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Is An Online College Degree Worth It

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How Much Does An Associate Degree Cost

Is an online degree worth it?

The cost of an associate degree will depend on many factors, including the location of the area, the type of school, and how many credits you need in your field of study.

According to a recent university council report, the average annual public tuition for the two-year school district is approximately $3,730.

Degrees Can Lead To Higher Salaries And Better Employment

The most tangible benefits of completing an academic degree are the opportunities for higher salaries and lower rates of unemployment. The U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics collects, analyzes and disseminates economic information. In 2019, the BLS reported that workers with at least a bachelors degree earned more than the $932 median weekly earnings for all workers.

The charts below, originally published in the BLS report, show that median weekly earnings are higher and unemployment rates are lower as workers gain more and more education.

Median Weekly Earnings and Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment, 2018

Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.

Possible Disadvantages Of Online College

Online college can also have its drawbacksespecially if you dont do your homework on which online college to attend. There are many low-quality internet or for-profit colleges that provide little to no long-term value. Online colleges may also have radically different teaching and learning philosophies. Be aware of these pitfalls:

You need to make sure that the learning experience at an online college meets both your needs and expectations as a student. Go into your search for an online degree with your eyes open to the disadvantages an online college may present.

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What Can You Do With An Associates Degree

Earning an associate degree can work in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, legal services, aviation, art and design, culinary arts, hospitality, nursing, childcare, liberal arts, and business administration.

As a way of employment that is usually shorter, more affordable, and faster than a bachelors degree, an associate degree opens up a comprehensive and diverse perspective. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for associate degree jobs is $56,590.

The three most frequent types of associate degrees are:

  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Applied Science

If desired, you can study for a bachelors degree in the future.

Flexible Programs Are Especially Convenient For Military Students

Is an Online Degree Worth It?

Flexible degree programs can be helpful to many kinds of students, but military students benefit as much as anyone. For students who are on active duty, studying online means you can continue your education anywhere, even overseas.

Many online schools have recognized that they are uniquely able to offer convenient options for military students, and they put time into making sure they are as military-friendly as possible. Schools like CSU also ensure that they have academic programs that are especially well-suited for students transitioning out of the military, such as business.

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Home Health/personal Care Aide

Home health aides work directly with individuals who need personal care on a temporary or permanent basis. Home health aides are not intended to provide medical assistance, but instead help with daily living tasks such as dressing, bathing, and eating. Online associate nursing degree programs will prepare students to become a certified nursing assistant. The career growth rate for personal care aides is 47% and considered a higher than average growth rate when compared to other professions. The average home health aide salary is $23,210 annually with the occupation allowing a lot of room for advancement throughout their career.

Growth Rate: 47%Average Salary: $23,210 per yearOnline Degree Options: Associates Degree in Nursing and CNA certification

What Employers Really Think About Your Online Degree

Many students pursuing bachelors degrees have busy lives. It may not be possible for them to attend classes in-person due to work, family demands, or other personal commitments. Luckily, there are now many degree programs offered partially or even completely online, meaning these students dont have to miss out on advancing their careers and achieving their goals.

There may be some reluctance, however, to enroll an online degree program based on worry about how an online degree will be viewed by employers. Are online degrees respected? Can they carry the same weight in a professional environment as a traditional, four-year, on-campus degree?

Heres the truth about virtual degree programs and the job outlook for those who finish them.

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Determining If An Online College Is Legitimate

The days of associating a stigma with online education are long gone. Online degrees continue to rise in prominence and popularity. According to labor analytics firm EMSI, in 2019, 1,358,068 degrees were completed online, accounting for 26% of all college degrees that year. From 2012 to 2019, completions of traditional, non-distanced offered degrees have declined by 3.3%. While these traditional universities are struggling to attract students, online colleges are thrivingexperiencing a 56.3% increase in degree completions over the same time period.

But that doesn’t mean all online colleges are worth it.

How do you separate the online colleges that are worth the investment from the ones that arent? Get answers to these 6 key questions to holistically measure the worth of an online college:

Once you determine the legitimacy and value of an online college, you can reap the benefits of earning your degree online.

Will My Diploma Say I Got My Degree Online

Is An Online Masters Degree Worth The Money?
  • Will My Diploma Say I Got My Degree Online?
  • First, it is important to understand the two general types of online degree programs schools that are only online, and brick-and-mortar universities that have an online presence. Schools that exist only online are likely to have online in the name of the school, and it will be evident that a degree was earned online from Example University Online.

