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How To Raise Money For College

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School Fundraiser Ideas With No Selling

Singing to raise money for college funds

69. AmazonSmile offers a program called AmazonSmile that gives 0.5% of the price of Amazon purchases back to a designated charity. That percentage may not seem like much, but its a great way to earn extra money for your school on top of other fundraising efforts. Plus, its a fundraiser that requires hardly any effort from students and parents who already shop on Amazon!

You just have to register your school with AmazonSmile first to become a registered charity, and then inform your community to shop through AmazonSmile instead.

70. Box Tops challenge

Traditional box tops fundraisers involve students and parents searching household items for box tops, clipping and collecting those tabs , and bringing them to your school.

You may still find paper box tops clips on food packaging, and those will still be honored. However, this classic fundraiser is getting a makeover: the program is shifting to digital-only! Instead of clipping tabs, users only have to scan receipts with participating items on the Box Tops app, making the fundraiser more efficient for both parents and the schools they support.

71. Restaurant fundraiser

72. Shoe drive

Almost everybody has an old pair of sneakers lying around that arent worn anymore. Ask students, families, and community members to donate their gently worn, new, and used shoes to a shoe drive.

73. Junk drive

74. Penny war

75. Coin jar

76. Wishlist drive

Big Money Fundraising Ideas

These last fundraising ideas are all about big returns. If your organization needs to fund a major project or event, these are the sorts of fundraising ideas youll need to focus on.

These fundraising ideas and best practices all require a heavy investment of time and resources, so theyre typically best suited for groups with the budgets and personnel to handle them.

Promote Matching Gifts To The Community

Did you know that theres a way to double the impact of your schools supporters;without;asking them to give again?

Matching gifts programs are a form of corporate giving program in which an employer agrees to match their employees charitable donations.;While these programs benefit your school, your supporters, and their companies, $6-$10 billion in donations goes;unmatched each year simply because people are unaware that their company has a matching gifts program in place.

Luckily, theres an easy way for your school to boost matching gift revenue for your next fundraising campaign.;Simply invest in matching gifts tools like Double the Donation or HEPdata and add a branded matching gifts database to your schools website.

Then, you can promote matching gifts to your schools community in newsletters, email blasts, and even at fundraising events.;Your supporters will appreciate that theres a way to get more from their gifts, and that might even be the push they need to give more often!

Raise Money For College

Going to college is an exciting time for students to explore a new world in academics and life in general. As wonderful as it may be, college does come with a hefty price tag. Expenses can range anywhere from tuition and travel, to living expenses, computers and textbooks.

Create a fundraising site with Deposit a Gift to let friends and family get involved with supporting your dream of graduating from college. You can set it up at any point in the process and use it as an ongoing place for people to contribute at any time, or in honor of special occasions like birthdays, holidays and graduation.

What kinds of things can you use Deposit a Gift to raise money for?;

To help pay for

Check out what the I Have a Dream Foundation in Los Angeles is doing to raise money to send their graduating seniors off to college:

With Deposit a Gift you can customize your fundraising site in the most creative way possible so that its truly a reflection of you and what you are trying to accomplish. You can set it up in the format of a fund or use our Gift List tool to break down the different uses of funds so that your supporters can contribute to different areas of need.

Start A Face Mask Fundraiser

Five Unique High School Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a unique and practical way to raise money for your school in the midst of an economic downturn? If so, a;face mask fundraiser;is a perfect solution!

Get started by sending your school logo to;ABC Fundraising, who will then design and create your custom face masks. Theyll even go so far as to provide you with a personalized web store from which to sell your masks using socially distant strategies.;

Once your store is set up, you can start promoting your masks and encourage students, parents, faculty, and community members to support your school by purchasing one .

Face mask fundraisers function similarly to;other school fundraisers;with branded merchandise sales, such as school t-shirts. These fundraisers are widely known for their success thanks to an extensive audience of supporters always looking to show off their school spirit.

Members Of An On Campus Group Can Raise Money By Offering Tutoring Services To Other Students

How to raise money online for college. Shopkick also lets you watch videos and evaluate online stores for points kicks so you can make money on campus too. If you re not willing to reach out to your own network then i wouldn t use crowdfunding as a way to raise money for college. More and more parents are not able to fund their child s education so it is up to the students to pay their way through school.

The best way to do this is to find free money in the form of scholarship and grants. You can host online auctions or set up a particular web page for your group s fundraising products. Direct students to your link and let them know why it is essential that your group raises the money it needs.

You can look into the website upstart which is one way to obtain a personal loan. You can redeem your rewards points for gift cards to your favorite restaurants and retailers including amazon gift cards. Create an amazing page that represents you and your story then share it and instantly start to collect online donations.

While social media is a great way to connect potential donors with your fundraiser there are other ways to share. Upstart will judge your fico score years of credit education and job history. Instead there s another option.

