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How To Check College Degree

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Why Verify A Degree

How to Check Merit List Online Admission Process for degree college 2021 22

Long gone are the days where the shame and embarrassment of lying about a degree would prevent cheaters, and it’s critical to verify the academic degrees of anyone who claims to be an authority on any subject.; The influx of fake degrees on resume’s in the IT profession is due to several factors:

  • Expanding demand – As the need for computer professionals outstripped supply, desperate companies were forced to lower their hiring standards.; For example, companies who used to required newbies to be graduates from AACSB accredited universities were now forced to entertain applicants from community colleges.;

  • No barriers to entry – Unlike other professions that require licensing and certification , anyone can hang out a shingle proclaiming themselves to be a computer expert.;

Given these market conditions, fly-by-night computer “colleges” sprang-up everywhere,;enticing marginal blue-collar workers with the promise of a well-paid professional lifestyle.; Offshore diploma mills sprang-up on the web, offering instant degrees, complete with a telephone answering service disguised as a Registrars office, all of this with the intent to deceive HR departments when verifying a college degree.

The lucrative lifestyle of an IT profession attracts thousands of

How To Check Course And University Admitted To; Kuccps 2021/20212 By Using The Student Portal

2020 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, candidates,kuccps2021/2022 placement results were announced on Tuesday August 17th, 2021. After the announcement of the results, then use the procedure below to check placement results;

  • Login with your details as follows;
  • Username:
  • Year:
  • Password:

After login you should see a box like the one below with a message that reads

Congratulations, followed by the university you have been placed then finally the course you will pursue.

Documentation For College Degree

A photocopy of a college transcript or diploma may be required. To be acceptable, college degrees must have been received from accredited schools or from schools that meet accreditation standards.


For the purpose of meeting application examination requirements, CCSF recognizes degrees from colleges and universities that are accredited by a nationally recognized accreditor such as the institutions listed below. This list is provided for general information and may not be all-inclusive.

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How To Check Dost Seat Allotment 2021

Seat allotment results for the Degree Online Services of Telangana will be released by the Telangana State Council of Higher Education at Candidates can check their allotment results by using DOST ID and PIN from the official website. Detailed steps about how to check the result and important dates are given below.

  • Visit website

    Candidates who have given the web options can visit the official website, to check seat allotments at the ‘Candidate Login’ web page.

  • Once you visit the official website, you can click on the ‘Candidate Login’ link. Then ‘DOST Candidate Login’ web page will appear in your device.

  • Enter DOST ID and PIN

    On the Login web page, candidate should enter your DOST ID, PIN and captcha code in the required fields. After click on the ‘sign in’ button, DOST welcome web page will be displayed.

  • On the DOST Welcome page, candidate can click on the Seat Allotment tab for checking your admission status.

  • On the DOST result web page, click on the Seat Allotment Order. Your seat allotment result will be downloaded in your device.

  • Print Seat Allotment Order

    Candidate can take print the seat allotment order by clicking on Print button which will be useful for further correspondence.

  • Report to allotted college

    After downloading the sear allotment order, candidate can self report through online mode to the allotted college.

  • How To Find Out How Many College Credits You Have

    Degree Verifications

    If youre planning on resuming your college career, picking up where you left off with one degree, or pursuing a brand new one, you should find out how many college credits you have that can be applied to your new degree. To find out how many college credits you have, youll need to contact the college or university you last attended and request a transcript. You can then share this information with any new schools you are applying to and see how many credits they will accept.;

    Most colleges and universities have a web portal or form that offers digital transcripts to students, and former students can also use to request transcripts. There is usually a small processing fee for requesting college transcripts . It can take between 24 and 48 hours to receive a digital transcript and one week or longer if a school needs to mail a student a hard copy of their transcripts. If you request a hard copy of your transcripts, your college or university may also tack on shipping costs in addition to processing fees.;

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    What You Need To Know About Buying A College Degree

    The advent and proliferation of the internet has made it easy to buy a degree from an accredited college. You can buy a degree of your choice without ever leaving the comforts of your own home. Instead of going out, you can just turn on your computer, your smart phone or laptop and within minutes, youll be scrolling through college degrees in no time. However, youll need to be careful of degree mills and diploma mills, as they wont provide you the degree you need to succeed in life.

    Fake transcripts, fake diplomas and fake degrees from a diploma mill are no good. These diploma mills issue fake diplomas that are provided by real universities. Degree mills are entities that pose as real universities.

    Its easy for a person to be tricked to buy a degree from a degree mill. And there are lots of degree mills on the web. All they need to do is create a website similar to that of a genuine university. Unfortunately, theres a way to verify if the issued degree is authentic or fake. Employers and companies can call the universities and check if its real or fake.

