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What Is The Easiest College To Get Into In Virginia

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Acceptance Rate 78%

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The 50 Easiest Colleges To Get Into

Some colleges are extremely tough to get into. Others, such as many community colleges and for-profit institutions, believe in open admissions. If you want to earn a degree without worrying about being denied, consider applying for a public or private institution with a high acceptance rate.;

Using data from fall 2019, U.S. News & World Report has compiled a list of colleges with the highest rates of acceptance. With additional college ranking data from Niche, here is a list of the 50 colleges surveyed by U.S. News & World Report that are easiest to get into.;

Applying To Virginia Tech: A Quick Review

You can apply to Virginia Tech using the Coalition Application. Weve written an extensive guide on this application, so be sure to check out our post The Coalition App: Everything You Need to Know.

Students may apply by the November 1 Early Decision deadline, the December 1 Early Action deadline, or the January 15 Regular Decision deadline. If youre unsure about whether you should apply early, check out our post Early Action vs. Early Decision vs. Restricted Early Action.

Virginia Tech requires your demographic and application information through Coalition, but it uses its own system to allow you to self-report coursework and test scores. Ultimately, official documents will be required for all admitted students. To apply, be sure to send in all of the following:

  • Optional: general Coalition app essay
  • $60 application fee or fee waiver

For international students: You will need to submit your transcripts through the Coalition application instead of filling out the SRAR for your coursework. Furthermore, international students only have the Early Decision and Regular Decision deadline options to apply.

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Virginia Tech Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It To Get In

Last year, the acceptance rate for Virginia Tech was 70%. Virginia Tech received 27,423 applications last year and admitted 19,212 students. Of those, 6,836 students actually enrolled, making it similarly selective to schools like the University of Colorado-Boulder and Texas A&M University.

While theres a good chance youll be admitted, you should still take the application process seriously and make sure that every part of your application is as strong as possible. One way to increase your chances of acceptance is to get help from people who have been through the process before such as current students, alumni, or by working with a company like CollegeVine. Connecting with someone who has successfully gained admission to a school like Virginia Tech can make the difference between rejection and acceptance.;

Colleges With The Lowest Sat/act Scores

The 50 easiest colleges to get into

Aside from the schools listed above, some schools have very low SAT/ACT score averages. If you score above the average, you’re very likely to be admitted. As a result, the following list represents some of the colleges that are easy to get into.

While some of these schools have already appeared above, here we’ll be showing the middle 50% of SAT/ACT scores, wherein the lower score refers to the 25th percentile and the higher score refers to the 75th percentile.


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Willamette University College Of Law Salem Oregon


Willamette has a high acceptance rate of 76 percent, which means getting in is relatively straightforward, as long as you have a minimum score of 149 in the LSAT and a 3.10 GPA.

Willamette’s creating law school opportunities for more students doesn’t mean its students pass the bar. A less-than-average 79 percent of Willamette’s graduates pass the bar exam on their first try, but that’s a lot better than some schools on this list, although stats vary a lot year to year thanks to their small class size of just 300 J.D. candidates.

Easiest Universities To Get Into Usa Collegelearners


  • University of Michigan Flint. Read: >>> Top Ranking Universities in USA. Tuition: $4368. The University of MichiganFlint focuses on each students professional and academic growth.
  • West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Tuition: $4,677. West Virginia University at Parkersburg is the fifth largest community college. WVU Parkersburg is the only and exclusive community college in West Virginia that offers Bachelors degrees.
  • The Boston Architectural College. Tuition: 11,490. Click Here to Get Amazon Books and Audiobooks. The Boston Architectural College is a progressive and dynamic institution on the cutting edge of design education.It is Located in the heart of Boston.
  • The city University of New York. Tuition: $4,200 per year. York College is recognized as a center of excellence as it offers hallmark academic programs in liberal arts and sciences.
  • Weber State University. Click Here to Get Amazon Books and Audiobooks. Tuition: $3,961 . Weber State University is a public university located in Ogden, Utah.
  • Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Tuition: $6,519. Oklahoma Panhandle State University is situated in Oklahoma. It is administered by the Board of Regents of the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges.

