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What Colleges Offer Sign Language Classes

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Sila 315 American Sign Language 3

American Sign Language Classes at Moore Middle School.mov
  • Units:4
  • General Education:AA/AS Area I CSU Area C2 IGETC Area 6
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

This course is third level of ASL courses. This course is designed for students who have completed SILA 306 or two years of high school ASL study. It emphasizes expressive and receptive visual language acquisition. It provides an understanding of deaf cultural processes by identifying behaviors and norms from activities assigned in the class. It also includes dialogs that involve asking, empathizing, negotiating and agreeing or disagreeing. Moreover, this course covers the language and cultural relationship to onomatopoeia. The deaf perspectives of U.S. and Canada history will be examined. Audism-free will be emphasized to appreciate and respect the struggles of Deaf people in its relationship to White Western colonialism.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • assess appropriate pragmatic responses receptively and expressively.
  • generate appropriate narrative construction with role shifting, spatial structuring, sequencing events and establishing time references.
  • evaluate the functions of social relationships within the framework of cross-cultural mediation.
  • adopt audism-free social customs and cultural interactions within the Deaf communities.

How We Chose The Best Online Sign Language Classes

We looked at dozens of online sign language classes before deciding on the top eight. We chose these as our best online sign language classes based on student reviews, pricing, accreditation organizations, and categories that they specialize in. We also considered learning styles and how progress is tracked.

University Of New Hampshire At Manchester

Manchester, New Hampshire

Points: 6Program Website

Founded in 1985, the University of New Hampshire at Manchester is a public institution of higher education and a member of the University of New Hampshire System. Recognized as one of the most affordable universities for an American Sign Language degree, UNH Manchester offers a low-cost Bachelor of Science in ASL/English Interpreting. The program is one of only 14 accredited degrees of its kind in the U.S. The curriculum is divided into culture and linguistics courses, language courses, and interpreting classes. Students must complete 64 credits in the major, including a capstone experience, to earn their degree.

Degree Options:

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University Of Nebraska At Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska

Points: 7Program Website

Founded in 1908 as the University of Omaha, the University of Nebraska at Omaha is a public research university and a member of the University of Nebraska System. Undergraduates looking for a low-cost American Sign Language degree can pursue UNOs affordable bachelors degree in sign language interpreting the only program of its kind in the state. Through a rigorous curriculum, undergraduates gain fluency in ASL as well as theoretical knowledge and advanced linguistic and cultural knowledge. Graduates are prepared to sit for national certification to become certified interpreters.

Degree Options:

Points: 8Program Website

The University of Louisville is a public research university and a member school of the Kentucky State University System. Founded in 1798 as Jefferson Seminar, U of L provides an affordable Bachelor of Science in American Sign Language Interpreting Studies. The cheap, 124-hour degree program prepares students to function as qualified interpreters. The curriculum teaches ASL and provides a foundation in the basics of ASL linguistics, the fundamentals of the interpreting process, and Deaf culture and history. It also emphasizes cultural and communicative competence as well as critical thinking abilities.

Degree Options:American Sign Language Interpreting Studies In-State Tuition: $11,656

Points: 8Program Website

Degree Options:

Points: 8Program Website

Points: 8Program Website

Points: 8Program Website

University Of North Florida

Attend a Sign Language, Music, &  Movement Class

Jacksonville, Florida

Points: 9Program Website

Topping our list of the most affordable universities for an American Sign Language degree is the University of North Florida. Established in 1965, UNF is a public university and a member of the State University System of Florida. UNF offers a cheap Bachelor of Science in ASL/English Interpreting that is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education. The curriculum contains advanced coursework in applied ethics, community engagement, translating and interpreting skill development, and language development. A concentration in Community Interpreting is also available. Courses are offered through a combination of distance and hybrid technologies. Graduates are prepared to sit for national certification administered by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Degree Options:ASL/English Interpreting Bachelor of Science DegreeIn-State Tuition: $6,394

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What Can You Do With An Asl Degree

Graduates with an ASL degree can pursue diverse careers. Some degree-holders work as interpreters or translators. These professionals work in schools, hospitals, and private businesses.

Graduates can also work as educators. They may teach the deaf community or teach ASL. Some graduates work as speech-language pathologists. See below for some possible careers for ASL degree-holders.

These professionals help people who speak or sign different languages understand each other. Many work in private settings. Some work in schools or government agencies. Employers may prefer interpreters and translators with a bachelor’s degree.

Speech pathologists help diagnose and treat communicative disorders. They work with children and adults. These professionals often communicate in ASL since many of their clients are nonverbal. Speech pathologists usually need a master’s degree. They may work in schools or at private practices.

