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What Are The Best Aviation Colleges

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University Of The West Of England Offers Two Courses In Aviation And Aerospace Engineering

Top 10 Online Universities in USA For Aviation Management New Ranking

The University of the West of England, Bristol offers two courses for aviation and aeronautical students: Aerospace Engineering and Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies. Developed in collaboration with aerospace partners, both courses equip students with the necessary skills and engineering knowledge to design, build and manufacture aerospace vehicles while the latter also empowers them to become certified pilots.

Third-year Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies students can take a flight test course in a real aircraft while students on both courses have the chance to further enhance their capabilities by working on group projects such as the IMechE Unmanned Aerial Systems Challenge. The university also provides regular industry site visits and invites professionals to give informative briefings.

UWE was awarded its charter in 1992 and installed a flight simulator in 2002. Notable graduates include Fraser Corsan, who achieved a BEng in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering and is now a world record-breaking wingsuit pilot who set the record for the highest skydive and longest freefall in the U.K. and Europe.

Statistics on admissions to the Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies course reveal that 83% of applicants are UK-based while 17% are international. Furthermore, 92% are male and 8% are female.

Michigan Institute Of Aviation And Technology:

Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology is also known as MIAT. In 2010, the acceptance rate of the Institute was 98%. This prestigious institute was accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Tech. This Institute is also approved by the United State Department of Education, State of Michigan & by the Veteran Administration. In 2014, one of its campuses was also awarded ACCSCS School of Excellence Award. This famous institute is also certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

What Is Aviation About

Aviation is a broad term that covers many field areas of the industry. In a simpler term, studying aviation means you acquire technical knowledge and hands-on experience to fly or operate an aircraft. However, aviation is not merely limited to air travel. It also includes other important areas that are involved such as managing the operation that goes around flying planes.

You can go from learning to becoming a commercial airline pilot, designing or maintaining aeroplanes, to managing traffic control. A growing number of Australian universities are also attempting to diversify students prospects in aviation by proving not only aviation training but also degrees in other scientific or business-related areas.

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What Can You Do With A Degree Aeronautics/aviation Degree

As we wrote above a degree in aeronautics and aviation will guarantee you entry into an array of industries. For those who graduate from an engineering-based program, you are prepared for careers as:

  • Aircraft and spacecraft designers
  • Inspector and compliance officers
  • Aerospace technicians

And for those who earn a degree in aviation and maintenance, you will be fully trained and equipped to become:

  • Private or commercial pilots
  • Avionics maintenance technician

University Of Fraser Valley

Ranking of Top 10 Best Aviation Degree Program Colleges

Aerospace students at the University of the Fraser Valley in southwestern British Columbia may choose to study a program combining flight training with a bachelors degree in business administration or a more practical option to earn a two-year degree to acquire a pilot license. The university also offers a program for aircraft technicians

The Bachelor program teaches a combination of flight and business skills, while the diploma combines instruction, flight training, simulator training, and training with multiple engines and instruments.

The program for aircraft technicians is a course approved by Transport Canada that provides a thorough introduction to the repair and maintenance of aircraft.

Yet, the UFV does not include flight training in its curriculum. Instead, students take part in external flight courses with an approved flight training provider and transfer the course credits to the UFV.

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Common Skills Required To Become A Pilot

To start on your journey, here are some of the requirements to begin training as a pilot:

  • Personal qualities: a passion for flight, motivation and ambition, self-discipline, technical aptitude, tolerance of pressure, maturity for your age, and spatial awareness.
  • Completed secondary education: budding pilots are required to have completed secondary education , ideally achieving a pass in English, mathematics and physics at GCSE.
  • Medical certification: youll need an examination to test your hearing, eyesight, coordination, and overall health. Upon successful completion, you will receive a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate. All pilots are required to have this certificate throughout their flying careers.
  • Age, nationality eligibility and entry requirements: you may apply from the age of 17 but can only begin training as of 18. Depending on your programme of interest, you must be eligible to live in the country your training programme takes place in.
  • Assessment: assessment involving computer-based aptitude testing, personality questionnaires, teamwork exercises, and competency-based interviews identifies individuals who are most likely to succeed in pilot training and who are suitable for a career an airline pilot.

Community College Of Allegheny County

Community College is known as the best aviation college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The college offers the candidates three major aviation programs and also includes an associate science course in aviation technology, a private pilot certification course, and an associate science course in aviation management.

These courses train the students of CCAC for different mainstream aviation-related professional roles.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Bachelor Degree In Aviation Online

Typically, a bachelors degree program takes 4 years to complete with full-time study. You may have options for speeding up your studies, though. For one thing, online programs are often quicker because they involve accelerated terms.

You can take classes that last around 8 weeks each. After finishing one course, you can immediately move on to the next one. By doing this year-round, you may finish your curriculum sooner. Some colleges also grant credit for previous experience in the aviation industry.

