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What Colleges Offer Animal Science Degrees

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What Colleges Offer An Animal Science Major

Veterinary Science Major at the University of Arizona

University of California, Davis | UC Davis

University of California, Santa Barbara | UCSB

University of Central Florida | UCF

University of Delaware

University of Hawaii at Hilo | UH Hilo

University of Hawaii at Manoa | UH Manoa

University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign | UIUC

University of Kentucky

University of Mary HardinBaylor | UMHB

University of Maryland Eastern Shore | UMES

University of Maryland, College Park | Maryland

University of Minnesota Crookston | UMC

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities | Minnesota

University of Missouri | Mizzou

University of Montana Western | UMW

University of New Hampshire | UNH

University of North Dakota | UND

University of Rhode Island | URI

University of Tennessee

Best 14 Animal Behavior Degree In 2022

Animal Behavior is a multidisciplinary degree that prepares students for a variety of careers. The following list of colleges offer an accredited bachelors degree program in animal behavior. Every institution on this list is accredited. The institutions are ranked according to a matrix using key pieces of information including cost, faculty to student ratio, and graduation rate. The lower the cost and faculty to student ratio the higher that institution will rank. The higher the graduation rate will also move an institutions ranking up. These items of information show a more complete picture of the value of the program and likelihood of students graduating with the skills they need to be successful in their career.

  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Graduation Rate: 76%

A public institution for higher learning, Indiana University Bloomington is the flagship campus for the Indiana University system. The program for Animal Behavior is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree in an interdisciplinary program that studies human and non-human behavior as well as relationships with their environment, ecology, evolution, and physiology. Students will participate in both traditional coursework and workshops where they gain hands-on experience with expert faculty within the field. Internships are also available for added experience and opportunities to learn skills and hands-on experience.

School Overview

Tuition:Accreditation: Faculty to Student Ratio:Financial Aid:

What Are The Common Coursework Animal Science Majors Can Expect

Animal science majors typically take core classes like animal science foundations, animal nutrition, and animal reproduction and development.

Many programs require students to take specific animal care and management route, pre-veterinary medicine, or equine science thus, an advanced curriculum may differ.

Advanced study in business-related disciplines, such as agricultural business management, is required of animal care and management students. Advanced coursework in Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Avian Physiology is required of science and medicine students.

Students must also undergo internships in zoos and veterinary teaching hospitals in many animal science programs, allowing students to gain hands-on experience. Some universities even allow on-campus students to live rent-free for a year at one of the institutions animal facilities in exchange for ten weekly hours of animal care.

Other online programs incorporate real-world experience into their curriculum, allowing students to interact with dairy industry professionals by touring facilities and doing financial analyses of dairy enterprises.

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Welcome To The Department Of Animal Sciences And Ag Education

Prepare for the future in agricultural sciences, technology, management, education, and agricultural media communications with a degree in animal sciences or agricultural education! The Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education offers options in agricultural communications, teacher preparation, basic animal science, pre-veterinary medicine, livestock business management, dairy science, equine science and meat technology. Courses integrate animal evaluation, behavior, disease, environmental management, genetics, health, marketing, muscle biology, nutrition, physiology, production, and reproduction. Instruction in the animal science disciplines is enhanced through practical application at the various farm laboratory units. The facilities include the Beef, Dairy, Foster Farms Poultry Education and Research Facility, Meat Lab, Quarter Horse, San Joaquin Experimental Range, Sheep, and Swine units which are maintained to support this educational purpose. In addition, veterinary and physiology laboratories are utilized to complement on-campus education. A 4,300-acre livestock and range management facility and another 800 acres of rangeland in the Sierra foothills are available. The department is extremely proud of its outstanding faculty and the level and quality of student activities in which they participate.

Online Bachelors In Animal Behavior

Universities Offering Veterinary Science in Nigeria ...

Animal behavior deals with the brain and nervous systems of animals in an effort to understand behavior. How do animals learn new behaviors? How do they adapt to their environment? How do animals solve problems? These are all questions that animal-behavior majors attempt to tackle while earning a degree. With a foundation in the natural sciences, animal behavior is a major that can propel graduates to fruitful careers or into graduate schools. Graduates pursue roles as animal trainers, consultants for zoos and sanctuaries, or animal researchers.

Schools offering this degree: University of New England

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Online Bachelors In Coastal Science

Coastal science, coastal management, and marine management, as this degree is referred to by different colleges, universities, and programs, are majors designed for individuals with a strong interest in marine organisms and life. The programs are relatively new, having emerged on the scene within the last decade. Coastal science provides students with an understanding of coastal and marine ecosystems, coupled with knowledge in how to manage these marine environments. Earning a bachelors or masters degree in this field prepares one for careers throughout the world. NOAA Coastal Management hires individuals with coastal science degrees.

