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What Colleges Are In Hawaii

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What Hawaii Means To America

Going to College in Hawaii? Things to know about Universities and Being a Student in Hawaii

The fiftieth state to join the nation, Hawaii is perhaps the most unique state of the United States. When we think of Hawaii, we think of tropical vacations, volcanoes, luaus and surfinga perpetual beach vacation for those of us residing in the continental U.S. But Hawaii has much more to offer, especially as the rich culture of the indigenous Hawaiian people is in the process of being revitalized. Hawaiis colleges and universities are a major part of the efforts being made today to preserve and appreciate all that makes Hawaiis rich culture, community, and history a part of American culture.

Best Colleges In Hawaii

The Best Colleges ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic, admissions, financial, and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with millions of reviews from students and alumni. The ranking compares more than 1,000 top colleges and universities in the U.S. This year’s rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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  • Comparison Of Hawaii Schools With Teacher Preparation Programs

    We have designed the following table to help you compare teacher preparation programs in Hawaii according to various factors. All of the schools included are not-for-profit institutions approved by the Alabama Department of Education for the preparation of teachers. Completing a state-approved teacher preparation program is an important step towards earning licensure.

    While accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is not a requirement for licensure, it is included in the following table as CAEP provides a highly-regarded accreditation that is accepted in many states.

    Finally, we have provided the net price per year for undergraduate tuition, based on the cost of attendance for students who qualify for in-state tuition and fees, less the average financial aid award .

    State-Approved School
    • indicates none or not applicable.
    • N.Av. indicates data was not available or pass rates were omitted for confidentiality.

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    University Of Hawaii At Mnoa

    Undergrad Enrollment: 12,900

    UH Mnoa was founded in 1907 on 320 acres and is one of five universities with a land, sea, space, and sun grant designation. The university is known for its pioneering research in fields such as oceanography, astronomy, Pacific Islands and Asian area studies, linguistics, cancer research, and genetics. The Mnoa Advising Center offers an Exploratory Program to assist students who are unsure about which academic path to pursue.

    What Is Hawaii Employment Outlook

    The University of Hawaii to Become the First 100% ...

    Many sectors in Hawaii are ballooning. The most in-demand industries include government, lodging and food services, healthcare and social support, retail commerce, and construction. Students can pursue these emerging subjects at one of Hawaiis seven community colleges.

    While the cost of living in Hawaii is higher than in most other states, earnings in the state reflect the island states higher-than-average living costs.

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    The Top 10 High Schools In Hawaii

    May 4, 2022 / 05:55 AM HST

    May 4, 2022 / 05:55 AM HST

    HONOLULU US News and World Report has released its annual ranking of the best schools in the nation. Some of the best schools in Hawaii are in Honolulu, Kailua and Mililani.

    They did not offer a ranking for Hawaii private schools. You can check the directory for any schools enrollment and the ratio of students to teachers.

    Download the free KHON2 app for iOS or Android to stay informed on the latest news

    The publication ranked dozens of Hawaii public schools on factors like college readiness, graduation rate and enrollment numbers.

    They report a great high school educates all students from different social and economic backgrounds, exposing them to challenging coursework guiding them on the path to graduation.

    Online Colleges In Honolulu

    The University of Hawaii system offers students a wide range of distance learning courses at its Honolulu institutions. The UH systems distance learning program allows students to earn various certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees. The system also offers doctoral degree programs with online courses, including an online-only nursing doctoral program. Students can choose from over 80 different courses taught in online, cable or interactive video formats. The UH schools also have a comprehensive online tutoring program.

    Hawaii Pacific Universitys military campus programs use traditional and distance learning course delivery methods to educate students on base or online. Students can earn an associate or bachelor’s degree online in academic areas such as computer science, justice administration, business administration and military studies.

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    Are Community Colleges Worth It

    Yes, they are. A community college education might be a cost-effective option. Community college students can earn credits toward a bachelors degree or prepare to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. Tuition at a community college is frequently less expensive than at a four-year institution or university.

    Political Changes Of 1954 State Of Hawaii

    University of Hawaii community colleges offering scholarships to unemployed residents impacted by CO

    In the 1950s, the power of the plantation owners was broken by the descendants of immigrant laborers, who were born in Hawaii and were U.S. citizens. They voted against the Hawaii Republican Party, strongly supported by plantation owners. The new majority voted for the Democratic Party of Hawaii, which dominated territorial and state politics for more than 40 years. Eager to gain full representation in Congress and the Electoral College, residents actively campaigned for statehood. In Washington there was talk that Hawaii would be a Republican Party stronghold so it was matched with the admission of Alaska, seen as a Democratic Party stronghold. These predictions turned out to be inaccurate today, Hawaii votes Democratic predominantly, while Alaska votes Republican.

