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What Is The Easiest Online College

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The University Of Arizonas Online Easiest Bas In Human Services

Easiest IT Degree from WGU | Easiest Bachelor’s Degree (2021)

The University of Arizona in Tucson offers an online undergraduate program in Bachelor of Applied Science Human Services. This easy online degree is for distant learners with a professional background in social work or counseling. Some students may be eligible for accelerated learning programs through the schools generous transfer credits.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services degree centers on community development. Students opting for this degree will learn to cultivate soft skills such as compassion, kindness, and sensitivity to people in need. Graduates may find a fulfilling career in the fields of social welfare, counselor, case manager, and addiction counselor. Students may need to interact with and understand social welfare as a discipline to address the needs of the community. Indeed, it may be the fastest bachelor degree online for people interested in human services but its the most challenging in terms of face-to-face interactions.

Oregon Health And Science University

Portland, Oregon

Points: 5

A top choice for students considering academic programs in nursing, Oregon Health and Science University offers a fully online RN to BSN program as well as two separate online masters degree options:

  • Online Masters in Health Systems & Organizational Leadership
  • Online Master of Nursing Education

These online degree plans in nursing, nursing administration, and nursing education have all been highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has institutionally accredited Oregon Health and Science University to award online nursing degrees. The school has appeared in national school rankings for vocational schools as one of the best accredited online learning providers in the country.

Undergraduate Tuition: $21,347

Points: 5

Among the top nationally accredited online colleges for college credits in Christian ministry and leadership, Moody Bible Institute offers fully online degree plans at both the undergrad and graduate levels. Available online degree options for distance learners who meet admissions requirements include:

  • Online BS in Biblical Studies
  • Online Bachelors in Integrated Ministry Studies
  • Online BS in Ministry Leadership
  • Online BS in Theological Studies
  • Online BS in Theological and Cultural Engagement

The accredited school also offers four separate online masters degrees for prospective graduate students, including:

Undergraduate Tuition: $13,970

Points: 5

Undergraduate Tuition: $13,320

Associate Of Science In Marketing

Good marketing leads people to buy your product, service, or brand. The field is ideal for students who are creative, strategic and analytical. An associates degree could be the first stepping stone into a rewarding marketing career.

Florida Institute of Technology offers a fully online associates degree program in marketing that you can complete in as little as 20 months. You will combine business studies with a background in liberal arts. Youll learn the basic principles of marketing. Youll learn how to plan, create and evaluate advertising and marketing campaigns. By the time you graduate, you will have the skills to work for an established or start-up organization. Graduates from Florida Institute of Technologys associates program in marketing go on to careers in account management and product marketing management. They often start out in entry-level merchandiser and junior marketing associate roles.

Time to complete: 20 months

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Are You Ready To Find Your Fit

A college degree can lead to more job opportunities and higher earning potential. Bachelor’s degree-holders earn $27,000 more per year than those with only a high school diploma. Even the easiest online degrees can help prepare graduates for the workforce or more advanced degrees.

This guide introduces some of the easiest online degree options. Read on to learn about majors in areas such as business, education, and psychology. This page also lists resources for degree-seekers. Click the embedded links for more information.

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Online College Ranking Guidelines

The 7 Best Online Colleges for 2021 Enrollment

The making of this list was based on undergraduate tuition costs per credit hour and are listed from the least tuition per credit hour to the most. For schools that dont present tuition per credit hour, the semester amount was divided by 12 to get a general idea of the cost per credit hour for a full-time student. Please visit our methodology page for more information.

We are always looking to make our lists and rankings stronger, so we can provide our readers with the most accurate information. For more specific information on these programs, please visit the links provided in this article or feel free to contact us with any other concerns.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends about 34.4 hours each week working. That figure, however, doesnt paint you the complete picture. People within 25 54 years of age spend about 40.5 hours a week working. That comes to about 8 hours every day on average.

Now add to that the number of hours spent on traffic, social visits, other obligations, and for about 7.8 million Americansa second job. If you do the math, you will find that most adults dont have the time for much anything else, let alone time to further their education by getting a bachelors degree.

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What Are The Easiest Degrees To Get Online

If youre busy with family, have a full-time job or cannot get a college degree the traditional way for another reason, you may be wondering about which majors offer the easiest online degrees. Associates degrees are easier to earn online than bachelors degrees, and four-year computer science and liberal arts programs are also quite common.

What Is The Easiest Online Degree To Get Quickly

The easiest degree to get online depends on what you consider to be easy. Since easy is a subject term, we wrote an entire article about the easiest degrees based on the average GPA of students majoring in those subjects.