Raising money for college can be a huge task and responsibility.

9 Ways To Raise Money For Your Music Project Arts And Budgets How To Raise Money Make Money Fast Online Way To Make Money

Be A Barista Or Bartender

If you have a penchant for alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, a bartender or barista position may be your perfect gig. Youll get paid to learn how to make your favorite drinks and probably meet people who share your love of a good drink.

The downside of both positions is that you may have to work odd hours either early in the morning or late into the night. If that doesnt mess up your sleep or class schedule, then you can make solid tips and leave your shifts with cash in hand.

Request Your Free Fundraising Info

About the ABC Fundraising® FREE INFO-KIT:

The ABC Fundraising®FREE INFO-KIT provides information on the top fundraising programs available in the United States today. With over 60 years of combined fundraising experience, our team members hand-pick only the most profitable fundraising ideas which are time-tested and weve placed them in our 16 page full color catalog for you to browse through to determine which fundraiser is best for your group.

ABC Fundraising® Has Fundraising Ideas With Up To97% Profit & No Money Up Front!

YOUR FREE FUNDRAISING INFO-KIT will include answers to Frequently Asked Questions, about our easy fund raisers which include The Scratch & Help®Scratch Card Fundraiser, our brand new Cookie Dough Fundraiser with up to 80% Profit as well as Spinners®, the Worlds First Re-Usable Fundraiser with up to 97% Profit & No Money Up Front. You will also receive a sample of the ABC Fundraising Card®, which is the most profitable Discount Card Fundraiser in the country with up to 93% Profit!

The FREE INFO-KIT is sent via the US Postal Service and comes in a standard 6×9 envelope and arrives within 1 week.


We work with schools that have thousands of students participating in our fundraisersand we also work with small groups fundraising with as little as 1-10 participants.

Reach Out To Alumni Of Your College

Yavapai College professor riding bike to raise money for students in need

Many alumni welcome the opportunity to give back to their alma mater and help the students of the future. They want to ensure that students have the same opportunities they had and can access the resources that will set them on the path to a promising future.

  • Dont be afraid to reach out; your university should have a way to connect with alumniperhaps through its website, social channels, or via email.
  • You could also attend alumni events and promote your crowdfunding fundraiser.

Work At A Dining Hall

There are a variety of jobs available in college dining halls. You could work as a cashier, caterer, dishwasher, or food preparer.

Its not the most glamorous job, but it could save money on food costs if youre able to enjoy the occasional free meals or snacks. If youre looking for a way to reduce your on-campus living expenses, a dining hall position may make sense.

Tutor Your Favorite Subjects

Chances are theres at least one subject youre good at and enjoy. One of the easiest ways to make money in college is to tutor your fellow students in one of those areas.

Many campuses offer tutoring positions through the college learning center. You can ask a professor or visit the tutoring center, if your college has one, to find out if its hiring. At my school, I was able to apply online through the campus jobs portal.

Another option is to sign up with an online tutoring service like Chegg. As a Chegg tutor, you work with students in middle or high school, college, or working professionals. Subjects vary from calculus and electrical engineering to French and LSAT prep.

The site sends students to you, so you dont have to worry about advertising your services, and you can teach all your lessons online. According to Cheggs site, rates start at $20 per hour and tutors get paid every week.

Become A Brand Ambassador

Big brands often hire students to promote them on college campuses. If youre passionate about a particular product or brand, you could make an extra income as a brand ambassador.

Check out this awesome step-by-step guide by , showing how he was able to make money with paid advertising in college. Definitely a worthy read!

Wallet Wise Guy

Some brands require their ambassadors to perform college outreach where they try to convince students to purchase a certain product. Others ask them to hand out free merchandise at football games and other on-campus events.

As a brand ambassador, youll gain valuable marketing experience that looks great on a resume, especially if you want to work in marketing in the future.

Prepare A Social Media Plan

School Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Digital Signage

Social media is the easiest way to spread news of your fundraiser to your friends, family, and beyond. Sharing your fundraiser on social media starts with your personal and professional networks and grows to encompass those of your family and friends.

  • Sit down and make a list of people to reach out to through your social channels, including friends, family, teachers, colleagues, and local businesses.
  • Create a specific hashtag for your fundraiser, to make it easy for people to follow your fundraiser updates.

Ted Talk Virtual Events

Cost:Earning Potential:Works Great With: Online Donation Campaign, Online Crowdfunding Campaign, Pledge Drive

TED talks are informative, educational, and entertaining conferences. Speakers are often interesting figures in business, technology, and culture. Invite a relevant speaker to give a virtual TED Talk-style event about a topic that would interest parents , and charge a small admission fee to attend virtually.

Alternatively, to maximize attendance, you could skip the admission fee and ask for donations at the end. If attendees really enjoyed themselves, they may feel extra generous and give a donation thats larger than what you wouldve charged for admission. Either way, TED Talks are an awesome way to integrate education and fundraising!

