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What Colleges Have Graphic Design Majors

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You Receive The Full Saint Rose Center For Art & Design Experience:

How to find the best graphic design school – Graphic Design How to
  • Previously recognized by the NY Art Directors Club as one of the top 20 US design programs
  • Named a Top US Graphic Design School by Graphic Design USA in 2015
  • Three computer labs outfitted with current design software and professional exhibition space in the Esther Massry Gallery
  • Ideal location for art exploration in NYC, plus opportunities for faculty-led design and art programs in London, Spain, Italy, France, Ecuador, Cuba and China
  • Proven outcomes in both professional career placement and acceptance by prestigious grad schools like Yale, Tyler and the Portfolio Center
  • Get valuable internship opportunities attuned to your area of interest: Internships are required, and youre supported in finding them
  • Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design

I am still in awe over this happening, and I cannot thank Saint Rose enough, most importantly the art department for having such amazing and supportive design educators.

California College Of The Arts

With two campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, CCA is a relatively small school. At any one time, there are about 1500 undergraduate candidates attending and 500 graduate degree candidates.

Established in 1907, one of the foundations of an education here is collaborating with established professionals in the workforce.

Bachelor of Fine Arts is the Graphic design degree offered.

Emily Carr University Of Art And Design Vancouver Bc

You will notice a great number of Vancouver animation schools making the list, but this should come as no surprise given Vancouver’s incredibly successful animation scene and ability to hire a large amount of those animation graduates. The Emily Carr University of Art and Design is a Vancouver-based art and design school to make our top 10 list. Emily Carr provides a very exciting learning environment in visual arts, design and media arts. The Bachelor of Media Arts degree in Animation is structured to provide students with the option to explore a broad range of choices, or to focus on specific production skills. In the spring semester of 3rd year, students begin development on their senior animation projects, choosing to create their own individual work, or to work collaboratively on a team project. Students gain a truly unique university experience at Emily Carr caused in some part to the very passionate and talented student body.

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Five Of The Best Graphic Design Programs In The Us

Graphic design continues to be an in-demand career field. Even as print publications recede, digital outlets are rising up to take their place all requiring leading-edge design skills to capture new viewers and stand out from the crowd.

Look around you: Design is everywhere. From the Snapchat user interface to the billboards in Times Square, from your favorite restaurants menu to the warning signs on the highway, someone has used their mastery of visual language to tell a story, communicate a message, or inspire a response.

Graphic designers make an average of $42,966 and can potentially make much more. What does it take to land one of these well-paying, creatively engaging jobs?

Graphic designers usually need a bachelors degree in graphic design or a related field, the BLS says, and the numbers seem to back it up: A Rasmussen College analysis found that 91 percent of employers prefer candidates for graphic design jobs to have college degrees. Obtaining a degree in graphic design validates your dedication and brings credibility to your occupation, one CEO told Rasmussen.

Savannah College Of Art And Design

The 10 Best Colleges in Illinois for Graphic Design

Department: School of Digital MediaWebsite:

  • BFA/BA/Minor in Graphic Design
  • MFA/MA in Graphic Design

Savannah College of Art and Design has a curricular emphasis on the user experience. Appealing to the end-user is more important today than its ever been before. SCADs focus on that industry shift speaks to its up-to-date curriculum.

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Graphic Design Is Art With A Different Aim: To Create Something Both Beautiful And Functional

Saint Rose art and design faculty believe that the best graphic design program is one that finds an ideal balance between art and usability, and helps you apply those lessons practically and personally, to your own talents and goals.

Saint Rose has produced some of the finest graphic designers in the industrya fact recognized by both Graphic Design USA and the NY Art Directors Clubfor those very reasons: a balanced program that marries design foundations and theory with professional, practice-ready projects.

What Is An Online Bachelor’s Degree In Graphic Design

During an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design, students learn layout techniques, typography, and visual communication. Courses cover design fundamentals, image creation, and digital advertising. Some programs also incorporate classes in web design and digital media design. Graphic design majors often complete a practicum or capstone course to build a portfolio.

In addition to completing online graphic design courses, students complete general education requirements to earn bachelor’s degrees. These requirements may include humanities, social science, and natural science courses. A bachelor of fine arts may incorporate courses like photography, drawing, and sculpture.

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Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

Graphic designers synthesize art and technology to communicate ideas visually.

Earning an online graphic design degree prepares graduates for in-demand careers, as many jobs in the field require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum education requirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , graphic designers earned a median salary of over $50,000 in 2020.

The flexibility of an online graphic design degree helps students balance their studies with professional and personal needs. Prospective graphic design students can use our ranking of the best online graphic design programs to find the right online college for them.