If you want to check out that article, you can see it here: Easy College Majors.

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Baker Universitys Easiest Online Business Certificate Programs

Baker University is located in Baldwin City, Kansas, and is a private Christian university that offers easy and flexible online graduate business certificates. These programs allow students to easily engage in their coursework at their convenience with direct access to learning resources, technical support, and course materials. These best online business certificate programs serve students who are bound for a 4-year degree and some professionals who want to join the workforce quickly through easy technical training. Available options include arts & sciences, professional & graduate studies, education, and nursing.

The school has an integrated online classroom, Moodle, that serves as a learning management system through which students easily access course content, papers and projects, reading assignments, tests, and additional learning opportunities.

Gaining Credits For Military Experience

Online Colleges – What are the Best Online Colleges?

In many cases, the training and education you have received as a military service member can be converted into college credits. This can save you both time and money by giving you a head start on fulfilling some of the requirements for earning your online degree.

There are several ways schools go about evaluating your previous life experiences to see if you might qualify for any credits:

  • Conducting a prior learning assessment to determine how many credits your experience is worth. The PLA process varies from school to school, but it usually begins when you request a transcript of your military experience. A college faculty member and/or a representative of the American Council on Education will then review your transcript and assess the learning outcomes related to your service and training.
  • Asking you to take one of several standardized examinations.
  • Inviting you to present a portfolio of work for review, facilitated by a faculty member or trained evaluator.

The school will then inform you as to which, if any, required courses are considered complete and how many college credits you are receiving for your military experience.

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Do Employers Like Online Degrees

Employers typically view online degrees as equal to on-campus degrees. Online and on-campus programs contain the same material, only differing in the methods and time of instruction. The best online colleges rarely label their online degrees as such, making them indistinguishable from their on-campus counterparts.

Online education can also make it easier for students to access some of the most recognizable and reputable schools in the country. This may lead to even better employment opportunities. As long as the online school and/or program holds proper accreditation, students and potential employers needn’t worry about a degree being illegitimate.

Regional accreditation demonstrates that the online college meets robust educational standards. Programmatic accreditation identifies programs that meet industry standards and expectations for the field. Prospective students and employers can check the status of programs and online schools through the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs .

How Hard Are Mba Programs To Get Into

Masters degrees, like the popular online MBA, are known for their rigorous curriculums. The coursework of any online MBA worth its salt will feature a foundation in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, leadership, and management while simultaneously exposing students to realities of modern business, industry, and technology. These programs require dedication and a commitment to study if they are to be completed successfully. But how difficult is an online MBA to be accepted into? Business schools have high standards for incoming students because the demands of a program are high. The last thing business schools want is for students to fall behind and end up dropping out of their programs. Because of this business schools advertise admission requirements to potential candidates and will sometimes assign a counselor or admissions adviser to students to help them in the process of getting accepted into their programs.

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Is Online College Easier

About 6.3 million students in college find that taking an online degree is the easiest and fastest way to earn a degree. Although the online platform does not simplify the learning curve, it gives the students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Virtual learning is also easier for most students because it costs less and demands less of their time. Online schools let them earn a degree from practically any academic institution without having to be there. Online students can attend college or university between jobs without being physically distant from family or adjusting to a new environment. Overall, students who easily earned their degrees online still get the same return of investment as they would in a brick-and-mortar academic setting.

Need Help? Talk to a Study Adviser

Our study Advisers will answer all your questions from choosing to the right place to study to the best scholarship opportunities and rules of regulations of the school you wish to apply into. Get the answers you need fast!

Adult or nontraditional students benefit from online degree programs in that youre able to manage a family and/or career while completing a bachelors degree. Online courses also benefit traditional studentsthose of you who are fresh out of high schoolbecause youre able to balance a part-time job and/or internship while staying on track with your academic timeline.

Speaking of the below majors

What Is The Easiest Degree To Get Online

10 Easiest Online College Courses in the UK

The easiest bachelors you can earn is the one in which your educational or life experiences will provide college credit right off the bat. Think about what youve done in life that would apply to a college degree. What kind of jobs have you held?

Next, you want to think about what your knowledge base is and which tests you can take to earn course credit.

Then, refer to our list of the fastest degrees to see which types of programs are easily accessible online.

