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Where Can I Get Free College Textbooks

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Websites To Download Free Textbooks

How to Get Free College Textbooks (Working 2021)

Whether you’re a student or looking to learn something new, textbooks are expensive. So, here are five websites where you can download them for free.

Textbooks are not only good sources of information for scholars, but could also be useful to anyone seeking to learn something new. But sometimes, because of the years of research contributed to produce textbooks, they can cost a fortune.

The good news is that you dont have to break the bank to acquire knowledge. Here, we’ll look at five legitimate websites you can use to legally download free PDF textbooks.

Helping Hands Book Scholarship Program

One-time awards of $100.00 $1,000.00 are awarded to college/university, technical, vocational, and graduate students. High school students are invited to apply for aid directed toward one of these institutions of higher learning. Applicants must attend an institution in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Funding is available for fall and spring semesters.

Apologize When You Need To

This one goes along with being able to resolve conflict. Sometimes, you are in the wrong. Maybe you said or did something wrong, and it upset your friend. It is important to acknowledge what you said or did and apologize. And it has to be a genuine apology.

They can tell if it is fake. So do not try and do a half-hearted apology. Keep it simple. Acknowledge what happened, and say, Im sorry. Trust me, it will help things move forward a lot easier and faster if you do so.

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Nothing Is Off Limits

Okay, this next one is especially true for people who are friends for life. And this one is definitely true for my friends and me. We share everything. We talk about whatever is on our minds, no matter what it is. It may be weird, gross, or confusing, but we talk about it. It may not be what the other person wants to hear, but nothing is off limits, so it is said.

If you have a friendship like that, you are for sure stuck with one another forever. You share everything, and some may say it is too much, but you do not care. That is what friendships are for. You overshare and talk about weird things. This is a friendship goal! Who else would you do that with?

Familiar Resources Cover Books

Book Stacking Open Book Hardback Books On Wooden Table And ...

College budgets contain entries for tuition, meals, housing, transportation, fees and of course books. For students assembling college financing packages, where the money goes is not nearly as important as covering the total cost of a college education. Filling the financial aid pool follows a standardized protocol that starts with filing the most important catch-all financial aid request: the FAFSA.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the standardized federal application that is also used by states and other financial aid guarantors. Textbook scholarships dont always require data provided on the FAFSA, but so much financial assistance starts with filing the form that it pays to submit the completed application well before the filing deadline.

Federal, state and private financial aid is generally not restricted for use buying textbooks, so scholarships, grants and loans are fair game for textbook financing. If money remains after tuition is paid, use Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans to underwrite bookstore bills. And include targeted textbook scholarships as part of your plan. These examples illustrate the range of textbook philanthropy sponsored by associations, foundations and other student benefactors.

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Websites That Offer College Textbooks For Free

While many college courses may have become virtual, students are still expected to have the required materials with that in mind heres a helpful list of eight websites that offer free college textbooks.

With continued concerns for safety as a result of COVID-19, many schools have made the decision to switch or continue with, remote learning for the fall semester.

While many college courses may have become virtual, students are still expected to have the required materials with that in mind heres a helpful list of nine websites who offer good-quality higher education textbooks at no cost, saving you hundreds and potentially even thousands of dollars in the process.

  • Open Textbook Library
  • Open Textbook Library caters to all major subjects and even has a section of self-help and study success texts designed specifically for students. Each of the books also has a handy rating system, as provided by other users, allowing you to narrow down which textbook is best for you.

  • Saylor Academy
  • Saylor Academy boasts an awesome repository of free and easily accessible textbooks. It covers a large variety of subjects, so you are bound to find something to assist you in your studies, while there are also supplemental categories for less traditional fields, such as online marketing, social media, and public speaking.

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Pay Attention To The Little Things

    Sometimes it is the little things to matter. Noticing if they are wearing something new, if they changed up something if they have something they wear or bring with them every day. Maybe you notice if they seem off or happy.

    That shows you pay attention enough and care to notice those small things. It can simply just take note of something and mention it casually. It does not have to be made into a big deal.

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    Project Gutenburg: Free Ebooks For Everyone

    This website is a volunteer effort to create and distribute ebooks for free. If you need a text in the public domain, you will find it here for sure, formatted, and ready to download at your convenience. Project Gutenberg primarily offers fiction works from Western Culture, but it also has an extensive collection of reference books.

