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What Clubs Look Good For College

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A Club That Relates To Your Major

Activities That DO Impress Colleges!!! OWN the College Admissions Process

If you have an idea of what field you want to go into, you should definitely seek out a related organization. For recent University of Connecticut journalism grad Jordan Acker, joining the daily student newspaper was an obvious route. As someone who wanted to pursue photojournalism, becoming a newspaper photographer at my school made the most sense in terms of extracurriculars, says Jordan, who now works as a photographer for LifeTouch. Not only did I have fun and meet an entire new group of friends, but I gained the experience needed to help me land a job after graduation.

Furthermore, pre-professional groups are also great if you dont have a major yetmaybe youll love the marketing club so much that you decide to change majors! If your major doesnt have a student organization, you can always start one yourself.

Top 3 Tips For Starting A Club

Now that you have some ideas for clubs to start in high school, how do you go about actually getting one up and running? I’m going to give you my top three tips for starting a club, but for more details, including recommendations on brainstorming a club idea, registering the club with your school, running meetings, and more, check out our full explanation of how to start a club.

Tip #: Deepen Your Engagement Over Time

As you gain more experience in your extracurricular activities, you can take on increasing amounts of responsibility and assume leadership positions. Becoming a club president, team captain, or other leader provides a great way to stand out on college applicationsand, more importantly, taking on additional responsibility helps you cultivate your soft skills.

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How Should I Dress For College

Here are our tips on how to dress well for college girls simplified in list form:

  • Comfortable walking shoes are your best friends.
  • Blazers give your outfits instant style.
  • Try a minimalistic wardrobe.
  • Wear dresses they are simple, one-and-done outfits that save time!
  • Dont be afraid to experiment with funky accessories.
  • A Quick Note If Youre Considering The Us Study Path

    What to Wear to a College House Party

    US colleges want to see very specific things from your extracurricular activities. Make sure your activities are ticking the following boxes to increase your chances of getting in:

  • Longevity: You stick with one type of activity rather than joining a new activity every week and quitting one every other week.
  • Passion: You truly care about your extracurricular activities and arenât doing them just to get into uni.
  • Leadership: You have taken the initiative to become a leader within your activities and community.
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    Good Luck Clubs That Look Good On College Applications Pity

    Every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships, for which they actually qualify.

    Join today to get matched to scholarships or internships for you! Big student savings when you buy a Apppications PC. Niche No Essay topic idea Scholarship. Tis’ the season to get a scholarship! These holiday award opportunities will surely leave you feeling jolly and bright. After all, what better way tnat get you in the spirit than Skip to main content Skip to footer Skip to site map. Elizabeth Hoyt August 05, Keep in mind, however, that colleges are aware when you add a ton of extracurriculars your junior or senior year.

    Here are different types of extracurricular activities that colleges actually want to see. Impressive Extracurricular Activities: 1. Student Government Colleges are impressed by students with leadership skills.

    What better way to demonstrate such skills than holding a position in student government? Whether your subject preference is math, science or any other focus, demonstrating your love for learning is college admission workshop in your favor.

    The Arts Creativity is always an asset when it comes to college applications. Students active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts tend to be open-minded, eccentric and think outside of the box.

    Join the Discussion. College Scholarships: Edition.

    Benefits Of Being A Club President

    If you are not happy with merely being a club member, you may consider being an officer. Having a position means that you have more power to have an influence on the club and its members.

    You can also inspire change being a lowly member, but being an authority figure allows you to do more things than the rest.

    Nothing can make your college application appear more desirable in the eyes of college admissions officers than stating you were the vice president, secretary, or treasurer.

    But if your goal is to make the biggest impact possible, you may consider being the president of the club.

    You can have this opportunity if the current president graduates high school or steps down because of various reasons, such as wanting to focus on other things or the members are not happy with his or her performance.

    No matter the case, its important that you let everyone see that you are worthy of being the next president. Such can be done by being an extraordinary member or holding a lower position beforehand.

    Worry not if you are in a hurry to be the club president. Thats because there is a way that guarantees your presidency. Its none other than creating your own club.

    Being its founder, you have every right to act as the president and designate the rest of the positions to members who deserve to be officers.

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    Standout Applicants Devote More Time To Fewer Things

    Theres a select group of premed students with major achievements, whether publishing their research in a famous journal, founding an organization that provides food and health education to needy families in their community, or launching a widely-used health care app. These students end up getting into the very best medical schools.