    One reason to buy a college degree is for when an employer is asking for one before promoting an employee. A degree is a direct medium in improving job prospects. You run the risk of your employer doing a background check and finding your qualifications are not quite authentic as they appear to be.

    They are offering a degree for a lump sum cost.
    You find your chosen university isnt accredited.

    Can You Fake Having A Degree

    A fake Bachelors degree can be obtained in any field of your choice, hence if youve always wanted a certificate in Accounting, Science, Arts, Commerce, etc. now is a good time to get one. Its even a cheaper and faster alternative to spend at least four years in college.

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    Why Employers Need Education Background Checks

    With the wealth of information they find in standard background checks, you might wonder why a hiring manager or company might need an education background check from you. Employers need education background checks for several reasons. The first and most obvious is to verify that you have the education and skills for the job.;

    Furthermore, advanced education shows that you have the perseverance to set goals and attain your goals. Goal setting is a valuable trait for employees and the ability to complete tasks is critical for teamwork and meeting company goals and objectives.

    Here are some more reasons for employers to verify education:

    How To Select Subjects In Graduation

    How to check national university all result| Degree result| Honours Result|Masters Result

    The best trend that has been followed is choosing a graduation subject based on the optional subject list offered by UPSC. In the UPSC IAS Mains examination, there is a list of 26 optional subjects along with 22 literature languages. Go through the list and choose the subject of your liking and interest.

    Accordingly, narrow down colleges that offer your preferred subject; this will help you enhance your knowledge and help you in the exam preparation. Always remember to choose a subject of interest or it might affect your performance in graduation and even in the UPSC exam.

    Age Criteria

    IAS has set an age bar for aspirants who can appear for the exam. The age limit restricts students to appear for the exam before the age of 21. This means that candidates should be at least 21 years old to sit for the UPSC exam. The upper age limit for the general category is 32 years, for OBC is 35 years, SC/ST it goes up to 37 years, and for handicap students, the age bar is set to 42 years.

    Number of Attempts

    Aspirants dont get countless re-tries for the UPSC exam; the number of attempts for general category students is six times. For OBC, physically handicapped and disabled candidates are nine times. Though, SC/ST can attempt the exam unlimited times until they turn 37.

    Other UPSC Eligiblity Criteria

    Is IGNOU Degree Valid for UPSC?

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    Your Opportunity To Comment

    The National Small Business Ombudsman and 10 Regional Fairness Boards collect comments from small businesses about federal compliance and enforcement activities. Each year, the Ombudsman evaluates the conduct of these activities and rates each agency’s responsiveness to small businesses. Small businesses can comment to the Ombudsman without fear of reprisal. To comment, call toll-free 1-888-REGFAIR or go to

    How Long Do Colleges Keep Transcripts

    College transcripts do not expire and schools are obligated to maintain transcripts for all students who have enrolled in and attended their institution regardless of whether or not that student graduated. Whether you last attended a school six months ago or more than two decades ago, you are able to request access to your permanent academic records from any school youve attended. Colleges and universities maintain these records so that employers can verify a person has the educational background necessary of applicants, or so former students can share their educational credentials with other schools to continue their education.

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    How Employers Should Verify College Degrees Of Candidates


    Academic Verification

    Is your hiring manager verifying college degrees and performing educational background checks of your job candidates? The truth is many of your applicants are gambling you wont. Research shows more than half of people falsify their resumes in order to try to earn a job.

    According to a new report, 85 percent of the 4,000 survey respondents said they uncovered a lie or misrepresentation on a candidates resume or job application during the screening process. A number that increased, from 66 percent only five years ago. Even for individuals who have earned degrees the right way, advancing within a company may require having a certain degree or level of education. Which makes educational credentials matter now, more than ever.

    So how can you protect your business from educational fraud? It is important to know the purpose and the process of how education background checks work. Heres the guide on how employers should verify college degrees for their candidates.

    Why Its So Important To Have A Degree

    DU 7 College Degree 1st Year Result 2018  Exam Result BD

    The truth is, knowledge is power. And that hard-earned degree that you are working so hard to achieve is what is going to get you ahead in the job market. Its not just about putting that shiny diploma on the wall. Its about gaining knowledge and skills that are ever so important in not just the professional world, but also in life in general. Lets get into why earning a degree is so important both for you as a student as well as for the employers.

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    The Job Itself: Can You Do It

    • Every job entails its own specific skills and qualifications. These are things that are not just words on a paper. Putting that degree or certificate on a resume means that there are certain abilities that you acquired. And not having those necessary skills would make it hard to live up to the job. You would probably end up making many mistakes that could have been prevented, asking loads of questions that your employer might wonder why you dont already know the answers to, and end up getting very stressed out and frustrated. Talk about an uncomfortable position to be in!

