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How To Post Jobs At Colleges

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How to College: Preview

With over 2.8 billion users worldwide, social media is officially one of the biggest mediums in the world for reaching your target audience and generating new customers.

College Marketing Group are experts in helping college student employers reach college students both on campus and on their smartphones.

On the social media front, we design, optimize, and manage your Facebook campaigns to get you more leads and higher revenue. Leave your social media strategy to us so you can focus on what you do best running your business.

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Applying For Unadvertised Jobs

When reaching out to employers that haven’t yet advertised a job, you can send a resume and cover letter indicating your interest in an entry-level position. When you follow up, ask when they might be scheduling interviews for their entry-level jobs.

If the interviewing period is several months away, you can always send an updated communication at that point. It’s always better to be early than to miss a deadline.

Introducing yourself early is a networking strategy that can demonstrate your interest, tenacity, and determination to be considered for a position.

Delivery Driver Or Food Shopper

Food delivery is a new norm for todays busy families. Between work and child care, parents too busy to cook or get takeout can use a food delivery app to have dinner at their door promptly, freshly prepared by a local restaurant and dropped off by a delivery driver. That means if you sign up to deliver food with a service like DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats, you wont lack for work.

Additionally, individuals and families use delivery services like Instacart and to get groceries to their doorstep or Postmates to get food, personal items, and more.

As with other gig economy jobs, youll be able to work whenever you want. You sign on when youre available to make deliveries and sign off when youre not. Even better, if you live in a different location than you attend school, you can make deliveries in your college town when schools in session and deliver in your hometown when youre on breaks. So youll be able to work whenever and wherever you want.

Job Duties

The job duties vary slightly depending on what kind of service you sign up for. For example, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats involve picking up and dropping off restaurant orders. With Instacart and sometimes Postmates, youll be doing the shopping in addition to the delivery. And with Amazon Prime Now, youll only do the shopping.


How to Find Work

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Free Online Job Posting

McGill’s Career Planning Service is proud to introduce you to our on-line Integrated Career Services System, myFuture. This cutting-edge and intuitive web application allows us to serve you efficiently and effectively. As always, there will be no charge to post jobs or internships with us.

Prior to registering, please consult our Employer Recruitment Policy.

Book An Interview Room

JobFlare for Colleges &  Universities

After posting a job, book a quiet and confidential location to hold interviews on campus. You can reserve up to 6 interview suites at a time. Each suite is available on weekdays from 9 AM 5 PM, and can accommodate 4 5 people.

Please note that we do not provide scheduling services for interviews.

Find out available dates and times as well as room booking costs.

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Messages To Associates And Colleagues

Seek candidates for your jobs. Referrals from people you know are usually good candidates because someone you know is vouching for them.

Many employers maintain customized lists of personal and professional contacts, and when they have a job available for which they seek referrals, they contact their mailing list members.

Getting Started With Handshake

  • Select to Post a Job, Request an Event , Request On-Campus Interview Schedule, and much more.
  • View additional topics and training videos in Handshake
  • Add Handshake to your address book so system emails will not be filtered to your spam or junk mail.
  • Please note: The Department of Career Planning & Development cannot view your password from the system. If you forget your password, please click on the Forgot my Password tab to have your password reset and emailed to you.


    • Gmail, yahoo, hotmail or other general domain names in the email address
    • Private individual looking to hire a nanny, daycare, tutor, etc.
    • Posting for a third party staffing agency
    • Invalid company website
    • Website/email domains for known companies do not match the corporate domain
    • Incomplete registration information .
    • Require student to pay or invest in your company before employment

    Note: This information is not viewable to students it is for system registration purposes only. You must select what is viewable to students within each job posting after your registration is approved.

    Free Classified through the KSU campus newspaper, The Sentinel:It’s a third-party service connected to the online edition of The Sentinel at After reviewing the bulleted information, select Place Your Ad. This is also an option if you are not able to meet our criteria to post jobs in Handshake.

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    It’s Easy To Post Your Job

    Use one of these methods to get your job posted. If you have questions, please email us at .

    Option 1: online

    Option 2: online form or email

    Send your job announcement to us for posting.

    What to include in your email:
    • The name of your organization
    • Your name and contact info
    • Company address
    • Job opening title, description, and duties
    • Applicant qualifications and requirements
    • Wage range and benefits
    • Directions on how to apply
    • Closing Date
    • Attachments should be Word, RTF or PDF
    Where to send your posting:

    We will set up your account and post the position for you. However, we may need additional information or confirmation of details, so look for an email from us.

