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What College Is The Cheapest

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Cheapest Universities In Canada


Cheapest Universities in Canada

Modern society highly values the degrees earned abroad. Nevertheless, it seems impossible to receive foreign education without spending a fortune. The cheapest universities in Canada are the exception to the rule. International students are welcome to choose affordable schools in Canada and receive a high-quality education. If you want to study abroad, you should examine the cheapest universities in Canada in more detail.

University of British Columbia

TheUniversity of British Columbia is one of the cheapest universities in Canada for local students and rather popular among international students in Vancouver and the alma mater of many famous Canadians, such as current prime minister Justin Trudeau. Many international students choose to study at one of the cheapest universities in Canada due to its prestige as being one of the top three universities in the country. The tuition fee for the graduate program starts from 8,900 CAD per year, while it goes from 27,292 CAD per year for the undergraduate program for international students.

The University of British Columbia offers around 500 bachelors and masters degrees in subjects such as Business and Technology Management, Education, Dentistry, Forestry, IT and Applied Technology, Land and Food Systems, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Linguistics and Translation, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science.

Memorial University of Newfoundland

University of Manitoba

McGill University

Whats Different About The College Consensus Ranking

Most college rankings dont take the long view they look at their own particular criteria and make their rankings from a narrow set of qualifications. Thats precisely where College Consensus is different. Instead of working from its own subjective standards, College Consensus aggregates rankings and reviews to take in all of the perspectives. College Consensus brings together the expert assessment and the lived experience, all treated on an equal plane so that no voice gets the priority. With the Consensus method, every college and university gets its due place in the higher education landscape. Read more about our ranking methodology and sources on our about page.

A Final Word: Remember It’s Not All About Cost

After seeing the low price tags on all these schools, you might be tempted to forgo your other priorities in favor of a loan-free future. However, there are many factors to consider besides cost in the college search process.

Even if you know it will be difficult for you to pay for college, many schools offer generous financial aid packages to those with demonstrated need. Avoid sacrificing your preferences for location, academic programs, and campus life just so you can spend less money on college.

Before you make a decision based on how expensive a school is, think about the following:

  • How big the school is and whether you think you’ll prefer a large or small environment
  • Where the school is located in the country and whether it lines up with how far away from home you want to be
  • The school’s program strengths and whether they align with your own interestswhat opportunities do you want to have available to you in college?
  • The social scenedo you want to be at a party school or one that caters toward smaller gatherings? Are you interested in Greek life at all?
  • Overall quality of academics based on its admissions rate and student feedback
  • The environment beyond the campusdo you prefer a large city or a small town?

If you’re not sure where to start and need more specific advice, read our step-by-step guide to the college search process. You can also look at some highly reviewed college search websites to learn more information about schools that interest you.

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Cheap Diploma Courses In Canada For International Students

A postgraduate degree is a crucial addition to your educational credentials because it not only allows you to receive advanced knowledge but also serves as a platform for skill development.

Aside from standard Masters programs, institutes around the world, including those in Canada, offer one-year or two-year PG diploma programs for students from various fields.

So, if you want to study in Canada, particularly, 2 years PG diploma courses, below is a list of some PG diploma courses:

  • PG Diploma in Finance
  • Energy Systems Engineering Technology

York College City University Of New York

US Colleges With Cheapest Dorms

York College of the City University of New York is one of 11 senior colleges in the CUNY system and is located in Jamaica, Queens, New York City. The school functions as one of the leading liberal arts schools in the CUNY system and was celebrated in 2013 as the US college with the lowest average student debt in the nation. Current enrollment is around 8,000 students studying about 40 majors. Notable programs include the honors program, nursing, occupational therapy, physicians assistant program, and aviation management. Around 40% of students study part time. Currently 80% of students receive some form of grant aid, lowering the average net price of attendance per year to $5,855.

  • Queens, New York City

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships:

These scholarships are for postgraduate PhD students and provide a wide diversity of candidates the opportunity to undertake a three year program with emphasis on leadership and ethics in innovation. It provides up to CAD$40,000 a year for tuition and living expenses and up to CAD$20,000 a year for research and travel purposes, both over the full 3-year period. It also involves:

  • Leadership seminars at reserved locations during the first year of the program
  • Creating a conference event in order to communicate your work to a broader public
  • Work with mentors and other collaborators to put together a creative project in your third and final year. It can involve everything from publishing a book to putting on a theatrical production to holding a fundraising gala.

For more information, write to .

