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How To Send Hudl Highlights To Colleges

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Quarterbacks: Vary Your Throws And Show Off Your Footwork

how to make a highlight video on hudl (part 2)

Learn how to make a football quarterback skills video during COVID-19 and what college coaches are looking for at your position/level. Watch our football quarterback expert analyze skills footage and get actionable tips for showcasing the skills coaches want to see in your video.

NCSA Senior Recruiting Coach Brendon Albert highlights what football quarterbacks need to include in their skills video, including:

  • How many reps to complete and how long your skills video should be
  • Why consistency and accuracy should be your primary focus during all drills
  • Key drills that display your athleticism, like pocket movement skills, throwing on platform and throwing to multiple route
  • Showcasing a variety of spot throws
  • How to frame the camera like the drill examples shown in the video

How To Make A Football Recruiting Video Coaches Will Watch

Were not going to mince words here: a football recruiting video is a crucial, must-have tool in an athletes recruiting toolbox. Most college coaches dont have the time to travel across the country and watch hundreds of football recruits in person. Thats why a recruiting video is one of the most important parts of a recruiting profile. It takes just a few minutes for a well-made recruiting video to show coaches what a high school football recruit can do on the gridiron.

For a football recruiting video to be effective, athletes need to know what football coaches are looking for.;Weve included guidelines on how to use a football video, as well as specific tips on what skills to showcase based on position. Learn more about football plays.

Creating a football recruiting video coaches want to see can be especially difficult if your season was cancelled or postponed, or you didnt have a chance to attend camps or combines over the summer season. So, what can football recruits do to stand out? Creating a football skills video provides a great opportunity to get on a coachs radar and demonstrate athleticism and technical abilities.;

What Exactly Does It Mean When A School Views My Go Big Recruiting Profile

When a school views your profile that means they have seen exactly what you see when you login to your profile. That’s why it is so important to have everything updated, accurate, and exactly how you want it when you send it to schools.

Both the athlete AND the parent will be notified when your profile is viewed.

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Ncsa: 5 Steps To A Better Highlight Video

By Joe Leccesi, NCSA Recruiting Coach ManagerDecember 6, 2018 10:55 am

By Joe Leccesi, NCSA Recruiting Coach Manager |December 6, 2018 10:55 am ET

USA TODAY High School Sports has a weekly column on the college recruiting process. Here, youll find practical tips and real-world advice on becoming a better recruit to maximize your opportunities to play at the college level. Joe Leccesi is a former college athlete and coach at the NAIA level, where he earned an NAIA National Championship. Joe is just one of many former college and professional players, college coaches, and parents who are part of the;Next College Student Athlete;team. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication along with NCSAs history of digital innovation, and long-standing relationship with the college coaching community have made NCSA the largest and most successful athletic recruiting network in the country.


With winter break just a couple weeks away, the holiday season is a great time to work on your student-athletes highlight video. Whether you need to create your first video or update the current one, a well-crafted highlight video can be a highly effective recruiting tool. According to NCSA research, student-athletes with a video on their online profile are 12 times more likely to get viewed by coaches. Plus, throwing together a new video gives your child a great reason to email coaches and continue the campaign to get on their radar.

What Type Of Video Do College Coaches Want To See

Sophomore Year
  • Practice and Drills: College coaches want to see repetition. For example, a college baseball coach would rather see a hitter take 10-20 swings than hit a single home run, and a college soccer coach would rather see an athlete complete dribbling drills than watch him/her score a goal.

  • Gameplay: ;College coaches love watching unedited film of a recruit competing in a game. This allows them not only to see your skills but how you move away from the play, how to handle adversity, and how you interact with your teammates.;

  • Lifting: Showing college coaches how you practice and how you work in the weight room is a great way to display your work ethic. Practice drills, weight lifting, and conditioning are all big components of college sports, so show college coaches you’re ready to work hard away from the competition.;

  • Highlights: Footage of a big play you made can highlight your capabilities and potential for college coaches. Be sure not to heavily edit the highlights as college coaches want to see the full play. Also, make sure your profile isn’t simply one big highlight reel. Incorporate other types of video we discussed above to show the full scope of your abilities.

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Defensive Linemen: Focus On Tackle Technique And Using Your Hands

Learn how to make a football defensive line skills video during COVID-19 and what college coaches are looking for at your position/level. Watch our football defensive line expert analyze skills footage and get actionable tips for showcasing the skills coaches want to see in your video.

