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How To Get College Coaches To Notice You

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Play Hard On Both Ends Of The Floor

How To Get Noticed By College Coaches

This is a very common thing in the game of basketball and many levels. There are especially a lot of young players that do not like to commit themselves fully on the defensive end of the basketball court. They play the game as though playing defense is a minor inconvenience for them. Their minds our focused solely on what they can do on the offensive end of the court and how they might score their next basket.

Your coach will definitely notice this fact.all good basketball coaches will stress how important it is to play good defense. In most cases, the team that plays better defense throughout the game will have a much better chance to win. Coaches truly appreciate when players commit fully to playing good, hard and aggressive defense.Make sure that you understand this and be committed to being a good defensive basketball player.

Being a basketball player that is fully committed to playing on both ends of the floor hes one of the best things to get your coach to notice you.

When To Contact Coaches

There is no exact right time to contact college coaches, but the general rule is that earlier is better. Typically, prospective athletes will contact coaches during their junior years or the summer before their senior years.

Even though there are rules regarding when and how much a coach can contact you, there are no rules stopping you from contacting a coach whenever and however often you deem necessary. Use your discretion, though. If a coach is not responding to you, dont continue contacting him or her.

Wondering How To Get College Coaches To Notice You Malcolm Butler Did

Last Wednesday, National Signing Day, is something of a major holiday for us in the office. But now that were over the swell of celebrating all of our recruits whether they physically signed NLI or notI want to talk about someone who didnt receive much attention when he was a high school student-athlete.

Im talking about Malcolm Butler, who gave one of the most stand out performances at the most-watched Super Bowl in the history of the game. Oh, and it helped that the game couldnt have been written any better.

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How To Respond To A College Camp Invite From A Coach:

Student-athletes should respond by thanking the coach for the invitation and confirm whether they will attend. If you plan to attend, let the coach know you are looking forward to the camp and follow the registration process. If you are unable to attend, include a schedule of your upcoming games and tournaments so the coach has other opportunities to watch you compete.

Regardless of whether you plan to attend a camp, always respond. Ignoring an invite is never a good recruiting move. Responding to a personal or generic camp invite is a great way to open conversation with a coach. If youve received a generic invite, the recruit should also include their highlight/skills video and link to their NCSA Recruiting Profile. You might even get your name on the list of recruits theyll be evaluating a camp!

When To Start Calling

How to Get College Coaches to Notice You

While college coaches cant contact recruits until June 15 after their sophomore year, student-athletes can initiate contact with coaches at any time. However, reaching out to college coaches isnt as simple as picking up the phone and calling. Its important for recruits to be strategic and take the necessary steps to prepare before calling a coach.

Before reaching out, student-athletes should try to narrow down their target list of schools to those they know they are most interested in. Once this list is finalized, recruits should start with an introductory email. Not only will this give you a chance to introduce yourself and share your important information, but you can also let the coach know to expect a call from you.

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Update Coaches On Your Progress

One or two responses from coaches doesnt mean that you are guaranteed to be recruited by them, or that you are even a serious candidate. You need to actively follow up with coaches by sending them updates on recent athletic or academic accomplishments. Coaches will NOT let you know if they are no longer interested it is your job to check in with them about your status.

The First Step Every Prospective Recruit Needs To Take

If a high school athlete is interested in our program they should go on our athletic site and fill out our form. This will come directly to our coaching staff and we will reach out to you.

Note: You can find a recruiting form or questionnaire on any programs website. This is a must for reaching out to schools you are interested in.

A student athlete that has interest in a particular school should have his or her coach contact the school. If the coach wont help the athlete and/or their parents should contact the school. Times, heights, and distances that a recruit has achieved are important.

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How To Get A College Football Coach To Notice You

Every. Single. Day. Athletes everywhere ask us the same question. Without a doubt, this is the question that is asked the most during the college recruiting process: How do I get a coach to notice me? And, understandably so. Because, getting a college coach to notice you for the first time, is essentially what makes you a recruit. Its the million-dollar question.

Well, with football season upon us, I thought now would be a good time to answer that question for all you high school football players out there! When we asked some of the best college football coaches in the country what it takes to for them to notice a recruit, here is what they had to say.

Sending Letters And Emails To Coaches

How to Get Coaches to Notice You So You Can Get a Full Ride Sports Scholarships?

