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How To Attract College Students To Your Business

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Promote Your Course On Other Youtube Channels

How to magnetically attract students and fill your school

Find popular videos related to your course topic on YouTube. Contact the owner of the video through a private message and tell them you have a way for them to make some extra money from their videos. Offer to pay them to include a link to your course in their video description or even a call-to-action to check out your course in the video itself. You could also set them up as an affiliate for your course, and give them a unique link to use to include in their videos and video descriptions. This way, they will be paid a commission each time they refer a new customer to your course.

Promote Your Course On Your Blog

Your blog is a great place to promote your course, especially if you regularly publish free content related to your course topic. If you write articles about the same topic that you teach in your course, then every person who reads your blog is a potential student for your course.

Some great places to showcase your course are the top bar of your website , at the end of each blog post, in your sidebar, and on your About Page. Using Thinkific, you can also create;Sales Widget for your course and place that sales widget anywhere on your blog.

What Are The Best Ways To Advertise To College Students On Social Media

Influencer marketing is one effective way a business can advertise to college students on social media. Many college students view influencers as trustworthy content creators who share their genuine experiences with brands they believe in and support. This type of engagement marketing, or experiential marketing, can have a memorable impact on the audience.;

According to Nate Masterson, chief marketing officer for Maple Holistics, there are three common ways for business owners to advertise to college students on social media: videos, ambassadors and perks.;

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College Street Team Distribution

The key here is to use all the tools you have at your disposal for instance, our College Street Teams distribute promotional materials such as product samples, posters and door hangers to the areas on campus that see the most foot traffic, as well as heading into the dormitories to approach the students directly. Free samples, coupons, discounts and exclusive deals are all great ways to drive future purchases and encourage repeat custom.

Using these approaches, with the addition of unique ideas and creative strategies developed specifically for each project, we can build a campaign which draws students in and connects them with brands and products on a personal level. This approach empowers businesses to reach out to the modern student consumer group as they are forming spending habits that can last a lifetime.

Tips For Social Media Marketing Targeting College Students

How can your institution attract students

Today were excited to have the opportunity to share a blog post written by one of Zen Medias content marketing interns, Kaitlin Bain.;Kaitlin is a journalism student at Texas Tech University. In this article, she gives businesses unique insight into how they can better reach college students through social media marketing.;;

When high school students graduate and move away to college, they are suddenly faced with making new decisions and buying new things. Where they once never would have considered which brand of laundry detergent was the cheapest but still managed to get their clothes clean, this is now a thought at the forefront of their minds. Marketing to these new consumers is a different beast altogether. Where paper advertisements and commercials worked best for their parents, they now pay to watch shows without commercials and never pick up a paper. A growing new way to attract college students eyes is through social media advertising.

Exchange coupons for likes

Most college students will like a companys Facebook page and then unlike it after they get whatever giveaway is being offered. Instead of giving them a coupon just once for clicking like, keep the coupons coming. College students notoriously have less money than the rest of the world and are trying to spend as little as possible. If you offer a coupon each month, not only will they not unlike your business Facebook page theyll continue to buy, and bring their friends, too!

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Provide Easily Accessible Information

While it may be safe to assume that millennials and Gen Z revert to social media for all their college research, the official websites of educational institutions are actually the driving force, beaten only by direct emails.

Therefore, institutions should ensure they have an updated, optimized website that makes it easy and enjoyable for site visitors to browse, find informative materials, and read relevant content. This includes:

  • Information that is particularly pertinent to international students should be clearly visible and easy to access by creating a dedicated webpage for international admissions.
  • Mobile-friendly is key in order to make prospective students stick around your site long enough to gain an interest in your institution and is key in ranking on search engines.
  • Links to key pages of interest, such as scholarships, financial aid, and visa application information.
  • Key contact details so students from abroad can get in touch with an international admission counselor.

How Will Coronavirus Affect College Students Lifestyles

This range of new policies will have a significant impact on students lifestyles and how they experience campus life. Those institutions that are hosting students on campus are often doing so with the proviso that there will be a host of new safety controls in place, in order to ensure that students are as safe as possible, and the influx of people does not lead to localised outbreaks. The majority of colleges will require all those on campus to wear facemasks at all times and some have also banned parties and group meetings which will naturally have an impact on how Fraternities and Sororities conduct themselves moving forward.