The Average Cost Of College Tuition

Public colleges and universities in the United States receive state funding from taxes paid by residents, making them some of the cheapest universities in the USA. Public universities prioritize in-state students who are part of that tax-paying public. As such, out-of-state students generally pay much higher tuition.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics show that in-state students paid an average of $9,212 in tuition and fees for the 2018-2019 academic year. Meanwhile, out-of-state students paid an average of $26,382.

Each state maintains its own criteria for determining a students residency status. Proof of residency may include a record of tax payments, full-time employment within the state, or an occupational or state license. Some states also participate in reciprocity agreements that allow each members students to enroll as in-state learners.

Research the in-state residency requirements at your chosen school. In-state tuition can make your college degree much more affordable.

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How To Make A Decision On College Costs

The cost of going to college is definitely going to have an impact on your final college choice. For example, what if you managed to get into your first-choice college, but your second choice offered a more attractive financial package?

The first port of call is to figure out how much financial aid you are getting and how it will be allocated. Make sure to read your offer letter carefully before making a decision. Consult someone you trust, like your parents, so that they can help you understand how much you are getting out of it.

Once thats clear, calculate all the other extra costs of going to your college choices, such as accommodation, meals, textbooks, and transportation. These expenses may seem small, but they do add up over time.

Finally, evaluate your willingness to apply for a student loan. Student loans have a massive impact on the amount that you will pay for your education overall. Its also the most common form of financial aid. Keep in mind that federal or state loans usually come with lower interest and more repayment alternatives than private loans from banks or other lenders.

Think through getting a student loan carefullystudent debt is a serious issue for many students around the country, even after they graduate, so considering a cheap college is a great first step. Make sure that you can support your college education with sound financial advice and good spending habits.

Scholarships At Cheap Universities In Canada For Undergraduates

5 cheapest colleges(College )in Canada for international students 2021|Cheapest colleges in Canada

Though finding cheaper colleges in Canada for international students comes in handy, availing funds in the form of scholarships can also prove to reduce expenses. Few popular scholarships you can apply for as an undergraduate in Canada are listed below.

$1000 per year up to four years
Entrance Scholarships
tuition, fees, and living costs for 3 years
Entrance Scholarship with Distinction
Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Science and Health Sciences Simon Fraser University
University of Manitoba $240,000

Often the scholarships in Canada are determined and modified every year according to the needs of the program and university.

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How Do We Rank The Most Affordable Colleges & Universities

College Consensus is the most unique college ranking site youre likely to see. The Consensus method combines two different sets of data: first, we gather results from the most reputable rankings, including Money, Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Wallethub, and Washington Monthly. Then, we pull together the most legitimate, verified student reviews from sites like Students Review, My Plan, Cappex, and others. Combining the Publisher Rating and the Student Review Rating, we calculate the Consensus Rating, which provides a solid average that we use to rank colleges and universities across a wide range of specializations, regions, and other categories.

Neil Griffin College Of Business

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Tuition: $6,600

Arkansas State University has been bringing higher education to students for 100 years and is continuing to expand and become a stronger university through research, outreach, and community involvement. Earning a masters in business administration from Arkansas State University has never been easier. This online MBA program is a flexible and challenging program that helps students achieve a greater potential. For students looking for a concentration, their MBA degree offers two emphases in supply chain management and finance. Participating in the online version of this program will prepare you for a growing technology-driven field. No matter which concentration is chosen students will be required to take classes in the legal environment of business, business statistics, business finance, operations management, principles of microeconomics, principles of macroeconomics, and intro to managerial accounting. Upon graduation, youll have gained a better understanding of being a leader preparing you to take on your next professional position.

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Minot State University In North Dakota

Founded in 1913 in Minot, North Dakota, Minot State University ensures a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, making it the place to go if you want to enjoy the small town feeling where everybody, including faculty staff, knows your name in a big town university campus.

At Minot State University, you can choose from 60 undergraduate programs as diverse as information systems, science, social work, education, finance and criminal justice.

Annual tuition for international students:$6,809

Percentage of international students:12%

What Is The Average Roi For A Bachelors Degree

Top 10 cheapest college towns

Different sources collectively state that a bachelors degree return on investment is between 8-15% . This really depends on all the factors mentioned above: the major that you take, possibly the college you attend, where you plan to work geographically, the actual career you choose, etc. There are unfortunately colleges and/or majors where your ROI may be much less or even negative .

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What Are The Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Unsurprisingly, many students prioritize affordability when they begin their college search. And as online education gains even greater prominence, many cost-conscious students begin by looking for the cheapest online colleges in terms of tuition costs. Its a fair place to start the search, considering how much students save by foregoing room and board, commuting costs, and textbook fees.

