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How To Submit Fafsa To Colleges

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You Can Complete The Entire Fafsa On Your Computer Or Phone

How To Submit Your FAFSA: College Bound

Go to the Federal Student Aid website to access the online form. The 202122 FAFSA can be completed on your desktop or mobile device or you can download a PDF of the form, print it out and submit it on paper. To complete the FAFSA, you will need your and your parents’ income tax return from two years prior to your anticipated college entrance date. For example, students planning to enroll in college in the fall of 2021, would use tax data from 2019. The FAFSA offers a data retrieval tool that transfers your tax information from the IRS website directly into your FAFSA.

How To Enter Schools On Your Fafsa

You will enter the schools you want to attend under the Selected Schools list on the FAFSA. Input your schools Federal School Code and select Search. The school name will appear in the Search Results table. Select that name and click Add. You can also search for your schools Federal School Code by state or at the FAFSA on the Web home page. You can add up to 10 schools on your Selected Schools list.

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Not Filling Out The Form Early Enough

Filling out the FAFSA as close to Oct. 1 as possible for the following school year is very important for getting as much financial aid as possible. Some types of financial aid are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. In these cases, the longer you wait, the less money is available.

Put together a list of federal deadlines, state deadlines and individual college deadlines to make sure you dont miss the final application date. Deadlines can vary by individual type of financial aid, as well.

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What Is A High School Transcript

A high school transcript is a record of all your academicaccomplishments. It lists all the classes youve taken, when you took them, andthe grade you received in each class.

Transcripts may also include:

  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Disciplinary records

Transcripts come in two forms: official and unofficial. Theofficial version is sent directly by the high school to colleges or can be sentby students themselves on They are usually sent electronically or ina sealed envelope to prevent tampering. Students can request an unofficialversion of their transcript from their counselor. You can also view yourunofficial transcript online at PowerSchool.Its a good idea to do this before you send transcripts to colleges so you can reviewthe information for mistakes.

You Might Be Selected For Fafsa Verification

8 Steps to Filling Out the FAFSA® Form

Sometimes, colleges will ask you to provide documentation for the information you reported on the FAFSA. This is called being selected for verification. If this happens, it doesnt mean you did anything wrongsome schools verify all students forms and others are selected at random. Be sure to save the records and materials you used to complete the FAFSA in case this happens. And lastly, be sure to save a copy of the FAFSA before you submit it for your records.

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How Long Does Fafsa Take To Process

With over 100 questions, the FAFSA application process can feel long and tedious! On top of that, you also need to spend time gathering all the required documents, like last years tax reports, bank statements, and W-2s.

If any of thats new information, you may want to start with our 2021-2022 guide on how to apply for FAFSA.

But what happens after you finally get it done? Is your FAFSA processed instantly, giving you an exact amount of how much financial aid youll receive? Not quite.

In fact, it can take several months from the day you press Submit to the day you receive your financial aid award letter. Why? Good question! And well be answering it in this blog post along with 4 things you can do if you dont get enough financial aid. Lets get right into it!

General Information About Verification

3. What is verification? The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects FAFSA applications for verification as they are submitted. This process is to confirm the data on the FAFSA matches information submitted to the IRS as well as household information. Rollins is required to request copies of tax transcripts and other information to verify that the data reported on the FAFSA is accurate. Errors must be corrected and sent to the Federal Processor. Eligibility for financial aid may change due to verification, so we highly encourage families to utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in order to provide accurate information.

4. How will I know if I am selected for verification? There will be a notification on your Student Aid Report , which you automatically receive after submitting the FAFSA. You will also receive a notification from Rollins as well as a missing item on your “To Do” list in Foxlink.

5. Why have I been selected for verification? Students can be randomly selected for verification by the Federal Processor when the FAFSA is submitted or when any subsequent changes are made. Rollins is also required to select students for verification if there is conflicting information on the FAFSA.

6. If I am selected for verification, do I have to complete it? Yes. You cannot receive need-based financial aid if you do not complete the verification process.