    Note: Before your job can be posted, you must confirm agreement with our recruitment policies, either in the system or in your email.

    Fitness Instructor Or Personal Trainer

    Navigating MySuccess- Video Tutorial #9: How to Post Jobs for Lakehead University Students

    Chances are your colleges gym offers a number of group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, cycling, or pilates. If you enjoy exercise, teaching a fitness class is an ideal way to stay in shape while interacting with other students and making some money. Alternatively, off-campus gyms are also frequently on the lookout for high-energy instructors with availability to work in the evening, on weekends, or in the early morning. And, if youre studying a related field like kinesiology, physical therapy, or dance, youll gain some directly applicable work experience.

    Job Duties

    Fitness instructors generally teach group fitness classes, although some gyms might offer personal trainer positions where you work one-on-one with clients. You might also provide personalized diet and fitness advice.


    According to Glassdoor, group fitness instructors make an average of $23 per hour and personal trainers make $13 to $26 per hour. If you go the entrepreneurial route and start your own fitness class or program, you can make far more typically $40 to $85 per hour. Look for a gym that allows trainers to charge their own fees, but be aware the gym will take a cut.

    How to Apply

    Depending on the certification you go for, the training and test could take one day, one weekend, or several weeks. Certifications can be earned through organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine or the American Council on Exercise Certification .

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    Employers With Early Deadlines

    Many organizations with competitive training programs will begin recruiting early in the fall and start making offers in late November.

    Industries such as investment banking, consulting, and accounting are well known as early recruiters. Investment banks now recruit very heavily from their summer internship programs, so juniors should start applying for these opportunities early in their junior year.

    Hiring managers from these fields often begin recruiting early, because there are multiple rounds of interviews and testing to complete.

    Additionally, those who are typically interested in banking, consulting, and other business management roles are usually involved in a business track with internships or development programs, making it easy for companies to recruit already-interested students.

    The Benefits Of Using Handshake An Employer Can:

    • Post job and internship opportunities directly
    • Manage recruiting

    When creating a Handshake account be sure to:

    • When first creating an employer account, you will need to see if your company already has an existing company profile. If it does not, you will need to create one in addition to creating your own Handshake profile.
    • Fill out your employer profile completely and include your companys website address.
    • Use your company email addresses when creating the account.
    • Once you have set up your account, search for Bowdoin College and request employer approval so you can start posting jobs.

    If you have any questions about posting opportunities, please contact Kimberly Buonaiuto at .

    Please note that alumni can have both an individual and employer Handshake account. Individual Handshake accounts are used for alumni to use the recruiting platform for search and apply for jobs. Handshake is best used for recently graduated alumni .

    Alumni looking to create an individual Handshake account that is not affiliated with an employer need to register here and select Bowdoin as your college. We will then approve your request. Once approved, every time you log in to Handshake, you will need to click on the log-in using your Handshake credentials link and not the Bowdoin College log-in button.

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    Start As Early As Possible

    Start your job search as soon as possible, and invest as much time and energy as you can if you are committed to finding a job by graduation. Since many graduates find employment outside of their college’s formal recruiting program, it makes sense to start as early as the summer before your senior year.

    If you start early, you will have plenty of time to review job descriptions, understand company missions, and get a better understanding of what you want for your first role after you graduate.

    Companies today are working to make their entry-level roles seem enticing, and many will offer the chance for personal growth both vertically and laterally. However, you can still find a great opportunity late in the game, even if you have not quite decided what you want to do for the rest of your life.

    Depending on your interests, you might be hired by a company as a part-time executive assistant with the opportunity to move to a full-time human resources specialist role after an initial probation period.

    Setting Up Your Major Preferences

    How to land a job out of college
    • Even if the major name is different at different schools, it will still get bucketed into this major category correctly as these majors are consolidated across every school on Handshake.
    • Once you choose a category , that category will expand to display the majors within it.
    • All majors within a category will be selected by default. But you can remove them by simply clicking on the major you’d like to remove.
    • If you know of a very specific major at a school that you’d like to choose instead of our mappings, click the link at the bottom of the list Choose a specific major by school.
    • This will open up a modal to pick the school and major manually. After selecting the school and major, click Finish to save the changes.

    Interested in marketing your job to specific subsets of students? Premium partners have access to create Segments and send Campaigns to those students! See it in action in Video: Segments & Campaigns!

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    How To Post A Position

    You may post any of the following types of positions within Handshake: Internship, Co-op, Full-Time, Part-Time, Volunteer, and Temporary/Seasonal.