    Sound hard? Its supposed to be.

    Oftentimes, we look for shortcuts to achieve things that require years of hard work.

    For example, we all want to publish our research in a famous journal. However, we dont want to spend evenings or summers in lab on countless failed experiments before making a big discovery.

    We also want to run an organization on our own terms, to make the type of impact we want to make, and to get the media coverage we feel we deserve. However, were less into the process of recruiting the right individuals to help us or building the necessary relationships and collaborations to produce large-scale changes.

    Nevertheless, regardless of your goals, you have to put in the time to do something meaningful if you want to make your medical school application stand out.

    At this point, you might be thinking that you dont really have the time to achieve something extraordinary, given your course load, extracurricular activities, and desire to maintain some semblance of work-life balance. Unfortunately, your biggest competitors are pushing the envelope with their activities.

    Politics And Current Events Clubs

    What High School Classes look GOOD to top colleges?

    31. Young Democrats/Young Republicans/Party Affiliation Clubs: In this club, you could not only discuss political issues from the lens of a certain partys ideology but you could mobilize to support the partys efforts. This includes things like volunteering to help a campaign, planning a political rally, and getting signatures to garner support for a particular bill.

    32. High School Political Review: A blend of politics and journalism, the politically aware students at your school could write content that comments and reports on the top political issues of the day. You could publish their work on an online website or perhaps even in the form of a print publication to be handed out at school.

    33. Future Problem Solving Program International: FPSPI is more than a competition; its a way of thinking and can be integrated into everyday classwork across all subject areas. Connecting your school with FPSPI can provide a network of problem solving curriculum for all age groups. In addition, competitions are hosted to address problem solving at both the global and local levels.

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    Is It Too Late To Start Now

    Even a desperate last-minute appearance at the robotics club your senior year is better than no extracurriculars, but earlier is always better than last-ditch. Some suggestions for getting the most of your extracurricular experiences each year of high school:

    • Ninth grade; Get involved in anything that sparks an interest. This is the most free time you will have in high school, so dabble until something takes, then run with it.
    • Tenth grade Concentrate on a small number of activities. If youre a high-energy, jack-of-all-trades, though, dont limit yourself just to prove you can focus. Strengthen your skills and follow your interests, but keep personal growth and service, not a brag sheet, as your goal.
    • Eleventh grade This is your pivotal year to gain experience and pursue your passions. Seek leadership roles in clubs and on teams. Land a job or snag an internship. Volunteer outside of school-sanctioned programs to expand your base of knowledge.
    • Twelfth grade Try something new that you care about or that aligns with your academic/major interest, but dont sign up for anything and everything in a scattershot bid to score extracurriculars for your applications. This is the time to request letters of recommendation from your extracurricular advisors or supervisor at work.

    High School Clubs To Build Your Resume

  • American Red Cross. The American Red Cross intervenes to prevent and relieve suffering around the globe, with volunteers carrying out 90% of humanitarian aid.
  • Amnesty International. This U.S. based non-profit is dedicated to defending human rights for everyone on the planet. Learn how you can increase awareness and organize support at your high school by visiting Amnesty Internationals website.
  • Days for Girls. Days for Girls provides menstrual education and kits so women in developing countries can take care of their bodies and play a more active role in local enterprises.
  • Envirothon. Envirothon is dedicated to teaching young people the best practices of natural resource management. The regular competitions foster a friendly environment in which to tackle complex resource management decisions.
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    College Activities That Look Great On Your Resume

  • Newspaper. Writing for your school paper shows you can work as part of a team, which includes taking direction from your editors.
  • Greek Life Leadership. Greek Life is a great place to seize a leadership opportunity. Holding a position shows that your peers entrusted you with a responsibility.
  • Student Government Association. Student Government Association is the ultimate leadership club. If you join, you automatically become a leader on campus who helps makes decisions that affect others.
  • The Arts. Participating in band, choir or theater puts you on stage and at the center of attention frequently. Involvement in these activities provides evidence that you can handle pressure and remain poised when all eyes are on you.
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    Tip #: Start A Club That You’re Passionate About

    Back to School with Bloomingdales & Chloe and Isabel ...

    If you’re going to be spending all of this time starting a club, make sure it focuses on something you enjoy! You need to be excited about the club in order to convince other people to join. If you don’t like your club, why would other people join?

    How can you decide what type of club you would be passionate about? First, think about what you enjoy doing. What is your favorite class? What are your hobbies? Do you have a new skill you’d like to explore further? Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about? Is there a cause you care about? It’s likely that one or more of your answers can be developed into a club.

