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How Big Of A School Are You Looking For

chit chat: whats the best thing about college?

Enrollment numbers can vary quite a bit at CUNY schools, so it’s critical for you to think hard about what kind of environment you’d prefer. Do you want a close-knit, more intimate atmosphere? Or would you rather have a larger, more bustling setting?

CUNY schools range in enrollment from about 6,000 undergraduate students to approximately 17,000 .

Here are all four-year undergraduate CUNY schools and how they compare in terms of enrollment size:

CUNY School

The 17 Best College Majors For Finding A Job

College Info , General Education

Trying to figure out what to major in? Then you’re probably curious about what the best college majors are in terms of how much money they can make you and what kinds of jobs you can get with them.

Here, we go over the criteria we used to determine the 17 best degrees to get. After, we cover some quick tips for identifying the best major for you.

Faqs: The Best 387 Colleges

The Best 387 Colleges, 2022 Edition? We selected these colleges primarily based on our high opinion of their academics. We monitor colleges continuously and annually collect data on more than 2,000 schools. Each year we also visit scores of schools, and meet with or talk to hundreds of college administrators. We pay close attention to feedback we get about colleges from students, parents, educators, and our own staff at The Princeton Review locations across the country. We also value the opinions of our college counselors and advisors, particularly our 32-member National College Counselor Advisory Board, whom we thank in the book .

There are two key criteria that have influenced our selection of schools for this book since the first edition in 1992:

  • We work to have a wide representation of outstanding colleges in the book. These include public and private institutions from all parts of the country . There are small- and large-sized, traditional and nontraditional, highly selective and open-admission schools, plus some that are very expensive and others that are great bargains. You’ll also find schools with religious affiliations, historically black colleges and universities, men’s colleges, women’s colleges, and some schools acclaimed for their unique focus on science, engineering, technology, or other specialized fields.
  • Why aren’t there any ranking lists in the 2022 Edition?

    What’s new in this edition of the book?

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    Two Words: Study Abroad

    If itâs at all possible for you to study abroad, do it. Seriously. You will never again have the opportunity to live, study, and work in another country under quite the same circumstances as you will during a study abroad program. I still maintain that spending my junior spring at a drama school in London was one of the best decisions I ever made for so, so many reasons.

    Career Outcomes Total Points: 15

    Should You Go To College? Whats The Best Alternative? A ...
    • Return on Educational Investment: Full Weight Note: This metric measures the ratio of starting salary for graduates to cost of education.
    • Post-Attendance Median Salary: Double Weight Note: This metric measures the median earnings 10 years after entering the school of former students who received federal financial aid.
    • Student-Loan Default Rate: Full Weight

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    Another Undefeated Team Falls

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    Top 25 Best Southeast Colleges In The Us

    The south is known for a lot of things. Delicious southern food, heart-warming southern hospitality, and quality southern education. Some of the very best colleges in the US are found in the southeast region. For the purposes of this list, were considering the following states as part of the southeast: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,

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    According To Online Education Advisor Melissa A Venable Phd

    Every year when we conduct our annual survey of online students, respondents say they wish they had compared more programs before enrolling. Deciding between online programs can be challenging â especially since there are more choices now than ever before â but there are a few things you can do to find the best option for your needs.

    Beyond ensuring the online programs you’re considering are accredited by a reputable organization and within your reach financially, the best place to start is with your own goals. From career advancement to lifelong learning, students choose their online degree programs with a variety of objectives in mind. Take some time to identify why you want to pursue an online degree and the kinds of support you’ll need to succeed. Look for support services and resources that are important to you, such as tutoring, career counseling, internship coordination, social clubs, and health and wellness classes.

    Look for support services and resources that are important to you, such as tutoring, career counseling, internship coordination, social clubs, and health and wellness classes.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for while searching for online degree programs? Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask a school directly! Some schools offer sample classes or course tours online to show you what the experience will be like once you become a student.

    Top 25 Best Large Colleges In The Us


    These 25 powerhouse schools are as impressive as they are huge. Big colleges are some of the most well-known across the country. With so many students, youre bound to find a spirited community and lots of academic opportunities. For the purposes of the list, we count large colleges as having over 10,000 undergraduate students enrolled.

