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How Do I Sign Up For Online College Classes

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How Do I Sign Up for Orange County Virtual Classes in FLVS?

Youve chosen your classes, set your schedule, and crossed important tasks off your list now youre ready to register!

This helpful tutorial video will walk you through the registration process. Take a few minutes to watch it, then follow the simple steps below.

  • Complete Financial Check-In
  • Celebrate youre on your way to earning your degree!
  • Want a hand? Our team is always happy to walk through registration with you whether its your first time or your last time. Just give us a call at or chat with us live.

    Youll Want To Make An Effort To Make Connections

    One of the benefits of going to school is the number of people it puts you in contact with. Friendships, mentorships and networking can all come from academic experiencesbut is that still the case with online classes?

    Online degrees can be less personable. You can go through multiple online classes without really connecting to anyone. It’s easy to miss out on all the networking opportunities and friendships that on-campus classes can provide, says Lyn Alden of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy. I would recommend that you really make an effort to get to know some of your online classmates or your professor.

    Alden says she encourages students to reach out and discuss assignmentsand even meet in person with classmates and instructors if you’re close by.

    Online platforms are getting more and more advanced, and provide increasing ways to interact and network online. But you still have to be more proactive than you would in a classroom setting, and make the first move to reach out to people, Alden says.

    How Else Can You Prepare For Community College

    While you can technically apply to community college at the last minute, you’d be much better off planning early, like in the winter or spring of senior year. Spend some time researching local community colleges or out of state schools and their programs. Attend information sessions, go on a tour, and try to speak to current and former students about their experiences.

    You should clarify your reasons for attending and overall goals to make sure you’re choosing the best classes and earning the credits you need. Part of this research may also involve learning about the community college’s articulation agreements with state schools and other 4-year schools to which you might ultimately apply. While you may not be sure exactly what 4-year college you’ll eventually transfer to, you can still work closely with your advisor to learn about credit requirements and how and when to apply to Bachelor’s programs as a transfer student.

    As you attend info sessions and meet with your advisor, make sure to prepare some questions about application requirements, class registration, and/or transfer agreements. By gathering all the information you need, you can make the most of your time at community college to learn, earn credits, and work toward your long-term academic and professional goals.

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    Get Your Financial Aid In Order

    Log into the financial aid section of your student account and accept or reject any grants or loans. Remember, scholarships and grants dont have to be paid back, but loans do. If you dont need to use the full amount of the loan, ask the financial aid office if you can accept some and not all of it. If your financial circumstances have changed, meet with the financial aid office to discuss your options.

    To Strengthen Their Gpa

    How to Register For Classes Online with HCC

    For students planning to transfer to a 4-year college, attending community college can be a smart and strategic way to strengthen their GPA. Most 4-year colleges require a GPA of at least 2.0 or 2.5 to apply. For students who had lower grades in high school, taking community college classes can be an opportunity to bring up their grades.

    They can raise their GPA, earn credits, and transfer to a college to which they may not have been accepted immediately after high school. For students looking to develop their writing and math skills, they can take the time to do so in remedial classes. Any ESL students, furthermore, can hone their language skills in English language classes.

    Once students have completed a minimum number of credits , they typically don’t have to send SAT or ACT scores to transfer. This can also help students get into colleges they might not have been able to right after high school.

    A couple of years in community college can help students strengthen their academic skills and renew their commitment to further education before transferring to a Bachelor’s program.

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    Take Placement Tests In Math And English

    One unique requirement of community colleges is their placement tests. After the college processes your application, you’ll be invited to take placement tests to determine your level for math and English classes.

    While you don’t have to take the SAT or ACT to enroll, you may find yourself exempt from these placement tests if you have a minimum SAT or ACT score. These vary from school to school, but tend to be around a 450 on SAT Reading or a 47 on ACT English and Reading combined. For math, schools usually want to see around a 450 on SAT math or a 22 on ACT math.

    Placement tests don’t affect whether or not you get into community college. Instead, they help to determine what courses you should take in your first semester. It still may be useful to review math and English material before taking them to make sure you don’t end up in a class repeating much of what you already learned in high school.

    Your advisor’s there to help!

    What If I Accidentally Drop A Class

    If you accidentally drop your classes you need to work with your instructor to get back into the course.