    Get Cheap Textbooks On Amazon

    How to Download College Textbooks as a pdf for Free – Library Genesis

    is a great place to find cheap college textbooks. On Amazon, you can save up to 90% on rental, new, used and digital textbooks.

    Buying textbooks used can save you a lot of money.

    On Amazon, you can save up to 90% on used textbooks.

    Also, renting your textbooks, rather than buying them is a good way to save a ton of money.

    You can save up to 90% on textbook rentals on Amazon.

    And, you can also save up to 49% on new textbooks, and up to 60% off print list price when you by eTextbooks.

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    They Get You Thoughtful Gifts

    With every weird and unique gift, there is usually a thoughtful gift to go along with it. It could be a clothing item they wanted or something related to their favorite show or music artist. It could be something that symbolizes the friendship between the two of you.

    Whatever it is, it will have some sort of significance to you or your friend. If they get you something extremely thoughtful and sentimental, then they are for sure the best friend ever. They took the time to find something that they knew you would love. They remembered specific things about you and put thought and time into it. They would not do that for just anyone.

    Options For Buying College Textbooks From Chegg

    Students needs vary from student to student which is why we offer new textbooks, used textbooks, etextbooks, and textbook rental. You can access your college textbooks the way you want to when you buy or rent through Chegg. When you find your textbook title, click on its listing to compare the options and prices.

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    You Can Go Long Periods Of Time Without Talking Or Seeing One Another But Things Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

    This next friendship goal is one that me and my best friend back home definitely fall into. I go to school two hours away from her, so we do not get to see one another very often, and we may go for periods of time without talking. However, when we do get to see each other, it is like no time has passed. We pick right back up and go back to our usual activities and conversations.

    If you and your best friend can do that, then that is a sign of true friendship. You can go back to how things were. You can catch up and go right back into the swing of things. It is not awkward or hard to go back to what you were like before. That is the ultimate friendship goal and indicator that you have built a strong friendship.

    Where Can I Get Free College Textbooks

    Free stock photo of book stack, books, classic

    Now, a quick note: Do be careful if you decide to , because there can be copyright issues.

    We recommend only downloading PDF textbooks that are in the public domain, arent copyrighted, have an open copyright license or where the owner of the work has given permission for you to download it.

    Here are some ways to get college textbooks for free .

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    Get Free College Textbooks On Reddit

    Reddit is such a great source for finding free stuff, including free textbooks that I had to put it in its own category.

    By the way, if youre looking for more free stuff, check out our Reddit freebies post for a list of best subreddit for finding free stuff.

    Now, although Reddit is one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world, most people have no idea it existed and if they do, they have a hard time getting how it works.

    What makes Reddit one of the best places to find free stuff is its subreddits. A subreddit is basically a forum within the main forum . Each subreddit is dedicated to a single topic. Meaning every thread and comment posted on that subreddit is highly related to the topic of the subreddit.

    And that means you get highly targeted and relevant comments from all kinds of users.

    Of course, there are also subreddits dedicated to free and/or cheap textbooks. On some subreddits, you can post a request for a book that you want and if anyone knows a source to get it for free or cheap, theyll post a comment. Other subreddits, users share free book sources as they find them. It really is a goldmine for getting cheap and free textbooks from places that otherwise you might have never know about.

    Some of the best subreddits for finding totally free textbooks include:

    Why Are Textbooks So Expensive

    Its a bit like the dog food problem. Dogs are the ones who are going to eat the food, but the owner is the purchaser of said dog . food. If the dog food manufacturers can make that dog food attractive to owners, they will buy it. Does the dog get a say? Not really.

    Your course instructors get to choose the textbooks for your courses. They dont have to buy them. In fact, it is likely that the publisher sends them a free copy. Or that their department purchases it for them. Professors have no incentive to find a less expensive option, and all the reputable academic publishers charge a fortune for most of their textbooks. The easiest thing is for the instructor to just assign what they have been sent, or what has been used in the past. They dont feel the pain that you experience when buying expensive course materials.

    One issue then is that the system is rigged to charge a lot for these required textbooks, and the people who suffer dont have much of a say. But textbooks do take a lot of work to write, fact-check, proofread, and publish. So perhaps they are worth more than a superhero comic book. Publishers do need to charge a bit more to keep these resources up-to-date and relevant to curriculum standards. But how much is too much to charge? For thrifty students, there are many ways to find either good deals or free textbooks online, so maybe you dont need to pay the list price.

