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What Is The Worst College In America

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Location: Boca Raton Fl

The Worst College Student in America

Probably one of the best universities with the greatest view, Everglades University in Florida attracts many students every single year. Who would say no to going to school in Florida, right?

However, once theyve seen the small added expenses that can make any sane person run, there tends to be a high number of students transferring out. If youre looking for a school thats easy to transfer with already earned credits but isnt so hard on the pocketbooks, Everglades isnt for you!

Mississippi Valley State University

Location: Itta Bena, Mississippi This public university in Mississippi has a particularly low graduation rate at just 30%. When you consider they have an acceptance rate of nearly 85%, that makes it seem even worse. But its still not as bad as the shockingly low median salary of graduates more than five years after graduation.

The average income Mississippi Valley State alumni are earning is less than $24,000. Thats lower than the debt a lot of students are left with nearly $33,000!

Location: Aiken South Carolina

The University of South Carolina Aiken is fairly small there are only about 3,400 undergrads but the graduation rate is at just 41 percent. While its still a relatively new university , thats not a fantastic number.

Not to mention, many students complain about the fact that theres not much to do in Aiken. If youre looking for a school located in a fun city, the University of South Carolina at Aiken isnt for you.;

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What Makes A University The Worst

What makes a college bad? The answer may vary depending on who you ask, and the list below is not meant to be authoritativealthough I am sure it will be controversial to some.

The universities on this list were chosen according to whether they stood out regarding my personally chosen criteria, including:

  • ROI
  • Graduation rate
  • Average student debt
  • Annual cost
  • CollegeFactual overall ranking

For this list, I have considered only universities that are regionally accredited, located in the United States, and for which relevant data is available. I have excluded community colleges, military academies, and for-profit institutions such as DeVry and the University of Phoenix.

My main sources of information are U.S. News & World Report, PayScale, CollegeFactual, and RateMyProfessors. I have indicated below which data comes from which source. In all cases, I have used the most recent available data.

For the sake of equity, I have listed the following colleges in alphabetical order.

New York Cuny Medgar Evers College

Worst Colleges in America
  • Average net price per year: $6,677

  • Median earnings six years after graduation: $35,900

Compared to some of the schools on this list, the net price of tuition at CUNY Medgar Evers College is extremely affordable, and the average student loan debt is only $13,256 over four years.

The median salary six years after graduation is also a few thousand dollars above the national average.

However, while the school welcomes all students with open arms, very few make it through to the end. The graduation rate at Medgar Evers is a measly 13%.

You can attend class there, be an A student and fail the class, a sophomore writes. The nursing program standards are unobtainable.

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Location: West Lafayette In

Have you ever heard of a college requiring students to sign a waiver before attending? Yeah, me neither until now! Thats right folks, Purdue University Global requires that students sign waivers during the admission process in the event they feel the need to sue later. Crazy, right? Hello, red flags!

This clearly means theyve had issues with students suing the school in the past and want to prevent it from happening again. Ditch Purdue University Global and find a better school to go to in Indiana .

Concordia University School Of Law

Concordia just became accredited by the ABA this year, so it is now a bit of a safer bet than it was before. Keeping that in mind, we feel it important to mention that Concordial also made the list for the 20 Worst Law Schools. With students who have only fair to poor LSAT scores, sagging GPAs, and the fact that they JUST became accredited in February, Concordia has remained on the list consistently. While this can be a huge issue to fix, needing to rectify several citations at a time, Concordia University School of Law seems to be making a genuine effort and showing real progress. Who knows what the future holds for this law school?

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Missouri Missouri Southern State University

  • Average net price per year: $9,446

  • Median earnings six years after graduation: $33,300

While the net price of tuition at Missouri Southern State University is low, the median earnings six years after graduation are decidedly mediocre.

Students who take on loans wind up with an average debt of $19,488 over four years, and the loan default rate is 11.4%, which is slightly higher than average.

The education I earned was bogus, writes a junior reviewer. I didnt learn anything, rather just received a piece of paper that said I graduated. Unnecessary fees and charges will hit you in every direction.

Nebraska Wayne State College

Top 10 worst college cities and towns in America. #3 is always on worst lists.
  • Average net price per year: $13,193

  • Median earnings six years after graduation: $36,100

The net price of tuition at Wayne State College is a tad lower than average, and the median salary six years after graduation is a tad higher. The average student loan debt over four years is a significant burden at $23,000, but only 7.5% of students default on their loans.

There were quite a few activities and ways to get involved, but the people werent welcoming, a freshman writes in a review online. The classes were alright, although more often than not the professors seemed to care less about teaching and more about us just taking the class.

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Nebraska Peru State College

Peru State College isnt absolutely terrible, but it isnt that great either. It has a graduation rate of 36.7%, but CollegeFactual reports that 18% graduate on time. See what we mean by not terrible but not great?

