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How To Test Out Of College Courses

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Thomas Edison Credit By Exam Program

Test out of College Courses with Achieve Test Prep

Thomas Edison State University is an accredited school that offers their own credit by examination program known as the TECEP. These exams are accepted at a variety of colleges and universities throughout the country, but they can also be used towards your degree program through Thomas Edison.

This college is known for its flexibility in allowing students to transfer a high number of credits into their degree programs, and this makes the school a great option for many adult students that want to earn a degree quickly and affordably.

The TECEP exams are scored on a credit/no credit basis, and the minimum score to pass is equivalent to earning a C letter grade. There is also a nice variety of testing subjects available through this program, and many of them are geared towards allowing you to test out of standard general education requirements.

What To Expect On Clep Exam Day

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the test site on exam day. Arrive early to allow for the check-in process. You must bring a government-issued ID, and the name on the ticket must match your registration ticket exactly. Military test-takers must present a military ID.

Each center charges an administration fee in addition to the CLEP test fee of $89. You will pay this fee on exam day.

If you donât pass the exam, you can retake the CLEP test after three months.

Test sites can provide accommodations for students with disabilities, such as screen magnification, a sign language interpreter, or extended time. Make sure to arrange accommodations with your selected CLEP test center.

Carefully review the list of prohibited items, such as calculators, hooded sweatshirts, and food and beverages. The testing center provides scratch paper, and the testing software includes a calculator function.

A few tips for how to pass a CLEP test: Take your time as you work through the multiple-choice questions, and read all answers carefully. You’ll get your score report immediately unless your exam includes an essay. If you don’t pass the exam, you can retake the CLEP test after three months.

Submit The Proper Evidence And Documentation And With With The Waiver Form

Submit the proper evidence and documentation with with the waiver form. Include high school transcripts, transfer transcripts from other colleges or universities that you have attended, and ACT, SAT, TOEFL and CLEP scores if they are required.


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Can You Clep Your Way To A Degree

Yes, it is possible, though passing CLEP exams will not get you a degree by itself.

To get a degree, you need to find a university that will allow you to transfer the credits you earn through CLEP tests.

Youll then need to pay the necessary fees to enroll as a student at that university and get your credits transferred. Once you do this, you can then graduate from the university and receive your degree.

If youre looking for an accredited university that will let you do this, a popular option is Excelsior University. They dont have residency requirements for receiving degrees, and they let you transfer up to 117 credits.

Youll still have to take a 3-credit capstone course and a 1-credit information literacy course before theyll grant you a degree . But the savings of this are still massive compared to getting a regular degree.

Of course, Excelsior is just one example. Lots of state universities will let you do something similar, and you can even take all your required courses online so that you dont have to commute.

Preparing For A Placement Test


You cannot fail a placement test. But you still need to study! The test determines what courses you will be placed in when you begin at college. Depending on your score, you may need to take extra developmental courses or you may be able to start regular college courses right away. If you give yourself time to brush up on some of the skills on the test, you increase your chances of doing well on the test and starting in a higher-level class than you would otherwise.

Your colleges website may have test preparation information or links to other test preparation websites. You can also go to the local library and borrow a few GED test practice books in math and language arts. Check out the Academic Brush Up page for more review resources.

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Enroll In A Competency

If you havent yet chosen a school to attend, explore those that offer competency-based learning options. This modern philosophy will allow you to learn at your own pace and finish your degree on your own schedule.

Competency-based programs;will give you the freedom to navigate your courses independently, completing your tasks on your own time without deadlines. Youll progress through your assignments by proving what you know, working as quickly or slowly as needed to master the required concepts.

Program specifics will vary depending on the school, but competency-based programs are known for saving students time and money. While this model is still fairly new to the higher-education scene, competency-based learning is generating increased interest and awareness nationwide.

Tips For Testing Out Of College Courses

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One of my goals when I enlisted in the USAF was to use military tuition assistance benefits and/or the GI Bill to achieve my college degree. I wasnt sure how or where I would accomplish that goal, or if I would have to wait until I separated from the military so I could use the GI Bill.