    In March 1959, Congress passed the Hawaii Admissions Act, which U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law. The act excluded Palmyra Atoll from statehood it had been part of the Kingdom and Territory of Hawaii. On June 27, 1959, a referendum asked residents of Hawaii to vote on the statehood bill 94.3% voted in favor of statehood and 5.7% opposed it. The referendum asked voters to choose between accepting the Act and remaining a U.S. territory. The United Nations’ Special Committee on Decolonization later removed Hawaii from its list of non-self-governing territories.

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    Is Community College Free In Hawaii

    For qualifying community college students who show financial need, the Hawaii Promise Program provides financial help, including free tuition. In its first year, the program helped 1,500 students, with an average payout of $1,200. The state of Hawaii is funding the $2.5 million program. Every student who meets the requirements receives a monetary incentive.

    Study On College Affordability And Outcomes

    College affordability and student debt have become major issues in higher education policy, particularly since the 2008 recession. The College Affordability Guide is an organization that evaluates colleges for their value, which is defined as providing a high-quality education that is affordable “not only for the average student, but for lower-income students as well.” According to the College Affordability Guide, there is one college in Hawaii that provides high-quality education at an affordable price. The College Affordability Guide’s rankings consider a number of factors and are based on the idea that income-appropriate tuition, completing one’s studies, and being able to pay back one’s loans are the key elements of a worthwhile college experience. Colleges considered the best value by the guide meet the following criteria:

    • Tuition at an average net price of $15,000 per year or less after financial aid for families making $48,000 per year or less
    • At least 50 percent of students graduate or transfer
    • At least 50 percent of students are actively paying down student loan debt three years after graduation

    Additionally, all colleges considered are not-for-profit, offer associate or higher degrees, and have at least one non-standard way for students to earn college credits, such as AP or CLEP credit. The table below lists the college in Hawaii that the College Affordability Guide considers to be the best value. A full description of the college can be found here.

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    Hawaii Colleges Cost And Affordability For 2021

    How much does it cost to attend college in Hawaii? The average annual in-state college tuition in Hawaii was $8,981 for the 2019-2020 academic year. This is $5,684 lower than the U.S. average and ranks Hawaii cheaper than average as the 46th most expensive and 7th most affordable state or district to attend college. This is a change of $240 from the 2018-2019 average of $8,741 and represents a 2.75% annual increase.The list of Hawaii colleges below provides school specific cost and value rating.

    Our guide surveyed tuition data from the 16 colleges and universities in Hawaii, the most popular being University of Hawaii at Manoa with 13,329 full time students and an in-state tuition list price of $11,304. Hawaii Pacific University is the most expensive in Hawaii with an in-state tuition of $27,000.

    Click on any school for current tuition, future cost estimates, school specific savings plans and estimated student loan payments. Hawaii colleges can also be filtered by public, private, community colleges and four year schools. Additionally, cost based sorting is available for the lowest and highest tuition options. Jump directly to our ranking of best values in Hawaii or cheap Hawaii colleges guide.

    All price data are reprinted from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2018-2019 IPEDS Survey and reflect reported costs for the 2018-2019 academic year.

    Job Outlook For College Graduates In Hawaii

    Best Colleges in Hawaii for 2018

    College graduates in Hawaii join a dynamic workforce that employs more than 630,000 people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Hawaiians earn an annual mean wage of $52,050, and in many industries, college graduates earn more than non-college graduates. By completing a college degree, professionals also benefit from increased competitiveness on the job market. A Georgetown University study found that college graduates earn an additional $1 million in wages over the course of their career compared with non-college graduates.

    Hawaiis robust job market also benefits from a low 2.2% unemployment rate , which stands below the national average. The BLS reports that the unemployment rate for college graduates often falls well below the national average. For example, in May 2018, the national unemployment rate stood at 3.9%, while college graduates benefitted from a significantly lower 2.1% unemployment rate. This also applies to the best online college Hawaii graduates.

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    What Are The Best Colleges In Hawaii

    In case you needed further convincing, hopefully this has really got you to think about going to college in Hawaii. It offers so much, and even more than the postcards let on. For interested prospective students, weve put together this ranking based on our own data aggregation to determine what are the best colleges in Hawaii. We rank them according to three central criteria: excellence, return on investment, and student satisfaction. These criteria are each informed by a thorough collating of data from numerous databases, including IPEDS, U.S. News & World Report, Payscale, and various sites students use to rate their own college experience.

