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Where To Buy Comforters For College

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More Quick Tips On Buying Dorm Bedding

College Dorm Room MUST HAVE – Bedding!
  • If you plan on storing lots of stuff under your bed , consider buying a simple bed skirt. A simple white bed skirt will cover up the unsightly storage boxes underneath, and is the easiest way to make a bed look clean and put-together.
  • Dont forget offline stores for buying dorm bedding. Make sure to hit up your local Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, or other discount store I recently bought an entire Ralph Lauren Home bedding set there!
  • Vinegar can soften your sheets if you throw it in with the fabric softener. Some sheets get scratchy after a few washes, and this is a quick and inexpensive fix.
  • The word sateen on the label usually means that the sheets will feel like heaven.

The 4 Best Comforters For College Dorm Room

Its time for college and you need to getyourself ready. Shopping for the stuff youre going to need in the dorm is whatyou got to do next. And one item that must be on your college shopping list isa comforter. Winter is coming and you need something that will keep you warm atnight, as well as provide a comfy feeling that will help you fall asleepfaster.

A good comforter can achieve those things.The word to pay attention to here is good. You cant buy just any kind ofcomforter you need one thats made of soft and warm fabric, which is going tofeel good on your skin. A good comforter also needs to be easy to wash,preferably in a washing machine. It also needs to look nice, so that it wouldfit in nicely with the style of your college dorm room.

So, how are you supposed to find one such comforter? You can try to look for one on Amazon, but we warn you, there are literally hundreds of products there, so finding your ideal comforter would take ages. Instead, we have a better alternative for you read our reviews of best comforters for college dorm and make your buying decision based on that!

Tips On Buying Bedding For College

  • Get extra-long twin sheets. Thats the number one rule for dorm room bedding, which they probably tell you at orientation. But seriously take note. Normal twin size sheets wont fit most dorm beds, so you need to get XL-Twin. Note: You can get away with a full-size comforter, which will just hang longer over the side of the bed.
  • Think carefully about white bedding. In college, your dorm room is where you spend most of your time whether its studying, pre-gaming, hanging out with friends, or even eating. Since there isnt much room for chairs in the typical dorm, your bed is going to be like a couch most of the time. Therefore, if you get white bedding, its possible it will be stained/ruined by the end of the semester. If youre dead set on white , make sure whatever you get can be bleached!
  • Buy a few sets of sheets. You arent going to feel like doing laundry more often than every two weeks, and if you only have one set of sheets, theyre going to get grungy. Oh, and message to the guys: you need to wash your sheets more than once a year! If youre lazy, get a few sheet sets and swap them out regularly.
  • Buy a mattress pad. Trust me the mattress your dorm room comes with is going to be hard as a rock! Get a good mattress pad and your back will thank you!
  • A high thread count does not necessarily guarantee that your comforter will be luxe-feeling. A tpi of 300-400 is a good mix of softness and durability.
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    Mattress Topper And Protector

    Since dorm room mattresses aren’t typically the most comfortable, you’re wise to come prepared with a mattress topper. The options from Parachute provide an additional layer of cloud-like plushness for the ultimate shut-eye experience, even thousands of miles from home.

    If you suffer from allergies, you may want to get a mattress protector as well. The cambric cotton designs from Parachute go on like a fitted sheet and feature a tight weave to keep dust and other allergens at bay without compromising breathability.

    For a deeper dive into toppers and protectors, take a look at Parachute’s Guide to Mattress Toppers and Pads.

    The Best Bedding For Dorm Rooms

    FAQs about College Dorm Bedding

    Before college students move into dorms, they have lots of back-to-school shopping to do. Dorm bedding frequently tops shopping lists, followed by other bedding essentials that help them get a better nights rest.

    Once college students choose sheet sets, comforters or beds-in-a-bag for their dorm beds, the next bedding purchases they make usually revolve around comfort. Many students invest in high-quality pillows, while others buy weighted blankets or mattress pads. Its also common for college students to add a soft touch to their bedding setup with stuffed animals.

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    Walmart: A Haven For Budget


    Already a haven for budget-friendly finds, Walmart has a bedding collection that is no exception. In addition to traditional single item products such as quilts, blankets and mattress toppers, Walmarts collection also feature bed-in-bag sets for all-in-one bedding. Most sets include a comforter, a bed skirt, shams and bed sheets for decking out your bed without requiring you to buy anything else. You can also find microfiber sheets like the wrinkle resistant set featured above and many other bedding products that will do their job and wont have you spending more than you want.

    Best Stripe: Pottery Barn Wheaton Stripe Percale Comforter & Shams

    Products Included: 1 comforter, 2 pillow shams | Sizes: Full/Queen, King/Cali King | Material: Organic cotton and down alternative | Return Policy: Returnable within 30 days

    Another classic comforter pattern is stripes, and we cant get enough of the Wheaton Stripe Percale Comforter & Shams. The comforter and shams are sold separately, and theyre made from 100 percent organic cotton percale and OEKO-TEX certified, so theyre free from potentially concerning chemicals. The 250-gram comforter is filled with 100 percent polyester to keep you cozy while you sleep. Plus, the thin gray-tone stripe pattern is versatile and pairs well with both solid and print sheets.

