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Are There Weekend Classes In College

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Weekend Classes Are Accelerated

State College of Florida Nursing School receives more funding for night, weekend programs

One of the first downsides of weekend-only courses is that they are highly accelerated. You will be expected to get up to speed quickly. There isnt as much room for error compared to a traditional class setup. So if you dont have a high capacity for learning quickly, you may want to check out traditional classes.

What You Need To Be Successful With Weekend Only Classes

If youre convinced that going with weekend-only classes is the best path forward, then there are some things that youll need in order to make it work.

The first is going to be to ensure that you have a quiet space to take additional notes.

Sure, if youre attending live classes on the weekends, youre going to be taking notes in the lecture hall. But the key to making weekend-only classes work is to give yourself as much exposure to the material as possible.

There will be new connections you make in your brain by taking notes at multiple points within the course.

Are you taking the class with a friend? You can study together, even remotely. Getting on a Zoom call to quiz each other can make the difference between passing the exams and not making as good of a grade.

The better you do in your degree program, the more chances you have to get additional money for school and even impress future employers with your dedication.

Advantages Of Taking Evenings & Weekend Classes

Education often appears to be an option only for those with free time and unlimited resources. Here at Citi College of Canadian Careers, we disagree with this perception. Education is not limited to those who can only be flexible to full-time hours. It is for everyone. We have built ourselves around this concept by offering evening and weekend classes that make learning flexible for you.

Many people looking to get back into education have minimal options available to them as their desired courses adhere to a rigid weekday schedule. This prevents them from improving themselves and their employability as full-time education isnt manageable. A common issue with most educators except ourselves.

With us, you have a wide choice including evening or weekend classes. Now that we have offered you flexibility, were also going to offer you 3 advantages to taking evening or weekend classes.

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There’s No Time Like Weekend Classes Time

It’s the BEST TIME to:

  • Choose the format that fits your lifestyle!
  • Choose classes that start throughout the semester!

Weekend Classes are held on weekends! So if you work, have a family, or just want something interesting to do on Friday nights, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, Weekend Classes are for you. You can work on a college degree or just take classes for fun. Or maybe you want to brush up on some skills you need for your job. Whatever the class is, and for whatever reason youre taking it, you can be sure the class you choose will be more intense. Whether it runs for fifteen Saturdays, six Saturdays and Sundays, or three weekends, it will require that you complete all of your homework assignments and attend each session. And dont be surprised when you discover youre having a lot of fun, meeting new and interesting people, and gaining confidence as you learn useful and important information.

Faqs On Weekend/saturday Classes

Weekend Credit Class Schedules  Schedules  Dallas College

How many hours a day is best to study?

Set aside 4 or 5 hours a day to study regularly, preferably in the same location. Its critical that studying takes precedence over everything else in your schedule and that it remains a constant priority throughout the week.

Why are weekends so special?

On the weekends, people reported feeling more at ease and closer to those around them since they had more opportunity to accomplish things of their own choosing and spend time with those they cared about. The weekend also tended to be a time when people felt more capable than they did throughout the week.

Can you study in bed?

Even if you can manage to focus in your bed, its not a productive environment to get work done. The first problem is that there isnt enough room to spread out all of your study materials and do thorough research for a paper or a big test. Moreover, you can fall asleep.

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What Can I Study

As a part-time student, you can select from:

You can work towards your Bachelor’s degree as a part-time University Transfer student:

  • you can select between 1- 5 courses per semester
  • part-time students take 1-3 courses per semester. Part-time students on student loans take 1-2 courses per semester.
  • studying part-time means it will take longer to complete all your courses
  • as a University Transfer student, you can change the number of courses you take each semester
  • studying part-time may also impact getting student loans or financial aid
  • you can generally complete up to 60 credits of University Transfer studies at Douglas College
  • specialized University Transfer programs such as Future Teachers may require a specific number of courses each semester

To Increase Known Knowledge:

Individuals may voluntarily attend weekend classes to gain knowledge. The people that attend these classes may not need it but want it.

They follow the course to brush up and increase their knowledge. These classes might even be treated to remember forgotten topics in the syllabus.

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Join A Class Of Dedicated Students

As we offer flexible learning opportunities through evening and weekend classes, the students that join us are doing so to progress their careers. They are driven by a goal to attain more in their lives through further education. As a result of this, our students are more dedicated, engaged, and behave more maturely inside and outside of class.

