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Does John Jay College Have Dorms

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Living As A New Yorker

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Living in the John Jay residence, the New Yorker, enhances the College experience and allows students to enjoy the campus situated in close proximity. Living in our student housing allows you to get more involved in our diverse cultural and athletic events, as well as our community outreach programs. Student government and team civility programs enable you to engage in civic and leadership opportunities on campus. The residence halls also provide an excellent social community for students to develop life-long relationships with fellow residents.

When you stay in the John Jay residence, you will have access to myriad student support services, including career development, student counseling, health services, public safety and community service programs. Visit our Student Support Services for more information.

For more information about the John Jay residence, please refer to the Handbook and the John Jay supplement. Want to sign up? Complete this form. If you are accepted as a resident, you will receive notification and will need to fill out a copy of the John Jay Housing License.

The John Jay College Residential Life and our partner Educational Housing Services staff will work hard to ensure a smooth transition and support you in your desire to make a home at John Jay. Our Residential Life program also takes an active role in partnering with parents to ensure the development of body, mind and spirit of their students.

Housing RatesTypes of Rooms

Does John Jay College Have Sports

Under the nickname Bloodhounds, 15 intercollegiate teams currently represent John Jay College. Fall sports include mens and womens soccer, womens volleyball, mens and womens cross country, and womens tennis. In the spring, sports include mens volleyball, baseball, softball and mens tennis.

What Are The Requirements To Get Into John Jay

All incoming freshmen are required to obtain their diploma from an accredited high school, equivalency diploma, or from a United States Armed Forces Institute. Freshmen applicants are considered for admission based on their: High school academic average. College readiness in reading, writing and mathematics.

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Does John Jay Require Sat 2021

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are suspending the use of SAT and ACT tests for the Spring 2021, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 admission cycles. Applicants will not be required to submit SAT or ACT test scores to be reviewed for admission nor shall any submitted scores be considered in evaluating their applications.

Does John Jay Offer Student Housing

John Jay College Schedule

John Jay offers housing. Students are not required to live on campus First year students are given no special consideration for on-campus housing.

Most John Jay students live off campus. In 2021, 0.6% of undergrads at John Jay lived in some kind of on-campus housing and 99.4% of students lived off-campus or commuted to John Jay. First year students are allowed to park a car on campus.

John Jay offers coed housing and .

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John Jay Student Life

John Jay is in an urban setting in New York, New York, not far from New York City. There are many activities and organizations for John Jay students to participate in chorus, theater groups, a campus newspaper, a radio station and more.

John Jay does not have fraternities or sororities.

John Jay has a thriving Auxiliary University Program. In fact, more students participate in Auxiliary University Program than any other on-campus activity.

Other popular student organizations at John Jay include Student Athlete Advisory Community Club, Environmental Club, Law Society and Artists United.

The John Jay community comes together each year for Annual Commencement, College Group Tour and Orientations.

Is Criminal Psychology A Good Career

The outlook for careers in the field of criminal psychology is strong. According to the American Psychological Association, the need for experts in the field of criminal psychology has grown exponentially after a court ruling in 1962 determined that psychologists could offer expert opinions in court.

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How Many John Jay Scholars Are There

Official Status. The John Jay Scholar recognition is a recruitment incentive given to about 25-30 members of each class of Columbia College. It is part of the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program, which is a loosely organized group of students whom Admissions seemed to think needed an extra incentive to matriculate.

Universities In New York City

John Jay Room Tour 2018 | Columbia University

New York is home to some of the more prestigious universities in the world, which is one of the main reasons why more than 118,000 foreign students choose the city to pursue their education.

The state of New York offers students great educational opportunities whether youre seeking to build innovative career skills or cutting-edge research opportunities. New York state has more than 270 degree-granting universities and colleges and is the only American state that has multiple Ivy League schools in Cornell University and Columbia University, the latter of which is located in New York City. Another notable university in New York City is the New York University.

International students can choose from a wide range of public colleges and universities within either the State University of New York system or the City University of New York system. SUNY is the largest system of public higher education in the US, with some of the best schools in the Northeast. It includes four university centres and over 60 community, technical, and undergraduate colleges and universities.

There are also over 70 highly reputable private universities within the state of New York.

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Do You Offer Internships

Yes. We strongly encourage students to pursue an internship during their college career. An internship allows students to gain valuable work experience, which enables you to build your professional resume, in order to get ahead in the job market. Our Center for Career and Professional Development is dedicated to assisting students in reach this goal.

Student Loans And Debt

The second consideration after understanding the cost of college is determining how to finance it. Some students are fortunate enough to have some form of family financial assistance, but student loans end up financing a significant portion of higher education in the U.S. 5% of CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice students receive U.S. Federal Student Loans with an average annual Federal Loan aid amount of $4,465.