The average total loans amounting to $22,404 per student. The benefit is that the median salary is $37,500 six years after graduation. Unfortunately, around 9% still default on their loans.

Colorado Pikes Peak Community College

  • Average net price per year: $8,858

  • Median earnings six years after graduation: $31,300

Despite the fact that the typical student loan debt at Pikes Peak Community College is low at only $16,296 over four years, graduates seem to struggle to pay it off. The loan default rate is high: 13.7% according to the school.

Its graduation rate is low: 23% according to the school.

“This number has a lot to do with the high transience of our population,” says Karen Kovaly, a public relations coordinator at Pikes Peak. “With four military installations in the city, 26% of our students are military-affiliated and move on to another post prior to attaining a degree.”

While most students speak fondly of the learning environment and their professors, others were more than ready to move on.

They can be as awful as they want, and people will still go here because its cheap and they have no other options, writes one freshman. The attitude I got from the higher ups … is that they couldnt care less about me, my grades, my life, my hopes for a degree, nothing.

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College Of New Rochelle

The College of New Rochelle can be traced back to the 1900s when the institution was set up to give women the chance to expand their minds and learn more about the world.

However, it has since become a co-educational college and is now accepting men and women from all walks of life.

They accept around 3,200 new students every single year, but that doesnt mean that it ticks all of the boxes. Graduates have to cope with a negative return on investment, and its not a small number. In fact, it currently stands at around -$20,000, which means youll need to be extremely lucky in terms of your post-graduate career.

California State University At Long Beach

The 10 Worst Colleges For Free Speech: 2017

This is the sister institution of the Los Angeles Cal State U. They made our worst colleges in America list because of tehir refusal to allow artistic expression when the mention of race is involved. Students who want to make a statement against racism are not allowed to do so. Students who were of a minority group were forced to close a play that made fun of the racial stereotyping that happens in society. This college is big on shutting down free speech.

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The 20 Worst Colleges In America In 2019

When youre thinking about attending college there are several things that you should take into consideration. Finding the best college for you depends upon your unique needs. The cost, the quality of the education, reputation of the college and percentage of graduates who find jobs are a few items to factor in. There are some colleges that you should stay away from, even if theyre more affordable or nearer by where you live. What makes a college a bad choice? Even though we all have our own opinions on the matter, some things to check out are the average student debt, the return on investment over 20 years, the graduation rate, the median starting income, the annual cost and the overall ranking of the institution.Cheat Sheet from and The Washington Monthly includes more colleges which fail to measure up and weve also included colleges that inhibit free speech from The Advocate. Here are the 20 worst colleges in America based upon the information weve gathered from these analyses.

Arkansas University Of Arkansas At Little Rock

  • Average net price per year: $13,256

  • Median earnings six years after graduation: $34,900

While the net price to attend the University of Arkansas at Little Rock is slightly below average, the typical debt load for students who take out loans is high: $27,112 over four years.

The median earnings after six years in the workforce are a bit higher than the national average but are still nothing to write home about.

As a college student, I should have a better college experience on campus if I pay all of this tuition, a freshman writes. There should be better campus activities available for students to make it more enjoyable and less dreadful.

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States With The Best And Worst Public Education Systems

  • Massachusetts. Number of students: 980,459. State spending per student: $15,593. Total state spending: $15,466,496. Drop out rate: 11.7% Student to teacher ratio: 13.32.
  • New Jersey. Number of students: 1,451,180. State spending per student: $18,402. Total state spending: $26,756,822. Drop out rate: 9.5% Student to teacher ratio: 12.19.
  • Connecticut. Number of students: 577,203. State spending per student: $18,958. Total state spending: $9,798,789. Drop out rate: 12.1% Student to teacher ratio: 12.64.
  • Virginia. Number of students: 1,192,094. State spending per student: $11,432. Total state spending: $14,752,819. Drop out rate: 10.9% Student to teacher ratio: 10.80.
  • 354 People Used

    The University Of Maine At Augusta

    50 Worst Colleges in America by State

    The total number of students in The University of Maine at Augusta is 6,000. About 30% of the students get to graduate from this university yearly. The university was founded in Augusta, Maine in 1965. The yearly cost of attendance is $20,968 for in-state students and $32,138 for out-of-state students. The average loan debt per student is $23,896. And the median starting income is $27,700. However, about 17% of the students default on their loans.

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    Florida Florida Technical College

    • Average net price per year: $15,442

    • Median earnings six years after graduation: $24,600

    The cost to attend Florida Technical College in Orlando is about average, but the return on your investment likely wont be.

