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What College Has The Best Nursing Program In Texas

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Easiest Nursing Schools To Get Into In Texas

Best Nursing Schools In Texas | The Top Ranked TX Nursing Programs

If you are moving closer to your dream of studying nursing, here are some easier schools to get into in Texas. Heres a list of the top easiest nursing schools to get into in Texas. We looked at admission rates, programs offered, tuition, and ranking to come up with this list.

N/A 93%

Selecting the best nursing school in Texas can be difficult. To make the process easier first look for a school that supports students towards licensure and beyond. A great way to measure this is through NCLEX-RN pass rates. We have ranked the top 50 nursing schools in Texas by analyzing current and historical NCLEX-RN pass rates, meaning the percentage of graduates who pass the exam, out of the 118 RN programs in the state. Programs reviewed include schools that offer an Associate in Nursing , BSN, or Direct-Entry MSN Degree.

For more information on our top nursing school rankings, see this Methodology Page .

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this includes the states nursing needs. The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Reports that the states supply of registered nurses will fall short of demand for each year from 2015 to 2030. This creates an incredible opportunity for anyone thinking about becoming a registered nurse. With a median salary of $72,890 annually , starting a career as a registered nurse in Texas is not only rewarding, its lucrative as well. For RN bridge programs visit the links below:

Adn Programs In Texas

An Associate’s Degree in Nursing is a great way to break into a career as a registered nurse. These programs are extremely popular due to their affordability and relatively short duration of just 2 years. Since ADN programs are commonly offered at community and technical colleges, they are widely accessible as well.

There are over 65 schools in Texas that offer ADN programs all throughout the state.

University Of Texas Health School Of Nursing

UTHealth School of Nursing offers two tracks for students to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree: the Pacesetter BSN and RN to BSN options. The Pacesetter BSN is for students who have no degree or a degree in another field. It is geared towards preparing a student to both earn their BSN degree and pass the NCLEX-RN exam, the test you need to pass to become a Registered Nurse. The Pacesetter BSN program is a full-time, 15-month track program. What makes the Pacesetter program unique is that it allows students to immerse themselves in the world of nursing, particularly in the last term of the program.

The RN to BSN program is a little different. It is for Registered Nurses who want to earn their BSN degree and advance their careers. In addition to the RN to BSN track, UTHealth School of Nursing also offers advanced degrees in nursing, including a Master of Science in Nursing , a Ph.D. in Nursing, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice , making UTHealth School of Nursing the most comprehensive nursing school in Houston.

A Top Tier Nursing School with Top Tier Students

As you might expect, UTHealth School of Nursing is the most competitive nursing program in Houston. According to The Fort Bend Star, the Pacesetter program typically gets 600 to 800 applicants for only 125 openings. Also, to apply you must have already completed 60 credit hours of perquisites with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 96.6%
  • Accreditation: Yes

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Best Bsn Programs In Texas In 2020

Texas is a fantastic state to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and practice as a nurse. There are many accredited nursing programs across the state to choose from that are offered by great schools. More hospitals and employers are requiring nurses to hold a BSN degree to practice in their facilities, start on the right track with a high-quality BSN program. The Texas Board of Nursing requires every BSN program to incorporate community health, research, clinical experience, leadership, health promotion and managerial skills. Nurses who participate in some of the best BSN programs in Texas will be prepared to work in community settings and hold leadership roles within their employment, due to their education and training. BSN-prepared RNs are able to draw from their vast education to make research-based, evidence-based decisions, allowing them to provide the highest quality patient care.

As you begin to look for a program that fits your needs and goals as a future nurse be sure to check the programs credentials and accreditation. Unfortunately, not every BSN program has been approved and/or accredited and spending your time and money attending one of these programs would be money and time wasted.

The pre-licensure nursing programs are intended to fully and adequately prepare students to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and receive their active registered nursing license. These credentials are set by the Texas Board of Nursing.

  • NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 91%

Why You Should Choose Texas For Nursing

West Texas universities among top nursing schools in Texas

Some people say that everything is bigger and better in Texas. While thats debatable, some things truly are bigger and better in Texas, the economy for starters. Texas has always had a very conservative approach when it comes to the economy low regulation, low taxes, with a pro-business mentality. As such, Texas has one of the strongest, most stable and resilient economies in the entire nation. During the most recent U.S. recession, Texas was one of the few states to experience double-digit growth and was responsible for nearly 50% of all job creation, nationwide, during the same period. Thats impressive by anyones standards and is worthy of bragging rights if you ask us.

Texas has a population of about 30 million residents and is home to some of the nations largest, most industrious cities in the nation, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso and Austin the state capital. Texas is often referred to as the Lone Star State as a reminder that Texas was a former, independent republic prior to joining the United States. The Lone Star can be seen prominently displayed on the state flag as well as the Texas state seal.

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What Housing Situation Do You Want

Depending on where you study, housing can end up being a significant cost. If you decide to move away from home to earn your degree, you’ll need to figure out where to live. Fortunately, you have a few options.

University housing, such as dorms or apartments, provides a location close to your courses. However, university housing is often more expensive than off-campus housing.

Off-campus housing lets you live nearly anywhere you want. You may be further from campus, but this could place you closer to clinicals.