Adding education to a full-time life is a conscious decision that isnt to be made lightly. This results in adult learners that pose fewer distractions to other students and helps to foster a focused atmosphere that enhances productivity.

Combine Programs And Courses

COLLEGE WEEK IN MY LIFE: classes, new coffee shops, workouts, studying, & meal inspo

Mix day, evening, and weekend whatever works best for your life.

For years Ive been saying, Ill go back to college and finish my degree someday. I think that this quarter showed me that I canactually do this and I am finally going to finish my degree.

Adrienn Verone, EWS Student

To attend full time and potentially qualify for financial aid, you’ll take at least 12 credits in a program, courses, or both.

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How Can Weekend College Help Me Complete My Education

Weekend College allows you to:

  • Balance your work and family responsibilities with your education
  • Come to campus or to an online live classroom 1 day per week, and complete the rest of your work online
  • Accelerate your path to an associate degree:
  • Complete your Associate of Arts and coursework towards an Associate of Science degree in 18 months

A Few More Cautions About Accelerated Programs

Everyone learns differently, and learning styles become extremely important when youre trying to join an accelerated degree program. If youre someone that needs more time to absorb the material, taking an accelerated program could be problematic if you cant keep up with the pace.

There may be fewer resources available in an accelerated format, as there is a higher expectation for students to perform their own research.

When we spoke to students who took on an accelerated program, the speed of the course was one of the top reasons many students opted to look at slower degree programs.

But if youre someone that really thrives on speed, this could be the challenge that youre looking for.

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Weekend Classes Expanded To Offer Criminal Justice Technology And Early Childhood Care & Education This Spring At Albany Technical College

Albany, Georgia Albany Technical College will expand the Weekend Class sessions to include two additional programs this spring, Criminal Justice Technology, and Early Childhood Care and Education. During this current fall semester, ATC offered General Education courses on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. These additional Weekend College classes will allow for more flexibility in scheduling and accommodate the busy lifestyles of ATC students. Students can complete their program-required courses while balancing work and family responsibilities.

Weekend classes allow students to come to campus for face-to-face class interaction and complete all other coursework online. This is an easy fit, with fewer disruptions to busy work schedules. Criminal Justice Weekend courses will be offered for the upcoming spring schedule, stated Kenneth Singleton, Dean of the Public Safety and Technology Division at Albany Technical College.

Albany Technical College has committed to providing the opportunity for a quality technical education at times that will accommodate the working adults busy schedule and at an affordable price. Weekend College at Albany Technical College is an alternative educational path for working adults that is convenient and provides working students with flexibility in their academic efforts. Classes will be offered on Friday evenings and Saturdays, said Angela Robinson, Dean of Academic Affairs at Albany Technical College.


Jcc Weekend Nursing Class Of 2022 Pinned


Bottom row: Mia M. Farrell-Ramirez, Calcium, Angelica Amber Souther, Evans Mills, Carla Ann Brown, Henderson, Shannon L. Moss, Fort Drum, Lindsey Mae Lockerbie, Adams, Eva Holly Jane Brower, Theresa, Lauren Elizabeth Stone, WatertownSecond row: Lindsay Lee Sedler, Pulaski, Calie Raye Fulmer, Dexter, Christian Patrick Colvard, CarthageThird row: Stephanie Jean Nadelen, Rodman, Breanna Elizabeth Knapp, Calcium, Nichole Lynn Sweeny, Carthage, Kasandra Leahanna Keene, Watertown, Amanda Lynn Matthews, ClaytonTop row: Casey George Oryan Haughton, Clayton, Janelle Ashley Carlton, Cape Vincent, Olin Lee Warren, Watertown, Lindsey Jean Cougler-Bouchey, Heuvelton

Jefferson Community College held its annual Pinning Ceremony for weekend option graduates of the Colleges nursing program on Monday, December 19, 2022. The ceremony was held in the Robert R. and Jean S. Sturtz Theater and livestreamed on the Colleges website. Nineteen candidates for the Associate in Applied Science degree in nursing were eligible to take part in the pinning ceremony.

The Pinning Ceremony is a time-honored tradition at all institutions of higher education that offer degrees in nursing. The ceremony is symbolic of the transition from a student to entry into nursing as a profession. The pin is designed to be unique to each school of nursing. After being pinned, each student recites Florence Nightingales pledge.

