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What Colleges Give Credit For Work Experience

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Ace Joint Services Transcript Or Ccaf Transcript

Earn College Credit For Work Experience

IRSC is committed to ensuring our military service members and veterans receive credit for college-level knowledge gained through their service. We are proud to comply with FLDOE rule 6A-14.0302 Credit for Military Service.

The American Council on Education evaluates all military experiences for college credit recommendation. Results of the ACE evaluation are processed as transfer credit.

United States military veterans may obtain their transcripts through the Joint Services Transcript website.

  • Demonstration of competency or video showcasing skill competencies
  • Course-specific work sample
  • Certificate of completion

Transfer Credit And Prior Learning Assessment Policies

  • Adult learners can transfer up to 90 credits from accredited four-year traditional colleges and universities


  • Adult learners can transfer a maximum of 82 prior learning credits from the following educational experiences:
  • traditional college coursework
  • Prior Experiential Learning Assessment
  • Students pursuing a degree in Professional Studies may earn a maximum of 27 credits through Prior Experiential Learning Assessment . Through PELA, eligible students can register for an experiential portfolio seminar and work with the Prior Learning Assessment coordinator to document and thoroughly assess prior learning experiences.

Therefore, many students begin their degree program at St. Josephs College with more than half the credits they need to graduate. To earn a bachelor’s degree from St. Josephs College, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits* in residence.

Please Note: Grades indicating a Pass for the Spring or Summer 2020 semesters will be considered for transfer credit. However, some courses may require a higher grade in order to satisfy certain major requirements. * Certain majors may require a minimum of 32 credits be completed at St. Joseph’s College.

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey recognizes bachelors-level knowledge regardless of how it was acquired. TESUs PLA process enables college students to self-evaluate and check their eligibility for college credits. The universitys credit-by-exam program or TECEP can also be utilized to earn college credits through a final test instead of going through the entire coursework. CLEP and DSST programs also accept credits gained through other assessment procedures.

TESU also has an open course alternative that permits college students to attend free online courses through the Saylor Foundation. The knowledge they have acquired from these online courses can then be applied through credit-by-exam programs, TECEP, and portfolio evaluation. TESU also accepts life experiences and converts it to college credits through effective professional training programs, optional military training, and portfolio assessment.

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College Credit For Life Experience

Other than military training, some kinds of life experience that are often transferred for credit include:

  • Professional experience from employment that is related to your field of academic study.
  • Training from non-traditional degree programs, such as professional certificates.
  • Any area of knowledge that you can demonstrate by passing a College Level Exam Program test.

How To Get College Credit For Work Experience At Csu

Plan Would Offer College Credits for Work, Life Experience ...

Here at Columbia Southern University, we believe in making it easy for students to get the college credit they deserve. We use standard guidelines when determining credit and require testing to verify results.

  • For technical credit, a review and decision will be completed by the relevant CSU academic program director.
  • For experiential or equivalent learning, a prior learning assessment will be given by qualified subject matter experts with experience in evaluating prior learning.
  • For those with professional licenses and certifications, the recommendations for the ACE National Guide will be followed.
  • For those with military experience, the recommendations for the ACE Military Guide will be followed.

Other types of work experience may be considered via a credit-by-examination process or an academic program director. More details, including the maximum number of credit hours allowed for various degree levels, are available in the CSU Transfer Credit Policy.

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Berklee College Of Music Online

As a school of music, Berklee College of Music recognizes that much of the artists learning is outside the classroom. As a result, the school allows students to earn up to 30 credits for their bachelors degree through the application of previous apprenticeship credits.

Available disciplines include music production, music business, songwriting, guitar, electronic music production, music composition, and interdisciplinary music studies.

In addition, students must compare their experience with required courses and then work with an educational advisor to create a portfolio.

Online Colleges That Give Work & Life Experience Credit

You know that you have a lot to gain and a lot to learn when you decide to pursue a college degree, thats why youve decided to take this incredible step into your future. But, what about everything you already know in your chosen field? There is a multitude of colleges and universities across America that have the answer. Many institutions of higher learning have made the commitment to give credit where credit is due, allowing you to receive literal credits for your relevant experience whether that is from professional experience, life experience, prior training or credentials related to your field, or training you received in the military.

Since 1974, the American Council on Educations College Credit Recommendation Service has existed to help students earn credits for formal training that happened outside of a traditional degree program. They have partnered with a broad range of organizations and reviewed over 30,000 different programs in order to provide colleges and universities with course equivalency information. They evaluate standardized tests, work training programs, and more. Colleges and universities across the country trust the council to determine if credits should be bestowed upon students. There are plenty of helpful resources and more information about the service on the ACE website.