NCSA Recruiting Coach Bill Perkinswho has over 25 years of experience as a football defensive line coachhighlights what football defensive line players need to include in their skills video, including:

  • Showcasing their use of hands, change of direction and ability to burst
  • Key drills to run, including the Bag Slap, 45 Degree Break, Punch and Slide and Bag Step Over
  • What football coaches are looking for, like explosiveness, power and the ability to be extremely physical
  • Combining practice drills with strength and conditioning footage to display your athleticism

What Kind Of Footage Should Athletes Use In Their Football Recruiting Video

For most positions, college coaches are looking for full-padded, full-speed game film. Punters and kickers should include mostly skills footagewhich involves athletes showing off specific skillsets on an open field. A separate 7on7 film can be created to supplement the full recruiting video, but for most athletes this wont be necessary unless a college coach specifically asks for it. If a recruit has an unbelievable, Sports Center Top 10 highlight from a 7on7 game, they can include it in the full video, but it really has to be spectacular. College coaches might ask for full game footage, but that will also be on a case-by-case basis.

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What Does Not Interested Mean On My Schools Interested Page

Getting texts and emails from schools that you would NEVER attend that want to see your full Go Big profile? Just click on the âInterested Schoolsâ in the upper right after you log-in and youâll have the option to no longer receive ANY communication from those schools by clicking on the âNot Interestedâ link. The process is irreversible so make sure you wouldnât ever be interested before clicking âNot Interestedâ!

Keep in mind, You can still send your video and full profile to those schools in the future if you want to. However, You will no longer receive recurring text/email alerts.

The Best Times To Send Coaches Highlight Videos

How to Download Your Videos from Hudl (Athletes)

By Jason Smith, NCSA Director of Recruiting ServicesAugust 21, 2018 10:29 am

By Jason Smith, NCSA Director of Recruiting Services |August 21, 2018 10:29 am ET

USA TODAY High School Sports has a weekly column on the college recruiting process. Here, youll find practical tips and real-world advice on becoming a better recruit to maximize your opportunities to play at the college level. Jason Smith is a former NCAA DIII athlete and college coach at all three division levels. Jason is just one of many former college and professional athletes, college coaches, and parents who are part of the;Next College Student Athlete;team. Their knowledge, experience, and dedication along with NCSAs history of digital innovation, and long-standing relationship with the college coaching community have made NCSA the largest and most successful athletic recruiting network in the country.

As much as college coaches want to watch every recruit compete in person, it just isnt possible. They dont have the time or the budget. Instead, they conduct initial evaluations of student-athletes online. Enteryour highlight video.

A great highlight video has the power to put you on a coachs radar. In fact, most coaches discover recruits because the student-athlete proactively reached out to themnot the other way around.

Read more: How to put together a highlight video

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Emailing College Coaches & Sending Your Highlight Footage

Emailing College Coaches & Sending Your Highlight Footage

Emailing your target list of college coaches is critical in attempting to establish your interest in becoming a part of their program. ;Including a highlight video in your email is a great way for you to allow coaches to quickly familiarize themselves with you and your athletic skills

So how do you get started and stand out? ;;


You want to begin by personalizing the emails you send to coaches by including the coachs name in your introduction. ;Dont send out a mass email to all of your coaches just saying Dear Coach. ;You want to take the little extra time to show the extra effort.

This personalization will help build a relationship with the coaches as well as generate a conversation. ;It is important that you send the email from your personal college recruiting email address

For each email that you send to a college coach, you want to make sure to include the key facts that these coaches are looking for in your first email such as:

  • Why you are specifically interested in joining their program

  • Where they can find your statistics and achievements both individually and as a team

  • Camps, Clinics, or Tournaments you will be attending in the near future

Do you have an email that has been designated for recruiting?

Your email should include your name

Keep it professional!

Keep in mind: Not all coaches are going to immediately respond to your emails, and this is OK.

Sending Highlight Videos to Coaches

How Do I Upload A Powerpoint To Hudl

Create a Presentation

  • Log in to, hover over Video and select Library.
  • To create a new presentation, click Presentation then Create a Presentation.
  • Name your presentation and choose where it should be stored.
  • To add a slide, select the clip you want it to precede and click Add Slide.
  • Add Video.
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    Tips For Acquiring Footage

    Acquiring enough film to put together a strong highlight video can be a daunting task. Weve included some tips below to help you ensure that you have great footage to choose from when creating your video.

    Start Early: Start collecting footage as early as you can. While you probably dont want to use footage from your middle-school games, filming early on will be good practice for when the footage really matters. Make it your goal to finish making your highlight video by the end of junior year, but make sure to feature only varsity-level competition. Dont be afraid to update your video later on with good footage from the first few games of your senior year!

    Get Others Involved: A great way to start collecting footage is to ask your club or school coach if they film games. Many coaches film games in order to strategize later, so your coachs footage might be a great resource to you. Your teammates also might have family members who have taken footage at games. It would also benefit you to invest in a good camera and tripod so that you can film yourself, or hire a video company to record an important game.

    You cant make the best possible highlight video without great film. It is important that you film all your high-level games to give yourself the strongest set of highlights to choose from- this is something your support network can help you accomplish.

    Stop Receiving Text Messages From Go Big Recruiting When College Coaches Are Interested In Me/my Student Athlete

    Coweta High School

    We have a new feature that sends text messages out to our athletes and their parents to keep everyone in the loop.