These teachers work with the deaf population. They may work in schools with both deaf and hearing students. These educators need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in teaching. They also need ASL certification.

These teachers instruct college-level ASL classes. Some schools only hire professors with a master’s degree. Others only hire candidates with a Ph.D. Applicants benefit from having credentials in the language they teach.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

American Sign Language Courses

Students are required to attend all classes and apply ASL, not only in the classroom with their peers but also in various aspects outside the classroom to maximize their language development.

Language Application In addition to class participation, students are given opportunities to attend Deaf events on campus or an event hosted in the ASL community to better understand the use of the language within its dynamic environment.

Comprehensive and Intensive These courses include student activities that require them to produce video assignments through GoReact, a web-based tool, which allows students to submit and receive graded work including constructive feedback, provided by the instructor to further enhance the student’s language growth. *Courses are not available for audits **Online courses are reserved for external students For registration related questions, email For general ASL related requestions, email

The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the start date of course.

Summer ASL classes available at ASL Summer Residency Program

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What Should I Expect In My Int Classes

In the INT courses, you should expect to do a lot of practicing. There is, of course, theory to learn, too, but these are skill building courses and the vast majority of the time is spent practicing components of your craft. This becomes increasingly true as you advance through the program. Here is an overview of what you will study and the sequence in which you will study them:

Year I

While this is a demanding course of study, it is also a stair-step process, and we do not expect you to handle advanced interpreting situations during your first semester. In fact, during your entire first year, you will work primarily within one language, beginning in English. In Translation, you will work between the two languages, but it will be done with time to think about and refine and rework your translations.

Semester I : You will practice many of the skills you will need using a language in which you are already fluent and you will strengthen your ability to think quickly of alternative ways to express things in English. This may sound easy, but it is not, and it is a vital skill for success as an interpreter. Even if you are already strong in this area, it is impossible to have too good a command of these skills. We also generally expect that you will take ASL V during this semester, if you have not done so already.

Year Two

It is not until your second year that you are required to practice actual interpreting . Even then, we continue to take it in steps.

Online Ged Classes From Onsego

LECCE: Ontario offers new sign language courses to secondary students

Get Your GED Certificate in 7 Weeks.

Over recent decades, quite a few states passed legislation to recognize and identify ASL as a distinct foreign language.

This enabled universities, colleges, and high schools not only to accept but also to implement the language, therefore fulfilling all requirements regarding foreign language with regard to hard hearing and deaf students.

American Sign Language is a visual/gestural language that is distinct from English or any other foreign spoken language.

As stated above, if you pass the GED test you can go to college, and if you score in the college-ready range , you may have SAT/ACT or other requirements waived! If you dont have a GED yet, take online GED classes and pass the GED test quickly.

ASL is also distinct from any other sign languages used in different countries, and the language is distinct from any other English language-based sign system used in America, e.g. English manually coded systems.

We dont know the exact number of people that use ASL but the language is the most widely used language in the U.S. for one-on-one communication.

ASL is used as a 1st or 2nd language by many Americans and estimates range from 200,000 to nearly one million individuals, including deaf native signers, children of deaf parents, and/or adult deaf signers that learned ASL from other deaf individuals.

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What Are The Various Certification Tests For Interpreters

You will learn a lot more about these if you take our course, Introduction to the Interpreting Profession, but here are the most common certifications/screenings for interpreters in Virginia, and links to the websites of the organizations that administer them:

1) The Virginia Quality Assurance Screening : Administered by the Virginia Department of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, this screening is comprised of a written and performance test. The written test is pass/fail, and you must pass the written portion to take the performance screening, so allowing time to re-take it if necessary is a good idea. You have only three years to take the performance assessment from the time you pass the written. If you do not, you will have to take and pass the written test, again. Many students take the written portion during the fall of their second year. For the performance portion, we generally recommend students take during their final semester or summer. That is a suggestion, not a requirement. The level you achieve will depend upon your skills, and the level required for the type of job you want may vary. For more information: .

Language School Options And Opportunities

International students have many options when it comes to learning languages in Canada. You can study English or French while working in Canada or take language courses that help prepare you to enter a Canadian university or college program. You may also want to study English or French and gain a competitive advantage in your home country.

When you come to Canada for language studies, you can expect:

  • A focused approach
  • High-quality teaching that guarantees results
  • To learn English or French, so you can study or live in Canada

Canadas language schools exist across the country. This means you can learn French in a place where you are living among French speakers. The same is true if you want to learn English.

