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Does Rotc Pay For College

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What Does Being In Jrotc Entail

How the Military Can Pay For College | ROTC Program

JROTC requirements can vary between schools. Generally, if you participate in JROTC, your main requirements will include taking courses on military topics and physical fitness.

At many schools that offer a JROTC program, cadets take one elective JROTC course per semester. These JROTC courses will cover topics like leadership training, citizenship, military history, and other concepts specific to the parent branch of the JROTC program. One cool thing about JROTC participation is that it can fulfill your physical education course requirements during high school and count as an extracurricular!

You can choose to be as involved as you want to be in JROTC outside of the core requirements. JROTC offers many optional activities, like field trips, summer camps, and military balls. There are also other teams you can join at some schools that are often associated with JROTC, like the drill team, color guard, and rifle team. All of these activities are optional, though JROTC encourages you to participate in JROTC activities outside of the required courses to get the most out of your experience.

If this sounds expensive to you, dont worry: most JROTC programs are free, and all required materials like uniforms, supplies, equipment, and course materials are issued to cadets free-of-charge.

Rotc Benefits Include Specialized Training Financial Support

First and foremost, ROTC offers preparation to become an officer in the military, including the United States Army or Air Force. By participating in ROTC concurrently with your college education, you can enter the reserves or active duty forces with advanced ranking. Additionally, ROTC provides money for college tuition. Because of this, many students choose ROTC as a way to combine their sense of purpose and duty with a way to pay for their college education.

But the benefits of ROTC go beyond achieving an advanced military ranking or paying for college. The ROTC program provides world-class leadership development, as well as valuable team building and networking opportunities. It also opens the door to specialized training with your local unit, which could include airborne, air assault, medical training, and other technical skills. If youre interested in military life, the access to high-level training provided by ROTC is unparalleled.

For High School Students

Many U.S. high schools have 3- to 4-year JROTC programs run by various branches of the military. You may be eligible to enroll in your schools JROTC program starting in 9th grade. Weve provided links below to the detailed curriculum offerings for each type of JROTC, along with details about co-curricular activities you can participate in as a high school cadet.

  • Army : Raider Fitness Challenges, drill formations, air rifle competitions, and first aid for emergencies
  • Navy : Navigation instruction, communication electronics, drill ceremonies, ship handling, naval science
  • Air Force : Flying model programs, drill formations, flight science, management principles, astronomy
  • : Color guard, drill formations, air riflery training, volunteer service, color guard ceremonies
  • Coast Guard : Nautical science, drill formations, calisthenics activities

As a high school student, you can still prepare to enter a college ROTC program, even if you havent participated in JROTC. Start researching prospective ROTC programs early so you have time to apply for training and scholarships.

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College Student Scholarship Types

If youre already in college, you can still experience the benefits of joining Air Force ROTC. In addition to detachment-specific scholarship opportunities, freshman and sophomore students may be eligible for the In-College Scholarship Program . The program awards scholarships based on merit during two selection phases . Note: AFROTC Scholarships do not cover room and board.

Reserved for Commanders In-College Scholarships offered to cadets pursuing a technical major. It pays 100 percent tuition and authorized fees at any public or private institution with an Air Force ROTC detachment. Selectees also receive a monthly living expense stipend and an annual book stipend.

This is awarded to all cadets selected through the In-College Scholarship Program and pays up to $18,000 per year in college tuition at any public or private institution with an Air Force ROTC detachment. Scholarship payment is further capped at up to $9,000 per semester or up to $6,000 per quarter. Selectees will also receive a monthly living expense stipend and an annual book stipend.

If youre interested in becoming a nurse, Air Force ROTC offers the Nursing Scholarship Program on a competitive basis to undergraduate sophomores and juniors. Applicants must be accepted to a nursing program at a college or university accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education .

Applying For Rotc Scholarships

does rotc pay for college tuition

For incoming college freshmen who want to join ROTC right away, the scholarship application process occurs during the senior year of high school. As with other college application tasks, if youre interested in applying for an ROTC scholarship, it pays to get started early. Youll need to choose which military branch to apply to, and make sure ROTC meshes with your other plans for college.

Even if you are offered an ROTC scholarship and choose to accept that offer, keeping your scholarship through all four years of college is not a given. Each branch of the Armed Forces has slightly different standards that youll have to meet in order to remain enrolled in ROTC and continue receiving scholarship funds.

As with many other scholarships, if you receive an ROTC scholarship, youll be required to maintain a certain level of academic performance, and to continue making appropriate progress toward your bachelors degree. In most cases, ROTC programs require that you finish your degree within four years.