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And What Can You Learn From My Story To Apply To Your Own Application

There are a variety of colleges that can be attended online in virginia. Coed women’s college men’s college. Here are the easiest and hardest courses, plus tips for choosing while every college is unique, there are some courses that have similar reputations across institutions. A few virginia colleges that are online are virginia college, strayer university, and south university online. The 20 hardest colleges to get into in the u.s. It’s not a simple or quick procedure getting into a us school, but with the right guidance it can certainly make it easier. Those are the top factors for admissions, according to a 2018 report from the national association for college admission counseling. What is the easiest college to get into? Looking for the easiest law schools to get into? You will need to bring higher test scores and, possibly, a special. Here are seven strategies to solve the mystery of how to get into college. Virginia’s educational system consistently ranks in the top ten states on the u.s. We’ve compiled a thorough guide of the easiest colleges to get into in the united states.

College education is a privilege anywhere in the world and students across the world strive to get into the best colleges. We’ve compiled a thorough guide of the easiest colleges to get into in the united states. The 20 hardest colleges to get into in the u.s. What is the cheapest college in virginia? What colleges can i get into with an sat score of 1500?

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Easiest Big Colleges To Get Into

The Best College of 2020 Is… ? Money’s Best Colleges Reveal | Money

The best chance for a successful career comes from getting respected institutions diploma, and well try to deliver a list of easiest big colleges to get into. Of course, everyone can figure out that Ivy League colleges offer the best chance for that, but they are also quite expensive and hard to get into. Some would go as far as to say that Ivy League colleges are basically closed to common students and reserved for the elite. This has raised some controversies in the past, and it still does. But thats not our topic here. Our topic will be to determine the criteria for what big colleges are, and which of these are easiest to gain access to.;When we say big, we dont mean the size, or the number of enrolled students, for that matter. We are instead talking about;respective colleges reputation.


Gaining admission to a reputable institution is not an easy feat, and major colleges usually exhibit rather low acceptance rates. For instance, all Ivy League colleges except University of Pennsylvania;and Cornell feature acceptance rates lower than 10%. Former of the two has an acceptance rate barely higher than that, while Cornell has a rate of 14.2% which can be checked out;here, on U.S. News & World Reports list of top 100 lowest acceptance rates. So, how do we rate these colleges?

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Should I Apply To Uva

Those with SAT/ACT scores within the mid-50% mark for UVA who are also at the very top of their respective high school class are certainly viable candidates to UVA. If you reside in Virginia, your road to acceptance will be much smoother than if you are an out-of-state or international applicant. You will need to bring higher test scores and, possibly, a special skill or hook if you do not hail from the universitys home state. Of course, it goes without saying that all teens applying to a school of UVAs ilk also need to also have a proper mix or target and safety schools on their college list. More on creating a balanced college list can be found here.

Easiest: University Of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming won’t guarantee acceptance, but with an admission rate of 95%, the chances are good. Unlike a lot of the easier schools to get into, this one isn’t tiny. The University of Wyoming is home to more than 13,500 students from all 50 states and 87 countries. It’s also filled with some pretty smart kids the average high school GPA for entering freshmen is 3.46. The school is big on athletics. Not surprising, then, that many of the students choose to be cheerleaders.

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Understand The Nclex Format

The NCLEX test does not use pen and paper. Rather, it uses a computer and keyboard. Pen and paper exams give every student the same test, not so with the NCLEX.; The NCLEX uses CAT format, or computerized adaptive testing. This means that no one exam is identical to another. In fact, the computer algorithm draws questions from a test bank. CAT targets items to each candidates ability. The computer stops giving questions when it is 95% sure that you are above or below the passing standard.

Easiest: Lewis Clark State College

The 50 easiest colleges to get into

Each year, Lewis Clark State College admits over 3,500 students. Chances are, morale is high in this Idaho school since 97% of its applicants are admitted. Of those who were admitted in 2016, 51% enrolled. Despite it being easy to get in, US News reported that the school “continues to be ranked highly” among universities in Regional Colleges West. The school offers more than 83 degrees and is well-known for its education, nursing, criminal justice, and technical programs. Fun fact: women outnumber men by five to three in the student body.

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Easiest: Utah State University

High school seniors often have to make the decision of whether to stay in their home state or travel for college. In Utah, though, worrying about staying on home territory is less of an issue at Utah State University, where the acceptance rate is 94%. With 18,000 students living on or near campus, it’s also Utah’s largest public residential campus. The school has a long-standing ice cream tradition, with the famous Aggie ice cream store on campus. There’s a lot of brains here, though. The 2013 Nobel prize for economics went to a USU alumnus.