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Sila 316 American Sign Language 4

  • Units:4
  • Prerequisite:SILA 315 with a grade of “C” or better
  • Transferable:CSU UC
  • General Education:AA/AS Area I CSU Area C2 IGETC Area 3B IGETC Area 6
  • Catalog Date:January 1, 2022

The fourth course of the series explores in the domains of presentation, discussion, negotiation, and inquiry in the targeted language, ASL. The platform of this course is to strengthen the fluency in ASL receptively and expressively. In addition to these, the Deafhood theory, social norms and history will be explored.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • evaluate the ideas, facts and processes receptively and expressively in the domains of everyday interaction.
  • design presentations informally and formally with complex ideas such as health conditions, facts, major life decisions, politics, current events and money.
  • produce translations from ASL to written text.
  • demonstrate spontaneous language-responsive behaviors in order to connect and maintain conversations with the Deaf community.

Can I Place Out Of An Interpreting Course

Ontario high schools to begin offering sign languages as ...

If you wish to place out of an interpreting course, please contact the ASL Program Head Paula Reece at Please note that we do not typically allow students to place out of interpreting courses, unless they have taken a comparable course somewhere else. Language fluency in ASL, alone, no matter how strong, will not be sufficient to place out of an interpreting course.

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Our Accredited Language Schools

When searching for the right language school for you or your child, look for language schools accredited by Languages Canada. This accreditation means the schools follow internationally recognized quality assurance standards. Languages Canada has a directory of more than 225 language schools across Canada.

The Languages Canada accreditation is based on the:

  • Student services
  • English or French test preparation
  • Summer camps
  • Business or technical English and French
  • Language instruction to prepare for college or university
  • Teacher training programs

Language skills are essential to enter a post-secondary program in Canada

Many language schools prepare international students to attend college or university in Canada.

You must be able to speak English or French to study at a Canadian university or college.

Is American Sign Language A Foreign Language

ASL is a fully developed and distinct language with its own one-of-a-kind grammar. As said above, the language is distinct from the English Language and also is distinct from sign systems, both English-based and foreign-based.

During the past decades, ASL education has been experiencing increased enrollment because more and more individuals have become interested in learning the language.

Studying ASL doesnt require more effort than any other subject, but good study habits will help you deal with the entire curriculum in a timely manner, as it does with earning your GED diploma.

A growing number of universities and colleges are actually accepting ASL classes in foreign language requirements fulfillment and an increasing number of universities and schools offer credit-bearing ASL programs.

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Sign Language And Deaf Studies Courses

Areas of study working with the deaf or hearing impaired include :

  • Deaf Studies and ASL . Examining social issues affecting Deaf culture and introducing the sign language skills necessary to communicate effectively with deaf people in business, education and community settings.
  • ASL English Interpreter and Literacy Instructor. Refining sign language skills and training students to become sign language interpreters and instructors through lab work and Deaf culture and assessment studies.
  • Intervenor for Deaf-Blind Persons. Theory and practice prepare students to work with people who are both deaf and blind, helping them interact and access information.

Programs often include field placements where students will apply the patience and problem-solving skills theyve developed to real-world situations. Be sure to read each programs details carefully to find the area of study thats right for you.

Is There A Placement Test For Asl/can I Test Out Of Lower Levels Of Asl

Pierpont Community & Technical College – American Sign Language Program

There is no placement test at NOVAs Testing Center. You will need to contact the department and set up a meeting to determine your skill level and the appropriate ASL course for you. If you have little to no prior knowledge of ASL, you need to sign up for ASL I. Please note that knowing some signs, even 100 different signs, is not enough to move you out of ASL I, however, if you have taken a course somewhere else, or have other substantial experience with the language, please contact the division admin assistant to schedule an appointment for a placement interview.

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American Sign Language Deaf Studies And Interpreter Preparation

The American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, and Interpreter Preparation program offers a comprehensive education on language, culture, and many other aspects that make up the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as well as the ethics and regulations of the interpreting profession.

The Deaf Studies certificate is a prerequisite to the Interpreting program and is great for those who want to learn more about the language and culture of the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing communities. Upon completion of this certificate, students can serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in certain settings, or decide to apply for the Interpreter Preparation program.

Working between people who use English and American Sign Language, interpreters utilize special skills to make communication accessible. ASL/English interpreters’ knowledge in language, culture, interpreting theory, and applicable laws play an important role in effective communication around the country and in a wide variety of settings.

Upon completion of the Interpreter Preparation program, students will be prepared to apply for an Arizona* Interpreter license and/or sit for the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment , the Board for Evaluation of Interpreters , and/or the written portion of the National Interpreter Certification of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf .

Enroll now, and make it happen today!

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.


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