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How To Go To College In London As An American

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Cheapest Universities In London For International Students

How to Study in the UK! | American in London

London UKs bustling capital is more than just a center for business and culture. Its also a major hub for education for local and foreign students alike. In fact, more than 125,000 of the 340,000 international students in the UK are currently based in London.

While the city has a high cost of living compared to most UK regions, it does offer affordable education as long as you know where to look. The capital is home to many cheap yet renowned universities, and we will be looking at the cheapest universities in London for international students.

Reasons American Students Should Consider Attending College In The Uk

And a look at the differences between degree programs

Even the brightest and most worldly college-bound American teens are not usually able to name more than a handful of universities in the United Kingdom. Sure, theres Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics and well, the list dies off after that.

Yet, there are close to 400 universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and plenty of them crack lists of the top schools in the entire world. The Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, Kings College London, University of Manchester, University of Bristol and University of Southampton are among the top institutions of higher education anywhere on the globe.

So, how do you know if studying in the U.K. might be an appealing option for your student? Well cover three main topics that strike at the core differences between an American degree program and one in the U.K.

Best Colleges In London For American Students

Studying in London is a great choice, and there are some great universities and colleges in the city for American students. In fact, London is the most popular city in the world for students from all countries and its no wonder, with so many wonderful educational institutions here.

In addition to providing wonderful academic opportunities in pretty much any field you can think of, London is also a pretty cool place to live as a student.

Its a cultural melting pot of different nationalities and cultures and also a city where youll never be short of things to do.

Now, when were looking at the best places to study in London for American students, then you might want to study at an American specific institution.

However, one thing thats completely on your side is the fact that, barring a few country specific differences, you already speak the language!

Now that makes life so much easier, and also means that you can study at pretty much any place you choose.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at some of the top places you can choose to study.

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Step : Prepare Documents For Application For Admission

Requirements for foreign students applying to colleges in America vary depending on the subject area, the programs, the position of the University in the rankings, the competition for a place. Regardless of competition, the majority of US universities will be required to submit a motivation letter, recommendations, proof of English language knowledge and document about the previous education.

Motivation letter

In this essay, the applicant talks about his career goals and how the program to which he goes will help him to achieve them. This is perhaps the most important document for admission to most American universities. In our materials for self-training motivation letter you can read where to start and how to plan essays, as well as examples of successful cover letters.

Need help? Our editors, who studied at the universities of Oxford and LSE will be pleased to help in preparing a cover letter.

A letter of recommendation

Recommendation or characteristic of the student, its the teacher or the employer required document for admission to all programs of study at any level. Often the applicants themselves have to make the main text of the letter to give it to the Recommender for review and signature. Materials for writing letters to the foreign University will help to cope with this task.

Need help? Book a service recommendation.


Try to fit the summary on one A4 page and write not only about the place and time of your work, but also about the results.

Visa Options For Americans Wanting To Move To The Uk Are:

American School in London
  • Tier 1: If youre considered exceptional talent. This is typically investors, entrepreneurs and leaders in the arts and sciences that are considered the crème de la crème.
  • Tier 2: If youre a skilled worker with a job offer in the UK, being transferred by an American company for a role in a UK-based branch of the organization or fulfill a skill where theres a shortage in the UK, this can be a proven path for an American moving to the UK. If you want to try your hand on transferring from an American company in the US to a branch in the UK, here are some American companies in UK.
  • Student Tier 4 Visa: Attend college or university in the UK.

No matter which way youre considering, always check the UK Government for the most current and accurate information to apply for a UK Visa as an American. And if figuring out the UK Visa process is too overwhelming or difficult, it might be worthwhile seeking UK Visa assistance.

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Youll Need To Learn New Words For Familiar Things

Everyone knows about chips. But for Americans that havent traveled abroad, expect to encounter many different and sometimes confusing terms for familiar things.

Ive even written an entire post on British vs American words and slang to help you overcome the language barrier.

