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What Colleges Are Still Accepting Applications

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Other Ways To Check Available Openings

Many VIU programs still accepting applications

In an article on, It’s not too late: Colleges still accepting applications for fall 2015, other suggestions are offered to help find colleges that are still accepting applicants:

  • You can look on the Common Application website, click on the Member Colleges tab at the top, search for colleges, and input the data regarding the deadlines. Choose Spring 2015 and Other 2015 and it will provide you with a list of colleges still accepting applications.
  • You can also search on the Universal College Application site by clicking on the Fall 2015 link to find a list of colleges that are accepting late applications or have rolling admission policies.
  • The College Boards Big Future site allows you to do the same type of search but requires additional input to narrow down your search. Once your search is narrowed, you can click on the Application Deadline and see an extensive list of colleges with their deadlines posted. They are listed by date and start with January, so you will have to go to the end pages to find the schools with late deadlines and no deadlines.

Application & Assignmentsyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

The Office of Residential Services at Teachers College … Date application is received Active applicants are notified of their status on the first day of each housing round. If you do not receive an offer during Round 1, it is still very possible to …

The Earth Institute Columbia University

West Virginia University Has An August 1 Deadline

West Virginia University calls itself, “a family of distinctive campuses united by a single mission.” Some of the most popular majors at WVA, according to US News and World Report, are engineering, business, and management. WVA also has one of the nation’s largest crime scene training complexes in the world.

Admission Requirements: Students should aim for a 3.0 high school GPA, at least an 18 on the ACT or 870 on the SAT. The school has an 82% acceptance rate.

Sources: The Princeton Review, West Virginia University U.S. World and News Report

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College Openings Update: Options For Qualified Students

NACACs annual College Openings Update: Options for Qualified Students is a voluntary listing of NACAC member postsecondary institutions that are still accepting applications from prospective freshman and/or transfer students for the upcoming fall term. Now in its 34th year, the College Openings Update is designed as a tool for counselors, parents and others assisting students who have not yet completed the college admission process. The list of colleges is updated daily, so please check back periodically to see additional colleges still accepting applications.

Participation in the College Openings Update is limited to NACAC member colleges. Primary contacts at NACAC member colleges can complete the form for the first time at . To make changes after youve submitted a response, log in to , then click on My Survey from the left menu. If you need any assistance in completing the survey, please contact New responses will be added daily

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College Admissions Planning Selecting A Major And Creating Your Balanced List Reach Match Safety

Colleges still accepting applications for fall 2017 in india

Applying to college is very straightforward process when youve set goals and stay on target. It can certainly be challenging on a tighter or rushed time frame. If youre just now thinking about changing your plans for Fall 2020check out the link above and please reach out to discuss your situation and get started on your College Applications and College Essays with Online College Counselor, Bonnie Rabin, PhD.

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Colleges Still Accepting Applicants

I have never liked deadlines. My own personal motto has always been: I work best under pressure. But when it comes to the college admissions process, deadlines are everything. Miss a deadline, miss a test. Miss a deadline, you arent part of the early admissions pool. Miss a deadline, your financial aid is compromised.

The good news, however, is all is not lost. There are hundreds of colleges who are open to late applicants. There are also colleges who have a rolling admissions policyapply anytime for admission. According to U.S. News Education, there are more than 220 colleges who are still accepting applications for the fall 2015 semester. The National Association for College Admission Counseling just released their College Openings Update list. Using the list, you can search for member colleges and universities- both public and private- that are still accepting applications.

List Of Colleges Still Accepting Applications January 2021

Hey Seniors, if youre not happy with your college list, its not too late! Schools with Feb 1 deadlines or later.

So, I just sorted on Common App to look at all the schools with deadlines on Feb 1 or later. There are some truly incredible schools there, yall.

The actual common app list is much longer than this. Ive only included schools that Ive personally visited and liked or met their admissions team, or I know someone who has visited and liked it, or I know someone whos attended and been happy. If you have schools for me to add, please send them my way. This is just mostly from the Common App, so there are schools that arent on Common App that I havent listed. Ive included a few non-Common App schools that I just happen to know have later deadlines. Also, please note, Ive written descriptions for a few, but I dont value the other schools any less I just dont know them quite as well.

* The asterisk means there are no App Fees!