    First, check the online Schedule of Classes or your Student Schedule/Bill to determine the Census date for the class.

    • If it is before the census date, you must ask your instructor for an add code to get back into your class.
    • If you instructor is willing to give you an add code, you will follow the steps in the How Do I Use an Add Code section to register into the course.
  • If it is after the census date, you must ask your instructor to complete a Reinstatement Petition.
  • If your Instructor authorizes you to take their class, they will complete this form in their faculty portal, under VC Faculty e-Forms.
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    Attend A New Student Orientation

    As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to attend a campus tour and an information session before you apply to learn more about your prospective school. Many community colleges also hold orientations for new students. These usually span a day or two and give you information about financial aid, placement testing, student and campus resources and policies, and academic guidance.

    They may also have you set up a school account and email address. If your school offers its own online portal, then you’ll probably do your class registration and other communication through that.

    What If The Course I Want Is Full

    How to Register for Classes at OCC

    Students may have the option of placing themselves on a waitlist for closed classes. If a seat opens up, waitlisted students will automatically be registered in the class in order of their priority on the waitlist. Students will be notified through MyVCCCD email when they are moved into a course off the waitlist and prompted to pay for the course to finalize registration.

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    How Long Does It Take To Do An Online Class

    Undergraduate online classes are 8 weeks, while graduate online classes are 10 weeks. There are multiple term starts per year, so if youre thinking about taking one, theres likely a term start coming up soon. During that 8- or 10-week time period, there are no set class meeting times. So you can learn when its most convenient for you around your schedule. Youll have 24/7 access to your online course, so its a flexible way to reach your goals.

    To Minimize The Financial Burden

    I’ve mentioned a few times that community colleges tend to be less expensive than 4-year colleges. Exactly how much less expensive are they?

    According to the National Center for Education, the average community college cost for a year was $9,574 in 2013. While this is a significant sum, it’s less than half of the average for 4-year schools of $23,872.

    In addition to saving money on tuition, community college students are eligible for financial aid, including federal grants, federal loans, state aid, and institutional aid. Plus they may be able to choose evening, weekend, or online classes that allow for a part-time or full-time job.

    Students considered “in-state residents” get in-state tuition, which is why most community college students choose schools close to home . If they transfer to a state school through an articulation agreement, then they further save money with in-state tuition. Ultimately, their diploma comes from the institution from which they graduated, same as any student who attended for four straight years.

    Now that we’ve gone over the main reasons that students attend community college, let’s go over how you can apply!

    Do as the Atlantic puffins do. Take things one step at a time.

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    Give The Gift Of Education

  • You can make college possible for students by supporting the ECC Foundation today! Your gift not only provides scholarships, but also rewards innovation, acknowledges academic excellence, and helps sustain and grow academic programs that keep our community strong.

  • Looking for registration help or have enrollment questions?

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    Live chat is closed for registration help and enrollment questions. Live chat is available during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Fridays. Search admissions FAQ to find answers or email us at .

    I Will Create The Future I Want

    How Do Online Classes Work?

    We are GED Testing Service, the sole provider of the official GED® test. Weve helped over 20 million people attain their GED® credential — we are the only high school equivalency program that is recognized by 97% of employers and colleges nationwide. And weve been doing it for more than 75 years.GED Testing Service is a joint venture of the American Council on Education, which started the GED® program in 1942, and leading education company Pearson.

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    You Can Make Or Break It With Time Management

    Its your responsibility to take the initiative to keep up with your work when enrolled in online classes. It can be easy to let assignments slide and miss due dates because of the wiggle room and flexibility that come with online courses.

    Procrastination is a slippery slope and can affect your grade negatively. Its important to stay organized and follow a schedule because its difficult to catch up once you fall behind.

    Many students underestimate the amount of time theyll spend studying for class. You should expect online courses to take about the same amount of time as traditional courses.

    I wish there were resources to help you schedule your time while taking an online class. I didn’t know that there would still be strict deadlines in many of the courses, so although you’re not meeting during class time, a lot of scheduling and planning still has to be done for the course, says Gianna Sollitt of Newberry Public Relations & Marketing.