Featured Programs

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What Courses Cant Be Challenged For Credit

Graduate courses cant be challenged for credit. There are also some specific circumstances where you cant challenge an undergraduate course for credit, even if that option is normally available.

Did you know?

You may be able to get transfer credit up to 50% or more of your Athabasca University undergraduate degree.

What Is A Diploma Mill

Plan Would Offer College Credits for Work, Life Experience

A diploma mill, also known as a degree mill, is a phony university that sells college diplomas and transcriptsthe actual pieces of paperrather than the educational experience. Diploma mills are scam colleges that literally crank out fake diplomas to anyone who pays the requested tuition. Diploma mills often promise a fast college degree based on life experience.

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How Do Students Earn Work/life Credit

Students get college credit for work experience in different ways. Military experience, volunteering, and professional certifications may earn students credit. Many schools award credit through a prior learning assessment process, which can involve a portfolio or exam. Learners can also take standardized tests to receive credit for their prior knowledge.

High School Articulated College Credit

Career and Technical Education Credit taken in high school through the Northeast Metro Consortium or through Northeast Metro Career and Technical Center substitutes for a specific Century College course identified through articulation agreements. Only those high school courses identified in the articulation agreements will be accepted as transfer to Century College and must be documented on an Articulated College Credit Certificate. Certificates can be printed from your student account at Successful completion of designated courses, where a grade of B or higher is earned, transfer and may satisfy requirements or elective credits in some programs at Century College.

More information can be found on the Career and Technical Education Credit webpage.

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Get Credit For What You’ve Already Learned And Accomplished

Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio If you’ve gained college-level learning through your career and personal experience – whether in a job-related activity, community participation, or specialized training, just complete a petition outlining your experience and find out if it qualifies for credit for a course. Petitions are assessed by faculty, and credit is assigned based on merit. If you’re a current student, you can learn more about PLA by clicking here.

Testing Davenport awards credit when you achieve a passing score on the College-Level Examination Program , DSST, Advanced Placement and Credit by Exam programs or approved national certification exams. Some exams are offered on site through the Library . See Testing Services for more information.

Military ExperienceEarn credit for knowledge you’ve acquired through specialized training and experience in military service. DU meets all Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges criteria, and awards credit when you submit the appropriate military records to the Registrar’s Office.

Professional Certifications/LicensesCredit may be granted when you receive certain professional certifications/licenses. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Corporate/Non-Collegiate TrainingBased on the recommendation of the National Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction, credit may be granted for educational programs sponsored by non-collegiate organizations . Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Limits On Credit For Life Work And Career Experience

10 Online Colleges That Give Work &  Life Experience Credit

Most regionally accredited online colleges limit the number of challenge exam credits they will accept to 30 credits . The same is true for portfolio or ACE credits. In addition, typically the last 30 semester credits of any regionally accredited bachelors degree must be taken directly from a degree-granting college.

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What Colleges Give Credit For Life Experience

If you think you have the capabilities that an education program conspires to educate you, then you can get credits by presenting your life experience instead of finishing the educational program. We have listed 19 higher education institutions that, following evaluation, will convert your life experience as a college credit:

Tips For Earning College Credits For Work Experience

CLEP exams, military service, and even professional licenses do not guarantee college credits. Students need to carefully research college policies on prior learning assessments and credit for prior learning.

Consider researching policies before applying to schools. Choosing a college with a more generous CPL policy can pay off.

Applicants should also research their specific certifications or corporate training programs to maximize their opportunities for credit.

Finally, check with colleges about their own prior learning assessment programs. Many colleges offer their own exams to test out of lower-division math, English, or world language courses. These programs help current students graduate faster.

Genevieve Carlton holds a Ph.D. in history from Northwestern University. After earning her doctorate in early modern European history, Carlton worked as an assistant professor of history at the University of Louisville, where she developed new courses on the history of science, Renaissance Italy, and the witch trials. Carlton has published five peer-reviewed articles in top presses and a monograph with the University of Chicago Press. She also earned tenure with a unanimous vote before relocating to Seattle. Learn more about Carlton’s work at

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Pros & Cons Of College Credit For Life Experience

The first notable benefit of receiving college credits for prior work, life or educational experiences is saving money on the way to getting a degree. In most cases, students will pay something to have experience assessed or to take exams to get these credits, but it remains cheaper than taking a traditional route.

Applying work and life experience credits to a college degree can save time! While an adult student in traditional courses might sit through information they already know, they could spend that time more fruitfully learning something new, or accelerating their degree with experience credit, getting their credential quicker and advancing career and earnings.

Another benefit is the chance to assess proficiencies. Categorizing skills, qualities and knowledge can be a disorganized process to anyone balancing a career with a full-time life. Applying previous life and work experience to a college education can consolidate knowledge and skills to better understand goals and talents.