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    Debate Team Mock Trial

    These clubs are particularly well thought of because they help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Debate fosters an ability to think on ones feet and to formulate a well supported argument for issues. Mock Trial teaches students legal procedure and research skills. Both produce students who are engaged, thoughtful participants in class discussions.

    Tip #1: As With Most Things You Get Out What You Put In

    No matter which clubs you joinor launchyou will have the opportunity to develop important skills and stand out on your college applications. The more you make of your opportunities to pursue new experiences and develop new skills, the more likely your extracurricular involvement is to have an impact on your college prospects. In the process, youre very likely to add value to your high school experience and create amazing memories!

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    What Should I Do If These Already Exist Or Dont Appeal To Me

    These national and international organizations do offer a lot of support to first-time club founders, but you dont need a parent organization to start a club of your own. Check out our article on how to pursue non-traditional extracurricular activities.

    If you want the experience of founding a club but dont know how to start, simply

  • Identify an interest of yours or a problem that needs solving.
  • Talk about it with your friends to drum up interest.
  • Connect with your high schools main office to learn its process for authorizing a new club.
  • Publicize your first meeting.
  • Do You Have A Plan For Applying To College

    How to find the right high school

    With our free chancing engine, admissions timeline, and personalized recommendations, our free guidance platform gives you a clear idea of what you need to be doing right now and in the future.

    Extracurricular activities will offer some of the greatest challenges and rewards of your high school years. The goal for ECs is to explore your interests while building skills that will help in college and your future career.

    One great way to get involved is to start a club. If you think starting a club might be right for you, check out our list of 20 great clubs that you could bring to your school.

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    Tip #: Consider Giving Back To Your Community

    Community service clubs such as buildOn or Key Club are very popular because they offer you a chance to give back. Not only do some honors societies require community service, but many students also find it incredibly valuable and fulfilling. If you decide you want to volunteer for a community service club or organization, think about the issues that matter most to you, and get involved. Take on leadership roles if you can, too. Also remember that many community service organizations offer college scholarships.

    What Are Good Extracurricular Activities For College Applicants

    • /
    • What Are Good Extracurricular Activities for College Applicants?

    Before you immediately search for the secret formula to boost your college applications, the most important element to consider when choosing extracurriculars is YOU. Your personality, goals, dreams, and interests will lead you in the right direction when it comes to your perfect extracurricular activities. College and university admissions officers want to see that you have all the necessary qualities to succeed at their institution, but mostly they want to see who you are and what you can bring to their campus. Beyond the desire to get into college at any cost, the activities you choose to pursue in school should be a reflection of your greatest strengths and offer a looking glass into the kind of contribution youll bring. ;

    Colleges look for applicants who are involved, passionate, and proactive in the learning process inside and outside of the classroom. Deciding not to partake in extracurricular activities in favor of spending summers and after-school time hanging out with friends or watching television will obviously not impress colleges and universities. So, here are some choices for extracurricular activities that help students demonstrate the kinds of skills and qualities admissions officers like to see on college applications.

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    Some Benefits Of Extracurricular Activities

    • Club advisors can be excellent resources for letters of recommendation.
    • Many academic and non-academic scholarship programs consider involvement in extracurricular activities in the selection process
    • Many scholarship programs reward leadership experience, and holding offices in high school clubs is an excellent way to demonstrate leadership
    • Many scholarship programs require students to write essays demonstrating their interest in a particular field. What better way to demonstrate that you are dedicated to pursuing a career in computer science than to discuss your membership in your high school computer club?

    The advisor for each of the high school clubs in which you hold a membership may be able to help you identify scholarship opportunities based on your extracurricular activities. A scholarship search that matches students with scholarship programs based on their activities can be an excellent resource for locating hard-to-find scholarships based on extracurricular activity participation.

    Tip #: Understand That Colleges Know You Cant Be Everywhere All The Time

    20 Styling Tips On How To Wear Ankle Boots That You Need ...

    It may not always feel that way, but colleges do understand that some extracurricular activities are much more time-intensive than others. Varsity sports, for instance, may preclude you from participating in any other activities. But if you become increasingly accomplished in your activity , then you dont necessarily need to be a member of multiple clubs. Likewise, if you have a part-time job, colleges will count that out-of-school activity in their assessment of your candidacy. Colleges will consider both the time commitment you invest in an activity as well as what you accomplish.

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