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What Majors Are There In College

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Social Sciences And History

The 5 MOST USEFUL College Majors in 2021 (High Demand & Pay)

The BLS projects that employment of all life, physical, and social science occupations will grow 5% between 2019 and 2029, adding about 68,200 new jobs. To help meet this demand, an increasing number of students are pursuing social science majors. According to NCES, around 160,000 degrees in social sciences and history were awarded by postanchor institutions in 2017-18.

To help meet demand, an increasing number of students are pursuing social science majors.

The median annual pay for life, physical, and social science occupations is $68,160. However, because social science encompasses many different fields, wages can vary greatly by industry and occupation.

Undergraduate social science coursework generally takes an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating topics such as economics, sociology, and history. Social science programs often provide a liberal arts education, developing students’ analytical, communication, and leadership skills, and preparing them for an array of potential career paths.

Social Sciences and History Career Paths

What Majors Will My College Have

While most colleges and universities have similar majors, the specific majors you can choose from depends on the college you go to. Some places have similar types of majors that have different names .

If you’re curious whether or not your college has a specific major, the best thing to do is check your college’s course catalog. You’ll be able to see all of the specific majors you can choose from, as well as what courses you can take in of the different majors.

What Is A Course Of Study Meaning In College

A course of study in college means the schedule for how to complete a college program in a set amount of years. It includes all of the classes you need to take, along with how many electives you can choose. Theres usually flexibility in the order in which you take your classes, though some will have prerequisites.

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School Of Theater Film And Television

One of the leading programs of its kind in the world, the School of Theater, Film and Television is unique in that it formally recognizes the close relationship among these media. From study of the ancient origins of traditional theater to avant-garde video and technologically advanced stage and film production, students develop analytic skills while acquiring applied knowledge and experience in their chosen fields.

Applications are limited to the fall quarter and are reviewed for admission by the department to which you apply. For Theater majors, this review may include an audition. Transfer applicants must complete lower-division preparation coursework specific to their intended majors.

Note: Due to recent changes to the Department of Theater curriculum, it is impossible for Theater majors to change their major to Film and Television at the end of the sophomore year.

1. Not open to entering students.

The 17 Best College Majors For Finding A Job

Debt U  4,800 colleges and universities in the U.S. and ...

College Info , General Education

Trying to figure out what to major in? Then you’re probably curious about what the best college majors are in terms of how much money they can make you and what kinds of jobs you can get with them.

Here, we go over the criteria we used to determine the 17 best degrees to get. After, we cover some quick tips for identifying the best major for you.

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Wildlife And Fisheries Science

This major provides an integrated program of study for undergraduate students primarily interested in conservation and management of wildlife species and their environments. Graduates may pursue graduate-level training in wildlife and fisheries sciences, or careers in wildlife and fisheries management, research, information, and education.

What Are The Best College Majors To Get A Job

The best college majors to get a job are those in the higher rankings of projected job growth and lucrative salaries such as business administration, healthcare, and technology.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track of job growth and salary data for a wide range of professions. When looking for the best major, knowing which majors have the highest rankings in median salary and projected growth rate can be very useful in helping you make a more informed decision.

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Ology For Best Value College Majors

Our methodology for this article on the best value college majors uses four categories for scoring. These categories are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a major and minor, especially if you plan to go straight into the workforce instead of earning a graduate degree. An explanation of each category and its importance follows. Ties were broken by awarding the better ranking to the degree with a higher median salary among its best value jobs.


The flexibility of the degree was determined by the variety of job opportunities available to graduates. How broad is the field? How many different types of positions are available? How many industries make use of graduates with this degree? How much can you do in the field without education beyond the undergraduate level? All these factors combine to indicate how much flexibility a given degree has.


Starting Pay

Starting pay is an obvious factor to consider. This is the baseline pay for entry level positions available to those with the given degree. When there were multiple high-paying jobs available, we listed the starting pay as a range between the lowest and highest paying jobs.


Graduate School Of Education And Information Studies

What is a College Degree

UCLAs Graduate School of Education and Information Studies is reframing conversations on education and information studies from theory to practice. The UCLA Department of Education has been named the number one graduate school of education in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The Department is known as a leader in the study of urban education and the development and support of teachers and school leaders strongly committed to social justice.

