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Where Can I Still Apply To College

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Accounting For Your Gap Year

Can I still Apply to SBU?

If youre submitting your college application during a gap year, it wont be complete without a great explanation for why you chose to take a gap year and what you have gotten out of the experience. You can include this information as part of your regular application essays, or you could include it as additional information.

In either case, be certain to clearly explain the inspiration for your gap year and quantify what you have achieved so far during it. For example, if youre taking a gap year to gain work experience and save money for college, include numbers to quantify how many hours you are working per week. While you generally wouldnt put an exact number on your college savings, you can give a less specific description such as I saved enough money to cover my room and board expenses throughout my first year of college. If you are doing service work, include how many people you have impacted or another number that will signify the amount of work youve done.

If you are still only just getting started on your gap year when you write your essays, focus in large part on why you are taking a gap year. Then, elaborate on what your goals are, how you plan to achieve them, and any progress youve already made.

If youre considering a gap year, dont let the complexity of college applications scare you off. Many colleges appreciate the gap year experience and recognize that students who take them may actually enter college with increased maturity and perspective.

May 1 202: Deadline To Confirm Offers Of Admission

Applicants must confirm their acceptance of an offer of admission by this date. Log in to your account to confirm your offer.

Colleges may extend offers of admission after this date. Each college will set the deadline to confirm offers made after May 1, and this deadline will be communicated to you with your offer.

Not Sure About Applying Check Out These Resources

Financial Aid and Awards

By choosing NC you are making a wise investment in your future. To help fund your education scholarships, bursaries and OSAP are available.

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Scholarships and Awards

Niagara College offers over $200,000 CAD for International students in scholarships and awards, including a number of entrance scholarships.

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Boost : Amaze With Your Essay

The third key element of your college application is the essay. Imagine it: a space reserved just for your voice, where you get to define yourself and what is important to you!

Just how important is the essay? Dean Fred Hargadon, who was the head of admissions at Princeton when I went there, could remember off the top of his head what each admitted student’s essay was about!

To set your application apart, consider writing about:

  • How excited you are about studying X
  • The talents, strengths, or challenges that aren’t in your transcript

Sometimes complicated situations have simple explanations.

Complete Your Registration And Submit Your Documents Or Complete A Telephonic Debit Order Mandate

Can I still apply for college?

Your Educational Planner will send you your application for college forms and give you the bank details to pay the registration fee or alternatively you can complete a telephonic debit order mandate. Remember to use the reference number on your proforma invoice when making an initial partial or full payment.

To be formally registered as a College SA student, you need to provide us with the following documents:

  • A completed and signed registration form OR complete an application via the phone
  • Proof of payment of your registration fee
  • Debit order form/mandate
  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of your highest qualification/grade passed

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% Online Classes Tailored For Working Adults

This is education on your terms. Education that puts you in control of what, how, and where you learn. Specializing in online learning for more than 20 years, Purdue Global is a public, nonprofit university focused on providing a personalized and highly interactive experience. Gain the skills you need to get ahead today and the edge to conquer whatever comes next.

Master Of Science In Nursing

No matter which stage of life patients are in, nurses play an important role in the delivery of healthcare. You help save lives, decode medical jargon, support families and comfort patients. You work in hospitals, clinics, classrooms, labs or living rooms. Now that youre an experienced nurse, it may be time to move into the next phase of your career. A Master of Science in Nursing can help.

Our on-campus and online MSN courses are aligned with leading industry organizations, such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing , American Nurses Credentialing Center , and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses . These programs prepare nurses for leadership roles in a variety of specialties and concentrations, including:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner*
  • Nurse Education
  • Informatics

* The Family Nurse Practitioner specialty has pre-verification, clinical hour and residency requirements. Program requirements vary in California.

Format: Online

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Is It Too Late To Apply For College

The short answer is, no, it isnât too late to apply for college. While many schools have application deadlines that close before the start of spring, there are plenty more that are still welcoming applicants. Their cutoff dates havenât happened yet, though some are approaching quickly.