    The comforter is available in full/queen and king/California king sizes, while the sham comes in standard, Euro, or king sizes, and the set is machine washable.

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    Wayfair Has A Pretty Big Selection Of Gorgeous Bedding For The Ultimate Night Of Beauty Sleep


    Shipping: Some products will qualify for free shipping as specified on the item’s landing page. Free grounding shipping on orders over $49, and a flat shipping fee of $4.99 for orders $49 and under.

    Get the House of Hampton comforter set for $76.73+ , and the The Twillery Co. pillowcase set for $19.99+ .

    How Much Do Scantron Sheets Cost

    what you REALLY need in your dorm room // college dorm essentials GIVEAWAY

    There is no one-size-fits-all cost, as this will depend on where you buy them and the brands selling them.

    The brand-name Scantron sheets will be more expensive than knock-off test sheets that are generic. Its also cheaper buying Scantron sheets online vs. at school.

    For example, a popular 882-E Answer Sheets package goes for about $75.75 per package on the Scantron website. Thats roughly $0.15 per sheet. Now, compare that to the price of $1.69 for a six-pack you will find in most college bookstores. That is roughly $0.28 per sheet. Almost double!

    The advantage of buying them at the college bookstore is that you will find them in small quantities, the exact quantity you need. But when buying online from the Scantron website, you will have to buy them in bulk. The site doesnt sell small quantities but only 500 sheets per package.

    This presents an opportunity for savvy students to make money fast as a kid. You wont need anything near $500 in Scantron sheets throughout your college career. That means if you decide to buy the 500 sheet pack in bulk via the Scantron website, you will need to find a way to make some of your money back.

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    Microfiber Comforter Blanket For College Students By Amazonbasics

    There really is no need for spending too much money on a comforter when you can get a fantastic comforter at a very attractive price.

    Thats exactly what AmazonBasics has in its offer. Heres an all-season comforter made of incredibly soft material thats machine washable and extra durable.

    Apart from being made of good material, the comforter is also designed beautifully. It has a reversible design, so you can pick which color is going to the top.

    It also has diamond stitching, which keeps the polyester fill in one place. On top of everything, it also looks nice and is available in three dimensions and eight different colors.


    Best Duvet Cover: Marimekko Rosarium Duvet Set

    Products Included: 1 duvet cover, 2 pillow shams | Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King | Material: Cotton | Return Policy: Varies by retailer

    If you already have a comforter you like, you can get a duvet cover set to give your trusty blanket a new look. The Marimekko Rosarium Duvet Set is a gorgeous option that will brighten up your bedroom decor.

    The set includes a duvet cover and two shams made from 100 percent cotton percale with a 200 thread count, and it feels crisp and cool. The floral design features bold colors that pair well with a variety of sheets, from classic white to brighter shades of pink, orange, and blue. And for easy care, the set is machine washable and the duvet cover has button closures and additional ties to help keep it in place on your comforter.

    Products Included: 1 comforter, 2 pillow shams | Sizes: Full/Queen, King | Material: Cotton and down alternative fill | Return Policy: Returnable within 30 days

    Nothing gives a bedroom a homey touch quite like a beautiful floral comforter. If youre going for an elegant, feminine vibe, youll love the Lauren Ralph Lauren Willa Reversible Comforter Set, which sports a timeless oversized floral print.

    This set comes with a reversible comforter and two pillow shams, which are made from a cotton percale fabricideal for summer. One side has a blue-gray floral pattern, and the other features a simple striped design.

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    Best For Winter: Andover Mills Tulare Box Reversible Comforter Set

    Products Included: 1 comforter, 1 or 2 pillow shams | Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King | Material: Microfiber, polyester faux micro-mink, and down alternative | Return Policy: Returnable, 90-day warranty

    Youll stay cozy and warm all winter with this reversible comforter set. The Andover Mills Tulare Box Reversible Comforter set has luxurious sherpa material on one side and faux suede on the other, allowing you to change up the look of your bed without sacrificing any warmth during the cold winter nights.

    This set includes a comforter and two shams and you have your choice of seven neutral colors such as pewter gray, navy, and ivory. The bedding is machine-washable, and its incredibly luxurious, decadent, and warm. However, if you have a boxspring on your bed, you may want to order one size up.

    Dormify Specializes In College

    Where to Buy Dorm Bedding

    What they have: As you could tell by the name, an array of choices to make the college kiddos happy. But, hey, you don’t have to be in college to enjoy cute duvets/comforters, comfy sheets, and unique throws.


    Shipping:Free ground shipping on all U.S. orders above $50.

