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How To Make Easy Money Online For College Students

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Become A Teaching Assistant

Easy Side Hustles for College Students | How to Make Money in College

If youve taken any intro-level or gen-ed class at your university, youve probably had a TA. The TAs job may have been to assist the professor during class, help students with assignments outside of class, or even to teach the class entirely .

Whatever the specific duties, being a TA is a great way to get hands-on experience with teaching and the daily life of a professor. Especially if youre considering a career in academia, a TA job will show you what life is like behind the scenes of the lecture hall. In some cases, you can also get class credit for being a TA.

To become a TA, youll need to have an existing relationship with the professor. Its best if youve taken the class youll be TA-ing . While TA positions are sometimes advertised on official campus job boards, the best way to get one is to contact the professor you want to TA for directly. Let them know youre interested in being their TA, explain why youre qualified, and tell them how youd bring value to the class they teach.

Work As A Summer Lifeguard

Love to swim and work outside? Then give lifeguarding a shot. Sure, you wont actually be doing much swimming. Mainly, youll be sitting around and making sure everyone stays safe in the pool, You get to blow a whistle and work on your tan, though.

To be a lifeguard, youll need to undergo specific training in first aid and rescue techniques. Usually, this class is offered as part of the training process for the lifeguarding job youre getting.

Dont Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out There

Whether you need the money for living expenses or just want some extra spending cash for the weekend, theres no shortage of options for making money in college.

Dont be afraid to try things you never imagined doing. College is a great time to explore different jobs and side hustles to find what you like. If youre going to school for finance but youve always had an interest in writing, then try your hand at creating a blog or writing for websites. You may learn new skills and interests that will aid in your future career, or find something that changes your career path altogether.

Even if your side hustle doesnt turn into a full-time gig, the lessons learned, connections made, and skills gained will be well worth the experience.

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How To Make Money In College Online

The millennial generation is notorious for always having a phone or electronic device near or with them at all times. This works in your favor because you are just increasing the opportunities you have at making money.

Seriously, the amount of options you have for making money online is insane these days. Its basically a scenario of if you can dream it, you can do it!

One of our favorite options for side gigs to make money is using apps for college students to make money. Why?

Because you can use these apps ANYTIME, and theyre so easy to fit into whatever your class and social schedule might look like!

The best part? You dont even have to leave your dorm! All of these jobs allow you to enjoy the college experience in a dorm or suite and still have a job that makes money.

What are you waiting for? Get your side hustle on!

If youre not into working a side hustle you can always learn ways to save money in college to help with the burden too like having your parents start a 529 plan for you.

Online Jobs For College Students In 2021

14 Online Jobs for College Students (With Little to No ...

Ah, college. A time of new experiences, learning who you are, drinking like Wade Boggs, and being pretty broke.

Its a strange time to be a college student.

More colleges are moving to online learning, but not dropping tuition rates. And with business closures and restrictions, its tougher to find a job.

However, its a great time to find an online job or start an online business.

It can be challenging to focus on your classes and an online job at the same time. But in the new gig economy, there are plenty of simple ways to start earning extra cash on your own schedule.

Most of the options in this article are work from home jobs and businesses only requiring a laptop and an internet connection.

This article covers the 17 best online jobs for college students to help you make money while working remotely.

But before you choose which job or business idea is right for you, lets answer a few quick questions.

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Earn Money While In School As A Copywriter

You can earn yourself cool cash in exchange for your freelance writing skills for blog posts, websites, magazines, etc. If you have the skill to churn out such articles, then you can sign up and offer freelance writing services on sites like these two.

Upwork: When you offer freelance writing on sites like Upwork, you will not run short of jobs to bid for. It may interest you to know that this site gets more than 30 million visits per month. That is mammoth! And you might be able to find yourself a job within no time.

Fiverr: Another great platform to use as a freelance writer. Once signed up you can then set up your freelance writing gig and position yourself to offer your skills to the global market on Fiverr.

Freelance writing can be a lucrative side hustle that you can actually develop further after your college days.

Start A Blog Or Website

If you really want to make money online, you need to start a blog or website. This is your home-base for everything that you do online, and it, by itself, can turn into a hugely profitable venture. has turned into a 6 figure business that started in college. It’s really easy to get started.Simply get a domain and webhosting for cheap at Bluehost. We started this blog on Bluehost because it was cheap, easy, and simple to get started. If you you’ll save and get the special price of $2.95 per month.

