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How To Get Accommodations In College

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Priority Course Registration Course Substitutions Or A Reduced Course Load

How Do Students with Disabilities Get Accommodations at College?

Some colleges and universities also provide priority course selection and registration for students with identified learning differences. This accommodation can help ensure that students have access to different types of content delivery , and other factors which can be critical to collegiate success. Some departments will provide course required course substitutions for individuals with disabilities, which can allow students to move through their degree track of choice. The accommodation of a reduced course load provides students the ability to keep full time student status with the university a valuable designation which maintains access to financial aid and scholarships, on-campus housing, health services, and other aspects of university life while still allowing a student to take fewer classes at one time. While this may necessitate some summer classes or other creative ways to accrue credits, the accommodation of a reduced course load does allow students with ADHD and other learning differences to stay focused on taking, and passing, critical courses without becoming overwhelmed.

Effective self advocacy and understanding the system and process for securing appropriate accommodations in college can be the difference between success and failure for students with ADHD, executive functioning challenges, and other learning differences. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how Mansfield Hall supports students with learning differences.

Online Learning Accommodation Support

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in the above list, please complete the following form and a team member will be in touch: forms.gle/GLmEy5MPZfWKzfcK8

If you are having technical support issues unrelated to your disability, please contact the Information Technology Services Student Help Desk at .

Notify Instructors Of Students Eligibility To Use Accommodations

Campus disability office staff can help students determine appropriate accommodations and can assist in communicating student disability-related needs to faculty and staff. Faculty notification usually comes in the form of a letter that a student receives from the disability office and identifies the student as someone who has disclosed a disability and therefore is eligible to access accommodations. Students will need to notify each professor by providing a hard copy of this letter or providing the letter to each professor via email .

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Who Is Eligible For An Accommodation

A student must meet two criteria to be eligible for an accommodation. First, the student must meet the essential or requisite eligibility requirements of the program, service or activity in which he or she wishes to participate with or without an accommodation. This means that the student must meet the requisite eligibility requirements in spite of his or her disability. Second, the student must have a documented disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act.

Helpful Accommodations For Adhd Students

How to get accommodations for learning disabilities in college

These are examples of accommodations for college students with ADHD.

How Information Is Presented

  • Help with reading assignments
  • Ability to record the lectures
  • A note taker who writes the class notes


  • Sit exams in a quiet location


  • Extra time when sitting exams. The standard is time and half, although some students are eligible for longer
  • Extra time to finish assignments
  • Reduced course load. For example, you could be a part-time student and still get the benefits of being a full-time student

Advanced course selection

Picking your courses before other students means you can select classes at the time of day where it is easiest for you to learn. You can also pick your preferred teachers. Both of these options can help your grades.

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How Does An Iep Or 504 Plan Work Before College

Students in kindergarten through grade 12 are covered by a formal system. Elementary, middle, and high schools have clear-cut responsibilities, including identifying children who may have disabilities, evaluating them, working with parents and teachers to implement appropriate accommodations and services, and providing specialized instruction. For students with IEPs, schools are also expected to assess students progress toward the goals outlined in their plan and to report on that progress.

Transition planning is a required part of the IEP process for all students by age 16 . IDEA sets out specific rules for these transition IEPs. They include a requirement to invite the student to attend the meeting and to make sure the students preferences and interests are considered, even if he or she doesnt attend.The IEP Team should consider all aspects of transition: what kind of education the student may seek and what skills or courses the student will need to be ready for further education, the workplace, and independent living.

Request To Use Accommodations During Class/testing

Once a student has registered with a disability office and if they have been found eligible to receive accommodations, it is up to the student to self-advocate and ask for the accommodations. Professors try their best to remember which students in their courses receive accommodations, but professors arent perfect. In college, students are expected to communicate with instructors when accommodations are needed to be used.

For example, colleges may have a website or form that students need to complete when requesting accommodations for an upcoming exam or test.

QUICK TIP: Classroom accommodations may be different than testing accommodations. For example, Student A may need extended time on exams but this would not be a college-level classroom accommodation for homework assignments .