    Spelling Of State Name

    In 1978, Hawaiian was added to the Constitution of the State of Hawaii as an official state language alongside English. The title of the state constitution is The Constitution of the State of Hawaii. Article XV, Section 1 of the Constitution uses The State of Hawaii.Diacritics were not used because the document, drafted in 1949, predates the use of the okina and the kahak in modern Hawaiian orthography. The exact spelling of the state’s name in the Hawaiian language is Hawaii. In the Hawaii Admission Act that granted Hawaiian statehood, the federal government recognized Hawaii as the official state name. Official government publications, department and office titles, and the Seal of Hawaii use the traditional spelling with no symbols for glottal stops or vowel length.

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    What Higher Education Means For Hawaii

    Hawaiis unique location, an isolated chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, has certainly played a role the states contribution to higher education in the United States. The University of Hawaii System is comprised of ten campuses across the islands, all offering unique degree programs that speak to not only the global community, but also the local island communities as well. For example, a student researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa recently launched a citizen science project which asks local volunteers to adopt a local ulu tree, which produces breadfruit, and observe its lifecycle. The purpose of the study is help to localize food production using breadfruit as an emerging crop.

    To serve the eleven military bases in the state, higher education institutes across Hawaii offer a number of educational benefits to military personnel and veterans. For example, non-resident military Service members stationed in Hawaii, plus their dependents, are able to attend college in Hawaii at the resident tuition rates.

    The Essential Guide to Online Education in the USA:

    Related Rankings:

    Best Community College In Hawaii

    Hawaii college students celebrate graduating at commencement ceremonies

    Two-year institutions in Hawaii, like community colleges in most states, are often less expensive to attend than four-year universities.

    Hawaii takes part in initiatives and collaborations such as the State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreement and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education to provide discounted online and in-person tuition to students.

    Each year, the Hawaii Promise Program delivers over $2.5 million in free tuition to students.

    In 2019, over ten million visitors visited Hawaii. Many more came to the Aloha State to pursue higher education.

    Across the states islands, the University of Hawaii Community Colleges has seven campuses and various educational institutes. Hawaii is also home to some of the best online institutions in the country.

    Hawaiis community colleges are relatively affordable, and the states distinctive cultural and geographical offerings make it an excellent destination to study.

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    University Of Hawaii At Hilo

    4 Year Hilo, HI

    Average Annual Cost: $13,885

    The marine biology program at the University of Hawaii at Hilo encompasses everything there is to know about marine science. Students will explore the vast world of oceans and gather a new appreciation for ecosystems and global environments. With the help of your classes, youll get hands-on, interactive learning supported by analytical thinking.

    The marine science program ensures every graduate has field experience to help with potential careers upon graduation. You can expect to experience a multi-discipline learning pathway that focuses on natural science, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and physics. All in all, this program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum.

    There are two avenues of study to consider at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. You can choose either a major or a minor in Marine Science. Additionally, there are other opportunities for learning through the Marine Options Program .

    MOP is essential for students looking to get heightened employable experience in boating and diving safety. Theres also the potential for graduates to enroll in the Marine Options Program to diversify their employable skills. The distinctive design of the marine biology program at the University of Hawaii at Hilo is responsible for their 41% graduation rate.

    Also, 69% of students return after their first year and make approximately $72,357 annually with their chosen careers.

    Brigham Young University Hawaii

    4 Year Laie, HI

    Average Annual Cost: $14,051

    Brigham Young University Hawaii has a unique program designed for students interested in marine biology. With their curriculum, students will choose a major followed by a marine biology minor. Youll have either a B.S. in Biology Education or a B.S. in Biology when you graduate.

    One of the most considerable benefits of this program is that you can take a marine biology major as a specialization. There is a wide assortment of classes that you can take with a unique focus on ocean systems and their biology, including:

    • Oceanography and Marine Science
    • Pacific Natural History

    Obtaining a B.S. in Biology from Brigham Young University Hawaii gives you the fundamentals to pursue a career in life sciences. As mentioned, you can choose to specialize in marine biology, but it also prepares you for a job involving natural history, anatomy, genetics, and more. Many students find employment options are diverse in industries such as government service, medical, and research.

    Another minor you can choose if you are interested in wildlife is the Introduction to Conservation Biology Minor. With this minor, you can expect to enroll in classes such as:

    • Conservation Biology
    • General Ecology
    • Botany

    Brigham Young University Hawaii has an incredible graduation rate at 65%, and 62% of their student body returns after their first year. You can earn approximately $49,436 annually when you graduate with your degree.

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    What Are Your Chances Of Acceptance

    CollegeVine can help you understand your chance of admission at each of the schools listed above, others in Hawaii, and colleges across the other 49 states. Ourfree chancing engine uses quantitative data such as grades and standardized test scores along with qualitative factors including extracurricular activities, awards, and achievements to predict your odds of acceptance at hundreds of schools in Hawaii and the US.

    Remember to build a balanced school list including safety, target, and reach schools to put yourself in the best position to find the perfect school for you. to get started!

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