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How To Get Into College In Europe

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The American International University In London In Richmond Hill & Kensington England

How to get into any university in Europe ( Norway and Finland). Tips for getting scholarships.

London is a city with endless amounts of sights to explore and bustling activity. The American International University in London , located at two different campuses in West London, offers you the chance to live in this fast-paced city and receive a degree that would be both UK and U.S. accredited. In fact, the AIUL is the first and only UK university that is able to award these dual degrees.

An education here will open up even more doors for employment, especially if you decide to continue living abroad after graduation. With a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, the AIUL also offers internship and study opportunities in countries around the world.

The American University Of Paris In Paris France

If the idea of practicing your French while you stroll across from the Eiffel Tower sounds like a dream come true, then The American University of Paris might be the place for you. Created as a liberal arts college, AUP is centered on their motto: Preparing students from everywhere to thrive anywhere.

AUP is known for its emphasis on interdisciplinary and cross-cultural studies. Students are challenged in the classroom and able to explore what many call the most beautiful city in the world outside of the classroom. At AUP, you can take classes with students from an astounding 108 different nationalities all in one place.

Boston University Admissions Sat Act Gpa And Class Rank

Those admitted into the Class of 2025 sported an average high school class rank in the top 6%, an A-/A average, and middle-50% standardized test scores of 1430-1540 on the SAT and 33-35 on the ACT. Those who went on to enroll in the university for the start of the 2020-21 school year held SAT scores with a middle-50% range of 1340-1460 the ACT range was 30-34. The average unweighted GPA was 3.76 and 66% were in the top 10% of their high school class.

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Tips For Your College Essays

The college essay is a unique piece of writing. It requires you to be introspective and to share something thats meaningful to you on a personal level. The best essays tend to zero in on a particular experience that reveals something significant about the writers identity.

The personal essays a challenging assignment, so you should give yourself several months to work on it. You might take several weeks to brainstorm the right topic. Once you come up with a draft, you might share with teachers, friends, and families for feedback. Ultimately, though, the essay should be in your voice and stay true to who you are.

As an international student, you may be able to bring unique multicultural experiences or language skills to campus. Your essays a great opportunity to share your perspective and show admissions officers why it should be represented on campus.

Supplemental essays, while not as lengthy as the personal essay, are also an important part of your application. Probably the most common mistake that students make with supplemental essays is rushing through them and producing generic answers. Your supplemental essays should be specific and customized to each school. Theyre typically an opportunity for you to show what you know about the college and your particular reasons for wanting to attend.

Ask a teacher who’s happy to paint a flattering picture of you in her letter of recommendation.

Tips For An American Applying To A European University

How to get into Oxbridge: 5 ways to navigate Oxford and ...

There are a variety of advantages to studying abroad, including the chance to travel and experience different cultures. Many students also find that they can finish their degrees in a shorter period of time and for less money than if they went to a university in the United States.

Resource: 30 Great European Universities for Studying Healthcare Abroad

Still, the European education system can be quite different from what American students may be used to. Therefore, you should research more than just the application process for enrollment. Here are some tips for selecting a European university to attend and applying for entrance.

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Can I Study In English In France

Studying in English in France, although not the most common thing you hear, is possible.

Public Universities in France are some of the most affordable institutions in Europe. Some of them have English-taught programmes where you can get a full French English. Most of them will also include teaching you French while you study in English but some like Sciences Po have English-only programmes. Read our article about how to find English-taught programmes in France and which are the best ones.

Should I Apply To Boston University

Students with SATs below a 1350 SAT and/or a 3.75 GPA will likely need a hook to achieve their dream of becoming a Terrier. BU, with acceptance rates of 18-19% is only hunting for students that possess 90th percentile and above standardized test scores and have earned mostly As in a highly rigorous high school curriculum. If Boston University is your aim, make sure to also have a rock-solid backup plan. All students need to make sure that they formulate an appropriate college list, containing a complement of target and safety schools. Youll definitely want to do this in conjunction with an admissions professional.

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In The Us Early Decision Applications Are An Option

Early Decision applications give students an upper hand if they’re applying to competitive schools. Regular admission applications are usually due around January, while ED apps must be submitted a few months prior.

