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What Ipad Should I Buy For College

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Creating A Pdf Portfolio From Multiple Pages In Photoshop

SHOULD YOU Buy an iPad? | Students Guide 2021

Open Photoshop and create all your pages the same size, 2048 X 1536 pixels. Place each image and text on a separate page. You can determine how many pages that you want in your portfolio. A general guide is 15-20 pages.

Go up to File> Automate> PDF Presentation. Check this box, Add Open Files, and click Save. Name your file and Save it to a location on your computer.

This is handy tip in creating a pdf file from multiple pages or images in Adobe Photoshop.

Make sure to check the Add Open Files box.

When another dialog box appears, make sure Optimize for Fast Web Preview is checked.

Make sure that the Optimize for Fast Web preview box is ticked.

Click on Compression under General . At the top, change the Adobe PDF Preset to High Quality Print, and next to Image Quality, change the setting from Maximum to Medium. Then click on the Save PDF button.

Choose the High Quality Print from the Adobe PDF Preset at the top. Then change Maximum beside Compression to Medium.

Tip: Try and keep the file size below 5mb so as you can email it to potential employers or clients. If you cant optimize the file size to less than 5mb, then create another portfolio with less pages. PDF files can be viewed on a Mac or PC.

If you dont have Photoshop, then read on to number six below, and Ill show you how to create a PDF portfolio using Google Slides.

Best Ipad For Students

iPad 10.2in : Best For Bargain Hunters

  • Best Prices Today:

Since we expect that students are likely to be looking for a bargain we’d suggest that the 10.2in iPad is the closest you can get to a bargain iPad – especially once you apply the student discount

In September 2020 Apple updated the processor inside the 10.2in iPad from the A10 to the A12. The new generation of processor will make a significant difference compared to the previous generation.

Nothing else changed in September 2020 – the design is exactly the same as the previous version. But there is another bonus if you are in the UK: in September 2020 the price dropped by £20, meaning the cheapest iPad is even cheaper.

Since it’s a low cost iPad you don’t get all the bells and whistles that come with the other iPads: storage is a measly 32GB at the entry-level the screen isn’t as good – its not fully laminated so it feels a bit more flimsy, and it lacks the anti-reflective coating it is only compatible with the smart keyboard and 1st generation Apple Pencil and the camera is only 8MP and the FaceTime camera is a poor 1.2MP.

But if you don’t mind all of that then it’s a good choice.

If on the other hand you aren’t looking for bargain, but would rather get the best iPad you can for your money, read on…

Read more about the 10.2in iPad here.

iPad mini : Most Portable iPad

  • Best Prices Today:

If the most important factor to you is portability there’s one iPad in particular that you might want to consider.

Best For Work: Macbook Pro 13

While the MacBook Pro vs iPad Pro debate is getting more and more attention these days, most people would still agree that if youre looking for a truly versatile office solution, you should probably stick with the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

With MacBook, you have access to the whole operating system and can open and modify any files with ease. You can also write, read, code, design, create complex spreadsheets or presentations, and much more. Some say that iPad Pro is catching up, and its true. But for a while the iPad vs laptop workplace dilemma is going to skew towards the latter.

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Never Worry About Losing Your Study Material

It sounds cliché and out of reach, but remember the my dog ate my homework excuse? Well my dog actually ripped up my handwritten notes I was studying from and I was devastated .

I have friends who lost their notebooks, got their notes stolen, spilled water on their notes the list goes on. Imagine the countless hours of hard work being ruined in a matter of seconds.

I know how this feels, as I personally lost my notes and spilled tea over my bullet journal.

With the iPad, you wont ever have to feel that abysmal feeling ever again.

Now, every time I finish taking my notes, I save it on the cloud. I feel confident knowing that my notes will always be backed up and there for me no matter what happens.

Is There A Student Offer For Ipads

discounteddesignermenswear: Should I Buy An Ipad For College

There is indeed! Apple offers lower prices on a whole range of its products for students, though the exact amount of discount differs depending on the price. But Apple also does special student offers on iPads that tend to appear before term time on Apples website. These are usually around free items and discounted Apple Care. Student iPad offers for 2021 include a free set of AirPods when buying an eligible Mac or iPad through Apple’s specific Education Store Online.

In the UK, you’ll need to be verified using the UNiDays system before you can browse the discounts.

With its slick square-edged design and ultra-fast processor, the 2020 iPad is still the tablet to beat. It works with the 2nd Generation of Apple Pencil, meaning that note taking is just a matter of clipping the pencil satisfyingly on and off when needed and it comes with easy to use Touch ID fingerprint login to keep your iPad secure. The screen is pleasantly bright, and while it doesn’t include a 120Hz refresh rate the LCD is exceptionally easy on the eyes, with a pro-level of colour reproduction.

