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How To Make Money Without Going To College

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Open A 529 Account To Start Saving Right Now


A 529 savings plan is used to save for higher education. You want one because these accounts are not subject to income taxes, and when you use the funds to pay for qualified education expenses, the withdrawals are typically tax-free as well.

When you open a 529, connect it to your checking account. Then set it up so that the amount you aim to save passes automatically from your bank to your 529 each month.

In Massachusetts, Baby Steps is available to children born or adopted within the last year. Every eligible resident will receive a $50 seed deposit into their account.

If you dont already have a 529 college savings plan set up, these payments could be an excellent way to kickstart those savings.

Plus, dont forget to check out your child tax credit savings!

Wholesale And Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Median salary: $65,420Education needed: varies, on-the-job trainingJob growth: 2%

Sales reps can work in a variety of products and industries. Many positions are available to people with a high school diploma, but if youre wanting to get into a more technical product, like medical instruments, you might need a bachelors degree.

Sell Your Craft On Etsy

People love unique, handmade stuff. If youre into crafts you could be making good money on Etsy!

Printables are extremely popular too, and are a good way to generate passive income. You can make a design only once, and sell it over and over again without additional work.

To learn how to launch a printable business, check out this course, which outlines step by step how you can start.

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Use The Field Agent App

Out of all the easy ways to make money in college I have on this list, this first one has to be my favorite.

Earn some easy extra dollars by using the Field Agent smartphone app .

Ive made over $300 with it in just the past 3 months! And mind you, I was using the app casually.


I actually wrote a post with everything you need to know about Field Agent, including

  • cash out options

Give it a quick read by heading to this page.

Ill Sum Up The Key Points:

[[ Tutorial ]] How To Make Money In College Without A Job ? by Earn ...
  • Complete surveys for studies to get paid
  • Prolific only matches you with studies youre qualified for no bogus survey disqualifications
  • Works on a mutual respect basis, dont rush your answers & you will be paid for your time
  • Pays in British Pounds which is an advantage for US users as the conversion rate to USD works in your favor

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Help Make The Internet A Better Place

If you have excellent handwriting skills and a set of calligraphy tools, you can address envelopes. You could make $2 to $5 a pop just for being a talented calligraphy writer.

It doesnt sound like a lot, but book a wedding with 100 guests, and you could rake in $200 or more for handwritten invites.

Launch your own website to sell your services, or offer calligraphy through Etsy.

Success story: Margo Dittmer gets creative with her calligraphy services and sells custom wedding certificates for $175 each on Etsy.

Invest In Real Estate

Anyone with enough up-front capital can jump into real estate and start a rental-property business. But do you really know how to manage a property successfully? If not, team up with an experienced developer or venture into commercial real estate through crowd-funding opportunities.

Crowd-funding sites like can give you access to commercial property developments for as little as $5,000. Investors can also save time and resources by looking at pre-vetted deals and online presentations to help them make decisions.

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Online Jobs That Dont Require A College Degree And Pay $20+/hr

The world is changing. Because guess what? You can now makegood moneyworking online even without a college degree.

Im sure that many of you, like myself, have been told that we needed to go to college and earn a degree or certification before we were allowed to have the job that weve always dreamed of. But thats just simply not true anymore in this day and age.

Colleges make you think you have to go to them to be successful, but the college industry is a business at the end of the day. They want you to think you need them so you pay them tons of money its a business tactic. And, yes, there are professions like lawyers, doctors, or engineers that will still require a professional degree, but so many well-paying jobs like graphic design, web development, virtual assisting and writing dont.

Thanks to e-learning, you can learn online for less money and a lot faster. The starting salary for working online is typically $20 $30 per hour depending on your experience level, and those who went to college often have to go back to school if they want to make more than that in a corporate environment.

Someone with an online job can learn faster, upskill, and make that higher-income sooner than the college graduate. Plus, you wont have to pay off school loans. Youll get to keep more of the money you make!

Focus on the things you can do. If you dont apply, youre not going to get the job. Dont let your mindset hold you back. Just get started and apply.

Teach Something You Love

How to make money without a University Degree

With the advent of learning platforms such as Udemy, anyone can become a paid teacher. As with consulting, you don’t have to be a subject expert. Just know more than entry-level people.

Think about your hobbies and passions and what people may pay to learn. Are you a good writer, have a knack for painting, or maybe you’re an expert on medieval Slavic studies?

Somewhere out there, someone is likely willing to pay a few dollars to learn from you, and those dollars can add up. Find out more about how to make a Udemy course.

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How To Make Money At College Without A Job

Money is the key to a lot of experiences in college that you cant get anywhere else!

From fun pizza parties with your dorm roommate to getting to travel with your language immersion class: students must know how to make money at college without a job.