Thankfully, I was able to use tuition assistance and earn my Bachelors Degree while on active duty. Of course, this took a lot of hard work and the cooperation of my supervisors, who allowed me to work the night shift for two years while I took night classes and correspondence courses. One of the big reasons I was able to complete my degree so quickly is because I was able to test out of about 10 college level classes by taking free college level examinations to receive credits that would count toward my college degree. In each instance the tests were free to take, saved me months of class work, and saved me money on books and unused tuition assistance and GI Bill benefits.

I want to share with you the types of tests available to military members, and how to pass the tests and gain college credits. And the good news is;almost anyone can do it all you need to do is take some time to study the practice guides and learn a few test taking skills.

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Clep Exams Save You Money

Starting with the cost, CLEP exams are much cheaper than a full college course. Each exam costs $87 .

Considering that the average cost per credit hour is $325 at a public university, CLEP exams can save you a lot of money.

Each test has a study guide that costs around $10, or you can get a study guide for all 33 subject areas for $25. You can also find the prep books for free at your local library.

Even if you took all 33 CLEP tests, it would only cost you $3,696 .

This is a significant savings compared to tuition for even one semester at a 4-year public university, which averages $4,705.

In practice, of course, you would never take all the CLEP tests. But the fact remains that they can save you a lot of money.

Where Can You Take A Clep Exam

Top 9 Ways To Get College Credits By Testing Out Of Classes

CLEP exams are currently offered at more than 1,800 civilian and military testing centers throughout the United States, and College Board has plans to expand this number in the coming years. To find a test center near you, use College Boards easily searchable database.

  • Any other items that could be used to unlawfully help examinees with the testing materials

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If English Is Your Second Language:

It is important to ask at the college which placement test they use if you want to earn college credits towards a degree. Some schools use one test for people who want to take ESL courses that dont count towards a degree, and a different test for people who want to take college courses to get a degree.

Commonly-used Placement Tests with an ESL component


This test is taken on a computer and assesses grammar and usage, reading, and listening. It is used to place you in the correct course level, either developmental or college-level. You may have to pay to take the test. Ask at the college for more information. Or, visit the ACT website to read about the test and to see example questions and level descriptors.


This is another test to place you in the correct college course. It covers sentence meaning, language use, reading skills, listening, and writing. It is a computer test. You may have to pay to take the test. Ask at the college for more information. For more information visit the College Board website.


This test is used to judge your English language skills in reading and grammar. For more information about the format and grading of the test check out the National Reporting System for Adult Education website.

Websites to Help Prepare You for COMPASS ESL
Websites to Help You Prepare for the ACCUPLACER ESL

Graduate Early And Save Money By Testing Out Of Community College Classes

Are you taking unnecessary classes at your community college? You may be able to skip certain prerequisite courses by simply taking placement tests and earning passing AP test scores. If you can qualify for just 20 hours of course credit through your testing, you stand to save an average of $3,000 in tuition costs. In addition, by testing out of these courses, you not only save money but can graduate or transfer early and enter into the job market more expeditiously.;

This video suggests the easier AP classes to take in order to receive college credit.

How to Test out of College Classes

  • CLEP;- You can earn credit for college courses by taking CLEP exams, which are proctored by the College Board. Upon evaluation of the test scores, college officials can evaluate whether or not a student’s CLEP performance is worthy of college credit.
  • Institutional Exams;- In addition to the CLEP exam, Warren students can “challenge” for credit in any course. Without needing to enroll in the course itself, students can simply take the institutional exam for the course. Should the student pass the exam, they will be awarded a passing mark on their transcript and obtain the appropriate credits.

Earning College Credit with AP Coursework

  • Art History
  • European, World, and US history
  • US Government
  • Languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Latin, and Spanish

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Why Should I Earn A Degree By Examination

“Testing out of college” is probably a better choice for experienced adult learners rather than incoming freshmen. It might be right for you if you have a lot of knowledge but are being held back in your career due to the lack of a degree. If you are coming right out of high school, this course may be particularly challenging as the tests tend to be difficult and do require a substantial amount of studying for students that are new to a topic.

Challenge Exams & Clep

Test Out of College Courses

Taylorsville Redwood Testing Center

The new Taylorsville Redwood Testing Center is closed due to construction/remodeling finalization. We will not be opening on Monday; however, the new opening schedule will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Please call the Jordan or West Valley Testing Centers for testing services assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience and trust our new space will be comfortable and accommodating.

