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How To Drop College Classes Online

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How To Drop Out Of College

How to Drop Classes

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Lets face it: college isnt for everyone. Whether youre taking care of a sick family member, cant afford the steep tuition or just have other plans, there are a few things worth considering when putting your education on hold. It will be important to go through the proper channels to end your enrollment, have a realistic backup plan in place and, above all, make sure youre doing whats best for you. With just a little forethought, you’ll able to make a clean break and improve your chances of success in the future.

Why Dropping A Class Might Be Bad

Dropping a class is not the best solution if you are doing so out of sheer laziness or lack of effort to try and do better. Before giving up, you should try exacerbate the options and resources available to you to make it work. This could mean attending your professors office hours, communicating with other students, dedicating more time to studying, or asking for extra help.

Before dropping a class, you should consider the following circumstances.

If That Doesnt Work Aim For A W

If you cannot get away with a clean record, at least try to get a line of Ws on your transcript in place of failing grades. A W means withdrawn. While a lot of Ws may indicate unreliability on the students part, they generally have no effect on your GPA. Your transcript wont be pretty, but its better than being put on academic probation or having difficulty re-enrolling in college.

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Withdrawing Or Dropping A Non

Email the Office of the Registrar at indicating which non-credit course you wish to withdraw from. Your request should come from the email address we have on-file for you. In general, to be eligible for a refund you must withdraw before the first day of the course. Visit our Refunds page for more information.

Office of the Registrar and Enrolment Services

Registrar Services

Adding & Dropping Classes

How to Withdraw or Drop a Class Online

How to add or drop a class

  • Students should add or drop classes using the Student Registration Form found on the Enrollment Forms page.
  • At the Quad-Cities Campus, forms are available in Enrollment Services, the Advising Center and the Academic Services Centers. At the East Campus, forms are available in Enrollment Services and the Advising Center.
  • Return this form to Enrollment Services at either campus.

Adding a class

  • To add classes after you have already registered for a specific semester, complete the top section of the Registration Form.
  • Courses may be added during normal registration periods.
  • In order to add a class after the start date of the class, complete the top section of the Registration Form and obtain an instructors signature to add the class.

Dropping a class

Things to consider when dropping a course

Before dropping a course, you should consider the impact dropping the course has on financial aid, grades or educational goals. The following items should also be considered before dropping a course:

  • Refund policy Course withdrawal prior to the starting date of the semester is entitled to a 100% refund. However, partial refunds are given based after the start of classes. Please carefully review our refund policy.
  • Impact on grades If you do not officially withdraw from a course, you may receive an F for the course.
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    Ask About A Leave Of Absence Or Deferment

    Do you think you might want to return to college? If theres any question in your mind, ask about a leave of absence or deferment before you withdraw from the university. Many schools have a program in place to allow students to leave for up to a year and return to the school without re-applying. There are programs designed specifically for hardship cases.

    There are generally also programs available for students that dont have any extenuating circumstances. That means, if you want to drop out just to spend a year on the beach, you may be able to pick up classes a year from now without any penalty. Just make sure that you submit the papers before you leave deferment doesnt work in reverse.

    Expert Advice On When To Ask For Help Drop Or Withdraw

    Good grades are important for many reasons. Not only do they set a student up for better long-term opportunities in applying to graduate or professional school, they also allow entrance into specific fields of study and lead to scholarships and other opportunities. But some courses are tough, and its common for students to struggle academically in at least one class. If youre failing a class, you have options. Find out what you can do to improve your grade and when it might be time to drop or withdraw from a class.

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    Is It Time To Drop Your Online Class

    Everyone starts a new program with the best intentions learning new things, another class completed towards your degree but sometimes life puts up a roadblock and you take a little detour.

    You may have misjudged the time you had available to take your online courses or you found that online learning is simply not for you. You may hate your instructor or have had a hard time motivating yourself. Mostly, students drop classes because life gets in the way of learning. Let’s face it: things happen.

    How To Change Your Program Of Study Or Major

    Online registration tutorial 3.6: Changing and Dropping Classes

    If you are a current Red Deer Polytechnic student and want to change your program for the following term or year, you can submit a Change of Program Application online through your RDP Loop account.

    If you have any questions, you may contact Red Deer Polytechnic’s Office of the Registrar by admissions rdc ab ca or call 403.342.3400 .