Then, check out our tutorial on how to start a blog or website to make money. With time and effort, you can be on your way to six figures per year.

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Try Your Hand At Freelance Writing

Journalism or English majors are obvious candidates for a freelance writing side hustle. But having your writing published online can help you build authority no matter what your field of study.

For example, if youre a food and exercise science major, writing for a health and fitness website would show future employers that you have a passion for your work, and that you understand and can communicate difficult concepts to the lay person.

The same goes for anyone majoring in finance, law, medicine, or really any subject. If you want to become an authority and be known as an expert in your field, freelance writing can help build your credibility. Some niches, like personal finance, also pay very well.

This free workshop offers tips from six-figure freelance writer Holly Johnson. In it, Johnson covers the six keys to being successful as a freelance writer, techniques to increase your income, and how to get your foot in the door with high-paying clients.

Legit Online Jobs For Students In Canada To Earn Money

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE AS A BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT | Easy side hustles for college students

The stress that college students face often has to do with more than just taking classes and writing exams. Having enough money to pay your bills can also be a challenge.

Thankfully, there are many online jobs for students you can do from any location in Canada and the United States as long as you have access to the internet.

These legitimate work from home opportunities require little to no upfront investment and offer easy ways to earn extra cash.

Looking for a part-time job that is great for international students and foreign workers? Start with this list of the 12 best online jobs for students.

  • Final Thoughts
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    Get Paid For Completing Small Tasks On Amazon

    Have you heard of ?

    Create an account, and start performing human intelligence tasks. These tasks range from answering surveys to transcribing interviews to creating spreadsheets. You can pick and choose what you want to do.

    Penny Hoarder contributor Michael Naab shared that he made an average of $500 a month through Mechanical Turk.

    Find Money You Didnt Know Was Yours

    State treasuries throughout the U.S. have more than $43 billion in unclaimed funds, according to The New York Times. Just sitting around! Waiting for you to come play lost and found.

    Check for your unclaimed money with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Click your state on the map, and itll redirect you to your states appropriate search site.

    Penny Hoarder reader Kelli Howell heeded our advice, performed a quick search and found unclaimed money in her husbands name.

    As I was scrolling through, I saw his name and his middle initial, she says. She asked him to confirm his old Florida address he grew up in Tampa. Sure enough, Mark Howell was entitled to $56 from a matured insurance policy.

    Not bad for an unexpected check, right?

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    Do Catering On Weekends

    Catering companies are always looking for extra help because their schedules are so odd. Most catering companies have little work during the week, but need a large staff on the weekends. This works well for college students who are just looking to earn an extra few dollars.

    If you don’t know where to find these gigs, check out Craigslist for Jobs or Gigs in your area.

    Icipate In Market Research

    25 Easy Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

    Get paid for providing your opinions. Yes, thats what market research panels like Swagbucks pay you to do.

    Companies use the data generated to plan their marketing and product promotion strategies.

    While you wont get rich taking surveys, you can easily answer surveys on your phone when you are less busy. Here are some legitimate online surveys.

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • Average pay: $15-$30 per hour
    • Where to find work: Freelancer and Upwork

    I used to do proofreading gigs as a college student and it helped hone the writing skills I have today.

    If you easily catch grammatical or punctuation errors when reading, a freelance proofreading job could work for you. No previous experience is required.

    Caitlyn Pyle earned $43,000 proofreading part-time and her Proofreading Anywhere course is a must-take if you want to make some real money.

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    Students Can Become An Online Influencer

    If youve knowledge about a specific information which many people do not know, then you can teach your unique knowledge to others. You may earn money for this activity.

    You might start a blog, vlog, a podcast and or always be active on any of the social media networks. This will tend to join many audiences which will convert this audience as online business.

    Whalar and Viral Nation is a place where you can find Online Influencer jobs to earn money.

    Donate Your Blood Plasma And Get Rewarded

    You can donate your blood plasma as a way to earn cash. The blood plasma is used to treat many people with ailments such as blood clotting disorders.

    Youll make roughly around $50 for the donation. to find a licensed center for blood plasma donations.

    So out of the many ways of how college students can make extra money that have been shared, find one that suits you and redeem your situation. Obviously, with a little effort on your side, youll realize that any student has the potential to make some extra income or even start earning passive income on the side. Besides, the earlier you start using these ways to make money in college, the easier you may be able to liquidate your student loan.