The catch is that most ED apps are binding. If you’re admitted to a school early, that means you’re locked into attending that college.

How Many Schools Should I Apply For


It is better to make one good application than many bad ones. Often you can get a reply within a month, so if you apply early, you still have the chance to apply for more schools if you dont get accepted. Many schools charge application fees for international students so that is another reason not to apply to so many schools.

For low-ranking universities, community colleges and language schools it is easy to get accepted so applying to one school is usually enough, but if you apply for high-ranking universities, it will be harder. Then you might apply for a couple at the same time.

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Not Speaking The Native Language For Americans Is Not Much Of An Issue As Most Young People Speak English

I only speak English and have never had an issue getting around in any place Ive been. Students in non-USA countries take English classes in school and watch tons of American TV they know the language well, and a lot more about our culture than youd think. The older people, Ive seen, are the ones who dont speak English many times and dont care to learn . But with a combination of basic English, a pocket translator and some gesturing , youll get by.

Make A Fucking Decision

I decided sometime late in my college years that I would be playing basketball after I graduated. I was 100% committed, even though I had no idea how or where or when Id get there. There was no Plan B. A player that sits the bench at Duke or Michigan State for four years will get professional offers from teams just based on the fact that he/she was on the roster at one of those schools, even without expressing interest in playing professionally.

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By Step: How To Get Into An Australian University As An International Student

Dreaming of studying in the wonderful country of Australia? Youre not alone Oz is one of the worlds most popular destinations in the world for international students.

Not only is Australia famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches, magnificent creatures large and small and friendly locals, but also for its exceptional higher education system.

Settled on studying in Oz, you should know the application process itself is long and among visa applications, examinations and a mass of paperwork, you will want to prepare as early as possible.

However, if youre a New Zealander, rejoice as you are considered the same as domestic students when it comes to visas and fees .

Studying in Australia problems. Source: GIPHY.

So you know you want to get there but are a little confused as to how you can turn your dream into a reality

Well, we have the answers.

1. Ensure you meet all requirements

The last thing you want to do is to get your hopes up about your potential new life in Australia only to find you arent eligible to go. Keep in mind there are many, many hoops to jump through before you land on Aussie soil, but we are here to simplify things for you.

There are numerous documents you are likely to need but these can vary from university to university, and country to country so be sure to check with admissions teams via university websites. Universally, however, you will almost definitely need:

  • An up-to-date passport
  • Disadvantages Of Study In Europe For Indian Students 2020

    Which western European universities are the easiest to get ...

    If you wish to study in this country, then you need to know about the disadvantages also. The disadvantages are given below:

    • The most common issue to study in this country is language barrier
    • Therefore, it might hamper the students for any type of field works
    • The students may have to learn new languages for internship period
    • As it will help the candidates to communicate with the patients
    • Homesick is another problems that is faced by many students every year
    • Lawyers might not get a lot of cases to handle in some European places during internship
    • There is a problem of being distracted by the guidance of frauds.

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    Where Do I Actually Do My Clinical Placements

    To be competitive for US and Canadian residency programs, most of your clerkship placements and electives need to be done in the US or Canada. My friends who trained in Ireland did placements all over North America, including Canada. These were crucial. They can be hard to get if you dont know anyone.

    Schools That Are Just Too Expensive

    So, which medical schools are the absolute worst for your wallet? Well, believe it or not, they arent private medical schools. Instead, the top five most expensive medical schools are all public universities.

    How is that possible? Because some public universities charge absolutely shocking tuition rates for non-residents.

    For instance, if you attend the University of Illinois as a non-resident, youll pay $99,014 per year. Thats insane!

    These schools are practically begging you to stay away. And if you dont want to graduate with massive student loans, you should do exactly that.

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    The Top 10 American Universities In Europe

    Amidst the stress of the college search, there are few ideas as romantic and enticing as studying abroad in a foreign country. Picture carrying your book bag along the river Seine as you take in the sights and sounds of Paris, or hopping on a quick flight to the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean for spring break.