On the other hand, it may be better for you to take the class if you feel your knowledge in that area is borderlineyou could pass a test or prove experience to get out of the class, but it could be more beneficial to take the class and confirm the information you never formally learned through work or life experience.

American Council On Education

Earn College Credit For Work Experience

You may also earn college credit for life experience in the form of specific training offered through the three branches of the military and from business and industry. This type of training must be reviewed by the American Council on Education and receive a credit recommendation.

Examples of organizations offering ACE-approved courses for college credit include:

  • AT& T
  • Insurance Institute of America
  • US West

Linfield University generally accepts the ACE recommendations for both lower and upper division credit that is consistent with a liberal arts undergraduate education. However, acceptance is not automatic, and all ACE transcripts are reviewed by the faculty. The fee for evaluating ACE credits is $50 per credit up to a maximum of $200.

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How Are Life & Work Experience Credits Determined By Accredited Schools

There are two different ways to apply your experiences to a degree program. Competency-based programs are designed for students who want to focus on mastering a particular subject through skills building and self-paced learning. Accredited experience programs offer degrees where your experiences can transfer directly into credits, but usually, you must attend some schooling to officially earn the full degree. Both are great for those seeking to save time and money while completing a college degree program and entering the next phase of their professional life.

In general, if your friend claims to have earned a masters or doctorate degree online based solely on life experience, check their credentials carefully. They were probably the victim of a life experience degree scam, and their work experience degree has almost certainly been issued by a diploma mill.

Diploma mills are fake online colleges that mill or crank out worthless paper degrees to thousands of unsuspecting students each year. You can consult a list of diploma mill schools to determine if the university your friend attended is a real accredited university or a probable scam.

Earn College Credit For Work & Life Experience

The skills youve gained from work and life may count as credit toward your degree. Prior Learning Assessment gives you the chance to apply those credits as you start school so you can:

  • Reduce the overall cost of your education
  • Earn your degree faster

of undergrad students, on average, were eligible to receive PLA credits.

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How Acceptable Are Life Experience Degree’s

Employers are aware of the fact that attending a university classroom is not possible for a significant number of their workforce, yet they recognize the corporate benefits that a career-related degree program can bring to their economic and production environment. Many people use our degree to bridge this gap and propel their careers where the limits to their success are only constrained by their personal potential, not a diploma .

Additionally, the rapid growth of distance learning or convergence education programs, and virtual online classes and seminars, add to the overall appeal of online issued College Degrees.

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University Of Maryland University College

10 Online Colleges That Give Work &  Life Experience Credit

Students at the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, Maryland are offered two opportunities to earn college credits from experiential learning. One is through course challenges in which the student needs to pass a specific exam and another is through a prior learning portfolio, wherein students need to provide complete details and add value to their lifelong experiences.

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Get Started Today And See What You Can Earn

The Colorado Community College Systems PLA questionnaire will help you discover what college credit you might receive based on your past experiences. All you have to do is build out a quick history of the classes, training, jobs, and other experiences you’ve had!

After you fill out your personal learning history, one of our college advisors will contact you to finalize the credits for which you may qualify. Those credits will then be applied to any one of our 13 colleges.

Military And Law Enforcement Experience

Many individuals with military and law enforcement experience can use their background to gain college credit. Even bootcamps or basic training can be translated into credits, equivalent to first aid and physical education classes.

The American Council on Education collaborates with university faculty members to assess which college credits should be awarded based on an individual’s experience. For military students, these credits are then added to a student’s joint services transcript. During this process, ACE conducts occupation and course evaluations, identifying skills that military personnel have acquired in their training and then matching them with analogous college curricula.

The number of credits students can earn from military and law enforcement experience varies dramatically between colleges. Military-friendly schools might offer veterans 20 or more general education credits. Additionally, for those working in law enforcement, police academy courses are particularly transferable for students seeking criminal justice degrees these individuals can qualify for 30+ credits, saving more than 25% on tuition costs.

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Earning College Credit For Life Experience

Colleges that give credit for life experience do so to recognize students for noteworthy accomplishments that may not have received a letter grade or a professional distinction. Like those universities that offer college credit for work experience, those that award college credit for life experience reduce the overall cost and time it takes to earn a degree.

Life experience may not be as obviously applicable toward a degree in the same way work experience can be. Students seeking college credit for life experience often need to go through a more formal application process to obtain these credits, which may include autobiographical writing or letters of recommendation.

Often, this process requires students to enroll in a course specific to reviewing these credits and creating a portfolio. While this course equates to additional tuition dollars, the investment is well worth it because once these credits are approved, it reduces the amount of overall credits a student may need to acquire.

Other examples of eligible life experience might include:

  • Licensure/Certification
  • Military experience

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