The new B.A. in Education and Social Transformation prepares students to analyze current issues in education through a social justice lens and to emerge as effective advocates for positive change.

Students entering UCLA as first-year students as well as first-term transfer students who indicate Education and Social Transformation as their first-choice major on the general UC Application will be admitted as pre-majors. After completion of the lower-division prerequisites and 45 lower-division units, they may apply for admission to the major online.

Transfer applicants interested in the Education and Social Transformation major must meet the transfer preparation requirements and are admitted to the pre-major status.

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Undecided About Your Major

Making the transition to college can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond, especially when you’re undecided about your major. But don’t worry25 percent of incoming UO students arent sure about their majors when they enroll. Youll be in great company as you explore your academic opportunities.

One benefit to being undecided about your major is that your mind is opena lot like your future. Among the hundreds of academic programs you’ll find here at the UO, there will be many you’ve never imagined. Each term, you’ll find more than 3,000 classes to choose from in cutting-edge areas such as nanotechnology, sports marketing, product design, landscape architecture, ethnic studies, and many, many more.

Your Personal Interests Strengths And Experiences

This combination of factors is probably most important in finding the right major for you. What are your passions? Where do you thrive? What have you achieved in both your academic and extracurricular life? While you can certainly change course in college and try something new, your background can play a pivotal role in shaping your path forward.

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Do You Know How To Improve Your Profile For College Applications

See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. Calculate your chances at your dream schools and learn what areas you need to improve right now it only takes 3 minutes and it’s 100% free.

With so many majors and programs available, how do you know which one is the best pick for you? It can be hard to decide when youre still in high school, honing your interests and figuring out your career goals.

But, knowing what major youre interested in can play a role in determining the right college for you so its an important factor to consider. Thats why weve compiled a list of 200 college majors.

NB: Few schools offer all the majors on this list. Use our school-search tool to find colleges with the program that interests you.

Is A Music Degree Worth It

Which Degrees Produce The Most And Least Financially ...

First of all, you might be asking yourself whether its worth going to college to earn a music degree. For most people, the answer is yes, not only because of the skills and knowledge you will gain but also because of the people you will meet. Your chances of success in your music career will likely increase exponentially with a degree in hand. Although college can be expensive, most college students receive financial aid to lower the cost of their education.

If youve already decided you want to go to music school, it can feel overwhelming at first, and you might not know where to begin. The best place to start will be to research the types of degrees and majors out there and then develop some individual criteria you can apply to learn which programs might be the most suitable.

Im here to guide you through this process. Lets jump right in.

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What Majors Are Most In Demand

The most in demand majors right now are Business, Healthcare, and IT-related programs and will be for the foreseeable future. But dont let these rankings be your only deciding factor for what the top college major is.

The job market is growing at one of the fastest rates in recent history, which means nearly every college major will be valuable for students entering or re-entering the workforce after graduation.

What Determines Which Majors Are Better Than Others

Is there really such a thing as a best college major?

If you’re defining “best” by how good a major is for you specifically, then which college majors are better will vary depending on your academic interests and passions, your skills and abilities, and your future career goals.

In other words, the best college majors for you will be those that match your personal criteria .

But many students want to know what the best college majors are on a more objective level. To figure this out, most websites take into account all or some of the following three factors:

  • How employable the major is
  • The median salary of jobs related to the major
  • The median base/starting salary of jobs related to the major

What does all of this mean exactly?

Essentially, the higher the employment growth rate and median salaries of a certain major or field are, the better that major is considered to be.

This is the main criteria we used to come up with our list of the 17 best college majors. Read on to see what these majors are!

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College Major = The Major Area Of Focus For Your College Studies

To give you a concrete example, lets say that you want your college major to be Biology since you want to go to medical school. So, your college major is biology and when you graduate in four years, your college degree will be: Bachelor of Science in Biology.

To earn your Bachelors degree in Biology, you will likely have to complete some variation of these general education requirements :

  • Writing / Composition
  • Natural Sciences
  • Global Awareness

Once you finish all your general education requirements, you get the opportunity to really focus on your college major.