    Online Bachelors Degrees received from brick-and-mortar universities that have an online presence will be indistinguishable from other diplomas and will not indicate whether a degree was earned online or in a traditional setting. Because of accreditation standards and processes, graduates of online degree programs receive the same rigorous level of education as traditional degree program students. The degree is the achievement earned. Online is the format or mode used to receive the education, and therefore, is not part of the actual name of the degree earned. In the same way that a diploma would not read Traditional Bachelors of Arts In Psychology a degree will not read Online Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. The degree earned in both cases is a Bachelors of Arts In Psychology.

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    Introduction To Online Learning

    Whether you’re thinking about earning a college degree or just taking a few college courses, going to school online is an option worth considering. Over the past couple of decades, it has become an increasingly popular choice. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about one-third of today’s college students are engaged in some form of distance learning, with 16.6% of them opting to take all of their classes online.

    E-learning classes usually use an online learning management system, such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle, to enable students to view and complete coursework over the internet, and classes can be delivered either in an asynchronous or synchronous format.

    Before you sign up for classes, it’s important to understand the options available to you. Many traditional, non-profit or state-operated community colleges and four-year universities give you the ability to earn associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral or professional degrees, as well as certificate programs, completely online. These educational institutions usually provide the same resourcesâsuch as financial aid, academic advising, tutoring, and library servicesâfor online students as they do for on-campus students. There are also some non-profit schools that operate exclusively online, as well as for-profit schools offering online programs, and these institutions may or may not provide additional services.

    Online Degrees Quick Facts

    Taking Top Tier Courses On Your Own Time

    More and more, the concept of obtaining an excellent education through an online university is becoming the norm. With so many of you out there needing to attend to routines that take up most of your time, opting for a schooling system that allows you to take top tier courses according to your own schedule is the perfect answer.

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    What Field Of Study Are You Pursuing

    You should also think about your chosen field of study and whether or not an online degree will help you fully prepare for a career in that field. Employers will want to see your degree on a resume and feel confident that you are fully qualified.

    For example, employers in S.T.E.M. fields have been known to prefer traditional college and university experiences to online degrees. Fields like education and nursing might also require more in-person training, even at the undergraduate level, to help you prepare for dealing with students and patients in real time. However, as online degrees continue to improve, employers with a more traditional stance might also begin to change their perspective toward online degrees and their viability.

    In addition, however, though online degrees sometimes offer a mixture of online and in-person learning opportunities, spending time learning online does not offer the same connection with professors and students that could be beneficial in specific fields. While earning a business degree, for instance, you might want to experience networking face-to-face to build strong relationships with professors and fellow students.

    Pros And Cons Of College Education

    Is an Online Degree Worth It?

    The essential step in reaching the right decision as to whether you should attend college is comparing the pros and cons of it. On one hand, countless studies acknowledge the fact that college graduates tend to live happier, healthier, more successful lives and earn more money however, on the other hand, there are also some education cons such as high tuitions, and the fact that college requires devotion and hard work, and not everyone is ready to give all to it. Better explained,

    Pros of Going to College

    7. College degree holders have higher annual earnings.

    Here is why college is worth it: those with college degree enjoy higher annual earnings According to the National Center for Education Statistics, who have examined the annual earnings of 25-34 years old adults confirm that those with masters or higher degree had the highest median earnings -$65,000, which is 19% higher than those with bachelors degree who earned $54,700. If we were to take into consideration the difference in earnings between a college degree and those with a high school degree, we see the true effect and value of a college degree: those with bachelors degree have median earnings that are 57% higher than the earnings of those with just a high school degree: in 2018, those with high school degree earned $34,900, while those with bachelor $54,700.

    8. College graduates live healthier, prolonged life.
    9. College degree holders have better employment opportunities.

    Cons of Going to College

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    How Much Is Your College Degree Worth

    How Much is Your College Degree Worth: In the current economy, the employment market is very insecure and is satiated with applicants who want the same job and who sometimes share the same qualifications or education. So, in this situation, how can you decide which type of education is best for you and if it is worth all the studying and hard work. This is a feeling shared by many recent grads who dont know what is their next step. Do they need more education?