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Make Better Use Of Your Time

College policies vary a great deal when it comes to testing out of courses. However, some schools will allow you to earn a full semesters worth of credits by taking a test. Investing just two to three hours in a test at the beginning or end of the semester can save you approximately 15 hours of work timeper week!

How To Test Out Of College Courses And Save Money: Start Early

Testing out of college courses is a usefulbut highly-limited tool. Colleges differ significantly when it comes to what they do or do not offer in terms of challenge testing. If the schools testing-out process is in-house only, the professor or instructor of the class will need time to prepare the testing materials and review your information.

Your best bet, if you have prior knowledge in a subject that youd like to use to test out of a course, is to speak to enrollment well ahead of the terms start date. The earlier you start the challenge-testing process with your school, the better.

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Tips For Passing Clep Tests And Dsst Exams

I took and passed 10 CLEP, DSST and Excelsior exams on the first try. Want to know how I did it? There is no big secret here I studied for the exams before taking them. But how I studied is more important than just saying I studied. Instead of grabbing the Official CLEP Study Guide or similar multiple choice study guide, I first visited the website and copied the outline for the exam . The outlines give you a break down of not only the contents of the exam by topic, but the percentage those topics take on the exam. This helps you best know which areas to focus on when studying how to allocate your study time. From this outline, I researched each topic and created my own set of notes . These customized study guides gave me enough knowledge to understand the topic and pass the test . This process worked I didnt score the top mark on each exam, but I passed each test I took on the first try.

How Can I Earn A Degree By Examination

How to get College Credits Fast and Easy with CLEP Exams!

In order to test your way to a degree, you can’t just sign up for any program. When planning your next steps, you will need to be particularly cautious to avoid diploma millswith unethical practices – even listing a diploma mill degree on your resume is a crime in some states. There are several regionally accredited online colleges that are competency-based and offer flexible ways for students to earn credit. By enrolling in one of these legitimate online colleges, you may be able to earn the majority of your credits by proving your knowledge through taking tests rather than completing coursework.

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The Legitimate Way To Test Out Of College

  • M.A., Education, Claremont Graduate University
  • B.A., English, Brigham Young University

Several websites have popped up recently claiming that students can earn a degree by taking tests or get their bachelor’s;degree in less than a year. Is the information they’re selling a scam? Not necessarily.It is true that experienced students and good test-takers may be able to earn legitimate online degrees quickly and primarily through test-taking. However, it isn’t easy and it’s not always the most fulfilling way to experience college. This information isn’t a secret and you shouldn’t feel obliged to take out your credit card for details that are publicly available from the colleges themselves. Here’s what you need to know:

Purdue Global Assessments Of Skills And Knowledge

Demonstrate proficiency in the learning outcomes of specific Purdue Global courses by passing a comprehensive assessment, which is similar to a college equivalency exam. Purdue Global Assessments of Skills and Knowledge, also known as “ASKs” can be used to waive prerequisites, determine class placement, and earn college credit.

Undergraduate students can test out of a course and still earn credit by attaining a predetermined score on an Assessment of Skills and Knowledge. In addition, students enrolled in the following graduate programs may apply Assessment of Skills and Knowledge credit toward select courses:

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How Many Credits Can You Earn Through Clep

Individual CLEP exams provide three credits. The number of credits you can transfer to a college or university depends on respective school policies. Most institutions set limits, which traditionally range from 12-60 credits. This limit may also include other types of examination challenges, such as AP tests.

Example Of How To Test Out Of College Courses And Save Money

Check out list of DU colleges that offer courses in ...

Lets look at an example of the benefits of testing out of college courses:

A traditional required course at your university is 12 weeks long, with an average of 15 hours of work per week. It costs $400 per credit. The course is worth three credits, so it costs $1,200 in total.

Instead of taking the course, you could take a challenge exam that requires only 8 hours of study time to prepare. The test takes three hours to complete, and it costs $120 .

In this case, the choice is clear: if you have the prior learning required to challenge the course and test out, you can save over $1000 and hours of in-class and out-of-class time. You can take a more interesting class instead, and you can work more quickly towards the completion of your degree.

However, not all schools will offer testing-out opportunities that are so clear-cut. Some may only let you test for a portion of the credits. In the example scenario, that would mean you take the challenge test, but you can only earn one credit from its completion. You would only have to pay $40, but youd be missing out on the full number of credits youd earn from taking the course.

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