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What College Students Need For Dorm

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What Does A College Student Need For A Dorm Room

the ultimate dorm packing guide // what to bring & what to leave at home
  • Mattress pad and cover
  • Bed Sheets that are specific to college dorm bed sizes
  • Comforter / college bedding
  • Blankets
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Laundry bag and laundry detergent
  • Fan
  • Extra alarm clock
  • Ways to keep things safe in a dorm room
  • Computer with extra chargers
  • Cell phone and extra chargers
  • Ear buds / headphones
  • Small first aid kit

After that, you will add in other items specific to the school needs and living needs of your student and also freshman dorm room decor, so your list for freshman college dorm will vary. You dont need to worry about fancy college dorm rooms. Just get your college dorm basics taken care of first, along with any pertinent personal items!

Keep scrolling for the full dorm room checklist / college packing list and what to bring to a college dorm . Weve got you covered for the ultimate college packing list!

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The hard thing about the college checklist for freshman is that you will want to pack EVERYTHING to make sure your grad is prepared for anything for their new home.

But, you cant! There isnt that much space, so you definitely need to pack light.

The things needed for college may be a lot different than you remember. Plus, dorm rooms are small and compact. And, you want to prevent the dreaded things I regret bringing to college list.


Good idea?

Clothes To Bring To Your College Dorm

Youll need plenty of clothing, especially if you go to school where it gets cold. Your usual daily clothing like socks, underwear, shirts, and pants are all necessary. Then, depending on the weather, youll also need:

  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts
  • A light and a heavier jacket
  • Gloves, hats, and a scarf if its going to get cold
  • A pair of snow boots
  • Sneakers
  • A swimsuit if you go to school somewhere near the beach or with a pool
  • Rain gear if it rains a lot, plus an umbrella
  • Backpack
  • A bed

Pillows & Pillow Covers

You will want a pillow by the time you get back to your dorm after classes or just a long day. I recommend having two standard pillows and a bed rest pillow. Do not be like me and buy one pillow for my dorm. Your neck and back will hate you.

I also recommend a bed rest pillow because youll more than likely end up working on your bed.

This is my current bed rest pillow by UGG:

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Explore More College Planning Tips And Tricks With Nitro

Planning for college can be incredibly stressful from starting your college visits, writing admissions essays, to the first day of the actual semester. Luckily for you it doesnt have to be! Nitro is a great resource for current and prospective college students offering advice at every step of the way from filling out your applications to paying off your student loans. Find more tips and tricks likeadvice for decision day or ourtechnology packing list.

Clorox Wipes $2349 For A 3

9 surprising things every college student needs for their dorm room

Nobody is cleaning your room for you once you get to college, so you should have some basic cleaning supplies on hand. Clorox wipes are great for wiping away crumbs, dust, and any other grime that accumulates in your room. I have even used these to clean muddy, white sneakers, but I’m not sure that is the best method.

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Bamboo Rotating Organizer $2538 At Walmart

You should definitely have some storage to keep your supplies organized, so you can actually use your desk. This desk organizer won’t take up too much space and is a tidy way to store the school supplies that you use often, like notepads, scissors, pens and pencils. The natural color will fit in with any decor and it rotates too, for easy, fast access to your school supplies from all angles.

Medicine And Other Related Items

When you move away to college for the first time, you may not consider just how important everyday medicines and other related items are. Theyre usually easily accessible in your home’s medicine cabinet. When packing for college, we recommend thinking about:

  • Prescription meds, along with a plan for refilling them

  • Inhalers, if you use them

  • Over-the-counter meds you use regularly (Think: ibuprofen/acetaminophen, cold and flu meds, menstrual relief products, antacids, cough drops, etc.

  • Vitamins

  • Mini toolkit

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College Packing List Things To Take To College Freshman Year

Heading off to college for the first time can be overwhelming. What do you bring with you? What cant you bring with you? How are you going to get all of your stuff there? If you live close to your school, youll more than likely need a car or two to help you move. If you live out of state, it can get a bit tricky. No worries, we got your College Packing List below! These are the things to take to college freshman year!