Introducing Yourself to Coaches

You cant expect college coaches to know who you are and want to give you an athletic scholarship simply because of your athletic success. There are thousands of other student-athletes out there that you are competing against. You have to set yourself apart and get in contact with the coaches you may want to play for. Email can be a quick way to reach out to coaches, but taking the time to send written letters may get you noticed as well.

Guidelines for Letters and Emails

Get your name out there. Contact at least one coach each week, or around 50 a year. That may sound like a lot, but building relationships with multiple coaches might just result in several scholarship options when its time to choose a college.

Research each school and coach. Find out specific information about the athletic program youre contacting. Mention important wins or other recent success the coach has had. This kind of personal touch shows that youre interested in the coach and the college.

Avoid using a form letter. Coaches can tell when you do. Take the time to personalize each letter or email.

Include some essential aspects. There are several basic things that every letter or email should include.

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Attend The Right Showcases And Tournaments

Most travel teams will attend a few college showcase tournaments over the summer. These tournaments are great places to get noticed by coaches that are both on and off your target list. Let coaches you are actively communicating with know which tournaments you will be at, and make sure to check your emails and respond to college scouts that may have reached out to you.

In Tip 4, we talked about showing off your skills with video but heres an extra pro-tip: talk to your coach about investing in Realplay. Their video technology and recruiting platform allows you to knock out two of our tips with one stone . If you attend a Realplay event, youll get an added bonus: Rapsodo data overlay on all your videos!

Getting recruited to play at the next level is a long process, but it will all be worth it on signing day!

For more information on Rapsodo player development products, visit

How To Contact College Coaches

If you want to play college sports and find an athletic scholarship you will have to reach out and contact coaches proactively. Coaches cannot call or email you until July 1st after your junior year of high school and the likelihood of getting discovered at a camp or combine before that is not very high. Most coaches find out about potential college recruits when athletes contact them directly or through online profiles and recruiting services. In addition, before they can contact the athlete or family directly, they establish contact with a recruit through their coaches.

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Honestly Assessing Your Abilities And Aspirations

Once you know what you want, the recruiting process will become much easier. Then, as you start looking at each school individually, you can determine if it matches what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to coaches, current team members, academic advisers, and admissions representatives to get the information you need to make your college decision.

However, if you’re being recruited, especially if you’re a top recruit, college representatives may only tell you what they think you want to hear. Do your own research as well

Take Care Of Your Body

How To Get A College Coach To Notice You?

It is important to remember that being a student-athlete takes some self-discipline. one important factor that cannot be ignored is for you to remember to take care of your body. this can mean a number of different things.

One very important thing that young people are vulnerable to is making bad life choices and decisions. Be extremely careful with the people that you choose to hang out with and have as your circle of friends. Choose your friends wisely and have good moral character and good values to live by. If you choose poorly, you can find yourself caught up in things that you never thought you would do. Getting involved with illicit drugs and consuming alcohol as a young person can derail your dreams very quickly.

How can you expect to be the best student-athlete and person you can be by getting caught up in those kinds of things? Choose wisely and make good decisions.

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When Should I Start Contacting College Coaches

The recruiting process is starting earlier each year, with recruits as young as 12 or 13 years old getting interest from college coaches. However, that does not mean every athlete is ready to start reaching out to coaches as an 8th grader. Start researching schools and understanding the level of play expected at each one. Then, when you have developed your skills to be able to stand out to the coaches at those schools, begin your outreach. For athletes who play up on varsity during their freshman year of high school, they may be ready to start contacting college coaches then.

For athletes who play up on varsity during their freshman year of high school, they may be ready to start contacting college coaches then. For athletes who hit their stride later in their sophomore year, this could be a better time to initiate contact with college coaches. All you need to know about coaches and recruiting services.

It is advisable to try to reach out to coaches before the athletes junior year, but this is not a hard and fast rule. For athletes who hit a later growth spurt or mature later, junior year may be the best time to start contacting college coaches. For major Division 1 sports, its the norm for athletes and families to begin reaching out and going on unofficial visits as early as 8th grade or freshman year.

Recruiting Myths College Prospects Need To Know

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It seems like everyone who watches ESPN, logs on to, or watches high school sports has an opinion about how to get recruited. You need to be very careful here! Even people who mean well sometimes just dont fully understand the reruiting process from the college coachs point of view. Below are some of the major myths we commonly hear.