Along with colleges and universities with late deadlines, some schools use rolling admissions. Itâs one of several different types of college admissions schools can offer, functioning more as a first-come, first-serve approach that doesnât officially close until the entire class is full.

Us News & World Report Ranks Undergraduate Nursing Programs For First Time

Video: If I Have Bad Grades, Can I Still Go to College?

Only a tiny number of colleges actually have single-digit acceptance rates. They just happen to get all the attention. In a normal year, four-year U.S. colleges;average;yield rateor the percent of admitted students that ultimately enrollis 34%, which means that for many colleges, the likelihood that they will have additional seats late in the admissions cycle is quite high.

Myth 3: A colleges selectivity is an indication of its quality.

Fact:;Its not.;A students college success will be determined far more by how well their chosen institutions academics, other programs, approach to learning, culture, and levels of student and faculty engagement suit their individual learning style and interests.;;Every student is different and there is no one size fits all.

Myth 4: College means four-year degree.

;Fact:;One of the great strengths of American higher education is the range of options it offersand that means four-year is not a type of college.;Community colleges, for example, offer great flexibility to accommodate late applications and enrollment decisions, and they are an ideal fit for many students, whether they are seeking a certificate or an associates degree, or if they ultimately desire to get a bachelors degree. In fact,;many successful people;got their start at community colleges, including actress Halle Berry, Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Did You Attend A Failing Or Underperforming School

Unfortunately, not all high schools can provide a great education.

If you went to a school that did not have enough resources, look into programs that cater specifically to students whose circumstances have not allowed their potential to develop. Two examples are:

They will all get you there eventually.

Important Info Before You Apply

  • The;application processing fee is $95.00 .
  • An application allows you up to 5 program choices .
  • All program choices must start within the same academic year .
  • There may be additional fees to request transcripts.
  • Your username is permanent.
  • Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length.
  • Use a valid email address.
  • DO NOT create more than one account.
  • The application works best in certain web browsers.

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When Do You Apply Under Regular Decision

The most common regular decision deadlines are in . January 1 is a common date, making for a busy winter break! January 15 and January 31 are popular ones, too.

Some schools with are Boston University, Harvard, NYU, and Yale, among many others. Students who apply under regular decision usually hear back about their admissions decisions in March or April. Since regular decision deadlines are in the winter, how does your college planning schedule differ from that to meet an early deadline?

Its Not Too Late To Apply To College

Prospective students can still apply to Barnsley College ...

Several misconceptions have taken hold in college admissions, and its time we confronted them, as they create serious confusion for students and their families.;These myths have been around for a long time, and are even more troubling this year, with all the disruption the global pandemic has caused for students in transition to higher education.

Many students worry that if they haven’t applied to college yet, they missed their opportunity.


Myth 1:;If students dont get into or decide upon a college or university by May 1, their chances of getting in are over.

Fact: Many colleges and universities accept applications far beyond that date.;

In the lexicon of higher education, May 1 is often called Decision Day, because thats the date by which most high school students submit deposits to the college or university they plan to join in the fall. But, as is clear from;NACACs College Openings Update, every year some 500 four-year institutions accommodate additional enrollments after May 1. In fact, this year there are even more options, because the timing of pandemic-related disruptions is leading many colleges to extend their reply deadlines to June 1 or even later. For many students, May 1 is not Decision Daynor does it have to be.

Myth 2:;Acceptance to college is a game of tiny percentages, in which only a very few applicants get in.

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Your College Planning Timeline For Early Deadlines

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your application be. You need to take time filling out your application, thoughtfully writing about your extracurricular involvement, and proofreading all of the information for errors. Apart from filling out your app, you’ll have to take time fulfilling other requirements. Three that demand the most planning and time are your personal essay, recommendation letters, and SAT or ACT scores.

You should spend a few months thinking about and writing your personal essay. Giving yourself space to brainstorm and mull over ideas is an important part of the writing process that can take weeks. Since your essay is such an important part of your application, you should spend a couple of months drafting, getting feedback, and revising it until it feels precise and authentic, almost like a work of art.