Battery wise too, it will depend how youre using it, but we got up to 10 hours of browsing and general tasks. Of course, if youre playing games then it’ll run down faster. Not that you’ll be doing that as a student, of course.

It has a USB-C port too, which means it can be connected to external storage when needed, or even useful peripherals, such a high-quality microphone.

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Which Ipad To Buy For College

If youre in the market for an iPad for college, here are a few things to know as far as which iPad to buy for college.

While many students might be shopping for a new laptop, there are a handful of students who will be buying an iPad for many reasons, as the iPad can be a great productivity tool. Weve already discussed which MacBook students should buy if they plan on buying an Apple laptop for college, but an iPad can also make a great college companion as well.

The iPad was first marketed as a consumption device. Users could play games, browse the web, check email, and the like, but the last couple of years has seen a surge in different uses for the iPad, including the many new uses that users have come up with.

Many users have started discovering the productivity powers of the iPad, especially with all of the different iPad apps that make that possible. Apps like Evernote, Pixelmator, etc. allow users to create things right on their iPads without needing a full computer to do so, making them decent alternatives to laptops for some users.

If youre thinking about buying an iPad for college, here are some things you should know that could make your decision easier as far as which iPad to buy.

Ipad As A Compact Entertainment Gadget

These days iPads, tablet computers designed for both work and entertainment, are the most popular among students. They weigh not so much, have a quality and large display, and are able to digest heavy mobile games platforms and programs. The characteristics depend on the certain model of the iPad.

For example, iPad Pro weighs 713 grams and has a display of 12.9 inches. An iPad tablet is a good choice for people who prefer to surf the web a lot, look for information, watch movies and read books and Reddit pay for homework reviews. Its screen is perfect for any task. There are also a great number of games that arent available in MacBooks.

But entering information using the touch screen is not as convenient as using a usual keyboard, and the document software doesnt work as well as on an Apple laptop. The benefit is that iPad considers as a great option for fans of travel.

If you are going to travel for a long time and distance-a battery that can last at least 10 hours is great support on the way. So, feel free to spend time reading books, watching movies or playing games on the tablet.

Thousands of games are available on the AppStore for those who like to play. MacBooks dont have such a variety of games because not all developers port their games to Mac OS.

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It’s A Status Symbol Plain And Simple

Like any gadget, the iPad is a status symbol. Like any Apple gadget, it’s an expensive status symbol. It’s something we’ve been trained by society and lifestyle magazines to want, simply because it’s a luxury — and if we can be the first to have it, somehow, we “win.” To combat this, you can earnestly tell your kids that they don’t need things to make them popular with their classmates. Then explain to them that laughing at you, when you’re trying to be serious, isn’t helping their cause.

Be warned, though, that this is a slightly dangerous reason to give your kids for not getting the iPad, as it all but ensures that you can’t buy one for yourself.

Your Guide To Using An Ipad In College

iPad for School BUYING GUIDE! (2020)

Published by Jenny on April 16, 2019April 16, 2019

Technology is so incredibly useful in college, but it can also hinder your learning if you dont use it correctly. I have perfected the integration of technology into my college curriculum and have worked out the kinks to create this simple guide to help you use an iPad in college.

Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links. If you order through them, I get some money on the side with no extra cost to you! For more information, look at my disclosure policy.

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Are You Buying A Tablet As A Laptop Replacement Or A Secondary Device

Think about some of the typical tasks youll be doing on your tablet. If you intend to use your tablet full time as your primary device, you can do that youll just need to look at the most powerful and most expensive models. If youre buying a tablet for use as a secondary device, you can save a lot of money by looking at models with smaller screens and fewer bells and whistles.

Best Ipads For Laptop Replacements

  • Save

If you are looking for an iPad as a laptop replacement, the iPad Air is probably the best one to go for. Why? Because its a mid-priced iPad but retains that all-screen design. You can also get it with up to 256GB of storagetwice what the regular iPad offers.

The iPad Air is also compatible with Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio, so its easy to turn it into a defacto laptop. And as mentioned earlier, the iPad Air has a USB-C connector, which makes it a much more laptop-like device than the Lightning port found on the regular iPad.

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What To Choose For College

If you are a student, you should not buy an iPad. MacBook is a good solution for study. Apparently, its much more convenient to read from it than from any laptop or computer. But through it all, MacBook has more advantages than the iPad. The first one is that the MacBook has a physical keyboard with backlit.

It comes in handy when you have to write college essays or add your feedback to expert writing reviews section on the writing service website.

Of course, you can connect the keyboard to your iPad via Bluetooth, but that way you can use up the battery faster, and theres always the risk that the connection will fail. The second advantage is that work programs are more convenient.

As you know, a tablet is not the best device for office software packages. The touch-sensitive keyboard on the screen reduces a view, and its inconvenient to scroll. MacBook works excellently with programs for documents.