Washington University In St Louis

Graphic Design Major

Meet me in St. Louisfor a top-notch graphic design program. WashU aspiring graphic designers can earn a BFA in Communication Design or a BA in Design within the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. Students get involved in the community, working to address systematic challenges through design for social impact with WashU Design for America. This organization groups together design students to work with organizations like the Criminal Justice Ministry and the Starkloff Disability Institute to come up with design tech solutions. WashUCity brings design students to University City High School, where they develop a curriculum and mentor aspiring creatives in graphic design. The University City Public Art Series gets students creating site-specific work for temporary instillations in University City. Island Press, WashUs research-based printmaking workshop, lets students work with professionals to design, concept and produce projects in printmaking. Outside of the classroom, students build portfolios and flex their entrepreneurial skills. Bear Studios connects talented undergrads with freelance opportunities. It also works with major clients like Cleveland Clinic on design services. WashU seniors must complete a capstone project before graduation. All these portfolio pieces come together to help WashU students land leading jobs in the graphic design industry.

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Best Masters In Graphic Design Degrees

Are you ready to find your fit?

These days, with a large part of our week spent on the internet or watching TV, a Masters in Graphic Design are more relevant than ever

From creating advertisements and infographics to designing websites and more, graphic designers have the ability to inspire and inform, all with the simple tools of color, text, and image. If you have excellent attention to detail and a creative mind, a degree in graphic design may be perfect for you!

What To Expect From A Career As A Graphic Designer

Graphic design programs at Ontario colleges give you the opportunity to combine creativity with advancing technology. But being a graphic designer means more than having a sense for what looks good whether youre interested in traditional or web graphic design, you need excellent business, communication and interpersonal skills to stay on top of projects and work effectively with clients.

If youre interested in channeling your artistic skills into a practical, in-demand career as a graphic designer, heres what you need to know.

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Choosing The Right Graphic Design College

Selecting the right school requires careful consideration. Many factors contribute to choosing a suitable graphic design program.

  • Class Size: Consider a schools average class size and your comfort with large or small classes. Some schools offer small group instruction opportunities, which may suit your learning style.
  • Tuition Cost: Out-of-pocket expenses may impact your graphic design school choice. Review all tuition costs and fees, including expenses for books, transportation, and design supplies.
  • Concentrations: Concentration opportunities provide access to specialized learning paths. Access to specific electives may determine your ability to concentrate in a graphic design field.
  • Accreditation:The National Association of Schools of Art and Design reviews institutions based on national standards for art and design related disciplines. Your bachelors in graphic design should come from a school with NASAD accreditation for heightened credibility.

What Can I Do With A Bachelor’s In Graphic Design

Pennsylvania Graphic Design Degree Programs

Graphic designers work in a variety of industries, including printing, advertising, and newspapers. Thanks to their artistic ability, computer skills, and time management skills, they also may pursue careers in publishing, web design and development, and animation.

About 21% of graphic designers are self-employed, according to the BLS. That percentage increases to 56% for art directors. Work schedules for these professionals vary depending on client demands. Some designers work evenings and/or weekends.

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Minneapolis College Of Art And Design

Department: Art and Design

  • MFA in Visual Studies
  • Certificate in Graphic Design

In your third year at MCAD, you will be required to score an internship. It might be a daunting task, but having that built into the curriculum will serve you well. Another networking opportunity comes in your senior year of the BFA in Graphic Design Program.

MCAD hosts an Emerging Talent Showcase, allowing students to showcase their work to potential employers.

Popular Graphic Design Courses

A bachelors in graphic design program includes core and elective classes. Some graphic design programs require an internship or field study course, giving students hands-on experience in the graphic design industry.

Core courses in graphic design introduce foundational graphic design concepts. Core classes focus on art and design histories, drawing, typography, and graphic design basics. Electives allow students to choose from a wide array of graphic design topics. Some schools require that students wait until the second year of study before enrolling in elective courses.

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The University Of Texas At El Paso

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso, we fell in love with a great design school.

UTEP was founded in 1914, and has the second largest Mexican American population of any school in the US. Fully 80% of the student body is Hispanic, and the school graduates the largest number of Hispanic engineers with M.S. and PhD degrees.

BFA in Studio Art with Graphic Design Concentration is what is offered, with the fundamentals of Graphic Design being stressed.

Should I Get A Bachelor’s In Graphic Design

Should you get a college degree in graphic design

Earning a bachelor’s degree in graphic design can help build skills in technology, art, and communication. The BLS projects an overall decline in employment of graphic designers in the coming years. However, the BLS also projects growth in related fields like digital design and special effects.

Graduates who can demonstrate their artistic vision through a well-rounded portfolio often enjoy the best career opportunities. Many of the skills gained in an online bachelor’s program in graphic design apply to other career fields as well.

A bachelor’s degree requires four years of full-time study, although some programs may offer accelerated options that let you graduate faster. Students can also think about pursuing concentrations or certifications that complement their creative work with technical expertise. Once in the workforce, professionals need to stay updated on industry trends and technological advances to remain competitive in the job market.