1 If you are good enough, college coaches will find you

2 If you receive a letter from a coach, you are being recruited

Coaches send out thousands of letters to high school athletes they may or may not have heard of and there are probably 500 kids tearing open the same exact letter you received. Receiving a letter means a coach knows your name and knows you play the sport they coach. Respond to the letter and follow-up with the coach. Until the coach calls you, invites you to the school and makes you a formal offer to join their program, the letters dont mean too much.

3 I made All-State so coaches will be calling me

Coaches also have limited resources and if you dont let them know that you want to play in college and get a scholarship, they cant recruit you. The athlete who contacts coaches first and takes control of their recruiting is the one who will get the phone calls.

4 Only the schools that send you letters are interested in you

5 Recruiting starts Senior year

6 College coaches only recruit top players

14 Division I programs have big recruiting budgets

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Get A Rapsodo Certified Assessment

Just like the ACT/SAT is the standardized test colleges look at to determine a students academic capabilities, RapScore is the standardized measurement baseball and softball coaches use to determine the hitting and pitching skill levels of prospective players. When you purchase a Rapsodo Certified Assessment at a participating baseball or softball tournament, you not only get your RapScore, but a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses and where you rank at different college levels. Many universities, including those in the Power Five conferences, take RapScores into account when assessing recruits. If you want to know how to get coaches to notice you, getting your RapScore featured on the Rapsodo National Player Database is a great start.

Always Hustle And Give It Your All

Tips to Get Noticed By College Coaches

It is always important for you as a player to hustle and give it your all whenever you are asked to do a drill. If you do not hustle in your basketball practices, then how is the coach to know whether or not you will give it your all come game time. When a coach sees you dragging or not giving it your all at practice he is likely to take notice of this and think about that as it pertains to plane time.

From a coachs perspective, this rings of very true. coaches desire to see all of their players hustle and give 100% and practice. Most coaches would argue that if you are not giving youre all at practice then you do not deserve to play in the games. Coaches love to see players that try their hardest even though they may not be the most talented. You will gain your coaches respect if you are always hustling and giving it giving it your all. This is one of the best things to get your basketball coach to notice you.

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Here Are A Few Tips To Get Coaches To Notice You For Recruiting:

1.) You need to be proactive with your recruitment. Do not sit back and hope a college coach discovers you. College scouts generally dont attend high school games to scout new recruits they are there to see athletes they already are recruiting.

2.) Attend off-season events where college coaches will be at. Example: golf tournaments, golf camps, college visits.

3.) Attend college camps. Dont get to just any college camp. Go to the camps that will benefit you the most. If you have been talking with the Ole Miss coach and not the Georgia coach, then go to the Ole Miss camp.

4.) Know where you stand academically. You cannot lie to a coach about your grades. Sooner or later theyll find out, and it is usually one of the first things they ask about when talking with you. Grades are important!

5.) Dont rely solely on your high school coach to get you a scholarship. A high school coach has a lot of other responsibilities to focus on other than your college recruitment. Definitely rely on them for support and guidance, but dont expect them to cater to your every need.

6.) Do something good for your community, or get involved with a school activity outside your sport. Coaches like when they see athletes that can manage more than one activity and are good citizens in the community. It makes you a better recruiting target when you do this.

Read more recruiting tips at the Recruit University and Contact a RecruitLook Scout for recruiting help!

Be An Engaged Player On The Bench

One of the very best things to get your coach to notice you is to be an engaged player on the bench What do I mean by this? When you are not in the game it is just as important to be involved with what is going on in a different way. you should show that you are excited for your teammates and what they are doing on the basketball court. You should be cheering and clapping for them when they make good plays.

I can promise you, that your basketball coach will take notice of this. Coaches hate when players sit on the bench and sulk and whine to themselves and those sitting next to them how about their lack of playing time and why they should be in the game. believe it or not your coach usually has a good reason why you are not playing. Its not about you, its about the success of the team. Another cliche saying that comes to mine is Theres no I in team.

Coaches love to have engaged players on the bench that helped spark excitement and enthusiasm for their teammates on the court. This is one of the best things to get your basketball coach to notice you.

So your coach and teammates you are excited for them while on the bench.

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