at the process, and then change it for the better. Six Sigma is the pinnacle process in achieving that goal.

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Getting Into Senior Military Colleges

Generally, when applying to SMCs, you have to submit an application, personal essay, transcript, and standardized test scores. Youll be evaluated on your academic performance and extracurricular achievements.

The selectivity of the SMCs varies, but generally, if you meet their average GPA and standardized test scores, you have a good chance of getting accepted. Virginia Tech has an average GPA of 3.66, an average ACT score of 27, and accepts 65% of applicants. The Citadel has an average GPA of 3.6, an average ACT score of 23, and accepts 81% of applicants.

SMCs that give you the option whether or not to join the Corps of Cadets have different application procedures. At Texas A&M, you have to be accepted to the university as a regular student before you join the Corps of Cadets. At Virginia Tech, you indicate on your application if youre intending to join the Corps. However, if you end up deciding not to join after stating your intention to do so, your application will be reevaluated.

Top 10 Military Colleges


Military colleges that offer four-year undergraduate degrees fall into two main categories: federal academies in which students receive training to become commissioned officers into different branches of the military, and senior military colleges, which offer Reserve Officer Training Corps programs. While the federal service academies offer an education intended exclusively for students entering the military, many military colleges are part of a larger university, such as the military college at Texas A&M.

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Valley Forge Military Academy

Founded: 1928Acceptance Rate: 100%Average yearly tuition: $29,975 per year

Description:Valley Forge Military Academy and College is an expensive yet highly prestigious military college in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

The military junior college also doubles as a private college preparatory boarding school for grades 7-12.

VRMAC follows the traditional military school format in-line with Army traditions.

Graduates have the option of serving the Armed Forces or pursuing a career elsewhere.

The Valley Forge Corps of Cadets is unique in that the program is entirely run by the students.

Additionally, VRMAC is the only American military organization that has maintained British rank, drill, customs, and ceremonies.

The Corps of Cadets is also the only program in the U.S. to feature a traditional mounted battalion of one cavalry troop and one artillery battery.

The Military College of Pennsylvania requires cadets to pass a board and earn a Capshield to become an official member.

All cadets must pass a board and earn a Capshield to be a member of the Corps of Cadets.

How To Choose A Millitary College

Royal Military College is the most costly way to produce military officers

There are a number of choices for students like you who have opted to attend a millitary academy.

Some of those options include service academies, Senior and Junior Military Colleges, you can join an ROTC at another college or join a cadet program at some maritime colleges.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which type of military school is best for you.

Do your research on location, enrollment rate, tuition, selectivity, academic programs, and school culture.

In considering these, youll determine if your grades and application are above par to grant you the admission you seek.

The school culture will show if you can cope with the activities in the school. Apply to only schools that fit your financial, location, educational budget.

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Difference Between Service Academies And Senior Military Colleges In The Usa

A big difference between the service academies and senior military colleges is that while service academies offers financial benefits and full-scholarship, SMCs dont grant such benefits.

However, there are grants and ROTC scholarships available to cadets. Additionally, you can apply for;need-based financial aid.

For example, in the 2020-2021 session, the tuition at University of North Georgia was about $21,000 annually for cadets. At Virginia Tech, the cost for in-state students was about $23,000, while it was $42,000 for out-of-state students.

Royal Air Force College Cranwell Sleaford United Kingdom

The Royal Air Force College was originally established as a naval aviation training center during World War I, and reached official status as the world’s first air academy in 1919. During World War II, the school stopped exclusively training officers and began working to train as many recruits as possible to fly in the British Air Force. Today, the RAF College has returned to its original purpose and boasts some pretty big names for alumni, including Prince William; Prince Charles; Frank Whittle, a founding father of jet propulsion; and Douglas Bader, a famous flying ace during World War II.

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What Is The Hardest Military College

  • The Air Force Academy is newer yet one of the most desirable places to attend college in the nation. …
  • West Point set the precedent for military academies and has the best tradition and culture. …
  • The U.S. Naval Academy is the hardest to receive admission yet a fulfilling life in the Navy or Marine Corps awaits graduates.