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Is The Degree Coursework In An Online Program Generally Easier Than That Of A Brick

The quality of classes in an online setting is no different from studying in a brick-and-mortar college. In both traditional and online learning, course outlines are provided before classes start, and exams are administered in the same way, only the online format lets you access all materials on a web-based learning portal. Most online students will need to allocate around 3 hours per credit. For example, if you get a course with four credits, you need to be ready to spend 12 hours every week for assignments and learning sessions. It is the same time format used in traditional collegesonly you are attending the class online.

In the distance learning option, it can be challenging to fulfill software requirements and learn how to use them. Much like it is with traditional colleges, regularly attending online classes will require time management and self-discipline.

Research suggests that students of varying demographics that attend online classes in various disciplines have outperformed those who took it in traditional settings. Online students can leverage technology advancements for learning.

If youre asking, Whats the fastest degree to get?, you must consider that both on-campus and online programs have credit transfer policies. The number of months or years you will spend in the degree program will be impacted by the number of credits transferred to your academic record.

What Is The Academic Planner

The Academic Planner is a new tool for students studying part-time that helps chart your progress through your part-time program by listing all the courses you have completed that can be applied towards various programs. The tool can also help you to determine if you are eligible to ladder completed courses into other programs. The tool is available on ACSIS, located under Continuing Education on the left-hand toolbar.

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University Of North Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Points: 11

The University of North Florida tops our list of the best online academic programs in part because it is one of the cheapest online colleges per credit hour in the country. The school also offers a range of online degrees and programs in high-demand areas such as healthcare, business, and education. Examples include:

  • Online RN to BSN
  • Online MS in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Online BS in Sport Management
  • Online MS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Online MS in Criminal Justice
  • Online MEd in Educational Leadership

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has accredited UNF to award these undergraduate and graduate credentials online. U.S. News & World Report has recognized it as one of the top 50 best online colleges for a bachelors degree.

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,389

Points: 11

In terms of good online academic programs, St. Petersburg College is one of the best. The school has been offering online degrees to undergraduate students via distance education since 2002. Today, it is home to 16 fully online bachelors degree programs, including:

  • Online BSN
  • Online BS in Business Administration
  • Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Administration
  • Online BS in Educational Studies and Community Leadership
  • Online BAS in Cybersecurity

Undergraduate Tuition: $2,682

Frequently Asked Questions About Earning An Online Bachelor’s Degree

Best Colleges with Online PhD Programs – Doctoral Programs

What is a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree is a postsecondary, undergraduate degree. It is the degree you earn after you get your high school diploma, and before you earn a graduate degree. Most graduate and doctoral degree programs, including law and medicine, require you to graduate with a bachelor’s degree before enrollment. These bachelor’s degree programs are sometimes called baccalaureate degrees.

How long does a online bachelor’s degree take?

Typically a bachelor’s degree program will take 4 years to complete. However with online bachelor’s degree programs, you may be able to accelerate and finish much faster. For example, at WGU students can move through courses as quickly as they can master the material. This enables them to move faster through material they understand or know well. Often our students are able to finish their bachelor’s degree programs much faster than traditional degree programs. See how long it will take to earn an online degree from WGU.

Why should I do an online bachelor’s degree?

For many students, an online bachelor’s degree is the best option to further their education. An online bachelor’s degree like those available at WGU offer many advantages for students including:

How much does an online bachelor’s degree cost?

How do I get an online bachelor’s degree?

Can I earn my bachelor’s degree online?

What is the easiest bachelor’s degree to get online?

Can I get a bachelor’s degree in 1 year online?

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Bismarck State Colleges Online Easiest Bachelors Degree Programs

Known initially as Bismarck Junior College, Bismarck State College was founded in 1939 in North Dakota. It has more than 3,700 students and offers Associate degrees, diploma and certificate programs, and bachelors degrees. Almost two-thirds of the student population is enrolled in at least one online course, and 44 percent enrolled exclusively online. Complete only 42 semester hours for General Education requirements and at least 30 semester hours for each upper-division level courses and Energy Management course to earn a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science in Energy.

For more information on this program, visit Bismarck State College.

Easiest Online Bachelors Degree Programs

METHODOLOGY: OnlineSchoolsCenter.com has featured the 30 Easiest Online Bachelor Degree Programs in this article. As the term easy is a relative term, depending on your abilities, time committed to your program, and the subject matter, we have attempted to put the spotlight on todays top universities that feature the best online learning platforms to provide students easy access to an online learning format, as well as, a quality bachelors degree program. The following components were considered in the construction of this list:

  • The complexity of the curriculum,
  • How the school can help you reduce the time that you usually spend completing a bachelors program,
  • Provides flexible learning formats,


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