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Recruiting College Students On A Budget: 4 Ways To Reach Millennials

As Millennials enter the workforce in record numbers, employers are looking for strategic ways to meet them in the talent marketplace.

Theyre investing more in college recruiting, and reevaluating their offer so that it meets this generations needs. Putting that kind of change into action can be intimidating for employers, and not to mention expensive.

Thats why weve put together a list of ways you can DIY your recruiting so that its attractive to new graduates. That way, regardless of your budget or time allowance, you can start putting changes in practice today.

Rock The Recruitment Fair

How To Attract Students To Your School? Learn The Secret Marketing System To Grow Your School

The key to any successful event is a high turnout and a recruiting fair is no different. College and university students have very hectic days , and their schedules fill up quickly. Start marketing your event early and please dont rely on posters taped up around campus.

Glen Loveland, HR Manager of China Central Television, is no stranger to campus recruitment. He regularly scours post-secondary institutions looking for the most promising soon-to-be professionals, and feels that the right event marketing tools can go a long way.

Start promoting your events several weeks/months in advance. You want to build buzz. Social media is obviously very important to get the word out. If you are looking to recruit international students, utilize social media platforms that they use. For example, Line is huge in Japan and WeChat is the market leader for China. Try to meet people on their terms so they understand that you get them.

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Survey Your Audience Before You Create Your Course

This step is important because it helps ensure that you create an online course that people actually want to take. If you have an audience , send them a survey to ask them what topics they are interested in learning about. Create a course based on what they want, not on what you want to create.

Including your audience in your course creation process is also a great way to build anticipation for your course before you release it, plus you;validate the demand for your course topic before you invest any resources to create it.

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Get Listed On University Resource Pages

You must check with the university and college nearby and try to get on board with them. It would require you to get in touch with the administration. They can also connect you to students who can act as your point of contact on campus. This can quickly help spread the word about your business. A couple of Student Resources for just a couple of great colleges are MIT, ASU, University of Colorado, and Georgetown College, just to get you started.

Moreover, it would be best if you were on official university resource pages. You will have to make a strong case and present an offer that helps everyone involved. You must check up on all the different policies and make an airtight case. It is also essential that you keep following up in case the procedures are not gaining traction. However, you also must maintain a professional distance.

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How To Attract Millennials And New College Students Into Your Leads Pipeline

This article is #3 of a 8 part series dedicated to helping you prepare your business for the busy rental season. For additional suggestions checkout the rest of the Rent Season Prep 101 series.

Who’s coming down your rental property management pipeline? During the busy spring rent season, you’ll find that many millennials choose to move. Whether they’re moving for work, for family, or for greater educational opportunities, you need to know how to attract millennials to your rental property business, especially if you’re working in a college town where tenant turnover is high.

Ways To Market Your Business On Your College Campus

Attract More Students to Your School: 5 Higher Education ...

Reaching college students can be extremely profitable for many businesses and brands today. College students typically represent a large portion of early adopters; a group that will help spread your message to others via word of mouth marketing.

Finding college students is the easy part . The hard part is getting them to pay attention and to care about what you have to offer. The seven tactics below will help you target college students in a way that will grab their attention and get them to care what you have to offer.

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Strategies Local Businesses Can Use To Engage College Students

1. Advertise student discounts and events. Much of a student’s time and budget is spent studying and networking. Student discounts will challenge them to step out of their residence hall bubble and become familiar with the community. Advertising for a music and food event , pop-shop, or information table on campus draws students to meet new people. Live entertainment connects them with your location and they are more likely to try your product and remember your brand. If the interior of your business allows, provide study space for students to converse, share ideas, and perform their best work!

2. Partner with CSA organizations. If you are a restaurant or café that supports local vendors, contact a CSA program affiliated with a nearby university. Community Supported Agriculture, also known as “slow food,” is reasonably priced and accommodates student schedules. Associating your business with on-campus organizations and causes will build customer loyalty.

3. Participate in startups happening on campus. College campuses are the birthplace of groundbreaking ideas. By offering guidance and partnerships, you become a part of the classroom learning process while expanding your customer audience. According to an article from Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce, small businesses and college students share common needs. Michael Alexander, President of Lasell College, says these needs include:

Find Students To Tutor All Year Round

Tutoring can be a profitable business, but its easy to forget that your pupil numbers will often drop off throughout the year, especially if you have a large number of school pupils.