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    The 6 Best Cuny Schools And What Makes Them Great

    Every year thousands of applicants apply for freshman admission to CUNY, a renowned university system based in New York City. Which are the best CUNY schools, though? Is there one best CUNY college that towers above all the others?

    In this guide, we present our picks for the best CUNY schools and offer tips for finding the best CUNY college for you based on what you’re looking for in a school. But first, what is CUNY exactly?

    What Is The Best Laptop For College Students

    by Effortless Math Team about 2 days ago inBlog

    Selecting the best laptop for college students can be overwhelming with so many brands and models, there are almost limitless options for what a laptop can do. The field of study will dictate what tasks and functions it must be capable of and any compatibility that is needed. The best laptops for college students will be well suited to their course and classes, will be easy to take to class and use at home, and have a battery life long enough to last through their day.

    Those who are in fashion design or recording paths, and any topics that are related to audio and visual, may find an Apple MacBook that may fit their needs best. They are known for crisp details and screens with true-to-life colors. The battery life will get through the whole day in class and at home, with easy editing programs and a user-friendly operating system. Apple has several models that differ in their size, speed, and intended uses.

    Those who prefer to keep their documents on their device will require a USB port for a flash or thumb drive and a larger memory built-in. Though laptops are now thinner and lighter than they have ever been in the past they are still sizeable when being carried regularly. A smaller screen will result in a less bulky laptop, but it will also make detailed work more difficult, and often does not have space to have more than one application or document open at a time, limiting multitasking.


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    Choose Your Classes Wisely

    When you’re choosing your class schedule, try to pick the classes that interest you and will help you graduate with your desired major.

    Too many students try to avoid Friday classes or early morning classes so that school won’t interfere with their partying. Because of your other responsibilities and time commitments, you might not be able to take every class that interests you, but, ideally, you won’t allow your intended partying schedule to influence the classes you take.

    Admittedly, I didn’t like early morning classes and preferred not to take them because I’m not a morning person. However, I still ended up taking all the classes I needed and wanted to take.

    Top 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges In The Us

    chit chat: whats the best thing about college?

    The epitome of the term well-rounded is a liberal arts education. The Liberal Arts encompass a wide array of disciplines from English to Business to Psychology. Lib arts colleges encourage students to explore subjects outside of their major and have a truly holistic education. Liberal arts colleges also typically have smaller student bodies, which

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    What Do You Want To Major In

    First and foremost, think about your academic interests. What do you want to major or minor in? If you definitely know what you want to study in college, you can start to narrow down your CUNY school options by figuring out which ones offer your major and which ones don’t.

    Although CUNY colleges are all part of the same university system, they don’t offer the exact same academic programs, so make sure that you do your research before you apply.

    The fastest and easiest way to check what majors and minors a particular CUNY school offers is by using the CUNY majors search function. With this you can simply type in your major and see which CUNY schools have it. Alternatively, you can choose a CUNY school to see all its programs.

    For example, if you searched for a classics major, you’d find that only Queens College and Brooklyn College allow you to get a BA in this field.

    What Determines Which Majors Are Better Than Others

    Is there really such a thing as a best college major?

    If you’re defining “best” by how good a major is for you specifically, then which college majors are better will vary depending on your academic interests and passions, your skills and abilities, and your future career goals.

    In other words, the best college majors for you will be those that match your personal criteria .

    But many students want to know what the best college majors are on a more objective level. To figure this out, most websites take into account all or some of the following three factors:

    • How employable the major is
    • The median salary of jobs related to the major
    • The median base/starting salary of jobs related to the major

    What does all of this mean exactly?

    Essentially, the higher the employment growth rate and median salaries of a certain major or field are, the better that major is considered to be.

    This is the main criteria we used to come up with our list of the 17 best college majors. Read on to see what these majors are!

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    Top 25 Best State Colleges In The Us

    There are a lot of myths when it comes to colleges, especially about signs of quality. Whatever preconceived beliefs people have, these incredible state colleges bust right through and prove that theyre academic powerhouses. For this list, weve included state-funded colleges of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. Its important to note that we did not

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    Whats the Best Way To Calculate Future College Costs?

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    Get your popcorn ready. With so much going on, it seems appropriate that we provide you, the reader, with a handy viewer’s guide to help you navigate through the action. All times Eastern.