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    Find Out If You’re Eligible To Take The Course Again Or Receive A Reimbursement

    All universities have different withdrawal processes some let you withdraw right up until finals week with the option of repeating the class free. Some only let you withdraw before mid-terms and then give you a sliding refund scale. It’s best to check with your school to know your options. Most schools will refund at least part of your money or allow you to repeat the course without paying again if you can provide a documented reason. A note from your grandmother’s doctor or your own doctor can be proof enough.

    Withdrawal Dates & Refunds

    Cancellation of registration and withdrawing from a term occurs when a student wishes to withdraw completely from Lake Region State College.

    Fall 2021 Withdrawal Refund Dates

    100% Refund


    How do I withdraw from classes?

    Students CANNOT withdraw by attempting to drop all of their classes in Campus Connection. To be withdrawn from all classes, a student must sign in to Campus Connection, go to eForms and submit the form called “Cancel/Withdraw to Zero.” If a student is unable to go through the process, they should visit with their academic advisor to help complete the process or contact the Registrars Office at 662-1512

    What will my refund be?Once a withdrawal is processed, the student cannot re-enroll for the semester. Refunds resulting from a withdrawal are calculated based on the class length. The class length calculation is based on the start and end dates of the class. Class dates are listed on the Class Schedule in Campus Connection and include all calendar days, not just class days. It is possible that classes withdrawn in the same semester could have different refund percentages if the class lengths are different.

    Please note that you will only be refunded for the classes that you were enrolled in at the time of withdrawal. No refund consideration will be given for previously dropped or graded classes. Also, if you add classes after the 100% refund dates, and subsequently drop that class, regardless of the date, you will not be refunded for that class.

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    How To Keep Your Grades Up Next Semester

    Students should understand that while dropping, withdrawing, taking an incomplete or failing a class is far from ideal, its also not the end of their college career. There are many actions that students can take to put themselves in a good position for greater success over their remaining semesters. Read below for some tips to gaining control over ones academic achievements.

    Time management is critical to finding success in all aspects of life. Whether addressing your personal, professional or academic life, one must know how to effectively organize and prioritize their time. Here are time management tips for students from the Harris School of Business.

    Stress is a real challenge for college-age students. Theyre living in the real world, often for the first time, and have to learn to manage their money, housing, roommates, time, social lives and homework. Learning about stress and how to mitigate it is a great tool for every students toolbox. Learn more about how students can manage stress in college.

    Even for those of us who are shy, communicating with other students, professors, and faculty is critical to forming relationships and finding success in college. Proactive communication is key to student success, Croskey says. A student should meet with the professor several times at the beginning of a course. If something comes up, and the student must miss class, the professor is more likely to understand and it may not negatively impact their grade.

    Tips Before You Add Or Drop A Class:

    How to Drop a Class
    • Consult your academic advisor before adding or dropping any classes, as it may affect your curriculum plan.
    • Changes made in myPurdue occur in real time.
    • Consider your course load, extracurricular activities and personal/professional obligations when adding a new class. 80% of our working professionals take only 1 course per semester.
    • Be mindful of course prerequisites or other requirements before attempting to a add a course.
    • Be sure to consult Financial Aid to ensure you are not dropping below the course load of Half Time Enrollment Status .
    • If you have unavoidable absences beyond your control that will prevent you from continuing with a course, consider an Incomplete grade. It does not initially affect your GPA nor do you earn credit for the class. Check with the instructor if this is a possibility.
    • If you have a Military Call-Up, you will need to provide a copy of your military orders to the Veterans Success Center.

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    Try To Get Away With A Clean Record

    Aside from getting an extension, the best thing you can do for your future college career is to make sure that your transcript stays spotless. If you simply stop going to class , youll probably receive an entire semester of Fs. Thats bad news if you ever want to come back to college, enroll in another school, or become a grad student. Recovering from a semester of Fs is extremely difficult, and your college may even put you on academic probation or suspension. You may not care now, but it could become a problem years down the road. If youve passed the deadline for a clean record, you may be able to get a special exception if youre going through some sort of hardship.

    Withdrawing From An Online Class After The 10th Day Of The Quarter

  • Email your instructor from your address requesting permission to withdraw.
  • When you receive a reply granting permission, forward that response to
  • When you forward that message make sure you indicate:
  • Your full name

  • Name and item number of the course

  • A statement asking to be withdrawn from that class

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    After The Withdraw Deadline

    After the withdrawal deadline, the instructor must assign you a grade for the course. If you experience a sudden and unexpected circumstance that prevents you from meeting the withdraw deadline, you can appeal for an exception. To submit an appeal, send an email to Use your PCC email account and include the reason for the appeal and the CRN for the class. You must also submit documentation about your circumstances before we can review your appeal. Attach documentation to your email or fax to 971-722-7135. We’ll send an email to your MyPCC email address within 30 days to let you know the outcome. For removing tuition charges, see tuition appeals.