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How Long Does Fafsa Take To Complete

According to the Office of Federal Student Aid, it takes most people less than an hour to complete and submit the FAFSA. That estimate includes the time it takes to gather necessary information or data, complete and review your information, and read the confirmation page youll receive once you submit your application.

If you submitted the FAFSA for a previous year and are simply doing a renewal application, the process can be much faster.

Why Did I Not Qualify For Financial Aid

How to Submit FAFSA

Remember, schools classify student loans as financial aid. Depending on your schools cost of attendance and your EFC, you may not be eligible for need-based financial aid.

However, if youre not seeing any federal student aid on your financial aid offer, you may want to reach out to Financial Aid Office. You want to confirm they received your FAFSA information and you completed all necessary steps to receive financial aid.

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Add More Schools Once You Receive Your Sar

Once youve submitted your information on the FAFSA, youll typically receive your Student Aid Report within 3 to 5 days. When you do, that means all of the colleges on your list have also received your information they get an Institutional Student Information Record, or ISIR.

Now its time to add the other schools on your list so they get an ISIR too. There are three ways you can do this:

  • Option 1: Log into your FAFSA account at Youll be offered the opportunity to Make FAFSA Corrections. When you do, youll see your original list of colleges. Since all of the schools listed already have your ISIR, you can remove them from the list and add in the rest of the schools you want.
  • Option 2: You can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center and ask them to add the schools for you. For this option, youll need to have a copy of your SAR in front of you. The number is 1-800-4-FED-AID .
  • Option 3: You can take the paper copy of your SAR and replace those schools with the new ones, then mail the SAR back to the following address: Federal Student Aid Programs, P.O. Box 7655, London, KY 40742-7655.

Any of these options will get your information to all of the colleges you wantnot just the 10 you initially entered.

Do I Need A Parents Help To Apply For Fafsa

If youre classified as a dependent for the FAFSA, you will likely need your parents help filling out the FAFSA, especially for the sections pertaining to their assets.

You might want to set up a time to sit down with them and fill out the application in one go.

But the mobile app allows students and parents to start the FAFSA on the app or a desktop computer, and finish it on another device. You dont have to be in front of the same computer at the same time to collaborate!

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You Receive A Financial Aid Package From The Colleges That Offer You Admission

If youre a current college student, you should expect to get your financial aid award letter for the next school year before the end of the current school year. If you havent received it by then, contact your schools financial aid department ASAP.

If youre a high school senior about to become an incoming freshman, youll receive a financial aid award package after you receive your college acceptance letters.

Often, the financial aid letter gets sent separately from your admissions letter. But you should always receive it before you need to make an official admissions decision. That way you can compare the financial aid youre offered from different colleges.

Now, the process of filing FAFSA and receiving financial aid isnt perfect. And its definitely possible that you wont get offered enough to cover all of your college expenses. So, what should you do?

How To Add More Schools To The 2021

IRS Data Retrieval Guide  Financial Aid

Full Bio editorial policies

Adding more than 10 schools to the FAFSA is easy . So, how do you add more schools to the FAFSA?

If you are a student applying for financial aid to pay for college you are probably getting familiar with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , which is the application that is required to receive aid from the United States government. This financial aid can include everything from need-based grants like the Pell Grant to federal student loans to work study.

One of the most confusing things about the FAFSA is that there are only 10 spots to list your colleges. Does this mean that you can only apply for financial aid at 10 colleges?

Absolutely not! You can apply for financial aid at any number of colleges and universities once you receive your Student Aid Report and submit your FAFSA for your initial schools.

Jump ahead to:

Keep on reading to learn about how to add more schools to the FAFSA! If you have any specific questions about completing the FAFSA, you can check out our step-by-step FAFSA guide.

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What Are Important Fafsa Dates

There are a few dates to keep in mind when applying for FAFSA: The school year, the form year, deadlines to submit the FAFSA, and tax information year.

Attendance Dates
  • Filing Dates*: October 1, 2021 June 30, 2023
  • Tax Information Year: 2020
  • *States and individual schools often have different deadlines for completing the FAFSA than the federal government. Here is a list of FAFSA state deadlines. Be sure to check with your school.