Most schools provide a list of approved and prohibited dorm items on their websites in the housing section. Youll want to print that list while youre packing to make sure youre in line with the given restrictions before you get to campus. If you show up with restricted items you may be asked to take them back home. Because weve been there, we can give you some tips on exactly what to pack for college.

How Much Money More Money Does A College Student Need Each Month

Dorm Room Tech Every Student Needs Under $50!

Of course, what your child spends at college will depend on their activities outside of classes and their personal needs and wants.

Some statistics put personal college expensesyou know, spending money beyond rent, tuition, booksstarting at around $8,000 per year , or about an extra $667 per month.

This includes things like:

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Dorm Room Essentials Every College Student Needs

College dorm shopping requires planning out an inventory of items that are space-savvy, pragmatic, and durable.

With school back in full swing, students will be busy juggling schoolwork and social lives: their dorm rooms should be cool, yet comfortable enough to lounge and study in.

From bed risers that double as outlets to a laundry hamper that decodes care labels, here are the best products every college student should have in their dorm.

Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook $2599 At Quill

Moleskine journals are great for a multitude of uses. They are smaller than most typical subject notebooks, but still can be used for class. I like to use mine as a planner and for jotting down random notes and thoughts I have throughout the day. The hard cover notebooks are flexible, but still durable enough to survive a messy backpack.

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Personalized Decor On Etsy

OK, so shopping for personalized decor on Etsy doesnt quite fit the must-have category. But it sure would be fun to surprise your college students with, dont you think? There are some 250 pages of college-related gifts on Etsy. This includes monogrammed designs for a dorm wall, personalized laundry bags and plenty of call your mom decor.

If Ive forgotten to include anything on this list of things to bring to college, please write a comment and let me know. Im sure Ill be updating this blog post during the back to college season this year and in the years to come.

Other Must Haves On What To Bring To College

8 items every college student needs for their dorm room

While this article has focused primarily on college dorm must haves, there are many other must haves that guys and girls should bring to college. So Ive created this additional section on other must haves on what to bring to college. Some of this is tangentially related to a college dorm room. The rest of it is just smart advice to share on college shopping.

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What Your Kids Need For College Dorm Rooms

So, your homeschool graduates are ready to move into college dorms or residence halls, started packing for college, and the panic is starting to set in: What exactly does a student need for college dorm rooms, what are freshman year dorm room necessities / freshman year dorm room ideas, and how do students survive switching from homeschooling to college?

Inexpensive Cotton Towel Set

Towels arent provided, so youll need to bring your own. Getting an inexpensive one will save room in your budget for other necessities, and will keep you from worrying so much if something happens to it or it gets stained from being washed with non-like colors (I personally was far too busy and lazy to separate my colors for every wash

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Dorm Room Bathroom Supplies

I was lucky enough to have a bathroom right in my college dorm room. Neither my husband nor my daughters were so lucky.

That meant that in addition to buying college bedding and the like, they needed dorm room bathroom supplies that they could take to the bath down the hall. Here are some items you may want to add to your students college dorm bathroom checklist

Before You Go Grab These 3 Checklists

WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE: college dorm essentials (realistic helpful)
This post showed you 41 college dorm room must haves! Like it? Share it!
You NEED to see these college posts:

Remember when you lived at home and you had a nightstand next to your bed? Well, you dont have that luxury in college. Having a bedside shelf or organizer makes it easy to store things like your laptop, iPad, and other items without getting out of bed when you need them.

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Best Place To Buy College Bedding

In case you didnt know, college dorm beds require extra long, twin sheets. Target carries a knit jersey version of extra long twin sheets that my daughters loved. In fact, my daughter kept using these jersey knit twin XL sheets after they moved out of the dorm and no longer needed the extra long.