    Do Employers Verify Education

    You are generally under no obligation to tell an employer on a job application or a cover letter that you got your degree online. But if it comes up, its important to realize that you can make a big difference in an employers perception of your degree if you learn to talk about your school, your motivation and your career goals in a way that makes you look like a smart candidate.

    First and foremost, an employer will confirm that your degree has a basic value based on whether or not your school has good quality accreditation and on the general reputation and name recognition of your school. But employers today are doing deeper and deeper background checks on people before they are willing to hire them. Its possible that a hiring manager may simply contact your school to get a copy of your diploma or transcript. But some employers actually use third party services to do educational background checks on job candidates. Either way, its likely that your potential employer will see your grades, which courses you took and how long it took you to complete your degree. Thats why nowadays more than ever, its a very bad idea to misrepresent anything about your education on a job application or in an interview. Youre very likely to get caught.

    Develop a pitch to tell them why you believed that an online degree was an excellent choice and the unique skills its given you.

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    Medical And Health Services Managers

    With a degree in medical and health services management, students are prepared to take on leadership roles in a healthcare facility. The manager may oversee a particular department or have the responsibility of running the entire healthcare institution. Budgeting, human resources, medical ethics, healthcare laws, and accounting are key parts of an online medical and health services degree program. Since healthcare managers are top executives within a facility, they earn close to six figures annually. The job growth rate of 20% between 2016 and 2026 is considered faster than average careers.

    Growth Rate: 20%Average Salary: $98,350 per yearOnline Degree Options: Masters in Healthcare Management

    Online Doctoral Degree Programs

    Is my Masters Degree worth it?

    Our research shows that online programs at private schools are often more affordable for students pursuing their doctorate, and the type of school they attend â public vs. private â isn’t likely to have a significant impact on their earning power after graduation, though alumni from public online doctoral programs might earn slightly more.

    • We found that the median tuition rate for doctoral students is $2,253 lower at private institutions than at public colleges and universities.
    • When comparing earnings, we found that public universities have slightly higher Salary Scores than private ones at the doctoral level. The median Salary Score for doctorates at public institutions is 45.5, and the median score for private schools falls one point below that at 44.55.

    Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are much more widely available in the online space, but there are a few online doctorates that are popular as well. These include the Doctor of Nursing Practice the Doctor of Education and the Doctor of Business Administration , frequently geared toward working professionals who are earning a terminal doctoral degree on top of their full-time job.

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    The Majority Of Jobs Require College Education

    In past generations, a college education wasnt necessary to earn a middle-class income. According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, two-thirds of jobs required a high school diploma or less before the 1980s.

    Thats no longer the case. Georgetown University predicts that 70% of all jobs will require some college education by 2027.

    Without higher education on your resume, it may be more difficult to find a high-paying job, and competition for available opportunities will be fierce.

    Will My Employer Care If My Degree Was Earned Online

    Most companies are not too concerned about online degrees, but many are wary of degrees earned from for-profit diploma mills. The reputation of the school, the degree received, and the accreditation of the program are the most important facts to most employers. Companies accept well known and respected universities that offer online degrees. Future students should find out the reputation of each school before deciding on a program.

    Additionally, prospective employers do not hold unaccredited schools in high esteem. Finding out if an online degree program is accredited should be the first step when looking for an online bachelors degree program. Any program that is not accredited should be eliminated from the search since unaccredited schools are usually not eligible for federal financial aid, and credit hours earned may not transfer to another school. College accrediting bodies recognize each others local standards and degrees as legitimate, but without accreditation, students may be wasting valuable money and time on a worthless degree.

    Online degrees are changing the face of education. They have leveled the playing field for access to education, and the bad stigma associated with online degrees has diminished significantly. Earning an online degree is just as difficult, if not harder, as earning a traditional degree dont be ashamed of it!

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    Cons Of Pursuing An Online Degree

    Pursuing an online degree isnt right for everyone, including those seeking extremely high-quality or individualized instruction, those seeking employment in industries or with specific employers that remain resistant to credentials earned through distance learning, and those more likely to thrive in collaborative environments.

    The 20 Best Online Degrees To Get In 2021 For Careers: Ranked By Salary

    Is An Online College Degree Worth It?
  • Criminal Justice
  • The 20 Best Online Degrees to get in 2021 for Careers: Ranked by Salary are organized by online degree subject that can potentially lead to the highest paying career as #1, second highest in position #2, etc. We researched which online degree subjects are relevant for the highest paying careers, and we include here the 20 best, ranked by salary potential.

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