Time And Effort: High

  • TV Show Competition.; Think Dancing with the Stars, Americas Got Talent, or American Idol.; Set up a link for audience members to vote on their phones during the show.; Make sure judges stay positive and have a simple rating system.; Test this with a smaller group first, then go campus wide next year.;;

  • Parent/Son or Daughter Golf or Tennis Tournament.; Work with a local golf or tennis club to host a one day tournament.; Many moms and dads would LOVE to come play golf and spend the day with their college-age kid!; In place of Mom or Dad, invite alumni and friends.; Charge an entry fee that covers expenses and makes a profit.; Have a roving concessions golf cart or ask for a percentage.; Get the club to donate a free round of golf or tennis to the winning team members, or give a silly t-shirt for Mom and Dad to wear proudly.; Use SignUpGenius to recruit teams. SAMPLE

  • All in the Family Event.; Host a family-friendly event during Parents Weekend.; Get crazy and do cupcake wars, a darts tournament, or hire a dance student to come and teach a ballroom dance to parent/child pairs.; Ask parents to bring awkward family photos.; Set up a silly photo booth with a decorated sheet as the background.; Take pictures with your phone and email them later.; The more effort you put into this event, the more you can charge Mom and Dad!; Skip paper tickets and use SignUpGenius for event registration.

  • Time Is Of The Essence For College Fundraising

    College students are busy with homework, sports, college clubs, and various social engagements. Making your college fundraiser easy for students to participate, without consuming too much time will make it much more appealing. This is one reason online fundraising has become so popular for colleges. When students arent in class, at practice, or running around with friends, chances are they are checking email, downloading iTunes, or updating their Facebook or other social media pages. This is when they are most attentive. Our platform allows students to personalize their website page, upload photos and videos, set fundraising goals, and track their success against other students, making fundraising a fun, interactive, and competitive environment.

    Off The Screens Challenge

    Local student hosts benefit dinner to raise money for college

    Most parents and teachers would love their children and students to spend less time on their screens! While most children and young people wouldnât, they do love a good challenge!

    As part of this challenge, students are sponsored for spending time away from all of their devices . This isnât only unique school fundraiser, but also a fantastic way to get students spending time outdoors. This school fundraiser is also very easy to organize. Thereâs very little setup needed and if you organize it all online, itâs incredibly quick.

    Pro tip: Get your creative juices flowing! Unique fundraising ideas get people excited to participate. If all you do is sell school tees year after year, parents and other donors will become apathetic and reluctant to participate.

    Apply For Scholarships With Faster Rewards

    In an ideal world, you started applying for gift aid as a high school junior. But if youre a senior or already on a college campus, dont write off this option just yet. Its not too late to apply for and win scholarships for your next semester of college.

    Read up on scholarships for
    Studying abroad in Canada

    Many scholarships state when and how the award is sent to the winner. Even if an active scholarship lacks that information, look for one with a fast-approaching deadline. The closer the deadline, the closer the reward.

    You might also be concerned that you dont have enough time to fulfill application requirements. In that case, focus on opportunities that dont call for recommendation letters or essays. You can use Easy to Apply filters using scholarship search tools such as Chegg.

    Fundraiser For A Community Center And Gymnasium

    The Eastside Community Centers;crowdfunding campaign is currently asking for donations to renovate their local gymnasium and community center.;To date, they have raised $2,6000 from over 30 donors, but their campaign still has a few months to go!

    The best part of this campaign is the description that tells donors exactly what the money is going toward. People want to feel a connection to a fundraiser, and this campaign does a great job of explaining the importance of the community center and gymnasium.

    Review Your Budget And Available Resources

    Lets face it, to raise money you need resources. Reviewing financial goals and preparing a are important steps to planning a successful university fundraising project. Here again, colleges typically have an advantage in that their campus can provide indoor and outdoor spaces for fundraising events at no cost.

    Successful fundraising events hinge on the recruitment and action of a strong leadership team. Ideally, your team should be comprised of individuals with diverse skills and talents that share a common interest in institutional advancement. In addition, working smart at this stage of the game requires delegation.

    Try Crowdfunding To Help Pay Your Tuition

    How to Raise Money for School · The Typical Mom

    When considering how to pay for college, crowdfunding might not immediately come to mind. But to reach more distant relatives or Facebook friends, consider taking your quest to cover tuition online.

    Websites like GoFundMe could also connect you with strangers looking to support a worthy cause. Of course, it helps to have one.

    Just saying Help pay my tuition! isnt enough. Youll need to convince the visitors to your page that your education is a worthy investment. You might do this by explaining your circumstances, plus how a college degree would help you change them.

    Getting strangers to land on your online listing is another challenge. You might promote it on your social media profiles or start an email campaign among your contacts.

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