What Are Aviation Courses

Best Aviation Schools in Canada
  • Aviation courses involve all courses relating to the aviation sector like airport management, ground staff, cabin crew training, commercial pilot license, and aviation hospitality. All the aviation courses cater to different needs and want of the aviation industry.
  • The eligibility criteria for Aviation Courses After 12th like Bachelor Courses and PG Courses in aviation depend on the class 12th marks and Bachelor results respectively. The students must maintain more than 50% in both cases.
  • Students who want to have a Career as a Pilothave 3 kinds of pilot licenses to choose from Student Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, and Private Pilot License. All the types of Pilot Training Courses have different course duration and eligibility requirements.
  • Apart from becoming a Helicopter Pilot or an airline pilot, students have the option of entering the Airline Hospitality segment like becoming an Air Hostess. Some of the skills required to become an air hostess include communication skills, punctuality, attractive personality, etc.
  • Shaking off the pandemic blues, the Indian aviation industry has shown remarkable resilience during the pandemic as stated by Business Standard. Among famous institutes for aviation in India, students opting for Top Aviation Colleges today will see a good market and job opportunities when they complete their course.


Air Cargo Management Courses

Who Should Pursue Aviation Courses?


Air Cabin Crew Qualifications

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The University Of Sheffield

Aviation Engineering BEng

General information:Modules cover aero propulsion, aerodynamic design, aircraft dynamics and control, computational aerodynamics and project management. Youll also take ground training for flight and five hours of flight training. Your study includes some experience of flight instrumentation and an individual investigative project of your choice.

Fees EU/UK Students: Approximately £9,000 a yearFees International Students: No fees mentionedEntry Requirements: A-Level AAB including Maths & PhysicsFlying: Yes, individual arrangements madeDuration: 3 Years

Top Aviation Schools In The World

Top Aviation Schools in the World See the 2022 Raking of the Best Aviation Schools in the World. If you have dreams to school in some of the Top Aviation Colleges then this is for you.

On this page are some of the best aviation colleges in the US according to ranking and if you have the desire to attend any Aviation school, then check these schools in the United States out.

After this post, you will not be asking yourself top aviation schools frequently asked questions like

  • Where can you find the best Aviation Colleges?
  • What is the best flight school in the US?
  • Which country has the best aviation school?
  • What is the best flying school in the world?
  • What is the Salary of a Pilot?

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The 10 Best Aviation Mechanics Schools In The Us

Well-educated and experienced aviation mechanics are integral for safe flying. These professionals keep airplanes in operating condition by diagnosing mechanical or electrical problems. In addition, they repair and perform maintenance on a variety of aircraft.

Aviation mechanics work in hangars, repair stations, and airfields near major airports. To protect pilots and passengers, they must be certified by the FAA for aircraft maintenance. These technicians gain the appropriate knowledge and abilities from aviation schools across the country.

Aviation mechanics and aviation maintenance programs provide training in aircraft controls, systems, and flight systems. They prepare students to earn their certification through hands-on training opportunities in aviation maintenance. Students can often choose to further specialize according to their professional interests.

The best aviation mechanics schools will provide highly transferable skills used across the industry. The practical classroom and laboratory courses prepare students to work across the nation. Aviation mechanic students can also complete internships at airlines, manufacturers, repair stations, and aviation schools.

Across the United States, there are over 160,000 aviation mechanics!

Here are the ten best aviation mechanics schools awarding a Bachelors degree in aviation mechanics.

Staffordshire University Offers Aeronautical Engineering Courses At Bachelors And Masters Levels

10 Best Aviation Colleges in the World

Staffordshire University offers an Aeronautical Engineering course at Bachelorâs and Masterâs levels. The former option is designed for those wanting to work either as pilots, engineers or managers, and equips them with both hands-on skills and theoretical concepts. The latter is suited to aspiring aeronautical engineers.

The course offers students the opportunity to undertake practical coursework in the schoolâs engineering laboratory and carry out experiments augmented by computer-based simulations. Students enrolling for the BSc can also learn how to fly a glider within their first year. By the third year, students can exhibit their work to the world at the GradEX graduate exhibit.

Staffordshire University was established in 1992. Its predecessor, North Staffordshire Polytechnic, was formed in 1971 following the merger of several colleges. Many graduates from the university have secured pilot roles at companies such as British Airways, Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch and the RAF while others work as engineers at firms like Rolls Royce, Eurocopter and General Electric.

Faculty members at the aviation school include senior lecturer Martin Fiddler, a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and fellow of the Higher Education Academy whose expertise includes aircraft flight, aircraft propulsion systems and supersonic flight and Debi Roberts, a lecturer in Transport Engineering whose specialist areas include automotive and aeronautical aerodynamics and engine design.

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Bachelors In Aviation Maintenance

Flight safety is critically important. Professionals in aviation maintenance technology help ensure that aircraft are ready for the skies. In maintenance programs, youll study airframe systems, professional flight technology, electricity, and hydraulics. Youll also learn how to inspect aircraft and perform necessary repairs.

Graduates tend to become airplane maintenance mechanics or avionics technicians. They may work for airplane manufacturers, major airlines, or the federal government. Some maintenance programs are designed for aviation students who already hold an FAA certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

In that case, the college degree program in aviation maintenance technology may focus on management skills for leadership positions in maintenance departments. The courses might cover project management, human resources, marketing, business technology, and logistics.