Schools offering this degree: Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Ansc 498 Work Experience In Animal Science

  • Units:0.5 – 4
  • General Education:AA/AS Area III
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course provides students with opportunities to develop marketable skills in preparation for employment in their major field of study or advancement within their career. It is designed for students interested in work experience and/or internships in transfer level degree occupational programs. Course content includes understanding the application of education to the workforce completion of required forms which document the student’s progress and hours spent at the work site and developing workplace skills and competencies. Appropriate level learning objectives are established by the student and the employer. During the semester, the student is required to participate in a weekly orientation and 37.5 hours of related paid work experience, or 30 hours of unpaid work experience for 0.5 unit. An additional 37.5 or 30 hours of related work experience is required for each additional 0.5 units. Students may take up to 16 units total across all Work Experience course offerings. This course may be taken up to four times when there are new or expanded learning objectives. Only one Work Experience course may be taken per semester.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

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Employment Opportunities In Animal Science

Individuals with a degree in animal science have a variety of career options available to them in both the public and private sector. The level of interest and type of employment desired typically dictates the areas an individual will enter into, allowing for great diversity of employment for a single area of study. Individuals may work with breeding programs, farms, zoos, biotechnology companies, provide behavior modification services and more. Due to the nature of the field some individuals may choose to establish their own businesses relating to the care, treatment and training of animals for domestic purposes.

Employment may also be pursued in public organizations, such as awareness groups, shelters, or and the like, or for non-profit organizations that promote better treatment of animals. Private companies involved in research require individuals with higher levels of education, allowing for the development of treatments and products geared at animals. Education positions also require higher level degrees, particularly for those seeking to teach at the college level.

Online Bachelors In Wildlife Conservation

Animal Sciences Major at the University of Arizona

The wildlife conservation major covers ecology and conservation of animals and their associated habitats. Students study birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. In addition, students explore how public policy and climate change impact animals and their habitats. Wildlife conservation is a proven major that prepares students for graduate school or for a move into an exciting post-graduation career in conservation. Students take a wide range of classes such as chemistry, evolutionary biology, natural resources management, and statistics. Career options include wildlife technician, game warden, fishing and hunting guide, wildlife biologist, and zookeeper. This major is available at post-secondary colleges and universities, though the degree is not offered as often as certain other biology or ecology programs are.

Schools offering this degree: Southern New Hampshire University

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Millersville University Of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior

Millersville, Pennsylvania

Those who would like to study at the Millersville University of Pennsylvania can enroll in the schools Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior degree. Through this animal behavior degree program, students will learn how to understand better how animals behave and communicate with one another. In doing so, they will gain a deeper understanding of animal cognition. To complete this program of study, students are required to earn a total of 120 credit hours. This program of study is exclusively offered on campus. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has provided Millersville University with accreditation for this animal behavior degree. This is one of the best animal behavior schools, and this program is a great option for those looking for an affordable animal behavior degree.

Tuition: $51,720

Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Behavior

Unity, Maine

Tuition: $56,400

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Tuition: $71,400

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior

Utica, New York

Tuition: $89,256

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

Buffalo, New York

Tuition: $117,200

Bachelor of Science in Animal Studies

New Concord, Ohio

Tuition: $117,200

Online Bachelors In Oceanography

Oceanography is a major in which students use scientific concepts and applications to study the ocean and its inhabitants. The major is interdisciplinary, as it involves coursework from biology, chemistry, geology, geography, math, and physics. Students will learn about the varying topographies of the earths oceans, along with the plant and animal species that call the ocean their home. Students also delve into how oceanic health impacts the world and how environmental threats to the oceans can be mitigated, and even halted, through effective science, innovation, and public policy. Students will have plenty of opportunities to spend time on the water during observations, internships, and field experiences.

Schools offering this degree: University of Washington

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Colleges In Michigan That Offer Animal Science Majors


A major in animal sciences can prepare students for careers in agribusiness, veterinary medicine or even public relations. This broad major is taught at many Michigan universities and community colleges including Michigan State University and Wayne County Community College. Training in this major comes from industry professionals, concentrated areas and hands-on experience.

Explore this article

Franklin And Marshall College

Berry College Animal Science Major Pre

Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior Studies

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior Studies degree is offered by Franklin & Marshall College. Franklin & Marshall Colleges animal behavior degree is a great option for students interested in a career in animal welfare or zoology. Throughout this program, students will deepen their understanding and knowledge of the various factors governing how animals interact and behave. A total of 120 credit hours are needed to complete this degree. Franklin & Marshall College has received accreditation for this program from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Courses in this program include animal behavior, cognitive psychology, behavioral ecology, and more.

Tuition: $252,864

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Online Bachelors In Biology

Biology is the study of the scientific processes behind living organisms. As such, the major has always been one of the most popular for animal lovers. An undergraduate degree in biology is comprehensive. It provides a fundamental understanding of all forms of life within the context of characteristics, functions, habitats, and processes. Students majoring in biology take a range of courses, including anatomy and physiology, marine biology, and molecular biology. Since biology is the basis for many scientific principles, students graduate well-prepared for advanced studies or careers in the field of biology, environmental science, and wildlife management. Common occupations for biology majors include animal-behavior researchers, park rangers, and zoo-animal experts.