Some common accommodations used at the college level are:

  • Classroom Accommodations
  • Testing accommodations
  • Testing in a room with limited distractions
  • Textbooks in an alternate format
  • Note-taking tools
  • Text to Speech software
  • Screen magnifiers
  • First floor dorm room for students will physical and mobility challenges

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Laws That Apply To Postsecondary Education

There are two major laws that make sure colleges and other postsecondary schools treat students with disabilities equally: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act . Here we provide very basic descriptions of the two. If you want more details, PACER has a good description of their most important aspects.

Necessary Considerations For Getting Student Accommodation In Manchester

How to Get School Accommodations

A deposit is a one-time charge made to the owner inside the shape of a distinctive sum of money. The deposit is back on the stop of your stay, problem to the terms of the agreement. The common deposit quantity is around £one hundred-250.

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You may be requested to supply a copy of your University Admit Card in maximum instances. Aside from that, no documentation is necessary.

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What Accommodations Do I Need

If you have had accommodations in high school, then you will be familiar with what accommodations are helpful to you. If accommodations are new to you, it might be harder to know which ones will help you. Accept all the accommodations that are offered to you, even if you do not use them. This is because it can take a long time to add accommodations.

Who Should Get Accommodations

Students who have had accommodations in high school tend to be more inclined to seek out accommodations as soon as they reach college. They have already experienced the benefits of accommodations first hand and know how helpful accommodations are to success.

Some ADHD students are able to get good grades in high school without accommodations. When they reach university, where the volume of material to study increases and the academic standard is higher, ADHD students often realize they would benefit from some additional support. This might not happen until the second semester or even the second year.

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How To Start The Accommodation Request Process:

When you register with the office of disability service is totally up to you, but it is recommended to start the process soon after you commit to a school. Visit your colleges website and search for the Disability Offices page. You might also want to search for ADA, accommodations, or students with disabilities to ensure you get to the right place. Since it might take you some time to collect the required set of documentation, you definitely dont want to wait until the last minute to start the process.

Most colleges require you to submit supporting documents that explain the nature of your disability or diagnosis. The documents must outline how the disability affects the academic process, and if applicable, the dormitory life. The documentation should not be over three years old and must be from medical providers. So, submitting your IEP will not be sufficient. The medical professional must also provide a list of accommodations that you might need, such as extended time for in-class assessments, note-taking, flexible attendance policies, or large-print textbooks. Not everyone will receive the same accommodations, even if they have the same disability since each individual has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Identify Your Childs Strengths And Areas Of Support

How to Get College Accommodations for Students With ...

If your child had an IEP or 504 plan in high school, their accommodation needs are already well-documented. If your child did not have a high school plan , we recommend working with an autism therapist or ADHD specialist. An experienced therapist can provide a detailed assessment and diagnosis for your child. They can also help them understand their condition and how it is affecting them.

At first, it may be uncomfortable for your child to reflect on all the ways theyre struggling, but this work is the only way to identify areas of support. Working with a professional can also help your child overcome any shame or stigma associated with their diagnosis and become more willing to accept help.

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Accommodations For College Are Different From High School

The legal rights of students may continue after they finish high school, but there might be a level of transition that students with disabilities ought to be prepared for as they progress to the next stage of college life.

Legal rights may continue, write the experts at The Learning Disabilities Association of America. It depends upon the facts in the individual case. In order to find out the best accomodations for your student or the protections that they are entitled to, its best to look into your own individual case and which congressional protections you or your child fall under.

For example, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 , prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. Nearly every school district and post-secondary school in the United States is subject to one or both of these laws, which have similar requirements for accommodations. Most colleges and universities, however, function differently from their high school counterparts.

How To Get Disability Accommodations In Community College

Im taking a couple of classes at a community college this summer to transfer back to my university, and one of the first things I did after enrolling as a visiting student was contact the Disability Services coordinator so that I would be able to get accommodations in the classroom related to my visual impairment. I assumed that since I already had accommodations at my previous college that the process would be near-instant, and that it would be easy to set up everything. While I was correct that it was easy to get everything together, a series of timing issues outside of everyones control meant that I didnt have accommodations before the first day of class, and everything wasnt automatically done for me. Here are my tips for how to get disability accommodations in community college, based on my own experiences as a student with low vision.