Where ROTC scholarships differ from other scholarships is that youll also have to meet requirements that are specific to your suitability for military service. In order to continue receiving your scholarship, youll have to adhere to military standards of physical fitness and maintain a certain level of performance in your ROTC training.

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How To Apply For And Win An Rotc Scholarship

1) Show your interest to your local military recruitment office as early as possible, preferably during your junior year of high school. Scholarships often go to students majoring in subjects that will be of value to the military, such as engineering, computer science, specific foreign languages, or nursing.

2) Apply online at military branch websites, or at a local military recruiting office. Scholarship application deadlines differ by military branch, but may fall anywhere between December 1 and January 31 of senior year. Scholarships received are restricted to one of the colleges and majors you provided on your ROTC application.

Find the schools which host and participate in an ROTC program on the recruitment websites of the Army, Navy and Air Force or by talking to your academic advisor.

Do You Want A College Education But Are Unable To Afford It

Many non-ROTC students walk across the stage at graduation with a diploma in one hand and a student loan debt of $20,000 or more in the other. If your family can’t afford to pay your way through college and you don’t want to start your working career deep in debt, ROTC can be a viable financial option.

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Navy Nurse Corps Nrotc Program

  • Available to students interested in pursuing bachelor of science degree in nursing .
  • If selected for scholarship, selectee must major in a nursing degree program leading to BSN.
  • On graduation, Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program midshipmen commissioned as reserve officers in Navy Nurse Corps.
  • Nurse NROTC eligibility and selection procedures same as regular four-year NROTC Scholarship Program requirements.
  • Academic, physical and military requirements differ slightly from regular NROTC.
  • Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program not for those pursuing any other medical program.
  • Each unit professor of Naval Science is assigned two Tweedale Scholarships each year.
  • Program focused on students majoring in specific technical fields.

Criteria for selection:

What Does Being In Rotc Entail

3 Types of Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Theres no question that participation in ROTC can be demanding. ROTC is a serious, long-term commitment, so you should think through how ROTC and active military service fits into your future goals before you sign your ROTC contract.

The biggest thing to be aware of before you make a commitment to ROTC is that you are legally required to serve in the military for a specific number of years if you accept a scholarship and/or enter the program. If you fail to complete your ROTC academic program or dont fulfill your active duty commitment, you can face repercussions. These repercussions could include being held to additional years of active service in the military or the compulsory repayment of any ROTC financial assistance .

Once you fulfill the requirements and successfully complete your degree, your period of military begins. As an ROTC graduate, youll enter military service at the officer level instead of having to work your way up through the ranks. Once you complete your active duty commitments to the military after college, you can leave the military to explore other career options or continue your military career for years to come!

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Education Options After Military Service

Post-9/11 GI Bill: This is available to those who serve at least 90 days of active-duty service after Sept. 10, 2001 and receive an honorable discharge. The benefit covers up to 100% of tuition and fees, a yearly stipend for books and a monthly housing allowance. As a bonus, if youre a veteran at the 100% benefit level, you may also be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program. This program, available at military-friendly institutions, pays any tuition or fees not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. You may be eligible for full housing allowance during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic.

Montgomery GI Bill: This education benefit requires you to have served at least two years on active duty and have a high school diploma or GED. Unlike the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill covers tuition and fees only, and you have up to 10 years after discharge to use the benefit.

If youre already serving or recently transitioned, Military OneSource offers a free specialty consultation to help you reach your education goals, whatever they may be. Call 800-342-9647 for 24/7 help.

The cost of higher education and the thought of taking on student debt can be overwhelming at times. Perhaps you dont think college is right for you now and want to wait. Whatever the case may be, the military has options to make college affordable whenever you choose to attend.

How Do Scholarships For Rotc Students Work

There are ROTC scholarships for college students and high school students. Some pay full tuition, fees and textbooks plus a monthly sum for personal expenses. Others pay less and you may still have unmet financial need. If so, you may seek extra aid from the federal government and other sources.

When you accept an ROTC award, it legally binds you to serve in the military for a specific number of years. Failing to do so, the ROTC may unenroll you and there may be extra active duty. Your scholarship also turns into a loan which you have to repay.

While you are earning your degree, your curriculum expands beyond your major and electives. It includes mandatory ROTC courses, branch specific topics and ROTC military training in summers.

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Are All Rotc Programs Scholarship Based

No, not all ROTC programs are scholarships. It is possible to enroll in the ROTC without a scholarship, and by doing so voluntarily, you can receive specialized ROTC training without as significant a commitment.

For example, when you enroll in the Army ROTC as a non-scholarship cadet, you can obtain military training with no commitment for your freshman and sophomore years of college. Its not until you contract into the ROTC program to become an Army Officer that you have a service obligation. This usually does not happen until your junior year of college.