Schools offering this degree: Arizona State University, University of Florida

What Do You Do In Animal Science

Animal Science is an interdisciplinary area of study that integrates biology, botany, zoology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and other sciences with the study of animals. Within the context of animal science, individuals focus on health, nutrition, breeding, genetics, management, behavior science, physiology, and environmental impact of animals as part of a greater ecosystem. Curriculum of an animal science degree program can vary widely from one college program to another as the application can focus on farm animals to pets and from laboratory animals to genetic mutations. As such, some programs allow students to customize a curricular path that suits their individual focus while others mandate a specific set of courses towards degree completion.

As an example, if a student were interested in a farm production career in animal science, the clustering of courses taken could include agriculture, horticulture, agronomy, soil science, economics, and ranch management. Conversely, if a student was passionate about animal genetics the array of courses would be more science-rich such as biology, anatomy, cell biology, microbiology, biotechnology, and evolutionary biology.

In a recent survey performed by the U.S. Department of Labor, animal scientists provided insights into their daily activities and job duties. A list of the top 5 job duties of an animal scientist include the following:

  • Analyzing the nutritional requirements of animals and associated nutrition of animal feed
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    The List Of All Us Colleges With An Animal Science Major

    You might think of animal science as a sort of premed program for future veterinarians. While this is certainly one reason that undergrads choose to study animal science, its not the only possible career path to pursue with an animal science degree. Students who enjoy working with animals and want to learn more about the most modern, efficient, and humane ways to care for them should consider a degree in animal science.

    Luckily, there are dozens of animal science programs across the country to choose from. If youre interested in pursuing a degree in animal science, dont miss this post where we outline how to get into the program of your dreams and provide a complete list of every college in the country with an animal science major. Keep reading to learn more.

    Top 15 Most Affordable Animal Behavior Degree Programs 2021

    Animal Science

    An animal behavior degree teaches students the skills needed to understand the motivations behind the actions of animals. Students who earn animal behavior degrees will be prepared with the skills needed for various careers, such as zoologists, wildlife biologists, and more. Being an animal behavior specialist is a great career path for those who love animals and want to work with them to improve their quality of life.

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    Animal Science Rankings By Degree Level

    The animal science school you choose to invest your time and money in matters. To help you make the decision that is right for you, we’ve developed a number of major-specific rankings, including this list of the Best Animal Science Schools in California.You can also filter this list to find schools closer to you.

    In addition to College Factual’s rankings, you may want to take a look at College Combat, our unique tool that lets you pit your favorite schools head-to-head and compare how they rate on factors that most interest you.When you have some time, check it out – you may want to bookmark the link so you don’t forget it.

    More information on how we come up with our rankings can be found here: College Factual’s Data Methodology.

    Online Bachelors In Fish And Wildlife

    Fish and wildlife studies is an excellent major for students interested in life sciences and outdoor work environments. Students generally move into careers managing conservation areas, enforcing conservation laws, and overseeing fish and wildlife farms and fisheries. Students should possess a strong acumen for natural sciences and mathematics, and they should have a love for working in labs and in nature. Students who engage in internships will have the best employment and graduate-school opportunities. Sample careers include fisheries biologists, wildlife biologists, and wildlife program managers.

    Schools offering this degree: Oregon State University

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    What Is A Degree In Animal Science

    In the last 20 years, the rate of technological innovation in animal husbandry has increased. Animal production, research, and marketing skills are all being revolutionized by technology. Advances in animal feeding, breeding, reproduction, and management techniques happened simultaneously as improvements in other agricultural activities over the last century.

    Alternative feed sources have been discovered, as well as estrus synchronization agents, embryo transfer procedures, and new growth-promoting substances. Comparative research using animal models has also been a critical component of agricultural and medicinal advancements.

    Many people take this degree for its fascinating discipline that applies to all animals and offers career prospects ranging from production to agribusiness and processing. It can provide a solid basis for various occupations and professional schools, including human and veterinary medicine and graduate school.

    This degree can be completed in part-time portions to meet the hectic lives of working adults, thanks to todays modern learning options and technology. Some degrees are even available to be completed entirely online!

    Animal science graduates gain a thorough understanding of animal biology and physiology. This course helps them understand how to deal with and care for a wide range of animals.

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    Online Bachelors In Veterinary Science

    Bachelorâs Degree Programs in Veterinary Medicine

    Veterinary science is another excellent degree choice for animal lovers. The curriculum focuses on teaching students to meet the healthcare needs of animals, including domestic pets, zoo animals, livestock, and more. While the major does prepare students for veterinary school, there are a large number of careers that students can transition into upon completion of a veterinary science bachelors degree. These careers include veterinary hospital manager, veterinary researcher, or veterinary technician, to name a few. Students take a wide assortment of science classes such as zoology, mammalian physiology, and microbiology. As with similar majors, students also spend a lot of time in the field gaining hands-on experience working directly with animals.

    Schools offering this degree: Oregon State University, Purdue University

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