Here are just a few to keep in mind at Londons grocery stores and in daily life:

  • Chips are steak fries, but not all fries are chips. If you see fries on a menu, theyll be thin-cut like what youd get at McDonalds.
  • Crisps are chips, and youll find fun flavors like prawn and sweet chili on grocery store shelves.
  • Courgettes are zucchini. Because French words sound fancy.
  • Rocket is arugula, and youll find it in all sorts of salads and brunch dishes.
  • Trousers are pants, but pants are underwear. Dont embarrass yourself at the dry cleaner like I did my first week here.
  • Cheers means thanks, but only in a casual way. You say cheers when someone brings you a beer, but not when youre being served tea at The Aqua Shard. Unless you want the waiter to laugh at you. Not that I would know

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Regents University College London

You might have heard of the American InterContinental University. Well, in April 2013 this was acquired by Regents University London.

In addition, Regents also has the Regents American College London that offers a new range of degree programmes that are based on the US liberal arts curriculum.

The institution has been providing American education in the UK for more than 20 years, and offer undergraduate degrees in humanities, social science, arts, and business.

They also offer postgraduate programmes in International Human Rights Law, Media and Communications, and International Relations.

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Get Your Documents In Order

You will need certain documents when you have been accepted on to a course and arrive to study in the UK.

These include a:

  • letter confirming you have been offered a place on a course, and
  • evidence that you are able to support yourself financially.

You will need a Tier 4 Student Visa if you are studying for a full-degree in the UK or a Student Visitor Visa if you are studying for a period of six months or less, which you can obtain through an online application. Youll need to have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application centre as part of your application.

Be careful with your timings for this one: the application needs to be in no less than three months before your course begins but no more than six months after you received your CAS form so keep your eye on your dates.

For a Tier 4 visa, you will need to pay a £310 fee and £83 for a six-month Student Visitor visa.

You may be able to get your visa faster depending on what country youre in so check with your visa application centre.

You will then be invited to a visa interview, at a visa application centre or possibly via video link, where you will be asked questions predominately about your university, course and financial situation. Have all your documents at the ready just in case and be prepared to talk confidently in English about your hopes for your studies in the UK.

For this you are likely to need:

Working While Youre In School


While in the United States a college student can work however many hours as theyd like. The UK, however, has tighter restrictions on how much work a student can do. An international student studying in London on a student visa can work up to 20 hours a week while they are actively studying. During holidays students may work full time, but this is the only exception to the rule.

There is another restriction to keep in mind, too. A students university must be listed on the UK governments UKVI sponsor list as well as the list of recognized bodies. Most institutions that can provide you with a CAS will be listed under UKVI, youll want to make sure they are included in both lists.

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Ensure You Meet All Requirements

Firstly, start early very little can be done if you miss deadline days and you may end up having to wait another year if you are dead-set on studying in the UK. It is also important you make sure you meet all the necessary requirements to be successful.

You will need:

  • An English language proficiency qualification
  • Proof of how you will be funding your studies
  • A Tuberculosis test
  • And possibly more

To study in the UK, you will need to take the IELTS test or its equivalent to prove you have sufficient English language skills to complete your course.

If you hope to study in London you will need to provide proof you have at least £1,020 per month for living expenses throughout the course of your studies as well as the means to pay for your tuition. Outside of London this drops to £820 a month.

Those entering the UK from many countries are required to have been cleared for Tuberculosis so check whether your home country is on that list and get tested if so.

UCAS updates its website regularly with all application deadlines so make sure you dont miss out. If you are applying to study medicine, veterinary science, or a handful of other courses, or applying to Oxford or Cambridge, your deadline is likely to be earlier than other subjects or universities so make sure you are checking the specifics.

Students Get Discounted Public Transportation

When you study abroad in London, you can get 30% off travel cards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets, all you need is to get a student Oyster photocard.

You can also get a 16-25 railcard, which gets you off rail and pay as you go tube fares for just £30 for the year. If you plan to take the train to other parts of the UK on the weekends, this extra add on will pay for itself in just a couple of trips.

One more option for saving on transportation on day trips or weekend travel around the UK while studying abroad in London is the BritRail pass. It gives you unlimited train travel for a number of days each month. Find out more about the BritRail options, and you can only order it while youre still back at home, so do this in advance of your departure date. If youve not done that, then go for the 16-25 railcard mentioned above.

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Top Tips To Help International Students Navigate London Life And Get The Most Out Of University

After lots of meticulous research, you have finally settled on a university in London. You are ready to plunge headfirst into the city that bred William Blake, Jane Goodall and the Rolling Stones.