Over 80% of college students are already overwhelmed, and working a 9-5 isnt in the cards. However, these are the top ways to make money at college without a job, so you still have money to spend.

Offer Babysitting Or Nannying Services

If you grew up babysitting or raising your kid sister, why not advertise some part-time nannying services?

Reach out to tired parents in your neighborhood, ask your family members who have little ones or list your services on

Rates on the platform will vary by city, but the average rate for babysitters in 2017 was $16.20 an hour, according to Care.coms 2018 Cost of Care Survey.

Success story: David Cahill and his wife, Meg, made more than $75,000 from side hustles in 2018, thanks, in part, to babysitting gigs. Meg made $15 to $25 an hour in their southwest Michigan community.

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Get Free $10000 To Your Demo Account

Olymp Trade offers you the unique opportunity to make money online fast and easy. With their platform, you can trade in stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indices. Plus, they offer a variety of bonuses and promotions that make trading even more profitable. Trade with $1 Earn up to 90% profits Easy deposits

Start A Calligraphy Side Gig

39 Ways to Make Money in College Without a Job

Cursive handwriting lessons might be fading from the classroom, but the world of calligraphy is booming.

Many calligraphers are in high-demand and find themselves working on a variety of celebrations and other projects. Think: Save-the-dates, baby shower invites, bachelorette party and wedding invitations and even envelopes.

Success story: With rates for envelope addressing alone ranging from $2 to $5 each, calligraphy could be a lucrative side hustle.

We interviewed four successful calligraphers who shared their tips on maximizing your chances of success. One piece of advice? Invest in a starter kit, and practice!

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Work In Public Relations

The public relations industry is constantly growing as well and offers plenty of opportunities for those without a college degree.

To work in public relations, you do not need to be an expert in public relations.

You just need to be a person who is willing to listen and ask questions. You can get started by joining a PR agency or by starting your own business. You can also work for a company that does not have a formal department for public relations.

Looking At The Statistics Of Student Debt


  • 18 Wrapping Up Avoid The Student Debt Trap
  • Taking a look at the current student debt situation provides a groom outlook for the fiscal health of the Federal government. At the moment, there are more than 45-million loans issued to students across the United States, with a near $30-billion increase in student loans in the last quarter alone. The average student loan accounts for over $37,000, with some being for amounts of more than $100,000.

    More than 10-percent of all student loans are currently delinquent or in default, with the taxpayers having to pick up the costs. Over the last 30-days, there are more than $32-billion in new delinquencies on the governments books.

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    Get A Job In The Tech Industry

    If you love technology, go for it!

    The tech industry is constantly growing and hiring. If you want to work in the tech industry, there are plenty of great opportunities available.

    Start networking with people you know who work in the tech industry, or reach out to recruiters on sites like Upwork and LinkedIn.

    Stay active on social media, and sign up for job alerts. You never know which jobs will be available when youre looking, so keep an eye out.

    You can also look at sites like FlexJobs, as they have a wide variety of tech-related jobs.

    Taking Action To Increase Your Income

    How to Get More Money Without Going Back to School | Save Money Tricks |

    There are so many different things you can do to increase your income whether you have a degree or not. At the end of the day making the decision to earn more money and then acting on it is up to you. Getting started is always the hardest part.

    Do you have any other ideas for earning more than $30,000 without a degree?

    Editorial Disclaimer:

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    Run Facebook Ads For Other Businesses

    Weve all had the experience of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and being hit with an ad for something you were just looking at online.

    Thats obviously no coincidence. Facebook has a pretty sophisticated ad platform. Many online business owners already know and take advantage of Facebook ads, but most local businesses dont. Thats what makes this side hustle so lucrative.

    As a Facebook ad specialist, you can help local business owners get in front of more people, or even reach an entirely new demographic. Of course, you have to learn how to create Facebook ads first. You can learn the basics of creating and managing ads for free in Facebooks business center. But if you want a deep-dive on how to actually make money with this skill then consider a more advanced option like the .

    This course covers everything from building a funnel with Facebook ads to finding and landing your first few paying clients. According to the course page, students who complete the program charge an average of $1,000 to $2,000 per month for each client. When you enroll, youll also receive one free month of coaching from the course creators inside a private Facebook group.

    Media And Communication Equipment Workers

    Median annual wage: $79,500Projected job growth through 2026: 8 percent

    In-demand in the movie and film industry, these workers install, maintain and repair audio and visual systems in businesses and homes. They also typically train customers in how to use the equipment appropriately.

    Breaking into this role requires only a high school diploma, though those with experience in electrical installation and repair or those with a certification or associate’s degree in a related field may find it easier to get hired. Workers will need short-term on-the-job training.