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John Jay College’s Residence At The New Yorker

John Jay offers comfortable and caring housing options to its students. The College ensures that each residence hall has a welcoming home atmosphere, and each room includes amenities like study desks, chairs, chests of drawers, closets or wardrobes, wireless Internet access, and a cable connection. The residence halls are also conveniently located, offering an easy 15-minute subway commute to campus.

What Are The Freshman Admission Requirements

10 Items to Take Your Dorm Room from Drab to Fab

All entering freshmen applicants are considered for admission based on their high school academic average, academic units, *SAT/ACT scores and/or GED scores. Students from non-English speaking countries must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language examination. All baccalaureate students must take the Scholastic Aptitude Test or ACT prior to admission. Prospective freshmen may click here to review last year’s Freshman Admission Profile to get an idea of the mean grade point average used for John Jay College. In addition to meeting the GPA requirements, students must meet the college readiness requirements in reading, writing and mathematics. Students can demonstrate that they meet the Universitys college readiness requirements based on their SAT, ACT, or NY State Regents test scores. Click here to learn more.

*Temporary Suspension of Standardized Testing Requirements for Undergraduate Admission. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, SAT and ACT test scores are not required nor considered in application review through the Spring 2023 admission cycle. For more information on the suspension of SAT/ACT test scores, .

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Student Housing In New York

New York New York, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, whatever you want to call it, New York City is a premier destination to study abroad with thousands of international students flocking there every year to further their studies, dive deep into this cultural hub, establish important professional connections, and experience the buzzing city. Its regarded as the cultural and economic capital of the world and is home to many different walks of life. And if youre thinking about studying in New York, you can call it home too with

On, you’ll find student accommodation in New York neighbourhoods such Tribeca, Alphabet City, Upper East Side and Brooklyn. We currently around 150 student housing options in New York.

If you need additional information, dont hesitate to give us a call or contact us on live chat.

How Do I Pay

A $25 non-refundable application fee is due at the time you submit your application. Your housing charges will be billed in two equal charges at the beginning of the fall and the spring semesters. In addition to the housing charges there will be a $400 reservation fee charged to each students CUNYfirst account. Once paid, the $400 will be held by the College to secure against any potential damage to the room and be returned once the resident vacates the residence. All payments can be made through students CUNYfirst accounts. Payments received via check or money order can be submitted directly to the Bursar.

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Do I Need To Provide Official Documents For Admission

Yes. All students must provide *SAT/ACT Exam Scores and Official High School Transcript from all schools attended.

*Temporary Suspension of Standardized Testing Requirements for Undergraduate Admission. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are suspending the use of SAT and ACT testst through the Spring 2023 admission cycles. Applicants will not be required to submit SAT or ACT test scores to be reviewed for admission nor shall any submitted scores be considered in evaluating their applications. Click here for more information.

Estimated Cost Per Semester

Columbia University Freshman Dorm Tour (John Jay Hall)

Most colleges don’t charge students on an annual basis but instead require payment semester by semester. If you ever need to take an additional semester of classes to complete you degree you shouldn’t have to pay for a full academic year. These our estimated costs for a semester at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

New York Resident Tuition Per Semester $3,465
Non-New York Resident Total Cost Per Semester $22,058

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How Competitive Is John Jay College

Average GPA: 2.95 The average GPA at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is 2.95. This makes John Jay College of Criminal Justice Competitive for GPAs. With a GPA of 2.95, John Jay College of Criminal Justice accepts students with below-average GPAs. You might have a mix of Bs and Cs in your high school record.

Where Does John Jay College Rank

The College came in at #60 among the top 100 colleges with the largest Hispanic student enrollment. John Jay College was featured in several website listings of best colleges for its academic offerings: CollegeChoice.Net ranked John Jay College #1 as the best undergraduate degree in criminal justice in the country.

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What Happens If I Do Not Get Admitted As A Freshman

Students not admitted as freshmen, may apply to the CUNY Justice Academy Program offered at CUNY Community Colleges. By enrolling in a degree program of the CUNY Justice Academy, you receive dual admission into one of the six participating CUNY community colleges and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The first 60 credits are taken at a “partner” community college campus, with the final 60 credits taken at John Jay. Click here to learn more about the CUNY Justice Academy.

Is John Jay College Expensive


CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice tuition is $6,730 per year for in-state residents. This is 7% cheaper than the national average public four year tuition of $7,203. Tuition ranks 12th in New York amongst 4 year colleges for affordability and is the 174th most expensive 4 year college in the state.