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    Bookboon: Science Ebooks For Overwhelmed Students

    Bookboon is an online publishing company that also offers free books for college students. It is focused primarily on all subjects related to engineering, so it might not be for everyone. If youre getting a degree in this field, this website will be perfect for you. You can find references for the most specific topics.

    Look For Deals In Bundled Online Textbooks

    How to get FREE textbooks! | Online PDF and Hardcopy (2020)

    In an effort to reduce the burden of textbook costs, some online colleges have begun bargaining outright with publishers on behalf of their students. Others even include the cost of online textbooks in all of their courses, so there are no surprise extra costs for students.

    Colorados Online Community College system, a consortium of 14 Colorado state-supported , plans to tack a $49 book fee onto online tuition costs. Payment of the $49 fee will allow online students access to Pearson Educations extension library of digital textbooks for the entire semester.

    With some textbooks costing more than $150 in print format, a one-time $49 digital access fee that allows access to multiple course textbooks can be a huge cost-cutter.

    Similarly, Rio Salado Community College in Arizona created a unique partnership with Pearson Custom Publishing to produce customized printed textbooks with content specific to Rio Salados distance learning courses.

    Beginning in 2009, Rio Salado promises its online students custom textbooks for more than 30 online courses at an average savings of 51 percent off the cost of the original new textbook.

    Check with your online college prior to enrollment to see if they have special production or discounted rental or fee arrangements with any print or digital textbook publishers.

    Textbook publishers are under a lot of pressure to produce a better product at a lower cost now that online book publishing and distributing have gone mainstream.

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    Sell Your Old Books For Cash To Buy New Ones

    If you have old books, whether theyre college textbooks from last year that you no longer need or fiction titles that youve already read, then consider selling them.

    When you sell your textbooks, you can use this money to put towards new college textbooks. If you have enough books, or books that have a good value, then you may be able to make enough money to pay for your college textbooks entirely.

    One place to consider selling is on Amazon, with the Amazon trade-in program.

    Amazon trade-in is a program that allows you to sell your old items, including books, for Amazon gift cards.

    So you can sell the books you no longer need, and then use the gift cards to buy books on Amazon.

    Check out the Amazon Trade-In program here.

    Amazon isnt the only place where you can sell your used books either. Check out the following platforms:

    If you do plan to sell books, to make sure that you get the best price for them, check out BookScouter.

    Its a website that you can use to compare the price youd get for a book you want to sell at more than 40 book buyback vendors.

    This is so much quicker and more convenient than having to visit each website individually.

    Also, all of the buyback vendors on the website allow you to ship your books for free.

    American Institute Of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative

    If you need math textbooks, then check out the American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative. Theres a section for Approved Textbooks, which includes textbooks that have been judged to meet the evaluation criteria set by the AIM editorial board.

    On there, you can find textbooks on a wide range of subjects, like Trigonometry, Calculus, Mathematical Computing, Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, and Geometry and Topology.

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    Being Around Them Makes You Happy Not Drained

    I know we all get exhausted when we are around people too much. We hit our people meter and just feel drained. It happens to everyone from time to time. However, if you can be around your friend for hours on end and not feel that way, then that is a great sign. That means you can be around each other for hours and never get tired of one another.

    That is something rare, but it can happen with your best friend. You love spending time with one another and can think of endless things to do and not feel drained or bored. You want to be around each other. That is a friendship goal.

    Get Gift Cards On Instagccom

    ICSE Past &  Present A Textbook of History &  Civics Class ...

    InstaGC is a rewards website that pays you in gift cards.

    Youll earn points for doing tasks, like:

    • Completing surveys
    • Shopping online
    • Searching the internet

    And, you can redeem you points for gift cards to bookstores, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

    So, you can use your gift card to pay for a textbook and essentially get it for free!

    Start earning free gift cards with instaGC here.

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    They Are In Your Future

    I am sure that you have imagined what your future would look like. What job you would have, where you would live, if you would have kids, etc. Now, have you imagined a specific friend being there? Have you thought about if the person you consider your best friend right now would be in your future? Because if they are your best friend, you have.

    They are someone you picture being in your life forever. You may live close to each other or not. But you at least keep in touch, talk often, visit one another, etc. If the friendship is strong, you will stay in touch no matter what happens. That is the ultimate friendship goal. It will not be easy, but you two are strong enough to get through it.

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