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How To Take Summer Courses At Community College

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Summer 2021 Session Dates

Academic Advising Explains…Enrolling in Summer Classes at a Community College

Summer 2021 classes begin June 7 and end August 14, 2021.

  • Full Session, 10 weeks – June 7 to August 14
  • 1st Block, 5 weeks – June 7 to July 10
  • 2nd Block, 5 weeks – July 12 to August 14

Full and First block class cancellations will occur between Thursday, May 20th – Monday, May 24th.

Second block class cancellations will occur between Thursday, July 1st – Tuesday, July 6th.

How To Read Course Numbers

  • The three numbers under each course title indicate :
  • Class hours per week
  • Laboratory or required student practice time hours per week
  • The four numbers under each course title in Allied Health curricula as well as Music courses indicate :
  • Class hours per week
  • Clinical hours per week or required student practice time
  • The one-hour lab indicated for all foreign language courses is a period in which students are required to complete listening and speaking exercises using various technologies as instructed by faculty.
  • A two-semester course is designated by a hyphenated number: for example, 101-102. The first half of such a course is prerequisite to the second half. Credit is usually given if only the first half of the course is completed unless otherwise stated in the course description.
  • All other courses are one semester in length.
  • Please check course listings, published each semester, to determine if and when a specific course may be offered.
  • * In some courses that are followed by three numbers, the second number refers not to laboratory hours per week but to hours per week of an internship, partial employment, practicum or other off-campus, program-related activity.

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    Speak With Your Advisor

    If youre planning to take summer courses at another college, you need to check in with your academic advisor or counselor.

    Come to them with the class you want to take and the school you plan to attend. This meeting will help them determine whether or not that class will transfer to your current school and count towards your graduation requirement.

    This is an essential step in the process as you want to ensure whatever class you take counts towards your education.

    Register Now For The Summer 2021 Term

    How to Encourage College Summer Enrollment

    Whether you are a current student, a visiting student or a high school student, CCACs summer credit classes are for you. And, students who take a summer class at CCAC can save up to $2,200 over the cost of a similar course somewhere else!

    Hundreds of online or in-person classes are searchable now on the Course Catalog. Check the complete schedule of Zoom and in-person classes for summer. CCAC will offer a limited range of on-campus in-person classes, as well as a wide range of online classes and remote learning options.

    Do you attend another college and wish to pick up one or more classes at CCAC next summer? See Registration Procedures for Visiting Students.

    See what CCAC has to offer: Search for Second Summer 2021 Courses

    The Summer 2021 tuition is due at the time of registration. Tuition payment plans are available.

    Its easy to register for a credit class at CCAC: Register for Classes

    For questions about placement testing, contact .

    Need to discuss your summer plans with an academic advisor? Drop in to the Virtual Advising Zoom chat. See Virtual Advising for hours and connection information.

    Contact CCAC to connect with us about your educational future or the next step on your path!

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    Why Spending Summer In The Classroom Might Be Worth It

    While summer brings a welcome break from the rigors of academics for most students, enrolling in online summer courses could be the ticket to improving your college experiencewithout sacrificing your summer vacation. Some students sign up to get ahead on the next semester or grab a seat in a popular class that has a waiting list during the regular schoolyear. Regardless, having the option to take summer classes online gives students freedom to enjoy the summer months and continue learning. Read on to learn why summer enrollment might be right for you.

    Offering Courses In Different Formats To Fit Your Needs:

    Remote Live:

    • Classes meet on specific days at specific times
    • Most course lectures are live-streamed
    • Primarily interact with classmates by taking part in virtual class discussions
    • May require a Windows 10 PC or a Mac OS X 10.7 or higher *
    • May require a webcam with microphone and speakers for virtual lecture participation
    • Best if you prefer a fixed schedule

    Fully Online:

    • Log in when its convenient for you
    • Most course lectures are pre-recorded
    • Primarily interact with classmates by posting in online discussion forums
    • Requires a Windows 10 PC or a Mac OS X 10.7 or higher*
    • Best if you prefer a flexible schedule


    • A mixture of live meetings and online learning. Live meetings may be in-person or remote-live, depending on what the state will allow
    • The mandatory live meetings will take place on a consistent schedule
    • May require a Windows 10 PC or a Mac OS X 10.7 or higher *
    • May require a webcam with microphone and speakers for virtual lecture participation


    * Loaner laptops are available for students who need them. Please apply to request one.

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    The Best Classes To Save For Summer Semester

    What’s the best online class to take in the summer? The short answer is, it depends who you ask. Take advice from students who have been there before. Weve narrowed down a variety of student perspectives and experiences that might help you choose which methodology for taking online summer classes is right for you.