    National Guard Troops Ordered Into Active Service

    Adding & Dropping Classes

    Per Florida Statute 250.482, if a member of the Florida National Guard is ordered into active service, no private or public employer and no employing or appointing authority of this state, its counties, municipalities, political subdivisions, public colleges or universities shall discharge, reprimand or in any other way penalize such member because of their absence by reason of state active duty.

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    Adding A Full And/or Waitlisted Online Class

  • Email the instructor from your address requesting permission to add the class.
  • If permission is granted, forward the instructors reply to
  • When you forward that message make sure you indicate:
  • Your full name

  • Name and item number of the course

  • A statement asking to be registered for that class

  • Please Note: Adding a class after the first week of the quarter is considered late enrollment and is only permitted in rare and unusual circumstances, requires a written request, and is permitted only by special permission of the instructor and the division dean. See the exceptions above under Adding a Class and consult the Academic Calendar for quarterly timelines.

    What Other Options Are There

    Dropping a class should be the last choice in a line of options when you are struggling in a class. First, you should try to adjust your study habits, talk to peers, ask for help, seek feedback from college advisors and/or the professor, and try to learn the material in the manner that works best for you.

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    Tuition Adjustment Information Before The Census Day

    A tuition adjustment is an adjustment in the amount of tuition owed by a student to Delgado Community College. This will take place if a student elects to withdraw before the official Census class day. Adjustments to tuition will be made according to the below schedule regardless of the date of your registration . Students who register after the 100 percent tuition adjustment period ends and then drop a course or withdraw will receive a tuition adjustment in accordance with the dates on which they dropped. Registration fees are non-refundable after the 100% adjustment period. There are no tuition adjustments made after the Census class day. Students will owe Delgado Community College the full amount of tuition and fees applied to the students accounts.

    Summer 2018 Tuition Adjustment Schedule

    • Through June 5 – 100%
    • After June 11 – NONE

    If you paid out-of-pocket for classes and you are due money from dropping or withdrawing, a credit balance will appear within 24 – 48 hours. All refunds will begin processing after the official Census class day.

    How To Use Your Add Code

    How to Withdraw or Drop a Class Online

    After you receive your Add Code, use it to register for the class as soon as possible.

  • Log in to MyPortal.
  • Access the Registration Tools to SELECT Add or Drop Classes.
  • From the Action drop down next to the waitlisted class, SELECT Web Registered.
  • Click Submit Changes button. A screen to enter the Add Code will pop up. Follow the prompts.
  • Remember, payment in full is due immediately at the time of registration.
  • See Getting on a Class Waitlist for how to add your name if a class you need is closed.

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    How To Drop A Class

    This article was co-authored by Alicia Oglesby. Alicia Oglesby is a Professional School Counselor and the Director of School and College Counseling at Bishop McNamara High School outside of Washington DC. With over ten years of experience in counseling, Alicia specializes in academic advising, social-emotional skills, and career counseling. Alicia holds a BS in Psychology from Howard University and a Masters in Clinical Counseling and Applied Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. She also studied Race and Mental Health at Virginia Tech. Alicia holds Professional School Counseling Certifications in both Washington DC and Pennsylvania. She has created a college counseling program in its entirety and developed five programs focused on application workshops, parent information workshops, essay writing collaborative, peer-reviewed application activities, and financial aid literacy events. This article has been viewed 23,210 times.

    Maybe you signed up for a class thats harder than you expected, or youre just struggling to keep your eyes open during your professors lectures. Whatever the reason, sometimes dropping a class is the right thing to do for your GPA . This article will walk you through how to drop a class step-by-step, plus offer some tips on how to make sure withdrawing doesnt negatively affect your grades or finances.

    Effect On Financial Aid

    Undergraduates must maintain a minimum current registration of 6 credits to qualify for federal loans. Some federal, state, and University financial aid programs require full-time status. The effect on your financial aid will depend on when you withdraw and the type of aid you receive. You may be required to return all or a portion of financial aid disbursed to you.

    To be eligible for a refund if your credit load drops below 13 credits, you must submit a 13-credit exemption request by the end of the fourth week of the term.

    Consult with a One Stop counselor before you withdraw to determine the impact, if any, on your financial aid, tuition, and/or fees.

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