    Online Courses And Programs


    Finding it hard to make time for a continuing education course? Living far away from the city centre? Unpredictable schedule? Lifelong learning, professional development and general interest learning is easier than ever before. Study on your own terms, anywhere, anytime. Online learning has never been more convenient just login and learn.

    With over 200 online courses falling under 22 programs and multiple learning environments, Sheridan offers the flexibility and freedom to learn when its convenient for you. But learning online doesnt mean youre all on your own. Sheridans online courses are supported by online Instructors to help you along the way.

    Have a look at the variety of courses Sheridan offers and you’ll quickly find that Sheridan is your one stop shop for Continuing and Professional Studies.

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    Meet With Your Academic Advisor

    Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to make a plan for the next semester, take a look at degree requirements, and map out specific classes you should sign up for. Do some research on your own to ensure that you are fully aware of your options and opportunities. Remember that your advisor is your partner in ensuring you have success in college. Advisors are your advocates and can help with class waitlists, academic accommodations and more.

    How To Register For College Classes

    How to Register For Classes Online with HCC

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    Whether you are an incoming freshman or an upperclassman, registering for college classes can be daunting. But if you just put some time into planning your semester ahead of registration, youll feel prepared and create a schedule that will help you get the most out of your courses and your educational experience.

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    Can I Just Take One College Class

    Yes, you can take individual online courses for college credit at SNHU. These online classes dont require you to enroll in a full degree program, and are great for potentially satisfying requirements in your degree program at another university, getting the skills you need to advance in your career, or just exploring what its like to take an online class. Theyre a low cost, low commitment way to get the learning you need.

    Provide Your High School Diploma Ged Or Transcript

    Community colleges want to see proof of past or upcoming high school graduation. If you don’t have your diploma from graduation yet or a GED, you should send a copy of your transcript. This will show your expected date of graduation and provide evidence that you’re working toward fulfilling your high school requirements.

    You can get your transcript from your guidance counseling department. Then you can upload it to your online application, mail, or deliver it to the college in person. If you do have your diploma or GED, you usually don’t need to send your transcript, except for the select programs with their own requirements. You can just send one of those documents.

    If your school needs your ID, make sure yours has a first name.

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    What I Wish Someone Told Me Before Taking Online Classes

    By Hannah Meinke on 07/27/2020

    The perks of taking online classes are numerous. They offer additional flexibility for busy students, especially for those balancing school with work and family. They can attract professionals looking for career advancement, parents seeking to better provide for their families and returning students looking to pick up where they left off. Some online programs even provide additional control over the pace of learning.

    But if youve never taken one before, you might not know exactly how they differ from on-campus courses. Are they harder? Whats the best way to stay on track?

    Learn from those who have been in your shoes. Keep reading to get some insider knowledge about what to expect when taking classes online.

    Set An Alarm To Register For College Classes

    What I Wish Someone Told Me BEFORE Taking Online Classes ...

    In some schools, it can get pretty competitive when registering for classes and/or getting the class time you want for the perfect class schedule. Look for a registration period alert in your student account/email to know when your registration time is and set an alarm for 10-15 minutes before this time. You will want to be at your computer with a good internet connection with enough time to restart your computer, troubleshoot, or address any student account issues.

    Learn more:

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    How Do I Register For Dual Credit Classes

    Register for classes online in MyTCCTrack. You may also view our dual credit registration video and follow along while you register.

    To build your schedule,

  • Log in to MyTCCTrack.
  • Select the graduation cap icon on the left of the screen, and then choose Dual Credit Course Search.
  • Select your High School .
  • The course catalog with the available courses for your high school will populate. You can filter by selecting Term , and Open Sections Only to filter your section results.
  • If you know the specific section number , you can type it into the search box at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on View Available Sections for one of the courses listed for your high school and review results.
  • Select Add Section to Schedule to select the preferred section.
  • A pop-up window will appear with additional course section details. Review section details, then if correct, select Add Section.
  • Note: You are not yet enrolled at this step.
  • If you wish to continue searching for another section, select Close.
  • Repeat as needed until you’re ready to register.
  • To complete your registration,

  • Find the graduation cap icon and go to Student Planning > Plan & Schedule.
  • Use the small arrows next to the term , if you need to scroll to the correct semester.
  • Review your schedule and any registration error messages, in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select Register Now. Once your registration is successful, the word Registered should appear under the course title.
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