As a foreign student in London, there are many exciting avenues to explore as well as many challenges to overcome. From saving money to finding the student accommodation that suits your lifestyle, here are my 10 tips for foreign students moving to London.

The visa

The most important thing to sort out is your visa. For students coming from an EU country, you are not required to have a visa to study in the UK. That being said, the aftermath of Brexit may change things but students are unlikely to be affected until 2018. Foreign students arriving from outside of the EU will likely need a Tier 4 Student Visa. These documents are fairly straightforward but dont be afraid to ask your university’s student services for help.

If you want to earn some extra money while studying, be sure to consider this when applying for your visa. Students from the EU can work as many hours as they wish while students from non-EU countries may be limited to working 20 hours a week.

The accommodation dilemma

It is important to choose accommodation that suits your personality and lifestyle. It is likely that the friends you make in your first year will go on to live with you throughout the rest of your university years.

It Can Be Cheaper Than Attending College In The Us

American School in london by spralex02

There are 169 private colleges and universities in the U.S. that cost more than $60,000 per year to attend and 79 institutions cost more than $70,000 per year, which equates to $280,000 for a four-year bachelors degree. Fortunately, many more affordable public options exist that allow residents to take advantage of in-state discounts. While universities in the U.K. actually average higher tuition than their American counterparts, the ceiling price tends to be much lower, even for international students , who are charged a higher rate. Non-EU students are generally charged somewhere between $9,000-$31,000 in annual tuition. This includes some of the best schools the continent has to offer, such as the University of Glasgow or University College London, which each charge around $20,000 per year, roughly $15,000 less than the average private American university.

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Tips For Americans Studying In London

Published by Dan Baker on 18/07/2014

So you were accepted! You are doing it! Studying abroad in London. So what is next? Here at StudentUniverse we have put together your survival guide to studying abroad in London as an American. If you want to look like a local just follow these quick ten tips!

1. Dont be weird about history

Almost every American student I have met in London at some point or another brings up the Revolutionary War or a World War as a personal point of pride. This is a bizarre but common occurrence. Maybe it is a point of national pride for you but British people dont really care that you threw our tea in a river. Aside, of course, from the fact that it is a tragic waste of perfectly good tea, you will only serve to reveal either your lack in knowledge of history or your awkwardly aggressive patriotism.

Pro tip: try not to call a British accent quaint or adorable or make people say things so you can listen to it.

2. Learn to Walk

London is a city. Everything is close together. Unlike America, cars are neither required nor practical in the city. Buy some shoes with some support and be ready to walk your way to most places. It is also a great way to get to know the area better and keep in shape.

Pro tip: converse are called plimsolls in England.

3. Get Used to Coins

Pro tip: most credit/debit cards in the UK are chip and pin meaning you have to input a pin and not swipe and sign.

4. You Dont Have to Hide Your Drink

5. Figure Out Pubs

You Can Keep Your Us Mobile Number While Abroad

If youre not moving to the UK indefinitely youll likely want and need to keep your US mobile number. Its likely tied to accounts and affairs that cant be closed prior to a move abroad or American businesses that dont accept a +44 country code.

For all the above reasons and more, I kept my mobile phone plan active for a year after moving to the UK from the US. Thats a whole lot of cash I wish I could get back but it took me that long to discover Google Voice.

With Google Voice you can keep your US mobile number while living abroad and actually use it to make calls to family or companies that dont have other means to connect . And the best part is that its FREE.

If or when you move back to the USA from the UK, you can retrieve your US mobile number and make active again through a US mobile phone provider .

For steps on how you can keep your US mobile number, be sure to follow these steps before moving to UK from US.

p.s. Phone plans are super cheap in the UK compared to the US!

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The American University Of Rome In Rome Italy

Another wonderful option in the city of Rome, the American University of Rome is the oldest U.S. accredited institution in Rome. Sitting on a hill overlooking the city, youll spend your days receiving a world-class liberal arts education that extends beyond the classroom walls.

Many professors at the AUR compliment their lectures with on-site visits to historic locations. Learn about history, culture, and art while exploring the places youve only seen in textbooks. Many of the faculty at the AUR are also award-winning scholars, which gives you the opportunity to learn from the very best. The AUR also boasts a more affordable tuition rate than many private American universities, at just over $34,000 per year.

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