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Is Concordia College And University Accredited

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Input Sought For Drastic Size Reduction

John Molson School of Business – 2020-2021 Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremony

I noted on WP:STiki that an IP editor recently drastically reduced the size of the section that addresses accreditation. I almost reverted the edit, then I decided to take a look at this talk page, first, as the section was extremely large and the IP user, while removing some important information, did leave a concise explanation. I would like a discussion to take place here to establish what, precisely, should be included the accreditation section. It almost looks as though dispute resolution may be needed . Input would be greatly appreciated before I make any changes. —Jackson Peebles 03:56, 11 March 2013

I’ve already reverted the massive unexplained removal of content. If you look at the article history, you will see that every couple of months an IP shows up and deletes most of the article without giving a reason. —Orlady 04:35, 11 March 2013

The Monterrey Institute For Graduate Studies

This is essentially a historical archive of one of the most colorful and ridiculous attempts by a well-known Internet entrepreneur to end-run around accreditation rules and come up with a new school. It’s a colorful read and an interesting view into the mindset of questionable school operators.


Three Letters Of Reference

Applicants must include at least two academic references . The third may be from a professional reference.

When completing your application online, you will be required to enter your referees names, affiliated institutions and email addresses . Your referees will then receive an email inviting them to complete an electronic assessment form and attach their letter of reference. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your referees to confirm they received this mail from .

You are strongly encouraged to submit your application before your programs application deadline in order to give your referees sufficient time to provide their assessment and letter of reference.

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Concordia College And University

Concordia College and University is an entity with a primary mailing address in Delaware that represents itself as a real life institution that awards associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees based solely on the purchaser’s work and life experience, with some credits transferred in. Although the name is similar, Concordia College and University is not in any way affiliated with any of the regionally accredited institutions within the ten-member Concordia University System.

Concerns By Us State Regulators

Accredited Accelerated Nursing Program

The Oregon Office of Degree Authorization lists a “Concordia College and University” in its list of unaccredited degree suppliers, and notes that it is a Class B misdemeanor in Oregon to use an unlawful degree.

Concordia College and University also appears on a State of Michigan list of non-accredited colleges and universities.

In 2003 the North Dakota Legislative Assembly moved forward a bill “that would punish anyone trying to use a degree from a diploma mill as a legitimate credential.” In a 2003 article discussing the legislation, The Chronicle of Higher Education stated that “state officials are concerned that illegitimate institutions are mimicking the names of legitimate ones,” citing as an example “an entity called Concordia College & University” whose name is similar to that of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, an accredited school attended by many North Dakota students. The article further noted that for Concordia College & University “No classes or exams are required. Associate and bachelor’s degrees cost $599, master’s degrees $699, and doctorates $1,099, including shipping and handling, the site says, noting that degree recipients get a certified diploma and two transcripts, complete with watermarks.”

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Is Concordia University Legit

Concordia College and University is not accredited by any higher education accrediting body recognized in the United States or most other countries where its degrees are advertised. It is recognized by UNESCO. The schools offices are in Dominica, and its U.S. mailing address is in Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Concordia College And University 1201 N Orange St


Explore Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University-Chicago is a very well-respected and accredited University. Many professors that I encountered at Concordia had either went to school there or taught at the institution for many years leading me to believe that the school is extremely well run and respectable. The academics are good, but campus life is lacking.

  • Location: 7400 Augusta, River Forest, 60305, IL
  • Phone: 771-8300

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Talk: Concordia College And University

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Human Resource Management Programs

Academic Advising

The Human Resource Management programs, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management . Both the undergraduate and graduate programs have been judged by the organization as satisfying the core content guidelines expected by the Society.

Society for Human Resource Management1800 Duke Street

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The Intecedu Domain Name

FWIW, the scammers behind this “college” are very motivated to keep an “.edu” domain because it gives them additional credibility. They used to have the but I personally got that shut down. One of their tactics is to exploit weaknesses in how certain sites control their web domains. They are currently using this tactic to get to point to them, even though they have no relationship whatsoever with the actual As a demonstration of this weakness, I have configured to point to this very page . I am taking what steps I can to get Concordia kicked off the domain, but do not know if I will be successful. – ConcordiaScam 19:55, 11 July 2007

Looks like just shut down any of the subdomains which were abusing services there. Their hostmaster doesn’t put up with this nonsense once made aware of fraudulent abuse. I haven’t tried contacting, you may want to consider getting in touch with them and with’s owners ?

So pay $US1000 or its equivalent, become a doctor of philosophy the same day? This almost belongs on or on one of the Uncyclopedias, it’s so much of a joke. — 12:49, 11 September 2007

List Of Designated Educational Institutions

The Master List of designated educational institutions is updated regularly and contains all the educational institutions where students are eligible to receive Canada Student Loans.

Each institution has its assigned four-digit Educational Institution Code and their name and address. This list is sorted alphabetically by the Educational Institution within each province or territory .

Some educational institutions that were formerly recognized for the purposes of the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program may no longer be found on the Master List of designated educational institutions if borrowers have not recently attended these institutions. To confirm whether an educational institution is recognized, please contact your provincial or territorial student financial aid authority.

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Nursing Program Accreditation Renewed

CCNE is an autonomous accrediting agency that contributes to the improvement of the public’s health by ensuring the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, graduate and residency programs in nursing. Although accreditation is a voluntary, self-regulatory process, it is important for baccalaureate nursing programs to seek accreditation for its graduates to take state board examinations to be licensed and practice as registered nurses and to pursue graduate nursing education.

The accreditation process is rigorous and includes program demonstration of quality and integrity established outcomes for students, graduates and faculty and adherence to the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Nursing Education for Professional Nursing Practice built on evidence-based practice.