    How To Submit The Fafsa

    Editorial Note: This content is based solely on the author’s opinions and is not provided, approved, endorsed or reviewed by any financial institution or partner.

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the form that you complete to apply for financial aid for college or graduate school. You can access the latest FAFSA form on Federal Student Aid, which is part of the U.S. Department of Education.

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    Choose A Method To File

    You have three options:

    • 2022-2023 FAFSA Application
    • You can always request a print-out to be mailed to you from the U.S. Department of Education by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID , for TTY for the deaf or hard of hearing 1-800-730-8913.

    It is highly recommended that you complete the application online or through the mobile app because they offer a customized experience. You dont need to complete the online versions in one sitting, you can create a Save Key which you can use to take breaks or share with your parents to help complete the application.

    You Should File A Fafsa Even If You Think You Wont Qualify For Financial Aid

    How to add a college to your FAFSA

    Many families dont complete the FAFSA because they think their income is too high. Others think the form is just too complicated. But anyone who fills out the FAFSA will at least qualify for a federally insured, direct student loan and perhaps other grants, scholarships, work-study or loans. Some scholarships that are not based on financial need still require a FAFSA.

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    Do Division 3 Schools Make Money Off College Athletics

    Division 3 colleges do not provide athletic scholarships per se, but instead provide scholarships based on need and merit, like most other universities. That means that parents, with students interested in pursuing a Division 3 athletic career, should familiarize themselves with how merit-based and need-based aid work.

    Tell The Coach When Youve Applied

    One of the most common mistakes student-athletes make in the application process is not letting the coach know when theyre applying to the school. If an athlete applies and doesnt get in, theres nothing theyor the coachcan do about it. But if the coach knows that an athlete submitted their application, they may be able to flag it with the admissions office. Of course, an athletes test scores, GPA and application need to stand on their own, but coaches will want to know when top recruits have applied to their school..

    If the athlete doesnt have a relationship established with the coaching staff, they should still let them know when the application was submitted. It may remind the coach to take a second glance at the athletes recruiting profile and video. For many coaches, deciphering whether a recruit is seriously interested in their program or not can be a challenge, so communicating about your application to the college may give you a competitive edge over other recruits.

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    Appeal Your Financial Aid Award Letter

    Mistakes happen. So, if you feel your colleges financial aid department hasnt offered you enough aid, try submitting an appeal letter. To do that, youll need to write and send a letter that describes why you deserve more aid.

    There could be a variety of reasons for you to write an appeal. But the ones that have the highest likelihood of getting approved usually involve changes to you and your familys financial situation since submitting the FAFSA. For example, if one of your parents recently lost their job, you might be eligible for more aid. Just keep in mind that theres no guarantee that your college will approve your appeal.

    Review Your Expected Family Contribution

    Financial Aid

    The information you report on your FAFSA form is used to calculate your EFC. Its very important to note that the EFC is not the amount of money your family will have to pay for college. Instead, the EFC is an index number used by financial aid offices to calculate your financial need. The formula they use is:

    Cost of attendance Expected family contribution Your financial need

    Each school will do its best to meet your financial need. Some schools may meet 100 percent of your financial need, and other schools may only meet 10 percentit just depends on the school and the financial aid they have available that year. You should complete the FAFSA form annually because there are many factors that can change from year to year.


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    What If My 2019 Income Doesnt Match Our Current Financial Situation

    Perhaps youve lost your job or had your income reduced since 2019. What should you do? Dont worry, there is a process in place for this specific situation. Youll have to submit a special circumstance appeal directly with the college your child decides to attend. They will adjust your students FAFSA according to your current financial state.

    You Might Need A New Federal Student Loan

    When grants, scholarships, savings and work-study dont meet the full costs of attending school, student loans can close the gap. If you took out a federal student loan last year, youll likely need another one this year. Completing the FAFSA is the only way to get federal loans, which offer more protections and typically lower interest rates than private student loans. Its best to max out federal aid before turning to private student loans, which are obtained through banks and online lenders and dont require the FAFSA.

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    How To Submit The Fafsa For 2 Students In College

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