Kids are pulled in many different directions with other extra-curricular activities, and sometimes something has to give. Therefore, expect some of your maths students or guitar pupils to stop during the school year.

However, with the right marketing strategy, you can plan for this.

But you need to start thinking about it months in advance in order to keep your numbers up throughout the year. Furthermore, you may also face a drop in income in the summer months when many of your pupils go on holiday. You could offer a specialised summer course for new students, many of whom will decide to carry on in the autumn.

As a self-employed tutor, you often need to work hard to maintain your income and keep your student numbers up all year long.

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Bundle Your Course And Offer Discounts

Once youve created multiple courses that are closely related by topic, you can bundle those courses together and sell them at a discounted. ;For example, if you have 3 courses that sell for $197 individually, you could sell all 3 courses together for $497 . This provides an incentive for people to purchase multiple courses from you at once.

What Are College Students Values

How to Attract More Students & Grow Your Studio ð» (STEP 1/7)

Recognizing what these Generation Z students value can help to inform the development of your marketing strategy. By digging into how these college students see the world and the general opinions that they hold on social issues, brands can tailor their messaging and approach to better fit this demographic. While making wide generalizations about a group as large as this does have its limitations, by looking at survey results taken from both generational groups its possible to draw some insights as to the average college students beliefs.

Gen Z students value authentic experiences in every aspect of their lives from their online lives to their interpersonal relationships and their education. Rejecting the interruption advertising that has been the norm for decades, they seek content that is relevant to their needs and interests. Over 50% of Generation Z have ad blockers installed on their browsers. Similarly, Gen Z students are constantly seeking authenticity as a way to generate greater freedom of expression and greater openness to understanding different kinds of people, according to a recent report from McKinsey & Company .

The current American student body is a highly experimental, socially aware cohort that do not make purchases blindly. By paying attention to the value that they hold dear and tailoring your marketing strategy accordingly, you can avoid wasting time investing in ideas that are unlikely to resonate with this demographic.

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Dynamic Ads And Marketing Automation Rule The Roost

This might be one of the most exciting developments thats totally redefining digital marketing.

With the combined power of AI and automation, brands, universities, and employers now have new ways to generate leads and increase conversions among college students.

Some of the;capabilities of automation;in marketing include:

  • A/B testing to optimize content
  • Automatic generation of personalized ads
  • AI analysis of customer and marketplace data
  • Immediate and more effective customer service through chatbots

These capabilities are important as market research shows that todays;college students prefer more personalized content. You cant necessarily sit down and write individual emails or craft personal ads for each contact. But AI and automation can.

The Lifetime Value Of Marketing To College Students With A Seeding Program

If you market for a software or subscription company and youre wondering what returns you might actually see with a seeding program we created a calculator using the industry-standard formula. Just enter:

  • The number of students you think will take advantage of your offer.
  • The annual fee youd collect if they were paying full price.
  • How long you typically retain customers.

Then choose a conversion rate and see the lifetime value of your student seeding program. Something to keep in mind: a recent survey by Deloitte found that college students have a 10-year customer lifecycle preference and that companies using SheerID to verify their exclusive offers typically see conversion rates between 75% 90%.

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Promote Your Webinar Recording

After youve hosted a successful live webinar, you can use the recording of that webinar to sell more courses. Email the people who registered for your live webinar but did not attend and give them a link to watch the recording. You could even use the recording to set up an automated webinar, and then run ads to the webinar for ongoing sales.

Host A Giveaway Raffle Or Competition

A Complete Guide Marketing Strategy To Attract Students ...

If youre trying to build up your social following or your email listserv, or simply get a lot of students engaged with your business, host a giveaway. Youll need to make it tempting enough for college students to actually give away their information and/or money to win. That could be a Sonos speaker system to boost the music at parties, covering the cost of a parking pass on campus, offering a lifetime of free sides , naming a product after them, the list goes on and on.

You can also pay into the competitive nature of college kids! Just like emphasizing exclusive discounts for colleges, if you have more than one university in your area, make a little friendly competition like this 5K did.;

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