While mechanic jobs may not require a bachelors degree, having a college education could help you advance in this field. Professionals who study management in addition to maintenance may end up with job titles like maintenance supervisor, professional flight technology specialist, or maintenance analyst.

University Of Hertfordshire Offers Two Aviation Courses At Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels

The University of Hertfordshire offers two aviation and aeronautical courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels: Aerospace Technology with Management and Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies. The former educates students on aspects such as design, vehicle design, production, management and business studies while the latter focuses more on practical piloting skills at internationally recognised flight centres in the U.S.A. and U.K., as well as university flight simulators.

The piloting course awards the highest-flying students scholarships to extend their training after graduation.Students are admitted with a broad range of qualifications to encourage more applications, and have access to highly sophisticated equipment in high-tech university labs, allowing them to attain strong qualifications suitable for the work environment.

The University of Hertfordshire was awarded a charter in 1992, when there were about 5,000 students studying at the facility. The university website confirms that the Science and Technology Centre opened in 1997 and a flight simulator was installed at the campus in 2002, but doesnât outline when the aviation school was established.

The university offers bursaries and scholarships for students meeting various eligibility criteria, such as living in an area of low progression from the university and having a household income of £25,000 or less.

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Rio Salado College Offers One Degree And Three Certificate Courses In Aviation And Aeronautics

Rio Salado College is a community college in Tempe, Arizona that offers one aviation degree an Associate of Applied Science in Airline Operations and three certificates of completion in Ground Operations, Passenger Services, and Reservations and Ticketing.

In essence, RSC provides advanced training through employee development partnership programs . This means that in order to enroll, students must already be employed with an RSC partner working in the airline industry, corporation or government agency.

The RSC education model allows employers to attract the best talent by offering further training as a benefit during the recruitment process while employees can engage in college-level coursework while adding value to their existing training. Online training with a 24/7 technical support desk is available, allowing them to complete training while away on business or from multiple sites throughout the U.S.

Students who would like to fund additional studies at RSC can approach the Arizona Foundation , which offers a number of private donor opportunities.

RSC opened its doors in 1978, offering remote classrooms in 180 facilities throughout the Valley of the Sun. The college began offering online classes 18 years later and had moved most of its courses to an online format by 2006.

Accreditation For An Aviation Degree


When researching aviation colleges, prospective students should ensure a school possesses proper accreditation. Accreditation functions to regulate colleges and universities, demonstrating that an institution meets nationally and regionally designated education standards. A school that lacks proper accreditation may not adequately prepare students for work in their chosen field.

Accreditation comes in two major forms: national and regional. National accreditation serves trade and vocational schools, while regional accreditation serves traditional four-year colleges. Most colleges offering aviation programs should be regionally accredited by one of the six major regional accreditation agencies. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation provides a list of approved accrediting organizations for more information on these agencies.

While a college as a whole may possess regional or national accreditation, individual programs can also hold programmatic accreditation from industry-specific accreditation agencies. Many aviation programs are accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International.

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Is It Worth Going To An Aviation College

Yes, going to an aviation college is worth it for many professionals. Having a degree can help you secure a position with an aviation organization or qualify for leadership roles in this field. A degree in this field can also provide you with the opportunity to take to the skies and can qualify you to work for major airlines.

Aviation professionals are in currently demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for professional pilots will grow by 5% over the next decade. Jobs for aircraft mechanics and service technicians are growing at the same rate. Flight attendant positions are increasing at an impressive 17% rate, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

University Of North Dakota Department Of Aviation

  • Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Graduation Rate: 55%

The worlds most comprehensive aerospace university, University of North Dakota prepares students with a liberal arts core curriculum coupled with professional aviation education. Students enrolled in the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences have numerous specialties in aviation to choose from, with aviation management and commercial aviation being among the top-ranked programs and second-largest degree-granting school at UND. Internationally known for its aviation program, aerospace research, space studies, and policy research, UND certainly stands out as an institution for those seeking to enroll in pilot school.

School Overview

  • Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 55%

As a pioneer in aviation education, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is among the most highly regarded institutions dedicated to the study of flight. Embry-Riddle is the oldest and most comprehensive aeronautical university.

School Overview

  • Romeoville, Illinois
  • Graduation Rate: 61%

Lewis University is near Chicago which means it is also near the headquarters for United Airlines, Boeing Corporation and one of the busiest airports in the world, OHare International.

School Overview

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Und’s Commercial Aviation Degree

  • Earn a commercial pilot certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings, and a certified flight instructor certificate with instrument rating.

  • Train with a state-of-the-art virtual controller simulator and radar simulators.

  • For a fixed-wing specialty, you’ll gain essential knowledge in single-engine, multi-engine, VFR and IFR flight to the commercial pilot standard.

  • For a helicopter specialty, you’ll gain essential knowledge in the various types of aircraft flight to the commercial standard.

  • Learn to fly in many types of weather. Over the course of the year, the temperature at UND typically varies from -0°F to 82°F.

  • The John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences operates one of the largest fleets of civilian aircraft in North America.

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