We are pleased to have met all four standards required for accreditation. Although we are confident we have a strong program with a solid reputation, CCNE accreditation provides us with affirmation of our accomplishments, says Dr. Polly Kloster, chair of the nursing department.

Dog ‘degree’ Bears No Similarity To Degrees Awarded By Concordia

Concordia University of Edmonton Library

Judge Michael Kelbley said he felt compelled to set some matters straight, particularly comparisons that were made before the trial between Chief McGuire’s bachelor’s degree from Concordia College and University and one obtained by a local radio station for John I. Rocko AKA Rocko, Fostoria’s police dog.

“This court finds no similarity between those two degrees,” the judge said. “McGuire earned his degree,” Judge Kelbley said, adding evidence presented during four days of testimony last week”.

Yet ANOTHER evidence that this WikiPedia article about a Concordia College and University discusses the wrong Concordia.

The author or slander against Concordia College & University makes them liabled for damages against that School.


  • To be clear there is only evidence that the chief and the dog got a degree from different places: It was because of the attention McGuire’s degree received that prompted judge Kelbley during the reading of his not guilty decision Tuesday to say the two degrees were not similar. Kelbley said, during the court proceedings and the trial, the two degrees were never tied in together.
  • Not similar does not equal from different places. Bcostley 04:59, 19 May 2007

  • Check out the wayback machine:

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Graduate Management Admission Test

A GMAT score of 640 or better. For more information on the GMAT, please visit our GMAT page.Please note the average GMAT score for PhD candidates is 700. We recommend aiming for this higher score to improve your chances of admission.

Although we prefer the GMAT, we also accept the GRE exam. Please refer to the ETS comparison tool to convert your GRE score to the GMAT scale.

Proposed Merger With Concordia College & University

  • Question Are these really the same entity? What is the evidence? —orlady 20:41, 1 March 2007

  • Response No, they are not. I myself graduated from *this* Concordia back in 2000. They were and still are licensed in Nevada and in Indonesia, no mention at all about Dominica or Dominica Republic . They even provide a warning link to the fake Dominican website themselves, so I don’t really see why the two should be mixed up in one entry. I already suggested to other higher profiled members here to create two separate Wikipedia entries. One about the real one that I and many others graduated from, and one about the spoof. But I just get overruled again and again… I agree that you SHOULD write about the Dominican spoof, but preferably not in an article that supposes to address the real Concordia. Thanks 🙂

  • CC& U is licensed in Nevada? Why is it not listed on The Northwest Association Of Schools And Colleges website ? The Northwest Association Of Schools And Colleges is the regional accrediting association which covers Nevada. I’m intestered in your “degree.” Did you get in within the 12 hour turnaround that the CC& U website until recently promised?

Also, if this “place” is really in Nevada, why does it have a French Territory email address?Bcostley 04:54, 6 May 2007

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Graduate Attribute Assessment System

The Graduate Attribute Assessment System web application enables the recording of graduate attribute assessment as required by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. For the purposes of the AAS system, each term, every department assigns a set of courses that measure graduate attributes. These courses are said to participate in the AAS system. For each participating course, the department specifies which attributes are assessed in that course.

Please watch the video above for the GAAS upload instructions.

For central resources related to teaching, curriculum, enrolment and more visit the teaching & learning hub.

Find teaching information specific to the Gina Cody School’s faculty members below:

New Bogus Sources Being Added To Article

Nominate an outstanding #Concordian for an Alumni Recognition Award!

The latest edits to this article by AlanSteele are using new bogus sources to legitimate them. Today I find and listed as sources. I find it ludicrous that someone thinks these would be viewed as indicators of legitimacy, but I will revert the changes rather than let the article contain these absurdities. —Orlady 02:43, 15 September 2007

I’m a little wary about the use of in this context it is most often a legitimate and useful tool, but there is a probability that it’s being used to hide the not-so-minor detail that currently says “The Technology Center Institute is no longer associated with Concordia College and University. If you have not been redirected in the next 30 seconds please click here.” This is bordering on silly, the Rhinoceros Party‘s platform of supporting higher education by building taller schools is more credible than any of the links now being used to legitimise the CC& U scam. —carlb 03:00, 15 September 2007

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Business Profileforconcordia College And University

1201 N Orange St Ste 600

Wilmington, DE19801-1171

According to the Terms and Conditions: Concordia College & University’s corporate and operational address is : “Concordia College & University of Delaware Inc.”, Copthall Place no. 8, Suite 2331, Roseau, British West Indies. * All products, services and documents offered and or provided by Co

Violation Of Wikipedia’s Policies Blocking Editors From Editing

Who are you fooling by adding a note saying This page is currently protected from editing until disputes have been resolved. Protection is not an endorsement of the current version.?? It actually means that you were unable to prove your point, reverting again and again to publishing your article about the Concordia ‘diploma mill’ which was an entirely different, and now defunct, scam in the Dominican republic. Yahoo returns 67+ results when researching Concordia College and University: seven sites discussing the diploma mill, more than 60 discussing this Concordia College and University.

There’s actually no point in trying to link an accredited online school to a fake website, which has been closed down by the FTC already in 2006.

Live with it! Your version was and is just WRONG by all means. How many people out here already suggested to create a NEW WikiPedia entry about the fake ‘Concordia’ spoof, detaching the new entry from the genuine Concordia entry!? The easiest way to prove your inconsistency is by blocking other people’s additions. Great work, your Majesty…!

  • The anonymous author of the above remark , who is apparently committed to getting credibility for CC& U, may want to work on basic competence in geography. Dominica is not the same place as the Dominican Republic. —orlady 04:24, 15 May 2007

Not from the accredited Concordia C& U in Dominica.

Source :

orlady 03:37, 19 May 2007

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