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Is There A Payment Plan

John Jay College students may participate in the Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan. A Payment Plan is an easy and convenient way to manage your semester bill by providing a low cost option to budget tuition, fees and housing expenses. It is not a loan program- there are no interest or finance charges assessed and there is no credit check. The only cost is a per semester non-refundable enrollment fee. For more information on the Nelnet payment plan please visit .

Pell Grants And Other Grant Aid

82% of CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice students received grant aid in 2018/2019. The average total aid amount was $9,462. 64 percent of students received aid in the form of Pell Grants from the U.S. Federal Government. The average Pell Grant awarded for 2018/2019 was $5,334. To apply for a Pell Grant to attend CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid .

Net Price and Financial Aid for CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Financial Aid Summary
14.5% less expensive

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Affording Student Loan Payments And Post Graduation Salary

Can I afford to attend John Jay? In the end, the answer comes down a determination if you will earn enough to comfortably pay back a student loan with your post graduation salary. This is an extremely important point to consider. In order to afford student loan payments and still meet all your other costs of living, it is recommended not to borrow more than you can pay back using 10% of your monthly income earned after graduation. If you’re considering attending CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, you need to carefully consider if it will be realistic to make the post graduation loan payments based on your expected salary.

Using the 10% of salary threshold, an annual income of $19,404.31 would be needed to afforda $161.70 monthly payment in the example $16,948.00 loan modeled above. You will need to determine if it is at all realistic that you will be earning this type of salary after graduation. This assumes a loan payback over 10 years. You can change the terms of this example loan using the student loan calculator below.

Does John Jay Have Student Parking

John Jay Hall Room Tour | Columbia University

Sonat Amilcar, the manager for one of these parking garages stated that two years ago John Jay did have a contract for student parking arrangements for $14.00 as the early bird special instead of $15.00 which is the regular rate. Students are not pleased and parking attendants are not either.24 2016 .

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Image Carousel With 6 Slides

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  • Slide 1: A student’s room in John Jay Hall

  • Slide 2: A bronze bust of John Jay on a pedestal in John Jay Lounge.

  • Slide 3: A view of seating and large screen television in John Jay Lounge.

  • Slide 4: A view of the large wood and glass doors that open to John Jay Lounge.

  • Slide 5: The fireplace in John Jay Lounge.

  • Slide 6: Close up of seating at John Jay Lounge.

  • A student’s room in John Jay Hall

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    Estimated 4 Year Cost At Published Tuition

    At the current published rates, an estimated total tuition, fees and living expense price for a 4 year bachelor’s degree at John Jay is $144,668 for students graduating in normal time. This methodology for estimating the 4 year cost is a straight multiple of the most recent reported annual total cost and does not factor in tuition increases during the time you’re in school. It also assumes you receive no grant or scholarship aid and pay the full list price.

    A potentially more accurate but less conservative estimate of a degree cost can be made by using the school’s annual $4,237 in-state net price as the basis. Applying this cost over 4 would estimate the cost of a degree at $16,948**

    If you end up on the “five year plan” and need an additional year to graduate, your five year cost could be as high as $180,835 or $21,185 using an average net price.

    **Based on a 4 year multiple of Average Annual Net Price for in state students receiving grant or scholarship aid reported to the U.S. Department of Education’s 2018/2019 IPEDS Survey. Financial aid is only available to those who qualify. Consult this school’s net price calculator for further understanding of your potential net price.

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    Will You Accept All My Credits From My Previous College

    Courses are evaluated on a course by course basis. Credit evaluations are conducted after a student is admitted and has submitted the commitment deposit. He/she will receive an email once the credits are evaluated, with additional information. The College has a number of articulation agreements with other colleges.

    Era Of Protests And Disputes

    Prospective Students

    In the spring of 1970, after President Nixon announced that the Cambodian Campaign would be extended, the college held two “heated” teach-ins about the conflict. Many other college campuses were home to student strikes across the nation. On May 7, 1970, the faculty voted 5239 in favor of closing the college in protest of President Nixon’s handling of the Vietnam War and the killing of students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University and Jackson State College. But the closing of John Jay College would ultimately be up to its students, the faculty decided. At an impassioned student meeting, the final vote was 865791 in favor of keeping the college open.

    In the summer of 1970, Professor Abe Blumberg made some criticisms of the FBI and the Director J. Edgar Hoover in a graduate course on the sociology of law. One of his students, an FBI agent named Jack Shaw, examined the agency’s role in American society in his master’s thesis, granting that some of Blumberg’s criticisms may have been valid. His paper found its way to Hoover’s hands, who ordered that Shaw resign and told President Riddle that as long as Blumberg remained on the faculty, no FBI agents would attend John Jay. Riddle defended Blumberg, citing academic freedom. After Hoover’s death in 1972, FBI agents began to enroll again at the college. The FBI later paid former agent Shaw $13,000 in back pay.

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