Besides, it has an open-source system and the ability to run programs not only from the AppStore, which often doesnt have everything you need. Whats more, MacBook allows you to work with several programs at the same time.

If your tablet PC needs to wind down one program and connect another, using MacBook, you dont need to do it. Making a couple of clicks and you manage to work with another program.

What Do You Want Out Of Your Device

discounteddesignermenswear: Should I Buy An Ipad For College

Like most things, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. If you’re the type of person who has come to rely on a computer to do a lot of things, go ahead and get yourself a Mac. If you’re planning on playing a lot of video games during your time at school, get yourself a Mac.

However, if you want something ultra-portable that you can throw in your bag when you step out the door, an iPad might be the thing for you. More and more colleges are opening up to the idea of allowing students to work mostly on mobile and tablet devices, and the iPad is way ahead of the game when it comes to meeting and exceeding students needs.

If you choose to go with an iPad, we do highly recommend buying an iPad Pro if it’s in your budget, and you won’t get far without remembering to buy a compatible keyboard our personal recommendation is the Apple smart keyboard or the Keyfolio. This setup gives you plenty of room to read through reference material, watch videos, and write papers as needed, and the extra screen space gives you the ability to open Pages and Safari at the same time, making research a breeze.

An Apple Pencil is optional, though many students may find taking handwritten notes on the iPad a nice alternative to carrying around and managing multiple notebooks.

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Why The New Ipad Is Great For Students

With the start of a new school year just around the corner its a great time to look at why Apples new iPad is such an indispensible tool for students. From containing multiple textbooks in one slender tablet to multi-tasking as an organizer, the new iPad makes students’ lives easier.

The new iPad can serve as a document carrier and study aid, while also providing easy access to e-mail and the Internet. And when school work is done, the new iPad makes a great platform for playing games or watching videos. In a nutshell, the new iPad takes what used to be mountains of burdensome materials and condenses them into one transportable, biomechanically-friendly device youll never know how you lived without. You might even be able to get rid of that backpack!

What Ipads Get Right

The iPads appeal starts with portability. Most weigh about 1 pound. The slimmest new MacBook is 2.75 pounds.

And then theres price: Compare the $500 iPad Air plus $160 keyboard offer to Apples entry-level laptop, the $1,100 MacBook Air. You could spend hundreds less on a Chromebook or Windows laptop, but for many students a cheaper Apple computer that automatically syncs up with an iPhone is a draw.

For the Ohio and Kentucky officials who are going all-in on iPads, there was another important appeal: technology that a wide range of students already know how to use. Everyone is already expert in operating a touch-screen smartphone. The iPad levels the playing field, Kirsten Turner, Kentuckys associate provost for academic and student affairs, told me. This is how our students interact and acquire information.

For the past few years, the albatross around the iPads neck has been software that treated a powerful device like an oversized iPhone. iPadOS breaking off from iOS signals an important fork in the road. It comes with a zillion tweaks: a spot for informational widgets on the home screen, a keyboard you can resize and move around, and support for custom fonts.

A few of these changes raised the bar for the kind of work I could get done with my iPad:

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Macbook Is A Powerful Portable Computer For Business People

MacBook suits people who have to work with papers and spend a lot of time on the Internet. This device has a keyboard backlight, large, high-quality touchpad with a vibrating response. It weighs 1.5 kg and has a 13-inch screen.

If you need a fully functional gadget for college paper writing and having an easy typing MacBook is perfect for you. But it wont be able to cope with programs taking up a lot of computer memory because of simple characteristics and a lack of cooling.

Outfitting The New Ipad

Do I NEED An iPad for Nursing School?? | Should I Buy One??

If youre going to be carrying your new iPad around everywhere you go, youre going to want to make sure its protected. Even the most conscientious student is going to scuff, scratch, or just put plain wear and tear on the new iPad if its not properly covered.

You can store your iPad in a sleeve or case and then carry it with you in an existing bag, or by itself. Sleeves ranging from the fun iLuv sleeves to the hardy Porta Brace sleeves ensure your iPad will stay looking as good as new even at the end of the semester, while not adding a lot of bulk. Of course, a screen protector and a shell or a more heavy-duty case, like the Otter Box Defender Series Case, are also practical investments.

The Apple Smart cover is another wise option. Its multiple benefits include automatic on/off capabilities for your iPad when you open or close the cover, the ability to use the cover as a stand to elevate and angle the iPad for easier typing, and plain and simple protection from scrapes and scuffs.

A stand is also a great way to easily take in the view of the beautiful 9.7 Retina display of the new iPad for hours of use, whether youre reading a textbook or watching Microbe World with your earphones in. Give your wrists a rest and read, view, watch, and listen for hours of intense study.

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