Critically, there is a big difference between affordable online colleges and cheap online colleges. Our list below is an attempt to separate the former from the latter. Using our new College Affordability Score, we have carefully calculated a list of online universities that offer robust educational opportunities and comprehensive financial aid. These colleges have a proven track record of helping online students graduate, without saddling them with punishing, long-term debt. This data can help you determine which colleges give you the best chance to earn a degree at an affordable price.

Rankings compiled by the the BestColleges Ranking Team

One of the most affordable colleges on this ranking, IU offers online undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields. Popular bachelor’s degrees include applied science, health and health sciences, and mathematics. Individuals can visit each program’s website to read about potential career opportunities.

California State Universitylong Beach

Long Beach, Calif.

Go to school at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Long Beach California is one of the states most celebrated stretches of coastline, and youll be right there. Be careful, though the beautiful environment may distract you from your studies. The campus is beautiful and features a strong arts program, which includes dance, design, music, theater and more. CSULB also provides students with many volunteer opportunities within the community.

Tuition: $6,834

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Be Aware Of Hidden Fees For Colleges

At your chosen school there may also be some hidden fees, or fees that are not disclosed up-front. These may include high demand tuition fees , international premiums , ancillary fees . Some post-secondary institutions will require that you take an English proficiency test before arriving in Canada, this may cost money.

Canada Asean Scholarships And Educational Exchanges :

TOP cheapest colleges in the USA for international students / Everything about Community Colleges

SEED provides students from ASEAN nations with short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at Canadian post-secondary institutions. The overall purpose of SEED is to find candidates who will contribute to the UNs Sustainable Development goals, including gender equity and action to combat climate change. To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Be citizens of ASEAN member states: Brunei, Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos , Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam.
  • Not be Canadian citizens or permanent residents or have applied for permanent residence.
  • Not be already enrolled in a degree or diploma program at a Canadian post-secondary institution.
  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary institution in an ASEAN country.
  • Take the responsibility themselves for applying for a work permit or study permit .
  • Choose a field of study or research in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by submitting a 1-page letter of intent showing how their chosen field of research contributes to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The duration and amount of the SEED exchanges are as follows:

  • CAD$10,200 for a 1-term exchange. For college, undergraduate, or graduate students
  • CAD$12,700 for a 5-to-6-month period of study or research. For graduate students only
  • CAD$15,900 for a 2-term period of study or research. For undergraduate and college students.

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What Are The Lowest Cost Colleges In The Us

We scoured the list of US Colleges, looking for the ones that offered the most affordable tuition rates. While the primary criterion was the lowest tuition cost, we looked at other aspects that made the schools special, unique, and beneficial to students. The survey excluded community colleges and four-year colleges that did not offer multiple bachelors degree programs.

We also noted some important trends. Many states have upgraded and expanded community colleges into four-year degree institutions. These expansions often took the form of inductions into State University Systems and State College Systems. The addition of state resources and education standards helps ensure that students get high-quality education.

Educational costs in the form of tuition expenses and post-graduate student debt are important issues in American education. This review offers students information about access to high quality low-cost education, both on campus and online. Our results are based on In-State Tuition.

Our Methodology

West Liberty University Gary E West College Of Business

West Liberty, West Virginia

Tuition: $6,780

West Liberty University is West Virginias oldest institution and has been providing rich education to students since 1837. West Liberty Universitys main goal is to provide more educational opportunities to students no matter where theyre located. The Masters of Business Administration program at West Liberty University is an accelerated program and can be completed in 12 months. Youll take 10 courses with each course taking approximately 7 weeks to complete. Classes start in January, May, and August. This masters program has 3 concentrations to choose from in management, forensic accounting, and healthcare management. This MBA program will challenge you and enhance your business competencies so you can thrive as a strategic professional. In 2019 College Consensus ranked West Liberty University accounting concentration as Best Online Masters Accounting Degree Program. With each concentration, youll take courses in Global Economics, Social Responsibility/Business Ethics, Strategic Human Resource Management, and Information Technology Management.

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New Mexico Navajo Technical University

  • Out of state tuition cost: $4,070
  • Total tuition cost: $15,510

We are as strong as the prayers that made us, is one of the slogans that back the Navajo Technical University. This statement is representative of the way the school approaches traditional education by infusing it with the cultural principles of the Diné culture. What this means is that students are able to receive training and education to not only become productive members of the community but culturally and environmentally conscious people as well. At its heart, NTU believes that every student has the innate ability and intelligence to acquire academic and technical skills and has set aside the resources for them to succeed. NTU is the fifth lowest out-of-state tuition cost on our list.

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