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    Hunter College Upper East Side Manhattan

    Founded back in 1870, Hunter College is one of the largest CUNY schools in terms of enrollment. It is highly ranked by US News and has the best student-faculty ratio of any CUNY college at 13:1. The school’s also got a fairly high 85% freshman retention rate.

    Well known for its liberal arts and nursing programs, Hunter offers more than 80 majors, spanning fields such as Arabic, dance, chemistry, and statistics. The campus is located just two blocks east of Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so there’s a lot to do and see around Hunter.

    Students on Niche gave high marks to the school’s value and diversity but a very low D- grade to the campus. Although many feel the school is extremely safe, they also agree that it’s on the less eventful side for a college, with no major emphasis on Greek life or sports.

    • Acceptance Rate: 35%

    National Vs Regional Accreditation

    Colleges are accredited by either regional or national agencies.

    Regionally accredited online colleges are typically nonprofit and state-operated. In the U.S., there are seven regional accrediting agencies that evaluate two-year and four-year colleges. Some states also have their own accrediting bodies independent of the regional agencies. You can learn more about each individual agency, and its jurisdiction, through the Office of Postsecondary Education.

    Most nationally accredited online colleges are for-profit and meet lower academic standards than their regional counterparts. Students considering a nationally accredited online college should research the school’s reputation and understand how academic standards differ from regionally accredited schools. It’s important to note that most nationally accredited schools will accept transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities, but the opposite is not always true.

    Students should also be wary of accreditation mills that offer genuine-looking but ultimately phony endorsements to schools.

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    Materials Science And Engineering

    • Base Salary: $69,400
    • Median Salary : $92,390
    • Job Outlook : 2%

    Although the job outlook for materials engineers isn’t that high, this major and career should still give you a good shot at making a decent amount of money in the long run.

    A materials engineering program integrates the fields of math and science, allowing students to study an array of materials, from glass and plastic to metals and ceramics. A materials science major is extremely similar but normally has a bigger emphasis on improving the function and composition of materials. Some colleges combine the two majors into a single materials science and engineering program.

    Classes typically include calculus, physics, chemistry, engineering design, properties of materials, thermodynamics, kinetics of materials, smart materials, and sustainable energy technologies.

    • Median Salary : $93,280
    • Job Outlook : 11%

    Biochemistry is a useful science major to consider if you’re passionate about biological processes and lab work. Biochemists currently have high job growth and a median salary of $93,000.

    Although you’ll need a graduate degree to become a biochemist, you can use your bachelor’s in biochemistry in positions such as biological technician or pharmacy technician, which are presently experiencing faster-than-average employment growth .

    • Median Salary : $88,190
    • Job Outlook : 33%

    Why Does Accreditation Matter


    Accreditation matters because it sets quality standards meant to ensure that online degrees hold value. Employers and graduate schools know that if you hold a degree from an accredited online college, then you graduated from a program that meets the rigorous requirements for accreditation.

    In contrast, an unaccredited degree can cost you more than job offers. Graduates of diploma mills risk leaving school with debt and nothing to show for it but a degree that isn’t recognized by employers, graduate schools, or professional certifying agencies.

    Always verify that an online college or online university is accredited.

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    University Of Minnesota Twin Cities

    Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.

    The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, has more people than most armies in history had soldiers. With just under 70,000 people studying under its instruction, 25,000 faculty administering that instruction, and an alumni network of over 400,000, Minnesotas web of influence has encircled the globe. The giant school, sprawling along the boundary between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, now impacts Minnesotas economy to the tune of $8.6 billion annually. This combination of massive financial resources and legions of brilliant minds is why Minnesota has no fewer than 325 research centers and institutes, giving students the opportunity to pursue their passions no matter where they lead. The school has developed an especially successful medical research program through its childrens hospital and biomedical library. Typically, one would expect a school of such size and prominence to be driven solely by publications and patents. The University of Minnesota, however, has maintained a compassionate touch with its giant hands. In addition to its childrens hospital, the school also runs an extremely successful education program for pupils in grades K-12. This allows children and parents, as well as future educators, to learn about learning while learning about everything else as a result, Minnesota stands at the forefront of education research.

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