    Can Employers Check For College Degrees

    The answer is yes! An academic verification can be performed to see the school, professional program, and degrees an applicant has truthfully earned. Some institutions may need to receive consent from the candidate before any information is released, but its certainly legal.

    Through an education background check, employers can validate the following:

    • An applicants degree, diploma, or credentials
    • Their graduation or completion date
    • Their major
    • And the accrediting body of the institution

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    How Can I Get A Fake Degree

    How to Get a Fake Degree from a Real University

  • Find a Fake Diploma Maker: The first step that will enable you to buy a fake diploma with verification is to visit the best online fake degree maker, like DiplomaMakers.
  • Select a Customized Template or Submit a Design:
  • Order for a Fake Degree Certificate:
  • Why Is Understanding A Candidates Educational Background Important

    Ap degree college online admission 2021|how to check college seats in degree admision

    Mitigate riskDegree verification helps you identify any discrepancies before hiring a candidate and ensure your candidate has the academic history they need to be successful in their role. The education verification process also helps protect organizations from liability claims where degree verification may be essential to comply with federal, state, local or industry regulations.

    Candidate success;Ensure your candidate has the right academic background for the role. Depending on the industry and role specifications, it is commonplace for employers to run education background checks to confirm a candidates readiness for a certain position. Its important to note, however, that education verification is not the same as a reference check, for example, a letter of recommendation from a professor or dean.

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    Adult High School And Adult Education

    Adult High School and Adult Education diploma verification or enrollment verification is not available from the Clearinghouse service and must be requested through Seminole State’s Enrollment Services Office. You can submit the Diploma and Enrollment Verification Request form by mail or fax. You may also bring the form to the Student Success Services Center at your local campus.

    Our mailing address is:

    What Are The Legal Regulations Around Education Verification

    When using a CRA, employers must follow federal compliance regulations and adhere to local laws when searching a candidates history and using background checks to make decisions about employment. Two important requirements relate to the;FCRA, a federal law, and the;Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , a regulatory agency.;

    The FCRA requires employers to inform candidates that they will be conducting a background check and to obtain candidates written consent to do so. Further, if you consider not hiring a candidate based on information found in a background check for example, if there is a discrepancy found in a candidates education check you must follow the;FCRAs adverse action process.

    The EEOC is concerned about any type of discrimination that may adversely impact some candidates over others. You need to be consistent in conducting background checks for all applicants, not just certain applicants based on age, race, etc. Local laws may also come into play based on both the locations you are hiring for and where applicants are located.

    Clearly, compliance is a critical concern for any organization. The risk of hiring somebody who provided false education credentials can be significant both in terms of potential monetary liability and in terms of negative brand or reputation impact.;Choosing the right background check company;is an important part of protecting your company from this risk.

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    Transferring Credits Between Nationally And Regionally Accredited Schools

    While nationally accredited colleges and universities often accept credits from both regionally and nationally accredited schools, regionally accredited schools only accept credits from other regionally accredited institutions.;

    The reason for this is because regionally accredited schools are reviewed by a specific, regional governing body that evaluates a schools curriculum and makes sure its up to the rigorous academic standards of that governing body. On the flipside, nationally accredited schools are often more vocational or trade-based in nature, as opposed to more strictly academic institutions within the regionally accredited category.;

    Its much easier to transfer college credits between regionally accredited schools. For instance, National University is a regionally accredited institution. So, if you have credits from another regionally accredited college or university, you may likely be able to transfer those credits to a degree program at National University. However, if youd earned those credits at a nationally accredited university, they may not successfully carry over.

    Strayer University And Financial Aid

    How to Verify a Homeschool Diploma: You Are Valid  Home ...

    Strayer University participates in financial aid programs to help its students in paying for their college. The different grant and loan programs from the US government can be used to pay for tuition, fees, textbooks and even living expenses. Strayer University also offers all kinds of scholarships.

    To apply for financial aid, you will have to get an FSA ID to gain access to the federal student aid online system. Then, you will have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . In some instances, you will have to go through entrance counselling to ensure that you will be acquainted with the responsibilities of getting financial aid.

    Like mentioned above, Strayer University has a number of scholarships to offer, all of which can help make getting secondary education affordable, especially to working adults.

    Some of the scholarships that the for-profit school offers include:

    • Graduation fund
    • Bachelors transfer tuition cap
    • Alumni scholarship
    • Strayer referral scholarship

    Whats more, Strayer University offers special programs to make going back to school so much easier for certain types of people.

    Some of them are active-duty service members, veterans, law enforcement professionals, national service participants, and corporate partnerships over 400 companies offer scholarships via Strayer University.

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