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How To Get Started:

  • The first thing you will need to do is visit your colleges website and search for the Disability Office. You can also search ADA, Accommodations or Student Support and this will lead you to the right place.
  • Once you find the correct office, they will have their process on their web page. They may have an application to fill out or an individual you will call to make an intake appointment. These appointments are generally done after you have made your class schedule with an advisor.
  • You will need documentation for your disability and it should not be more than three years old. Colleges will generally not accept IEPs from high school, and would like to see updated psychological testing with adult norms. This allows them to have a better idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are and the best way for you to learn. If you dont have documentation or updated testing, contact the disability office to see if they have recommendations for your area. Documentation will be accepted from medical providers such as doctors, counselors and psychologists. This documentation must highlight the following:
  • What is the disability or disabilities?
  • How does the disability affect the educational process? For example, having flares in chronic illness may cause someone to miss class, whereas having ADHD may affect time needed to take a test.
  • Keeping up with responsibilities. Remember you are your own advocate now!
  • Disclosing Your Disability And Requesting Accommodation

    Section 504 Accommodations in College – What You Need to Know

    As a student with a disability in elementary, middle, or high school, you are under no obligation to share information about your disability to receive accommodations. In most cases, your parents, family members, or guardians were there to assist you with arranging the accommodations most appropriate for your diagnosis and helping you navigate IDEA and ADA requirements.

    Once you leave high school however, as a person with a disability, you are covered under the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you want to be eligible for reasonable accommodations, this requires that you disclose your disability to your college or university or another covered institution.

    Should you desire and need accommodations, it is up to you to share information about your disability with your institution.

    While you are never obligated to disclose your disability to your college or university, according to the U.S. Department of Labor there are a five situations in which you might consider asking for disability accommodations at the collegiate level. Those can include:

  • Prior to enrollment, if you happen to need accommodations during the application process.
  • During your enrollment period, especially if you anticipate that you will need accommodations to complete your coursework.
  • During your course of study, in case you discover that you need accommodations at any point during your course.
  • After being diagnosed.
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    Any Other Advice For Adhd Students

    Join a support group and meet other students in similar positions. This helps you to realize that you are not alone, and you can share experiences with people who really understand. The Office for Student Disabilities Service might run a support group, or will have the details of one held on campus.

    Accommodations Letter For College

    Every semester, your child will be required to give their professors the 504 accommodation letter provided by the disability services office. When they give your child that letter, include one of your own. Ive included a sample introductory letter for you to see the nature of the letter was that we asked that teachers please not teach using idioms or sarcasm, we asked them to choose groups/partners for him, that sort of thing we also put a nudge in for them to please get the note taker in a timely fashion .

    For my son, this letter was a lifesaver. Its something I just came up with one day, because I knew he would forget to mention some of the issues and that at some point they would become a problem. In this way you can help your child get a bit more understanding from overwhelmed professors and yes, they are overwhelmed, most were never trained in disabilities, they are merely experts in their fields. Many of them would like to help.

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    Common College Accommodations For Students With Adhd And Other Learning Differences

    Many students with ADHD or other learning differences receive some type of extra help or support in high school via their Individualized Education Program or a 504 Plan. Leaving high school means leaving behind these academic support plans but through the Office of Student Services , students can still receive critical accommodations in order to help them access the curriculum.

    Here are 4 common accommodations college students often receive, when educational testing indicates that ADHD or other learning differences are present:

    How To Help Your Child Get Accommodations In College

    More Students Are Getting Special Help in Grades K

    The accommodations request process isnt terribly time-consuming, but it is best to start early. If your childs accommodations arent approved until several weeks into their first semester, they might begin to fall behind. Ensure a strong start for your child by having them initiate the following process as soon as possible:

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