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What Kind Of Graphic Design Degree Should You Get

Do you have a trained eye for color, font, and imagery? Are you ready to put in long hours in the studio, prepare a portfolio, and complete an internship or comprehensive thesis project? If you already have prior experience or an undergraduate degree in graphic design, then youll be well-prepared to take on a masters in graphic design.

Even if you dont have prior experience, many of the below programs offer three-year degrees. These degrees provide an extra year so folks with less experience can learn the fundamentals of graphic design. If you think you can channel a mood and convey feeling simply through art, youll excel in this field of study. Need a more flexible degree option? Check out our ranking of the Best Online Graphic Design Degrees.

Ringling College Of Art And Design

Department: Art and Design


  • BFA in Graphic Design

This Floridian college was originally founded as a college for cartoonists. Now its grown to include 11 major degree program offerings from which you can choose. In the Graphic Design program, youll have an opportunity to collaborate with local businesses to earn some real-world experience.

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Professional Organizations In Graphic Design

Is a graphic design degree worth it?

Absolutely. While its true that you can score a design job with an associates degree, having a bachelors puts you in a great position for upward mobility. It gets you a chance for better pay, and a better job overall. It gives you a comfortable starting position where you can advance both your education and career.

Texas A& m University Commerce

15 Top Graphic Design Colleges Schools and Online Degrees ...

Specifically Texas A& M University Commerce, it is part of the humongous Texas A& M University system but is a major college all on its own.

Located near Dallas, Texas, the university first opened its doors to students in 1889. Dallas is one of the largest banking and business centers in the entire US, so there is a lot of opportunity to gain a working knowledge of business and industry.

Graphic Design degrees available are a BFA in Design Communications, which is primarily concerned with print media, a BFA in New Media such as animation and interactive programming or entertainment, or a BFA in Art Direction, the focus here being marketing and business.

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What Are The Best Masters Degrees In Graphic Design

If youve already started looking around, youll have noticed that there are a lot of graphic design programs out there. Not only that, but there are a plethora of different areas of specialization as well! We hope this College Choice ranking helps you find your perfect graphic design program to suit your career goals!

Looking to create the next stellar design? College Choice has taken the stress out of finding the perfect program. In fact, weve ranked the Best Masters in Graphic Design Degrees for your convenience. Check them out below!

Fashion Institute Of Technology

Department: School of Art and DesignWebsite:


  • BFA in Graphic Design

High-profile internship opportunities, as well as the opportunity to study abroad with your pick of several colleges in England are two big selling points for the Fashion Institute of Technology. FIT only offers a two-year program, which includes a mandatory internship and results in a BFA in Graphic Design.

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Scholarships For Graphic Design

Graphic design students may qualify for multiple scholarships to fund their degree. Professional associations, private foundations, and private companies all support future graphic designers through scholarships. In addition to the following scholarships, graphic design majors should research opportunities based on their specific field, career goals, and state. Colleges and universities also award scholarships to students.

Who Can Apply: PGSF offers multiple scholarships for full-time and part-time students. Applicants must major in printing or graphics and must submit official transcripts showing a minimum 3.0 GPA and two recommendation referrals. Students at technical schools also qualify.

Amount: Varies

Faculty Spotlight: Kristine Tolmie

Major Decisions: Graphic Design

Department Chair, Associate Professor of Printmaking

Professor Tolmie has taught all introductory-, core-, advanced- and graduate-level courses in screen printing, intaglio printmaking, and relief printmaking. Areas of specialization include: printmaking curriculum design and development, as well as, studio management.

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How To Choose The Right Graphic Design School For You

With so many choices, it can be overwhelming to try to narrow down the field to a few programs you’re really interested in. I highly recommend visiting schools, taking advantage of information sessions near you, and talking to current students and recent alumni. If you don’t know any alumni personally, try the Reddit graphic design forum!

Additionally, here are some key questions to consider as you assemble your list of graphic design programs to apply to.

Why Get A Bachelors Degree In Graphic Design

A bachelors degree in graphic design is the most common educational foundation for entry-level graphic designers. Through this degree, students develop skills in design layout, photo editing, and narrative imaging. The skills earned from a graphic design degree program enhance employment qualifications and broaden career options.

Graphic design students develop design portfolios to support their career pursuits. A portfolio should demonstrate an artists skills and creative abilities. This may help prospective graphic designers stand out against their competition.

  • Skill Acquisition: Graphic design bachelors students build proficiency in foundational graphic design skills. Graduates can apply these skills in various industry careers.
  • Building a Portfolio: Aspiring graphic designers can compile creative projects and skill highlights to showcase their abilities to prospective employers. With faculty support, students learn to display their skills and creative designs.
  • Job Opportunities: A bachelors in graphic design can help graduates break into multiple industries. Aspiring designers may access career opportunities in artistic fields and in print, digital, and sustainable design.

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