To meet an early deadline, you might begin working on your essay over the summer before senior year. While it’s rare that the Common App changes its essay prompts, they have done so in the past. Common App announced these changes in August. Most recently, Common App made changes to its essay prompts in February 2021; you can learn all about those changes here. Keep this in mind when working on your essay, but don’t worry about drastic changes in the questions. Generally speaking, they all ask you to communicate something important about your identity and show how you make meaning of significant experiences in your life.

Split Up Your College Experience

Can I have good grades and still not get in to college? – Freshman Admissions 101

One option is to transfer from a lower tier college to a higher tier one after one or two years. If you would rather not figure out the logistics of this yourself, consider starting with a community college.

Some state universities now offer “2+2” Programs, affiliating themselves with community colleges so that students can earn an associate degree and then get guaranteed admission to the state university. The advantage of these programs is that you will have advisers keeping you on the right track for your major and course of study.

One example is the 2 Plus 2 Plan at the University of Iowa. To find others, search for ” 2+2 program.”

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When To Apply For College In The Fall

Applying to college entails a considerable amount of planning. While you can start some parts at the beginning of your senior year of high school, it’s recommended that you request recommendation letters and take the SAT or ACT your junior year. This tip is especially important for those planning to apply for an early admission decision.

Early action and early decision are ideal options for students who are prepared to apply early their senior year. Often resulting in an admission decision by mid-December, these options give students plenty of time to relax and enjoy their final semester of high school. Additionally, students who apply early to college may enjoy higher acceptance rates than regular decision applicants.

To meet an early deadline, you should begin the application process the summer before your senior year, focusing your efforts on writing your essay, gathering letters of recommendation, and taking the SAT/ACT.

Though early admission is growing in popularity, most students opt for the regular decision window. For students who need additional time to compare schools, perfect their essays, or retake the SAT/ACT, regular decision may be your best option. Be sure to request letters of recommendation by September of your senior year, as teachers tend to get extremely busy in late fall due to midterms and other recommendation requests.

Whichever deadline you decide works best for you, just make sure you feel confident when you submit your application.

Who Should Apply Early

Applying to an ED or EA plan is most appropriate for a student who:

  • Has researched colleges extensively.
  • Is absolutely sure that the college is the first choice.
  • Has found a college that is a strong match academically, socially and geographically.
  • Meets or exceeds the admission profile for the college for SAT® scores, GPA and class rank.
  • Has an academic record that has been consistently solid over time.

Applying to an ED or EA plan is not appropriate for a student who:

  • Has not thoroughly researched colleges.
  • Is applying early just to avoid stress and paperwork.
  • Is not fully committed to attending the college.
  • Is applying early only because friends are.
  • Needs a strong senior fall semester to bring grades up.

Encourage students who want to apply early to fill out NACAC’s Early Decision Self-Evaluation Questionnaire, in the Deciding About Early Decision and Early Action handout.;You may want to share this with parents as well.

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Your College Planning Timeline For Regular Deadlines

In many ways, your college planning timeline for regular decision will be similar to the timeline for applying for early admission–but with some key differences. You have to consider how busy the fall of senior year is, both for you and for your teachers and counselors.

If your senior year schedule is packed with challenging courses and after school involvements, then you still might want to work on your essay over the summer months, when you have more time and focus for it. You also might still ask for your recommendations in September, or at least October. Some teachers set a cap on how many letters they’ll write, and they probably don’t want to spend their entire winter holiday writing letters. Try to ask early in the fall semester.

When you apply for regular decision, you might have one more opportunity to take the SAT or ACT in December. It’s still advisable to take it at least once in junior year, and many students take it twicein the fall of 11th grade and again in the spring. Again, you want to think about your schedule in the fall and how to best balance putting together a strong college application with all your other assignments, clubs, and/or sports.

Finally, some schools don’t have set deadlines at all and are flexible about when applications arrive. This option is called rolling admissions.

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