What Is The Difference Between Rotc And Jrotc

3 Myths About Army ROTC Scholarships for College

Several things distinguish ROTC and JROTC. First, ROTC was developed as a direct training program for college students who want to become officers or other military personnel, while Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corp is a lot more informal, serving high school students who aren’t sure of their career trajectories. JROTC offers young adults a primer in military customs, decorum, and values, but the program also aims to improve citizenship and leadership skills in young adults.

Whether or not they ultimately turn to the military, JROTC graduates can benefit from the experience. College admissions often look favorably on completion of a JROTC program, as it develops leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Some colleges and universities even offer scholarships for JROTC cadets that allow them to earn college credit while in high school.

In addition to classroom instruction, JROTC cadets participate in school, extracurricular, and community outreach activities with their cohort. There is no service commitment, so after graduating high school, cadets are not required to complete military service.

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What Is The Age Limit For Rotc

For an ROTC scholarship, you cannot turn 31 by the end of the year in which you graduate/commission. This is Federal law and non-waiverable. For non-scholarship cadets, you must under age 39 on the day you commission. Cadets graduating between 35 and 39 years will require a waiver from the ROTC brigade commander.

Can You Follow Orders

While having inherent leadership skills are important, everyone reports to someone, so you must be able to follow as well. Once commissioned and serving, failing to follow instructions down to the last detail can get a fellow service member or subordinate under your command hurt or killed.

Is ROTC right for you? Only you can make that decision. The information in this guide should help you come to the right answer. However, if you are looking for a way to get an education without incurring a mountain of student load debt, then ROTC could be a viable option. Not only will you get your education paid for, but you will receive the best leadership training offered anywhere bar none. Once commissioned as an officer, you’ll have numerous opportunities to get practical experience by putting your leadership training to use leading troops. Post-service, you can exit the military armed with the credentials necessary to get high-level leadership or management jobs in many of the top companies in America today.

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Benefits Of Joining Rotc

While not all students receive scholarships through ROTC, many do, and the awards are often significant in many cases, you wont have to contribute to your college tuition at all or cover any additional expenses, such as housing. This can be an enormous relief for students who are concerned about their ability to pay for their education.

Youll also enjoy a complete college experience alongside your ROTC training. Like other students, youll attend your academic classes, participate in clubs and extracurriculars, and live in dorms. In other words, being a cadet wont make you miss out on a typical college experienceyoull just have your ROTC commitment, usually one or two classes, alongside it.

One of the most significant advantages to joining ROTC is that you will receive extensive training that will allow you to serve at an officer level upon graduation. This means youll have an enormous head start on a military career. Youll also be able to apply other skills and specialties you learned in college, such as technology, to your service.

Also keep in mind that ROTC is a very prestigious program, and its considered an honor to participate in it. Youll gain numerous important qualities, including leadership skills, discipline, and maturity. Plus, youll have no trouble staying active and healthy.

After Rotc: 10 Top Career Paths & Options

Help Pay for College with ROTC

Once ROTC programs and any active duty requirements have been completed, members should find themselves prepared to excel in a variety of career paths, dependent on the courses they took while enrolled. Regardless of the path they end up taking, the common denominator for all graduates is the foundation of leadership and confidence that ROTC programs work to instill in all their cadets. These qualities, along with any specialized training received during their time in ROTC and the military, make those transitioning from a military to civilian career particularly well suited to a number of professional roles.


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Serve To Earn: Financial Aid And Service Commitments

Each branch of the ROTC has its own set of scholarships, aid offered and service required in return for the money. As the level of financial aid increases, so too does the time a student must commit to spend in the military in order to effectively “pay back” this help. Additional, branch-specific scholarships are available to students upon enrollment. Below, discover scholarships and aid offered through each branch’s ROTC program, and what level of service obligation is required to receive it.


Duration of Scholarship: Four-Years
Financial Aid: Full tuition and fees book allowance monthly stipend up to $5,000 per year
Application Requirements: High school students interested in joining should create a My Go Army Account and submit an online application in college, contact your ROTC Battalion Enrollment Officer
Service Obligation: Four years


Air Force

Higher Education Is Costly: Military Service Can Keep It Affordable

The cost of higher education and the thought of taking on student debt can be overwhelming. Perhaps you dont think college is right for you now and want to wait. The military has options to make education affordable whenever you choose to attend. In addition to the unique training and skills you gain as a service member, the military offers several ways to ease the cost of college. Learn more about tuition assistance, credentialing assistance, scholarships and other education benefits.

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