Exhibit 61programs Students And Faculties At The Royal Military College Of Canada


Exhibit 6.1âtext version

This diagram shows the number of programs, students, professors, and faculties at the Royal Military College of Canada.

The Royal Military College of Canada offers 22;undergraduate degree programs and 13;graduate degree programs in the faculties of arts, science, and engineering.

There were 192 full-time professors, consisting of 156;academic professors and 36;military professors, for 1,668 full-time-equivalent students. Full-time-equivalent students are the sum of full-time students and equivalent part-time students, where 3.5;part-time students are equivalent to 1;full-time student.

Forty-four percent of students were enrolled in a faculty of arts program, 12;percent of students were enrolled in a faculty of science program, and 29;percent of students were enrolled in a faculty of engineering program. Fifteen percent of students were enrolled in non-degree or interdisciplinary programs.

This exhibit is based on unaudited data from National Defence.

6.36 Using the ratio of full-time-equivalent students to full-time professors is an accepted way to compare universities. Full-time-equivalent students are the sum of full-time students and equivalent part-time students, where;3.5;part-time students are equivalent to;1;full-time student. Using this calculation, RMC had;1,668;full-time-equivalent students in the 2014â15 academic year. RMC employed;156;full-time academic professors and;36;full-time military professors.

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United States Military Academy West Point New York

The USMA, better known as West Point, is perhaps one of the best and most prestigious military academies in the world. That reputation isn’t taken lightly. Students must not only apply to the school, but almost must receive a nomination from a U.S. Congressman in order to be accepted, though non-U.S. citizens are allowed to apply. There is also a strict honor code, and students are expected to not only do well academically, but build military leadership and athletic skills. There is no tuition at West Point, but students must begin active duty with the Army upon graduation. Situated on a picturesque hill overlooking the Hudson River, the school itself is a national landmark and boasts some elite alumni including two presidents, many famous generals, and 74 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Who Has The Best Trained Military In The World

China has the strongest military force in the world while India stands at number four, according to a study released on Sunday by the defence website Military Direct. “The USA, despite their enormous military budgets, comes in 2nd place with 74 points, followed by Russia with 69, India at 61 and then France with 58.

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The Military College Of South Carolina

More popularly known at the Citadel, this school houses approximately 2200 undergraduates. All cadets must complete four years of military training for one branch of the service, but are not required to enlist after graduation. The Citadel was all-male until 1996, when the first female cadet was admitted.

Guarantee Active Duty Commissioning

New recruits parade in Harrogate 20.02.12

After graduating from SMCs, all cadets are guaranteed active duty commissioning if that is their desire. The secretary of the Army ensures that all SMCs who graduate wishing to serve as commissioned officers on active duty are granted this chance. As long as such cadets possess a recommendation from the military professor at the SMC for such a responsibility and they are physically and medically fit for active duty, they must be assigned.

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War And Expansion: The 20th Century

As part of the Vermont National Guard, the school’s Corps of Cadets was mobilized as a squadron of cavalry in the First Vermont Regiment to assist in General John J. Pershing’sMexican Expedition. This greatly disrupted the academic year and in 1916 the War Department designated Norwich as the first site for a Senior ROTC cavalry unit; also in 1916, the first African-American to attend the university, Harold “Doc” Martin , matriculated. Classes graduated early for both the First and Second World Wars and many Norwich-made officers saw service in all theaters of both conflicts. Professional education offered at Norwich also changed and adapted with the advance of technology. Military flight training began in 1939 and from 1946 to 1947, horse cavalry was completely phased out in favor of armored cavalry.

In 2009, the Provisional Artillery Company was deactivated.


In the nineteenth century, hazing of undergraduates by upperclassmen was normal in all military schools and many non-military ones as well. Hazing diminished in the early 20th century. By the late 20th century, it became not only counter to university rules but illegal as well. Nevertheless, there were several reported instances of hazing in 1990 and 1995.