    The median salary six years after graduation is just $24,600 a year, well below the national average and less than the debt youd expect to rack up after four years. On such a limited income, you’ll want to take advantage of money-saving apps and browser extensions to ensure that you don’t spend any more than you need to when you shop online.

    All my grants and loans went to the school, and I will end up being $13,000 in debt, writes a junior in an online review.

    South Carolina Benedict College

    South Carolina is another state with a few excellent, top-notch colleges, but Benedict College? Not so much. It has a 31% graduation rate, but the remarkable thing is how cheap it is versus how much the average debt is.

    The annual net price is $9,184, but the average student loan is $45,144. A total of 8.6% default on those loans, possibly due to a six-year median salary of $25,400.

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    Appalachian School Of Law

    On the other hand, Appalachian School of Law holds fast right where it stood before. They have been found to be out of Standard 501 compliance, but they raised their 25 and 50 percent LSATs while losing two points on their 75%. Only fifty students in total enrolled, however, that number was down by 23 students from the year before. The fact of the matter is that Appalachian is facing several troubling issues that it may be difficult to survive.

    The State University Of New York

    Top 10 Worst Universities in USA New Ranking

    Location: Potsdam, New York The State University of New York at Potsdam isnt all bad. Theyve got a 72% acceptance rate and a 54% graduation rate, which is definitely better than a lot of other schools on the list.

    Theyre on the list because those who do graduate from SUNY wind up with a ridiculous amount of debt for little payoff. So, unless youre looking for an ROI of more than -$30,000 stay away from this school.

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    Hawaii University Of Hawaii

    • Average net price per year: $10,373

    • Median earnings six years after graduation: $29,900

    Since Hawaii has limited options for medium- and large-sized schools, Maui College at the University of Hawaii is one of the small schools included on our list.

    The net price of tuition at Maui College is lower than average, but so is the median salary six years after graduation.

    While the average student loan debt of $19,864 over four years is lower than some of the other schools on this list, the loan default rate is 23% more than twice the national average. On top of that, the graduation rate is only 16%.

    The university is a pay-for-what-you-get school, writes a Maui College graduate. The campus needs updates. The career options are limited.

    Arkansas Philander Smith College

    The only thing Philander Smith College has going for it is that it doesnt cost a lot. The graduation rate is 39%, and students usually walk out with an average of $26,616 in debt.

    Six years following graduation, students earn a median of $24,400, which makes it difficult to repay their loans. Unfortunately, 20.1% default after three years. ;

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    Maine University Of Maine At Augusta

    The University of Maine at Augusta may be close for some, but not the best choice. The graduation rate is 27.8%. Students walk away with a debt of $23,896, with a 17% default rate. The bad news keeps on rolling with a median salary of $27,700.

    Overall, Niche gave the school a C on their report card with Athletics being the worst.;The only thing that this university has going for it is that 80% are employed two years after graduation. It’s less than the national average of 83%, but it isn’t far off.;

    The University Of North Alabama

    The 10 Worst Colleges in America (2021)

    Location: Florence, Alabama This is yet another one of those schools that have made FIREs top 10 list of the worst in the country for free speech, and its easy to see why.

    The administration removed the student newspaper adviser after he published a story making unwanted inquiries about a certain situation on campus. The school also has a shady public relations policy in place which claims any interaction with the media by faculty must first be approved by admin officials.

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    Black Hills State University

    Black Hills State University has an undergraduate population of 4,000 students. They were listed as the twelfth worst school in the nation because of their negative return on investment figure of -$24,000. The total cost of attendance for a bachelors degree is $72,400 and students amass a loan debt of $25,400 on average. Its obvious that graduates are not making enough money upon graduation to justify attendance at this university.

    College Football Power Rankings: The 25 Rudest Fanbases In The Nation

    Every team has their traditions, history and fanbases. Every fanbase has its highs and lows, its triumphs and tragedies, its moments in the sun and regrets in the darkness. We all love our teams and will until the end of time.

    Every one of us has a choice, however, on how to direct our passion. Do we put it into our own team’s fuel tank, cheering them on whether it be a surefire win or a lost cause? Or do we dump it onto the the opposing fools who dared to challenge us in our own house?

    What we as the home team may refer to as “spirit” may be plain rude to the opposition, and finding that line between the two is tough in some situations. However, the majority of engagements are pretty translucent as to where that line is and some fanbases just take it too far, most of the time on purpose.

    Sitting at home behind your safe TV doesn’t even begin to hide what goes on at some of these stadiums where football is literally the pulse of the student’s worlds. It’s a “you just have to be there to see it” kind of deal.

    Which school though takes the cake, making their fans the meanest, raunchiest, most arrogant people to ever scorch the Earth with their presence? ;

    We rank which 25 college football fan clubs love to take passion to a whole new level, bringing it from rivalry to rudeness and spirit to arrogance with ease. ;;

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