Creighton U *: this is the school where one of my personal heroes attended, Ernie Chambers. If you dont know who he is, look him up


St. Edwards U: Austin, Texas, gorgeous campus on a hill, lovely Austin vibe

UT Dallas: cool modern campus, great business programs

U Iowa: amazing campus, cool town, lots of awesome programs, if you dont have a sure-bet school, I recommend checking this one out

U Nebraska Lincoln: tons of school spirit, large research university

U Tampa

U Missouri

American U Paris


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Texas Southern University Has A August 1 Deadline

Texas Southern University was founded in 1947 with a, “mission to establish a credible college for African-American students,” according to its website. Still one of the largest historically black colleges in the country according to U.S. News and World Report, TSU has expanded to include over 100 undergraduate programs and nearly 8,000 undergraduates.

Admission Requirements: Students interested in attending TSU will need a high school GPA of at least 2.50 and an ACT score of 17, according to the school. Those who chose to take the SAT should aim for a score of at least 820.

Not to be confused with its larger sister school in Boulder, the University of Colorado sits in Colorado’s urban capital city. According to US News and World Report, over 15,000 undergraduates attend classes in over 130 areas of study with many opting to major in business and health.

Admission Requirements: Unlike many of the other universities on this list, UCD does not provide an exact grade or test score for admissions. The school’s admission page says those most likely to receive admittance should have a GPA between 3.23 and 3.93 and should shoot for somewhere between a 1070 and 1260 on the SAT. ACT takers should aim to score between 21 and 27.

Obtaining A Study Permit

2 On Your Side: Accepting Applications

Once youve received a letter of acceptance from an Ontario college, you need to apply for a study permit . You may apply for a study permit online, or you may obtain a paper application from your nearest visa application centre.

To do this, you need:

  • a valid passport, in most cases
  • a letter of acceptance from the college stating the program of study, including start and end dates
  • proof that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents during your entire stay in Canada
  • a letter from your sponsoring organization, if you are being sponsored
  • a medical exam and / or police certificate, if necessary, depending on your home country

If you are applying for a study permit through the Student Direct Stream, you may need to provide additional documents. Review the instructions carefully to ensure your application meets the requirements.

There is an application fee to apply for a study permit. Study permit application processing times are available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

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Check With Individual Colleges

After reviewing the list of openings, check online with each individual school to see if they are still accepting applications. If necessary, speak with an admissions officer and discuss what options are still available. Once you speak with admissions, talk to financial aid about any type of merit aid that could still be available.

The University Of Arkansas Has An August 1 Deadline

Near the Ozark National Forest, the University of Arkansas offers students a taste of both the urban and natural. Those with a proclivity towards politics can relish in the fact that both former President Bill Clinton and former first Lady Hilary Clinton previously served as UA faculty members. Students interested in news and journalism can write for the student paper, which has been in production since 1906.

Admission Requirements: The University of Arkansas is not a particularly easy school to get into. The university’s admissions website recommends a 3.0 high school GPA and an ACT score or 20 or higher.

Located just a few blocks away from Houston’s busy and lively city center, the University of Houston-Downtown is a companion site to the University of Houston’s main campus on the other side of town. A Brooking analysis earlier this year shows more millennials are moving to Houston than any other city, so prospective students are sure to meet plenty of young people across Houston’s sprawling neighborhoods. With one-year tuition prices of $6,453 for in state students and 16,000 for out of state, UHD is one of the most affordable options listed.

Admission Requirements: While Texas residents are encouraged to take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment before applying, UHD is looking for students with an ACT composite score of 23 or higher, or an SAT score of 1070 or higher.

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Colleges Accepting Applications For Fall 2021

There are many reasons why some high school students may have arrived late to the college admissions process, and for some educational plans were derailed due to COVID-10. With 3900+ colleges and universities in the US alone, there are a few hundred campuses continuing to accept applications to the class of 2025.

According to the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, this NACAC comprehensive link provides a comprehensive list.

The link has access to 700+ colleges with a robust search engine across a variety of variables. There are many selective campuses that continue to accept applications for freshman and transfers. Please see my earlier blog on handling a transfer application.

Sam Houston State University Has An August 1 Deadline

Colleges That Are Still Accepting Applications for Fall ...

Located about halfway between Dallas and Houston, Sam Houston State University is a rural school of more than 20,000 students with more than 140 programs to choose from. The most popular majors, according to US News and World Report, are business, management and marketing.

Admission Requirements: SHSU prefers ACT scores between 19 and 23 and SAT scores of at least 920. The school has a 65% acceptance rate. Depending on test scores, some students may qualify for automatic admission.

The most popular majors at the U of M include business, management, and marketing. According to College Factual, 58% of graduates earn their degrees online.