    It might sound like a fairy tale, but when you think about the logistics of moving to a foreign country — possibly where a foreign language is spoken — and encountering an educational system far different from your own, it sounds more daunting than idyllic. Whether youre dreaming about a semester abroad or completing your entire degree in a foreign country, if the idea of studying in foreign lands makes you feel nervous, youre not alone. Luckily, theres an option for folks who want to experience living in a different country while keeping some semblance of familiarity: American universities abroad.

    There are also some logistical advantages to attending an American university in Europe. If you qualify for financial aid in the U.S., you may be able to use this aid towards your tuition at an American university abroad. These universities will also allow you to transfer credits to a college back in the U.S., or vice versa if youre not planning on completing your full degree abroad. The transfer process would likely be more difficult if you were to attend a European university, as their classes might not match as well to American courses.

    Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 Data Reveal The Top Colleges In Europe


    European universities take just over 40 per cent of the places in the list of the best universities in the world.

    The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 ranks more than 1,600 universities around the world. Just over 550 of them are in Europe.

    A UK institution the University of Oxford takes the top spot in our Europe table , while 101 other UK universities appear in the league table. Spain is the next most represented European country, with 52 institutions.

    Of the universities in mainland Europe, a Swiss institution ETH Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich achieves the highest rank, putting it in the top five in Europe and joint 14th in the THE World University Rankings 2021.

    The top 10 European universities include UK, Swiss and German institutions, but UK universities take most of the top spots.

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    Get Your Finances In Order

    In order to fulfill student visa requirements, you will need to show proof that you have, or have access to, around 8,700 per year to cover your living costs, although you may find you need more, depending on your lifestyle and spending habits . Living costs also vary depending on the location according to Mercers Cost of Living Survey, Munich is currently the most expensive city in the country.

    If youre concerned about costs, there are scholarships available to support students studying in Germany at various study levels.

    When Do Grad School Programs Start In Europe How Long Are They

    For the most part, the Masters programs start in September, though in some cases they will start in October . The standard European Masters program is 2 years in length, but there are a few that are just 1 year, full-time, and really dont allow for opportunities to work on the side.

    Some programs are actually 2 years part-time, but only for EU students. Case in point with University College Dublin: I had to apply to the full-time version of the program because I was an international student.

    A final consideration for timing is how the terms fall. Oxford has three main 8-week terms with two 6-week break terms separating them. Some German universities have two main terms, from October-February and March-July. It varies.

    2 main terms fall and spring, with summer break

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    Can I Find A Master’s Program In English In Europe

    Yes! There are actually quite a few Master’s programs taught in English — even outside of the UK. Especially at the graduate level, coursework at European universities are frequently done in English, rather than the local language.

    Fortunately and unfortunately, English is the lingua franca for many international businesses and organizations. As a way to attract more international students, universities are offering more and more English masters courses.

    Us Students Can Also Bolster Their Applications With Advanced Placement Courses

    How To Get Into Hungary Universities

    In addition to high standardized test scores and Grade Point Averages, selective US colleges tend to favor students who have taken Advanced Placement or honors-level courses. Those who opt to take AP classes can sit for exams that will grant them college credit if they get a high enough score usually 3 out of 5, or higher.

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    Medium Of Teaching While Studying In Europe

    If you are interested in studying in Europe, then you need to know about the medium of instruction.

    • The European university generally follow English as their medium of instruction
    • The students can read in different languages like Spanish, French, German, etc
    • You have told the authority about your medium of study during the admission time
    • The universities will provide you the scope for learning European languages for your practical classes.

    Best European Universities By Country

    Institutions were assessed on their teaching environment, research environment, citations , industry income and international outlook. The full methodology can be viewed here.

    While Italy has 51 universities in the ranking, its top-ranked institution the University of Bologna in 172nd place doesnt make it into the top 50 in Europe or the top 100 in the World University Rankings 2022.

    Elsewhere in Europe, Scandinavian countries perform well, with Sweden and Finland punching above their weight relative to their population size, with 12 and 10 institutions respectively in the ranking. Swedens top university the Karolinska Institute is in the top 50 of the World University Rankings 2022, while Finlands University of Helsinki makes the top 150. The Netherlands also performs very strongly.

    In the Europe table, other strong performers relative to their population size include Denmark and the Republic of Ireland .

    Overall, more than 30 European countries are represented in the Europe 2022 ranking, including Spain, Russia, Greece and Belarus.

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