    Apply For Admission To Pikes Peak Community College

    Everett Community College Get Started for Summer and Fall Classes
    • The admission application is free!
    • You can apply any time of the year
    • You will be accepted as a Pikes Peak Community College Student

    If it has been more than 3 semesters since you completed an admission application or registered for a class at PPCC, you will need log in to your Admission Application Account using the email address and password used when you last applied for admission. If you encounter a login error, please call 719-502-2000 or .

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    The Best Classes To Save For Summer If You Want To

    Get the easy stuff out of the way

    Pre-requisite classes or electives can be a nuisance during semesters full of tougher coursework. Some students use online summer courses to knock out these classes to keep their fall and spring semester schedule less cluttered. When you enter the fall semester, you’ll be able to concentrate on the heavy lifting.

    • 1 or 101 Level classes
    • Anthropology
    • Physical education

    I took speech, interpersonal communications, Spanish 1, macroeconomics and Pharmacology for Technicians over the different summers I was enrolled in . I like to take the harder classes during the fall/spring when you’re not on abbreviated sessions.Pharmacist, Student Doctor Network

    Take classes that are too popular to get into during the regular semester

    One of the great things about summer sessions is that there is far less competition for the courses that tend to fill up quickly during the regular semester. Many students use the summer to finally take an online class that always seems to be closed in the fall or spring.

    • Astronomy
    • Literature
    • Niche topic courses

    Scan 50W is way easier to get in the summer.University of California Los Angeles Student, UCLA Reddit

    Use the time to explore something new or fun

    Medical Student, Student Doctor Network

    Take lab-mandatory classes that have heavy workloads or are tricky to schedule

    • Biology
    • Genetics
    • Organic chemistry

    Focus on classes that feel overwhelming during the regular semester

    • Calculus
    • Foreign language
    • Advanced Programming

    Financial Aid For Summer Courses

    Financial aid is awarded on a per year basis. This means that when you apply for financial aid for the 20142015 school year, the summer session is included. However, most students use all of their financial aid during the fall and spring semesters and dont have any remaining aid to cover summer classes. For example, if you qualified for a Pell Grant of $4,000 for the 20142015 school year, and you used $2,000 for your fall classes and $2,000 for your spring classes, then you wont have any Pell Grant funds left for the summer.

    Should you find yourself wanting to take summer classes but dont have any more financial aid left, here are some options:

    • Private scholarships. Scholarships are a great way to pay for summer courses. The average private scholarship size is around $2,000, which is more than enough to cover the majority of your course fees. Use search engines like or to find scholarships that you may qualify for.
    • Institutional scholarships. Check with your financial aid office to see if your community college offers financial aid or scholarships for summer courses.
    • FAFSA Student Loans. If you really need to take courses this summer and you qualified for federal financial aid, find out if you have the ability to take out a Stafford loan or other loans offered by the federal government.

    For more ways to keep your community, private, or public college experience affordable, check out Frank Palmasanis Financial Fit® program.

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    Community College And Other Institutions

    No STEM, writing, or Major courses may be taken on-line. You may take certain courses at another institution over the summer or winter sessions and transfer the credit to be applied towards your Engineering degree at Rutgers. A grade of C or better is required for the credits to be eligible for transfer . SoE recommends no more than 6-7cr over the summer .

    However, it is not reccomended to take two math courses in one summer, particularly for students having academic difficulty. Deans in the Office of Academic Services review these cases.

    Are You At A California Community College

    MWCC to pay students to take summer classes

    Pathways to Four-Year Universities is a resource for California community college students who intend to transfer to UC Berkeley or another four-year university with two key elements:

    • Advising from UC Berkeley pathway advisers directly on your community college campus
    • Taking summer courses at UC Berkeley

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    Can Taking Summer Classes At A Community College Really Save Money

    Yes! However, students should be aware that they may have to pay out-of-pocket for these classes if they have used up all of their federal and state grants or loan money. While community college can be less expensive, it may not be worth the investment if students are required to pay out-of-pocket or take an additional loan.

    The Ultimate Guide To Summer Courses At A Community College

    Are you a community-college student whos thinking about enrolling in courses this summer? Well, youve come to the right place! Taking summer classes is a great way to get ahead and ensure that youll graduate on time. Registration for summer courses usually begins in April/May and classes fill up quickly! Be sure to make your plans early to avoid missing out on the classes you need.

    Im here to help you make the most out of your summer courses by taking the right ones, avoiding common pitfalls, and knowing how it will affect your financial aid. Lets get started.

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    Make More Of Your Summer

    If you have been away at college and are in the Pikes Peak region for the summer, you can take classes at PPCC to get ahead. It’s easy to transfer credits back to your home college or university after the summer semester ends. With PPCC’s low tuition rates, you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by taking the classes at PPCC.