Admission Requirements: Scores of 20-25 on the ACT or 880 to 1160 on the SAT could get you into the University of Memphis. The school has an 85% acceptance rate.

Sources: University of Memphis, The Princeton Review,

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Colleges Still Accepting Applications For Fall 2021

Looking for colleges for Fall 2021? There are plenty of 4-year colleges still accepting applications!

The Regional Admission Counselors of California just put out its Fall 2021 RACC Institution Application Availability Report . These are mostly out-of-state colleges that are interested in recruiting California students many have rolling admission and offer merit scholarships .

For further information about each college, including the most up-to-date availability and deadline, check with the University Contact for California Students listed in the report .

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Colleges Accepting Applications For Fall 2021 Class Of 2025 Including Transfer Students

by Bonnie R. Rabin Ph.D. | May 25, 2021 | College Planning, common app 2021-22, common application, financial aid, Gap Year, online college application help, online college counselor, Rolling Admissions, scholarships, STEM college admissions, STEM College Admissions Help, transfer applications, transfer student, transfer students, Uncategorized, Undergraduate Advising, virtual college advisor


If youre a graduating high school senior who may be already thinking about making a change to where youll be attending this fall or perhaps youre a undergraduate rethinking launching your career and instead thinking its time to attend graduate schoolI want to reassure you- there are universities accepting applications for Fall 2021. Traditionally we refer to this as rolling admissions but this year- things are again different and there are still many spaces available for Fall 2021 and universities that will offer a quality experience.

Perhaps there was a change in family finances, a discomfort over the uncertainty of public health or you dont want to enroll in an online setting, there are many choices remaining. For those who procrastinated entirely this blog is for you as well.

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Lamar University Has An August 15 Deadline

Lamar University, located in Beaumont, Texas, has an undergraduate class of over 15,000 students and emphasizes its “hands on learning” approach.

Admission Requirements: Students should have a 2.85 high school GPA or higher. Certain test scores may qualify students for “Unconditional Admittance”

Final Thoughts: Colleges With Late Application Deadlines

Gauteng Department of Basic Education to still accept late online applications

Whether you are just starting your college planning or are a senior looking to shoot off some last-minute applications, make sure you know all of the college’s deadlines and requirements. Even though these colleges have deadlines that are later than average, you still need to plan and prep your application months before, whether you’re asking for a letter of rec, studying for the SAT, or drafting and revising your personal essay.

Furthermore, colleges with rolling admissions might have a priority deadline as early as November. If you’re really serious about a particular school, try to apply as early as possible. An added motivation is the knowledge that, in many cases, the sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll get an admissions decision!

If any of the schools above interest you, you might be able to spread out your work and remove some of the pressure from the typical college application season in November and December. At the same time, don’t put off your applications for too longdeadlines have a habit of sneaking up on you before you know it!

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May 1 202: Deadline To Confirm Offers Of Admission

Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission by this date. Log in to your account to confirm your offer.

Colleges may extend offers of admission after this date. Each college will set the deadline to confirm offers made after May 1, and this deadline will be communicated to you with your offer.

Apply Today & Dont Delay

Because housing and financial aid are in limited quantities, its important for students to move fast. Once the colleges aid is dispersed, there is no money available. Once student housing is filled, in some cases like Bowling Green State University, colleges will only be accepting local applicants who can commute.

Even though space is available now, when its filled, its filled. Even those colleges with rolling admissions eventually fill their seats.

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Best Colleges Still Searching For 2020 Applicants And Offering Tuition Discounts

Syracuse University


Each year the National Association of College Admissions Counselors publishes its list of colleges that have failed to attract enough eligible students to fill up their classes. Thanks to an oversupply of collegesthere are more than 4,000and a declining pool of high school seniors, the list has been growing for years. Last year 521 colleges reported they had failed to attract enough students as of the traditional May 1 deadline. This year, Covid-19 threw an unexpected and ugly curveball to colleges and universities, and despite many schools extending their deposit deadlines to June and July, already 776 colleges have reported to NACAC that they still have openingsa 49% increase. For many tuition-dependent schools, failing to bring in enough freshman and transfer students causes immediate severe financial distress, and many colleges are likely close or be forced to merge with other schools.

Forbes consulted Princeton Reviews annual 385 Best Collegesguide, which identifies academic standouts among institutions of higher education regardless of their popularity or financial strength, and cross referenced it with NACACs college openings list. We discovered that 169 Best colleges are still desperately seeking students.

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