    If you do not prefer to receive text messages, simply login to your athleteâs Go Big Recruiting Profile and update their preferences.

    How? Follow these simple steps:

    1. Click Welcome

    3. Uncheck “Send me SMS messages when coaches are interested in me.”

    4. Click Submit

    If you are still have difficulties, just send us an email at with your name/ your athleteâs full name, registered email address and sport.

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    College Recruiting Series #: 6 Tips To Create A Winning Highlight Video

    Recruiting has joined the digital age! This is great news for athletes and coaches. However, it does mean beefing up your online presence. One of your most important digital tools? Your highlight video. The majority of coaches dont have the time or money to travel around the country watching recruits play their sport. So, they turn to highlight videos to make their initial evaluations of athletes.

    Your highlight video needs to stand out from hundreds of other films coaches receive every day. That doesnt mean adding in lightning bolts and sound effects. Check out our top 6 tips for creating an eye-catching video that will make coaches notice you.

    Try To Catch Them Before Your Season Starts

    While the exact time frame depends on each sport, it can be beneficial for student-athletes to post a new highlight film right before their season starts. Many college coaches recruit year-round, yet there are times when they tend to be more active than others. Typically, when youre in season, coaches are scouting and looking for student-athletes to further evaluate, so they want to see video during this time. If you grab their attention early with a recent video of your skill set, you may be more likely to have them follow your progress throughout your season. So, emailing them right as your pre-season ends can help you get on their radar.

    Read more: How to email college coaches

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    College Basketball Recruiting Video Tips

    For some student-athletes, a basketball highlight video might be the reason they secure an in-person evaluation. Creating a highlight film is not as complicated as it sounds. Follow these straight-forward tips to create a video that truly stands out:

  • Before you set out to film, ask your high school coach if they have footage already available. Online video services for high school coaches, like Hudl, are popular resources.;
  • Choose games against your best competition, such as varsity level, high-level AAU games or any nationwide tournaments. College coaches want to see how you stack up against top talent. Typically clips from two or three games is enough, but you can use more if needed.
  • Focus the camera from mid-court while making sure the student-athlete is easily recognizable. The camera view shouldnt be obstructed by the crowd, other players on the court or people walking by.
  • Use a tripod to avoid a shaky camera.
  • Dont zoom in and out.
  • Make sure the person filming the match isnt cheering. If there is excessive and distracting background noise, mute the video completely. Dont add music to the video either.
  • Put a title card at the front of your basketball highlight video that includes your name and graduation year, such as John Doe Basketball Recruiting Video Class of 2021.
  • Stack your best clips first. Typically, youll start your video by highlighting your shooting ability.
  • Cap your video at 20 to 30 clips and keep it under four minutes.
  • Listen To Penn State Head Coach Emphasize This Hudl Has Eliminated The Sleeper Recruit

    HOW TO MAKE HIGHLIGHTS IN HUDL – NEVBC Hudl Training For Athletes – December 2020

    One of the largest disconnects we see in recruiting today is parents and athletes separating game film performance and exposure. In todays age of technology, they are the same exact thing.You can get in front of every college coach in the nation but it wonât mean anything if you are not executing at the top 10 percentile of high school football players. JJ Watts says it perfectly here:

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    Can I Upload My Own Video To Hudl

    Log in to and click Upload. Click Select Files or drag and drop the video file into the upload window. Select the files needed for upload and click Open. To select multiple video files, click the first file listed, then press and holdShift on your keyboard and click the last file you want uploaded.

    Know What Coaches Are Looking For In Your Sport

    Different sports require different approaches to highlight films. For example, baseball and softball coaches arent looking for game footage. Instead, they rely heavily on clips that show athletes specific skills. Highlight videos for sports like basketball, hockey and football are the opposite and should have plenty of game footage.

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    How Do I Merge Two Hudl Accounts

    Youll need to update your email address by going to your Account Settings under your name in the top right corner. If you cannot get logged in to do this youll need to be re-added to the team. Once youve been re-added contact our Support teamcontact our Support team to request your two accounts are merged.

    How To Edit Your Football Highlight Video

    vs. Baker University

    Once your family has all their film, its time to start editing it down. Families who arent sure what plays or skills footage to use should talk to their high school coach or contact NCSAs team of football recruiting experts at 866-495-5172. They know exactly what college coaches are looking for at every position, and they can help you pick out the plays that really show off your skill set.

    To start the football recruiting video, athletes should always include a slide or two with their information. Heres what you should include:

    • First name, last name
    • Cumulative GPA, ACT and/or SAT scores
    • Your head coachs name
    • Head coachs phone and email address

    Before each play, athletes should use a drop shadow or arrow to identify who they are. Start the footage a couple seconds before the play, so the coach can see how the play unfolds. Dont mess with speed of the film and dont add special effectslet the athletes talent speak for itself! As we mentioned earlier, start with the very best plays to capture the coachs interest immediately, and keep the full football recruiting video to no more than five minutes.

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