    The Dos And Donts Of Summer Course Selection

    How to take community college classes in high school – college unit transfer class recommendation
    • Do think before you enroll in difficult accelerated summer classes.An accelerated class is a class that is shortened for a summer period. Not all summer classes are considered accelerated. A typical semester is sixteen weeks long and an accelerated class might be closer to ten to twelve weeks in length. While most accelerated classes are great for taking an easy subject in a short period of time, you should exercise caution when enrolling in an accelerated class for difficult subjects like math and science. Accelerated classes are intense, require significantly more studying/homework time than a regular course, and should only be taken by students who are strong in those subjects.
    • Dont ignore your prerequisite courses.While it may be tempting to take your general requirements and electives during the summer to get them out of the way, you should really focus on taking courses that are prerequisites for your major requirements. Humanities majors should enroll in upper-level courses in their major and STEM majors should enroll in additional mathematics and science courses.

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    Can I Transfer To A Four

    Traditionally, classes at a two-year college are much less expensive than that of a four-year institution. Therefore, if you have met with your academic advisor at the four-year university and gained assurance that the credits will transfer, it can be a great idea to get non-major credits out of the way. Students who struggle in specific content areas , may want to take these classes at a two-year college where classes are typically a bit easier. These grades, if non-major specific and within the first 60 hours of your undergraduate course work, can transfer in and help your overall GPA within the school.

    Why Take A Summer Class At Kirkwood

    Lots of reasons! Here are a few:

    • Were affordable. Kirkwood charges $180 per credit hour for Iowa residents and $237 for non-residents as of the 2020-21 academic year.
    • Our classes are smaller. You can get the extra help you need and you can even take two levels of language in one summer!
    • Were flexible. Our eight-week session means you can start later.
    • Our classes transfer. See your colleges transfer list.

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    Catch Up Get Ahead Stay On Track This Summer At Brookdale Community College

    Summer 1: May 17, June 28, 2021Open Registration through May 16, 2021Classes offered Remote Online Live and Fully Online at In-County Tuition Rates for All.

    Summer 2: June 7, August 16, 2021Open Registration through June 6, 2021Classes offered Remote Online Live and Fully Online at In-County Tuition Rates for All.

    Summer 3: July 6, August 16, 2021Open Registration through July 5, 2021

    Throughout the summer, Brookdale offers classes to help drive you closer to graduation!

    Summer classes can help you:

    • Spend uninterrupted time on a challenging course.
    • Lighten your load next semester by getting the required courses out of the way.
    • Keep momentum going

    Paying For Your Classes At Ppcc

    Community Ed at PCC

    As a visiting student, you are not eligible for aid through PPCC – but

    • if you are currently receiving financial aid at your home institution, where you are pursuing a degree, and
    • if you are taking classes at PPCC that you plan to transfer to your home institution for your degree

    you can contact the Financial Aid Office at your home institution to determine if your PPCC classes are eligible for financial aid.

    If you plan to pay out of pocket for your summer classes, please make payment arrangements with our Student Accounts Office if you have not already done so.

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    Can I Take Summer Classes At Another College

    Yes, you can take summer classes at another college.

    In almost all cases, students opt to take summer classes at a community college. This saves them money, and if an articulation agreement is in place, it ensures that credits will transfer more easily.

    Lets take a closer look at how this process works.

    How Will Courses Be Taught In Summer 2021

    Most courses will be taught virtually with fewer courses to be taught in-person, on-campus.

    In an effort to both protect the health and safety of community members working and learning on-campus, please review the colleges covid testing policy.

    Regardless of the instructional modality of a course, all courses are taught following the specific learning outcomes and high academic standards that are customary for a WCC education. Please review the definitions below so you understand the instructional method being used for each of your course selections.


    Descriptions of Instructional Modalities – click to expand

    ONLINE Asynchronous

    ONLINE Synchronous

    Online Combined

    HYBRID Online Asynchronous & In-Person

    View the full Academic Calendar for Summer 2021 and upcoming semesters:




    WCC offers multiple course schedule options with different start dates to maximize convenience for you. Meet with an academic counselor and financial aid advisor to be sure this works for you!


    Interested in learning more about Westchester Community College. Fill out this form:

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    Make This Your Best Summer Ever

    Online or in the classroom, at Middlesex Community College you can earn college credits in less time and save more money!

    There’s something for everyone this summer at Middlesex Community College. Enroll now for one of four college-credit summer sessions, take advantage of MCC’s extensive noncredit programming, or sign your children up for one of MCC’s exciting College For Kids program. With four different Summer Session options, MCC can help you earn college credit at a price you can afford.

    Our small class sizes are perfect for college students home for the summer, recent high school graduates, current MCC students and returning adults.

    Current MCC Students can take advantage of our accelerated summer semesters to keep moving along their Academic Pathway.

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