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    Recycle Cans And Bottles

    Another simple way to earn some extra money is simply recycling. Most places around the country allow you to get paid for turning in bottles and cans. It’s not much, but full bags of cans could get you about $5 per bag or more. Plus, it helps clean up the area too!

    There are even guides available to help you make the most money you can recycling.

    How To Make Money In College Selling Textbooks

    How To Make Money Online As A College Student – 2 Easy Ways

    Selling textbooks will bring you student money for college. If you have books you used the previous semester and you dont need them anymore, think of selling them. Here is a website to use. All you do is punch in the ISBN number from the back cover of your book. The site will then give you a quote that is valid for 7 days. If you are happy with the quote, they provide you with a prepaid shipping label to enable you to send the book to them.

    After that, youll get paid. The cash may not be equivalent to finding college grant money. However, it may bridge the gap on how to pay for college needs that arise from time to time.

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    Rent Your Space On Airbnb

    Airbnb is a website that allows people to rent out all or part of their home or apartment to travelers. You can make a nice side income doing this if you have the time and commitment to detail. Youll need to provide the utmost in customer service, as well as communicate promptly with guests and be willing to handle any issues that arise.

    Also, be careful about renting out rooms in an apartment or house that you dont own. Always check with your landlord and get their permission firstyou dont want to get evicted for violating your lease.

    Ready To Start Your Journey

    • College leads to a higher income down the road, but many students are strapped for cash.
    • The online gig economy makes it easier to earn a side income while in school.
    • While earning money in college can pay dividends, work can also interfere with studies.

    Students who take out loans to pay for college may use those funds for living and personal expenses but after paying for tuition and housing, that doesn’t leave much. To help close this gap, 43% of full-time college students work. For part-time students, that figure swells to 81%.

    In addition to the usual roster of part-time jobs available to college students are millions of ways to make money on the internet. For example, you can create and sell artwork, digital content, or refurbished VCRs, or help local businesses build a website or manage social media.

    The best ways to make money in college tie back into your major and provide you with relevant work experience. Spare time in college can rack up spare change, but the potential payoff is much greater. Working in college can help you find a job faster after graduation and even make more throughout your career.

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    Pay: Around $25 Per Voice Over

    There is a high demand for people who can provide high-quality voice-overs. The projects that you will work the most are instructions and entertaining content.

    However, we do need to mention that this job is only possible if you have recording equipment and a good voice. The voice is whats more important because you can use the microphone of a gaming headset to get the job done.

    How To Make Money As A College Student: 10 Smart Ways To Earn Online While Studying

    Ways For College Students To Make Easy Money

    Are you a broke college student? You dont have to be. Here are 10 methods you can use to make money as a college student.

    There are many ways through which you can make money as a college student without affecting your grades or social life. The internet makes it possible for you to make money without leaving your apartment. In this post, we will consider ways you can make extra cash while working online.

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    Take Online Surveys For Cash On Survey Junkie

    Taking online surveys to make passive income is a no-brainer!

    You definitely wont get rich or make hundreds of dollars per day with survey alone, but you wont waste much time, and you can make some money the easy way. Here is my favorite survey site:

    Survey Junkie: This is a free side hustle app for your phone. I really mean free all around free to join and they dont charge anything to be a member . You can get a free registration bonus for free when you join through this link.

    Shop Online With Rakuten

    Ibotta helps you save money when you shop in-person, and Rakuten will help you save money on almost every online purchase.

    You can save money on the following online purchases:

    • Clothes or shoes
    • Video Games
    • Discounted gift cards

    After your cash back balance reaches $5, Rakuten will send a check via PayPal. If youre already going to shop online to get the best deals, Rakuten may help you to pay even less.

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    Get Rewarded For Things You Buy

    This isnt so much a side hustle as it is just making sure youre not missing out on low-hanging fruit. If you do a lot of your shopping online, CapitalOne Shopping can help you save with coupons and reward credits.

    CapitalOne Shopping users can earn up to 40% back with retailers like Amazon, American Eagle, Sephora, and hundreds more. Create your free CapitalOne Shopping account and be sure to get the extension for your browser. Whenever you visit a website that offers rewards or deals with CapitalOne Shopping, youll get a pop-up on your screen. Just click the button and your discount or credit will be applied at checkout.

    Redeem your credits for gift cards to places like Sephora, American Eagle, and Hulu.

    Note: Capital One Shopping compensates us when you sign up for Capital One Shopping using the links we provided.

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