    Get the Sienna duvet cover+sham set for $74+ , and the tie-dye jersey sheet set for $49+ .

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    Home Depot: Your Source For Sets Under $50

    Home Depot

    Home Depot has a surprisingly large selection to browse when youre ready to upgrade your bedding. The home improvement retailers bedding and linens collection features sheet sets, bedding sets, down comforters and mattress toppers for under $50 and $100. So theres no need to lug your down comforter from home, when you can get another one that wont cost you much and actually fits your new dorm bed.

    Tips For Choosing Dorm Bedding

    So, what do you need to set the scene for restful sleep in your dorm room? Think beyond the sheets and include mattress pads, bed skirts and down-alternative duvet inserts on your shopping list. A throw at your toes adds a cozy touch, and a reversible comforter will be your best friend when you spill your coffee in bed at 2 a.m.

    Coffee stains in mind, it’s easy to see the importance of outfitting your bed with durable, machine-washable materials. Cotton and microfiber are popular picks, and if you can throw bleach on them, that’s even better. Perhaps the most important takeaway from our crash course on college bedding is that size matters. Most college dorms come with elongated twin beds to accommodate taller students and, as such, require Twin XL bedding for a seamless fit.

    Outfit your dorm room with our picks for the best college bedding in the links below.

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    Best For Summer: Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set

    Products Included: 1 comforter, 2 pillow shams | Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali King | Material: Microfiber | Return Policy: Returnable

    When the weather turns warm, this lightweight coverlet set from Mellanni is a stylish way to sleep comfortably. Made from 100 percent microfiber, the textured coverlet is the perfect weight for summer nightsnot too hot, but it still helps you feel cozy. The set includes a bedspread and two shams, and it’s available in full/queen or king/California king sizes. Choose from 15 colors and patterns, including navy blue, gray, and olive green.

    Also helpful: This set is easy to care for by machine washing and drying, and it’s resistant to fading, stains, and wrinkles. Combine that with an affordable price and this coverlet set is hard to resist.

    Where To Buy Scantron Sheets Near Me For College 10 Places

    What to Bring to College Packing List // Dorm Packing List // Michigan State University

    Are you looking for where to buy Scantron sheets for college? But before you hit the road looking or ask Alexa the best place to buy Scantrons near me, there are a couple of things you need to know.

    Shouldnt colleges provide Scantrons for students? A few colleges provide them, while many colleges insist that students pay out of their own pocket. Some colleges that dont require the departments to buy Scantrons for the students include California State University-Long Beach, LSU, West Liberty University, Collin college, and more. Wow, and I thought I was frugal!

    So, why should students be forced to buy Scantron sheets for college? There is a lot of debate about this. Many feel that college tuition expenses should cover Scantron forms. And this makes sense, given the high cost of college education in the US.

    According to US News, more than 70% of students take out student loans to cover their tuition and living expenses. The average college graduate will already be over $30,000 into the financial hole by graduation date! Telling such a burdened student to buy Scantrons is just another blow in their bank account and may seem like overkill.

    But colleges and universities have their own reasons for pushing the cost onto students. Budget cuts and rising costs are the top factors. Colleges and universities receive budgets from the government, and they, too, have to cut costs to stay within those budgets.

    You may even end up earning some extra money if you think outside the box!

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    Anthropologie: A High End Shop With Elevated Options


    Anthropologies bedding section includes throw blankets, decorative pillows and sheet sets in one-of-a-kind prints, patterns and textures thatll give your resting space a distinctive look and feel. By using the helpful filters, you can shop the clothing companys best-selling bedding options to fit your budget. With organic cotton sheets, faux fur throw pillows and fringe-embellished blankets, you can turn your dorm bed into a bohemian resting place.

    College Dorm Bedding Pack By Dormco

    This isnt just a comforter its all the bedding you need for your college dorm room. The package includes a reversible comforter, as well as two sets of sheets, mattress encasement, mattress pad, crate topper, bath towels, washcloths, pillow, and two pillowcases.

    It also comes with a laundry bag, a shower tote, and a clear-view jumbo storage.

    Although you get all those things in the pack, we will focus on the comforter as this article is all about helping college students find such items. And the comforter in question is truly awesome!

    Its because its made of microfiber that makes it soft, sturdy, and easy to maintain. Its also because its reversible, so that you can choose between two colors. Finally, its also because its a suitable choice for all seasons.


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    How Big Are Dorm Beds

    Most dorm beds, including dorm loft beds, have twin XL mattresses. They measure 38 x 80 inches and are 9 to 12 inches thick.

    Twin XL mattresses are five inches longer than regular twin mattresses, but some manufacturers make twin/twin XL bedding that fits both mattress sizes. This Bare Home comforter, for example, is suitable for both twin and twin XL mattresses.

    Additionally, note that not all manufacturers bedding collections are available in twin XL. However, theres no shortage of options on the market.

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