This tells you two things about why Target is one of the best places to shop for college bedding:

  • Your college student will love the bedding so much that theyll actually use it.
  • The Target bedding holds up so well that when you buy a few sets for freshman year, you might not need to replace them until long after your student graduates.
  • Blueair Pure Fan Auto

    The Blueair Pure Fan Auto doubles as a cooling fan and air purifier, giving you the benefit of both in one compact product to save space in small dorm rooms. Using Blueairs HEPASilent filtration technology, which is different from a typical high efficiency particulate air filter, the Pure Fan Auto removes over 99 percent of airborne allergens like dust and pollen from the air, according to the brand. It also provides a cooling stream of air and is built with an air quality indicator. The device is lightweight so you can move it around your room, and you can personalize its design with fabric pre-filters that are available in multiple colors.

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    Backpack Essentials For College

    These are the 5 college essentials for class that I always appreciate having stashed in my bag.

    First up is:

    7. Stain Remover Pen

    A stain remover pen is just the thing you need when an inopportune coffee spill happens. And if youre a bit of klutz like me, that usually a weekly occurrence. One of these has saved my white shirts and pants more times than I can count!

    A Tide to Go pen is a kind of out there unexpected college necessity, but Im attached at the hip with mine. I like to keep one in my backpack and in my purse because its small, portable, and I know my track record.

    To me, its well worth having one within arms reach when something stains my favorite piece of clothing.

    8. College Planner

    Another one of my backpack essentials for college is a planner. Its a major help for keeping your sanity while going to school.

    You may have not needed one in high school but trust me here. Its going to make staying on top of your class schedule, assignment due dates, social outings, and everything else A LOT more manageable.

    I always like to simplify my life in any way possible and a planner helps me achieve just that.

    9. Breath Mints

    Coffee is an almost universal staple among college kids and coffee breath is a real thing.

    You may not have time to brush your teeth in between classes but you do have time to pop a mint in your mouth. Breath mints are an unexpected, but much needed, thing to bring to college that will get steady use.

    10. Water Bottle


    Which is why:


    Starting College This Year Heres Your Essential College Dorm Checklist For Freshman Students

    #ecu #dormideas #collegedorm All College Students Need This easy dorm ...

    A lot can happen on your first day of college, so its better to be prepared with everything you may need, ready and set up for use. Here we have the ultimate list of things every college student needs in their room, including necessary supplies, study items, and what not to bring to college your essential college dorm checklist for freshman students.

    If youre starting college this year, and plan on moving into the dorms or an apartment, youll want to be prepared with a full checklist that includes everything you may need for your first year at college. You may be starting an on-campus degree, an online degree, or a hybrid degree. For those online students, youll want a list of things needed to change your current or new living space into the perfect freshman study zone.

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    Dorm Room Essentials List: 12 Things Every Freshman Needs For College

    The good news is your teen is GOING to college. The bad news is your teen is LEAVING for college. There may be a long list of things they WANT to buy, but here is the shortlist of the things that every college student needs to bring with them the real dorm essentials. We have cut to the basics and listed only the 12 must-haves that they will truly need on day one.

    In a few instances, we added extras for you to think about while shopping but have otherwise kept this college packing list deliberately short. Consider this a solid starting point and layer on the items that your college student knows they will use, not the myriad things that retailers and schools identify as Essentials.

    Besides, this is not 1992 and your student can easily order supplies and furnishings after theyve moved into their new space.

    Lucy Eldridge Mug $12 At Nordstrom

    Even if you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm room, bring a mug with you to school. You can use it as a vessel for tea, microwave meals, and if you really have no desire to make any sort of food, this will make an adorable pencil holder on your desk. I like this one for the fun animal prints and sayings.

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    Making The Most Of A Small Space

    If you know who your roommate will be, you can coordinate on the big items so you don’t wind up with two of something that takes up valuable space, like a microwave or refrigerator. You can also coordinate with your roommate on decor and other space saving options. By coordinating with roommates and bringing all the items you need, you’ll be well on your way to comfortable dorm living.

    If you need help downloading the printable checklist, check out these helpful tips.

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    WHAT YOU NEED FOR COLLEGE dorm essentials!

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