What Law Schools Can You Get Into Without Taking The Lsat

You can get into ABA-accredited law schools like Columbia, Texas A & M University, University of Nevada, Massachusetts, William S. Boyd, and others without the LSAT, but we strongly advise that you take the LSAT to check how likely you are to survive, or hopefully thrive in law school.

And doing poorly on the LSAT isn’t a death sentence. It just means that you have to study harder and try again. If an unacceptable score on the test the first time puts an unshakable fear of the LSAT in you, it’s possible you’re not ready for the strict, intense environment of law school either. If there’s something about the LSAT itself that doesn’t work with you, consider the GRE as an alternative.

Can You Get Into Law School by Taking the GRE?

The GRE is an alternative to the LSAT that several prestigious law schools have started taking along with the rest of an application.

Remember that while test scores are important, GPA is heavily weighted as well; also, the rest of your application including career experience, extracurriculars, your personal statement, and more plays a large part. It’s worth it to take your time here, as it can make all the difference.

Shortcomings in these additional application components can disqualify you for admission, even if your LSAT and GPA are stellar. To avoid this, be sure to put in the necessary effort to polish every aspect of your admission application.

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North Carolina Central University School Of Law


With a minimum LSAT score of 140 and a 2.90 GPA, your chances of getting into this school are excellent. The tuition fees are also attractive if you are a resident of the state, about $19,000, but if you are a non-resident, a full-time J.D. program costs about $41,000.

Another good reason to pursue your law degree here is the school’s bar pass rate of 67.2 percent, above the state’s general average pass rate of 65 percent.

Those Are The Top Factors For Admissions According To A 2018 Report From The National Association For College Admission Counseling

I Got Accepted Into Virginia Tech!

This is where the university considers any barriers you may face, and will either reduce their grade requirements or give. You will need to bring higher test scores and, possibly, a special. Find out what the easiest colleges to get into are. Easiest colleges to get into in america. Looking for the easiest law schools to get into? What is the easiest college to get into? Wondering which college classes will be a breeze, and which will be super tough? What colleges can i get into with an sat score of 1500? I would say va tech is easy to get into, but hard to graduate from, exceptionally so if you are pursuing engineering for the career prospects and potential it offers rather i got accepted in 2011, i had a 3.6 gpa, 1290 sat and i got in to the engineering school. Wvu parkersburg is the only and exclusive community college in west virginia that offers bachelor’s degrees. Diving into this process was not easy but with the help of staff it was easy to get anything solved so this experience so far as been excellent and i’m ready for the next four years there. What are the most affordable colleges? Coed women’s college men’s college.

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Can You Request Roommates At Uva

You may consider opting into the random roommate selection process, which is an easy way to meet someone new as you start your UVA journey! If you do want to request a roommate, preferences must be mutual and designated on your housing application during the roommate preference phase of the application process.

Graduate From Accredited Bsn And Msn Programs

This is the first thing you must do before even considering applying to CRNA programs. You must have an accredited Bachelor of Nursing Science. While an ADN is typically enough for applying to most nursing programs, a BSN is the absolute minimum youll need for CRNA school.

But a BSN isnt enough, youll also need to complete a Master of Science in Nursing , which is an additional two-years programs.

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What Is Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State Universitys Acceptance Rate

Last year Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universitys acceptance rate was 0.0. However, check out how the acceptance rate has changed over time.

70.0 % N/A

As you can see, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is getting more and more difficult to get into. If this trend continue its likely that Virginia Tech will be even more competitive by the time you apply.

Acceptance rate alone does not indicate your likelihood for getting into Virginia Tech – its a very high level understanding of the true competition. Use the acceptance rate as a general guide for curating a list of 10-15 schools that fall into different ranges of competitiveness. Then, use the below data to get a deeper understanding of how your application will compare to the rest of the pool.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University Act Requirements

The Hardest College to Get Into in Every State  Page 11 ...

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universitys average ACT score is 55. To be a competitive applicant for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University your ACT score should come close to the average. If youre closer to the 49, youre likely going to have a tougher time getting accepted. To consider Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University a target school you should aim for a score of 62.

25th Percentile

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Appalachian School Of Law Virginia


With an acceptance rate of 63 percent, this school is slightly more competitive than some of the easiest on our list, but your chances of getting in are good if you have at least an LSAT score of 143 and a GPA of 2.80.

What makes this school especially attractive is it offers lots of opportunities for financial aid, even though its tuition is reasonably affordable at $31,700 for a full-time program. Even better is the school’s pass rate of 84 percent, better than the state average of 75 percent.

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