Your college major is usually about 12 classes. Most classes are 3 credit hours, so your college major will be about 36 credit hours.

A major is made up of 36 credit hours with a predetermined number of required courses in higher-level courses. These courses are usually numbered in the 300 to 400 range. For example, if your major was biology, the course BIO 370 would be a high-level biology course that would fulfill one of the requirements of your Biology major.

There are a wide variety of majors available to study during your undergraduate career, as you can see in this list below of some of the most popular majors.

Examples of college majors:

  • Nursing
  • Psychology

A major sets the focus and direction of an undergraduate degree, with all the other courses aligning around this core.

Develop And Apply Criteria

CHOOSING YOUR COLLEGE MAJOR ( Double Majors and Minors) REAL Advice from a REAL college counselor!

As youre researching the schools, you should develop a set of criteria to help you decide where to apply. You could make a list of certain preferences.

For example, you could base your final decision on any of the following set of criteria:

  • Geographic location
  • Size of the program and the school
  • Reputation in industry
  • Costs
  • Housing available

These are not all the criteria you could apply, but maybe some of the more important things to think about.

Try to imagine yourself studying at the school. Talk to some current students and recent alumni, if you can. Study all the information on the colleges website, especially the requirements for admission and the list of courses offered. Read the bios of the faculty who teach there. Find out all you can about each program. In the end, you might just make the decision based on your gut feeling about the place.

As you are considering the possible schools and majors, Ill provide some additional brief description of the more popular and established programs out there, and what you might be studying in each.

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School Of The Arts And Architecture

The School of the Arts and Architecture is a highly regarded center for creative expression and research. The curriculum combines practical training in visual and performing mediums with a broad-based liberal arts education. Students enjoy a variety of opportunities to perform and exhibit on campus, and faculty that includes renowned visual artists and performers.

Applications to the School of Arts and Architecture are limited to the fall quarter and are reviewed for admission by the department to which you apply. This review includes a supplementary application process which, depending on the major, includes a portfolio review or an audition. Transfer applicants must complete lower-division preparation coursework specific to their intended majors.

Undeclared Engineering and Applied Science

Crime Law And Justice

This major provides students with a broadly based liberal education focused on the understanding and analysis of crime and justice systems. Students obtain a foundation of knowledge of the basic components of the criminal justice and legal systems as well as abilities to solve problems, think and read critically, and write effectively within the context of criminal justice and criminological research and theory.

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Doctor Of Dental Surgery / Doctor Of Dental Medicine

Classified by the American Dental Association to be the same degree, students must pass a licensing examination before they are allowed to practice.

While there are many more specialized degrees out there, these are the most common you will find. Go out and explore the kind of degree you will need to earn in order to pursue your dream career!

Human Development And Family Studies

College Degrees Guide: List of College Degrees

This major is a multidisciplinary program that examines the development of individuals and families across the life span. It enables students to prepare for professional, managerial, or scientific roles in health and human services professions, in public and nonprofit agencies, and in business and industry, as well as for advanced professional or graduate study. Students obtain a broad background in individual and family development across the life span. There are many areas of interest a student may select within this major. For example, the children, youth, and family service area focuses on the biological, psychological, and social development of infants, children, and adolescents, with special emphasis on the structure and functioning of the family. Typical employment settings include preschools, daycare centers, hospitals, institutional and community programs for emotionally disturbed, and abused or neglected children and adolescents, as well as a variety of public welfare and family service agencies.

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The Most Popular College Majors

The decision of what to major in is, well, major. Here, we give you some insight into what your peers are choosing by showing you the most popular majors across colleges in America.

Plus, this top 44 list of majors gives you the option to research the Best Colleges by Major, where you can view the Best Colleges for various STEM majors, Arts, Business, and more.

Explore our list of popular college majors and let it lead you to a college thats right for you!


Speech Pathology And Audiology/ Communication Disorders

This major offers a comprehensive program of study for preparing students who want to become speech-language pathologists or audiologists. Students learn to develop fundamental knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for habilitating and rehabilitating persons of all ages with a wide range of speech, language, and hearing problems.

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