Ainsworth Hall

Chaplin Hall

Communications Building

Dewey Hall

Hollis House

Engineering, Math and Science Complex

Kreitzberg Library

Webb Hall

How To Select A College

On top of the type of school you decide to attend, it’s important to select the specific college that’s the best fit for you. Learn how to choose a college. Also, make sure you do ample college research before you apply.

Some factors to consider as youre doing your research are the location, undergraduate enrollment, selectivity, academic programs, and on-campus culture of the schools.

You can use college websites, finders, guidebooks, ranking lists, and search websites to help with your research.

Additionally, you may want to consult with counselors, teachers, current students, and alumni to help you with your college decision.

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The United States Space Force

The USSF was established on December 20th 2019 with the signing of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act . This historic signing solidified the USSF as the 6th branch of the armed services. The USSF still falls within the United States Air Force and remains the responsibility of the Secretary of the Air Force.

Top 10 Military Colleges In America

Tuition Waivers for National Guard Students Top $6 Million ...

Obtaining an education has long been considered an essential component in attaining personal success.;; As a result, many endeavor to locate those institutions of higher learning that will fulfill this purpose.; Knowledge, however, is not the only discernible characteristic needed for a productive and successful career.; Integrity, discipline, and honor are also laudable and desired traits that need to be developed. ;Yet these social qualities are seldom emphasized in traditional academic curriculum.

However, this is not so with schools that features a military tradition as a part of its overall academic offerings. ;These institutions offer an environment that is completely unique in comparison to traditional schools.; Military schools place great stress on discipline, teamwork, and goal-oriented achievement in a blend of military structure and competitive academics. The aim: to produce highly capable graduates who are able to assume the reins of leadership in their various occupational pursuits . The following are the top 10 military schools.

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Private Senior Military Colleges Which Are Four Year Colleges

Colleges classified as senior military colleges and is the largest. Virginia tech is one of only. The six senior military colleges are: The senior military college designation by the federal government means that texas a&m has consistently provided high numbers of commissioned officers to the the u.s. Maritime colleges typically function like senior military colleges, but they emphasize maritime education and careers. The campus is noteworthy for being designated as only one of six senior military colleges in the description: The citadel : In the united states, a senior military college is one of six colleges that offer military reserve officers’ training corps programs under 10 usc. There are six military colleges Each cadet must this is the only senior military institute that solely offers the army rotc program. Military colleges offer a combination of military instruction and higher education. Virginia polytechnic institute and state university. The six senior military colleges are:

Private senior military colleges which are four year colleges. There are six military colleges The six senior military colleges are: A senior military college is one of six colleges that offer military reserve officers’ training corps programs it is the oldest private military college in the united states. The citadel :

Exhibit 65the Governance Structure At The Royal Military College Of Canada Is Different Than That At A Typical University

Exhibit 6.5âtext version

This organizational chart shows that the governance structure at the Royal Military College of Canada is different than that at a typical university.

The Minister of National Defence is the Chancellor and President of the Royal Military College of Canada.

The Canadian Armed Forces operates the Royal Military College of Canada according to regulations set out by the Minister.

The Board of Governors of the Royal Military College of Canada makes recommendations to the Minister.

The Board of Governors is also briefed by the Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada, who reports to the Canadian Armed Forces chain of command, and by the Principal of the Royal Military College of Canada, who reports to the Commandant.

The military training staff of the Royal Military College of Canada also reports to the Commandant.

The Principal is the link between the academic faculty and the Commandant.

The Canadian Military Colleges Programme Review Board includes personnel from the Canadian Armed Forces chain of command, the Commandant, and the Principal.

This exhibit is based on National Defence documentation.

6.72Recommendation. National Defence should clearly define the role of the Commandant as the executive authority for day-to-day operations and long-term planning of all aspects of the Royal Military College of Canadaâs operations, particularly the ability to oversee and integrate military training and academic programs.

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