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Should You Take Morning Afternoon Or Evening Classes


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  • The time of day to take your college classes can impact your grade.
  • Research shows that most students perform better in early afternoon classes.
  • Students should individualize their class schedule based on their chronotype and habits.
  • Students who plan out their schedule can help optimize their productivity.

There’s a lot to think about when scheduling classes the professors, the days of the week to take classes, and even the physical distance between classes.

Something students often overlook, however, is choosing the best time of day to schedule their classes. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Weve Made Completing Your Degree Convenient

Do you want to obtain a college degree or complete the one you started? Are you looking to change or advance your career? Do you need additional studies to get that promotion? If you answered yes, Livingstone Colleges accelerated program is designed to create a comfortable balance between education, work and family. Classes meet one night per week in eight-week blocks. Flexible hours are available on Saturdays. Additional coursework is supplemented with guided independent study and group work.

Education That Gets You Hired

college weekend vlog @unc chapel hill || first football game, spin classes, seeing friends
Quality Instruction
Resume & Job Search

“I recommend ABM College to almost everyone I meet great opportunity, friendly staff, I feel valued, appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded, which keeps me motivated mentally and physically. The administration, faculty and staff are truly dedicated and committed to the school community as a whole.â

I loved every minute of going to ABM College, I felt they prepared me so well for my course and for whats to come after I graduated. I could not be happier with my education and now my successful career as a Health Care Aide. – Kelly Reis

True to their slogan “Education that gets you hired”.

I very much recommend this school – the staff and teachers were awesome and very friendly. Proud ABM College graduate!

Studying at ABM College was a big jumpstart on my entire career, I was working in an oil and gas company for almost 11 years and when the economy crashed, I went to ABM College and enrolled in the Health Care Aide certificate. A week after I graduated, I applied and got the job I am at now. Most of my co-workers are from ABM College so I highly recommend it.

video testimonials

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Accommodations For Disabled Students

All is not lost if you have learning delays or other issues that would require accommodation. Colleges are required to provide reasonable accommodations if you have medical issues.

If you are a disabled student, you have rights, and the college should have a point of contact that can walk you through the process of getting accommodations. This is the case even if youre attending school online.

Common accommodations might include taking extra time with exams or having the questions read to you as you take the exam. Every college approaches accommodations a little differently.

The important point here is to make sure that youre reaching out before the end of the term, as many students tend to do. Procrastinating on this important issue will absolutely slow down your progress.

Source: Understood For All

Completing Your Degree Is Convenient

Livingstone Evening and Weekend College accelerated program is designed to create a comfortable balance between education, work and family. Classes meet one night per week in eight-week blocks. Flexible hours are available on Saturday and Sunday. Additional coursework is supplemented with guided independent study and online and group study.

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What Are Weekend Classes

Weekend classes are classes or lectures held during the weekend. There are many critics and supporters of weekend classes, but one of the critics arguments is the added stress on students.

Different schools have different schedules for weekend classes, though individuals may not be familiar with them, it does exist presently.

Consider Other Accelerated Programs For More Flexibility

Fanshawe College offering 5 programs compressed in " Weekend College ...

If youre looking for the ultimate in flexibility, weekend-only classes arent the only way to go. Accelerated programs are available in a wide variety of formats, including night and weekend classes or even the opportunity to go at your own pace.

Going at your pace means that you simply pay a flat fee, and then you can take as many courses as you can handle in a term.

Most terms are going to be six months long, giving you the chance to complete a wide range of classes within that time. Its going to take great time management skills in order to make a system like this work.

It isnt for everyone, of course. Going at your own pace means that you are ultimately responsible for how you learn and how quickly you complete the class. You will have a course instructor, but they arent going to be doing live lectures.

Youll have to look through the resources in each class and get ready for the test.

Theres a test at the end of the class, as going at your own pace is synonymous with competency-based learning programs. Instead of a live lecture, youre testing that you understand the subject matter by completing a test or writing a paper demonstrating you understand the body of work.

Competency-based programs have been around for a long time, and they are accredited, which means that your degree holds up to rigorous standards set up by a college accreditation body.

Source: Intrust Magazine

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You Might Not Find Financial Aid

Dont let money keep you from considering weekend-only classes. Financial aid will still exist, and you can also get student loans if you dont qualify for need-based aid.

However, the only way to know for sure what you will qualify for is to fill out the FAFSA and let the school tell you what youre eligible for. Make sure that if youre worried about the cost of attendance, you look into as many scholarships as you can.

Source: Federal Student Aid

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