    Need help? View Handshake How do I post a job? article or How to post a new job video for step-by-step instructions. For more job posting-related answers, check out Handshakes Help Center.

  • Log into your Employer Handshake account.
  • Select to “+Post a Job” from the Home dashboard.
  • Complete the form providing as much detail as possible for best recruiting results . All * areas are required.
  • Select “Next” along the bottom to move thru the posting options. Be sure to add how you would like to receive applicant packages, add Kennesaw State University as the school to post the job, and enter an apply start date and expiration date for the job post.
  • Submit for review and approval.

    • Provide details of your candidate preferences . Students who do not meet your preferences, will still be able to apply, but they will be highlighted for you and you may filter them out.
    • Include salary and pay information for best recruiting results and interest. You may provide a salary range within the job description.
    • State within your job description if you offer other types of compensation or “perks” .
    • Contact a member of our Employer Relations Team at 470-578-2724 if you should need further assistance.

    Handshake For Employers & Recruiters

    The Career Management System, Handshake is the largest early talent recruiting platform connecting employers, talent, and colleges in one place. It will help you source, engage, and hire the right talent for your team. All Kennesaw State University students and alums have access to Handshake accounts. We ask that you create your Employer/Recruiter accounts in our system as well. Its Free!

    If you’re interested in the Handshake Premium partnership, visit to learn more.

    Please contact us at 470-578-2724 or email if you have any questions.

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    Register For A Handshake Account

  • Complete the Employer Registration profile and submit or follow Handshake New Company Profile Instructions.
  • Use a valid business email address . The use of a personal email address will delay the vetting and approval process.*
  • Include a valid company website.*
  • Once your Employer Registration information has been approved by the Wasserman Center , you will receive notification.
  • Post a Job or Internship

  • Once you registered for an account, log in to Handshake using the login box on this page.
  • Click Post a Job on the main page to post your job or internship to NYU for free.
  • Review these important considerations before hiring an NYU student.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the job posting by clicking through with the next button.
  • Your submission will be sent for approval by our recruitment team.
  • Your position will be available to NYU students and alumni within 48 hours
  • Register for a Career Fair

  • Follow the instructions above to register an employer account.
  • Click the Fairs tab on the left hand side under Campus.
  • Search New York University to see all upcoming fairs.
  • Click the Register button beside the career fair you would like to attend.
  • Let Us Help You Find The Right Candidate

    how fast life hits you after graduation

    If you have posted jobs to our site previously, we will have already registered you in our database. Please select the link below “Already Registered Employer” and log in with your email address and password.

    If you are a new employer, please register below. Once registered on the system you will be able to post jobs directly to the site . All employer registrations and job postings are reviewed for approval usually within 1 to 2 business days. Following submission of your registration and/or job postings, if you opted in to receive emails from us, a confirmation will be sent to acknowledge your submission.

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    Jointly With The Cccs Career Consortium Colleges:

    System colleges have collaborated to develop a shared career services database for students and employers, making it possible for students to access a broader range of opportunities and for employers to connect with a larger talent pool in one location.

    To post an opportunity or event, please

    For instructions on creating an account, please

    Skilled Trades Are In Demand

    Skill shortages are a persistent problem in the labour market in Canada. The high number of skilled trades people who will be retiring within the next decade will only make the problem worse. This has serious implications in terms of labour market productivity, growth and competitiveness at home and abroad. We are here to assist employers in accessing skilled candidates interested in apprenticeship. We also administer the Apprenticeship Signing Bonus. A $2,000 apprenticeship signing bonus is available to employers to hire, register and train an apprentice.

    For more information and eligibility requirements please contact us.

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    Post Jobs And Internships

    How to Post

    We invite you to post jobs and internships for Boston College students and alumni on Handshake, our online career management platform. Prior to posting, you must register in Handshake. Use the resources from Handshake below to learn how to post a job.

    Note: Handshake may not be the best place to post your job or internship.

    Handshake is intended for job and internship positions that are appropriate for current students and recent alumni. As such, the following types of positions will NOT be approved:

    Boston College and many of our students are recipients of federal funding. To avoid a conflict in federal and state laws, and to protect our students from potential exposure to federal prosecution by association, the Boston College Career Center is unable to approve employers or job postings involved with the development, production, testing, distribution, or use of recreational or medical marijuana.

    The Boston College Career Center reserves the right to accept or decline any job or internship posting.

    Job and Internship Offer Policy

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