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    Sells Things In Online Games

    If you play any of the many multiplayer games online, you know there are various in-game items that are in demand. Sometimes selling things to other players is forbidden, but some games actually encourage it.

    For example, Sony Onlines Player Studio program allows you to create and sell in-game items, and keep 40% of each sale. It can add up.

    In fact, reports that, one gamer has made over $100,000 creating and selling in-game items in SOEs Player Studio program.

    Of course, youve probably heard of Ailin Graef, whose avatar Anshe Chung made millions of dollars selling virtual land in the game Second Life.

    Master Mechanic & Collision Repair

    How to Make Money without Dropping Classes in College

    The average adult will spend more money on cars in their lifetime than anything else aside from housing costs and possible medical costs. And while having a car payment is a liability, working in the car industry is actually lucrative for some.

    Certified techs and collision repair experts have the ability to bring in six figures as they progress in their field. Typically these industries pay high dollars for certified mechanics and car experts.

    Most of the work is performance-based and the certification programs vary but dont require formal education. Diesel mechanics, in particular, can do very well.

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    Line Installer & Repairer

    • Degree or Certificate Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent required, with at least one year of algebra coursework a one-year certificate from a vocational school or two-year associate degree may improve job prospects
    • Training Requirements: Many line installers complete apprenticeships, typically lasting three years otherwise, extensive on-the-job training
    • Median Salary : $65,700
    • Salary Range : $32,590 to $94,880
    • Growth Outlook : 0 new positions

    Line installers and repairers install and repair electrical and telecommunications transmission lines. With median earnings about $5,000 higher, electrical line installers and repairers make out better than telecom installers and repairers. But both do just fine, especially considering neither job requires anything more than a high school diploma and a willingness to complete a three-year apprenticeship or comparably long on-the-job training though some vocational school work may improve job prospects.

    Unlike many tradespeople, line installers and repairers arent required to be licensed however, like vocational school work, voluntary certification such as fiber optic certification through the Fiber Optic Association may improve job prospects.

    Line installation and repair workers operate downstream of professionals in a number of other utility specialties that dont require college degrees. These include but arent limited to power plant operators, nuclear power reactor operators, and power distributors.

    Life Coach Other Students

    Average Monthly Income: $4,753

    This role may sound simple, but it takes a lot of responsibility, people skills, and organizational skills to pull it off.

    Many college students admit to being unsure about where their future lies and dont know how to take the next steps forward.

    As a life coach to other students, you can help them work through their destructive behaviors and create healthy ones in their wake.

    This could mean teaching students how to develop unique study routines, helping them fix their sleep schedule, or helping them tackle weight loss over a semester.

    Of course, you must make sure youre educated in what youre helping other people with: so dont be afraid to study and research if youre stumped.

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    Sell On Etsy Without Crafting A Thing

    Millions of folks shop on Etsy to find the perfect birthday present, bachelorette party supplies or customized T-shirts. And, yes, traditionally items sold on Etsy must be handmade or vintage, but did you know you can also sell craft supplies and tools?

    This alleviates the hours you put into your work and simply allows you sell the supplies to folks who want to tap into their creative sides.

    Success story: Janet Berry-Johnson, a CPA and freelance writer, earns an extra $200 a month on Etsy without crafting a single thing.

    She loves cross-stitching but knows selling her own designs isnt a moneymaker. Instead, she buys kits and patterns at local thrift stores for a few bucks each and marks them up anywhere from 400% to 1,200% for Etsy buyers.

    College Degrees Or Jobs Without A Degree

    How to Make Money if You’re Not Going To College (Easier Than You Think)

    Opinion Piece

    I want to share a short story about choosing the right path for YOU and not because someone else told you to. This has a lot to do with finding the best job without a degree and very little to do with Passion.

    At age 18 I was asked to pick a major and I personally went with physical education. I always find it funny that we ask 18-year-olds to chose something that they are passionate about.

    At 18 I was passionate about video games, friends and sports.

    On the other hand, one of my younger brothers landed a small landscape job from a neighbor to do over the summer. Alongside a buddy, they used an old skid-steer and cleared out the backyard of our neighbor, and laid some sod.

    While they worked, three other neighbors asked if he could do the same for them. They ended up doing about 10 houses in a row that summer, charging somewhere around $1,000 per job.

    It was at that point my brother decided to go into landscaping. School was never his thing and even though he was a superstar athlete, pursuing sports in college really wasnt up his alley either.

    So for the rest of his senior year, he did jobs here and there and then went all-in at 18 after graduating. Now as a business owner, he makes more some months than I make all year with a Masters degree.

    This led me to think if the goal is to get to become financially secure, does it matter how you get there?

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