If you live off-campus, you’ll need to pick the best neighborhood for your situation. Busy cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles can be expensive, and living in the suburbs could be the most affordable option.

College towns like Chapel Hill in North Carolina and Ann Arbor in Michigan tend to have the most choices for student housing off-campus.

Sam Houston State University

With an NCLEX pass rate of 91.15%, the School of Nursing at Sam Houston State University offers numerous high-end employment opportunities and comprehensive academic programs. Renowned as having the twelfth largest faculty in Texas, the higher education institution had a record of over 20,000 students enrolled in the fall of 2015 and is dedicated to providing quality, interactive learning and giving back to the community. The school has an affordable tuition, a wide range of online programs and flexible scheduling opportunities, as well as a complete, authentic certification from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Whether you choose on-campus, online or distance-learning classes, you need 46 credit hours to complete the program and a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be accepted.

Over 38% of the faculty members have a PhD in Nursing. The core values of the schools healthcare programs involve commitment, adaptability and professionalism. If these traits resonate with you, then Sam Houston State University is a rare and resourceful opportunity for your nursing career. For pre-nursing students, there are several prerequisites, ranging from basic history and anatomy to applied microbiology, nutrition and human physiology. If youre interested in preparing and becoming eligible for the state board examination, you can join a BSN undergraduate program. Here you will study nursing fundamentals, pathophysiology, womens health and nursing care of infants.

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Keeping A Tx License Active

Registered nurses must renew their licenses biannually and show proof of completing at least 20 continuing education credits during the previous two years. Nurses renewing their license for the first time are exempt from the continuing education requirement, but must still pay the standard renewal fee of $60.

Top 10 Best Nursing Schools In Texas

Del Mar College nursing program ranks highly among best in state

As one of the largest states in the nation, its only natural for Texas to be home to dozens of top-rate nursing schools.

To become a nurse in Texas, the best course of action is to earn a nursing degree from a local school. Earning a degree from an accredited Texas school will satisfy any prerequisites youll need to become a registered nurse in the Lone Star State. But not all nursing schools are the same, and youll want to be picking the right school for you.

Annual In-State Tuition: $10,092 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 94.83%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: Yes

Based in Central Texas, the University of Texas at Austin places an emphasis on helping the local community. This philosophy is ground into their nursing programs and many nurses go on to work in these types of communities. The BSN program is the highlight of the University of Texas at Austins program, and the school admits that entry is highly competitive. Students should definitely apply to this school, but make sure you apply to others in Texas as well.

Annual Tuition: $25,750 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 94%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: Yes

Annual Tuition: $42,670 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 96.43%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: No

Annual In-state Tuition: $11,036 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: No

Annual In-state Tuition: $9,616 | NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.30%

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: Yes

Bridge: Yes

Traditional: Yes

Accelerated: No

Bridge: Yes

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How To Obtain A Texas Nursing License

In Texas, registered nurses must hold a valid license in order to practice legally. The Texas Board of Nursing is responsible for establishing and regulating licensure requirements, and manages the licensing and renewal processes for registered and advanced practice nurses. Learn more about the licensure requirements for first-time candidates below.

Texas A& m University Corpus Christi

6300 Ocean Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 825-5700

Texas A& M Universitys Corpus Christi campus offers students a pre-licensure BSN degree track designed to deliver a broad foundation in nursing. TAMUCCs program is five semesters in length, and program admission is granted three times a year in fall, spring, and summer.Score: 92.38| Programs: BSN#45

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Texas Womans University Score 78

NCLEX pass rate: 96.25%

Tuition per year: $6,789

Texas Womans University is located in Denton, Texas, and enrolls over 15,000 students. It is one of the most affordable schools on our list and has an excellent NCLEX pass rate. One of the convenient aspects of the program is that it offers students a completely online R.N. to BSN program.

The school also provides students an opportunity to attend classes at three different campuses in Denton, Dallas, and Houston. Last, the school has a Center for Global Nursing, which allows students to travel worldwide, providing essential nursing services. Overall, this nursing program is an excellent option for a potential nurse or someone looking to further their education.

The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

  • BSN

What Is The Nclex

A New Center of Innovation Has Opened at the University of ...

If you enroll in an ADN or BSN program, you’ll take the NCLEX-RN exam around the time of your graduation. The NCLEX certifies nurses, and no state or hospital will license or employ a nurse that hasn’t passed the NCLEX. Fortunately, all accredited nursing programs satisfy the prerequisites to sit for the NCLEX and should prepare you to pass the exam on your first try.

You’re not alone, though. Colleges and universities care about their students’ outcomes and want to see as many students pass the NCLEX as possible. Through a combination of coursework, lab courses, and clinicals, schools do all they can to prepare you to take and pass the NCLEX. Some nursing schools do this better than others, and that’s a factor worth considering when picking a college or university.

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Advantages Of Bsn Programs

A BSN is ideal for someone looking for increased job opportunities in the world of registered nursing. The potential for higher pay and more responsibility are just 2 of the reasons why a BSN might offer a competitive edge over other types of nursing programs. It’s also a great way to advance if you are already an RN and looking to move forward in your career.

Pick Your Nursing Degree Level

The nursing school you choose to invest your time and money in matters. To help you make the decision that is right for you, we’ve developed a number of major-specific rankings, including this list of the Best Nursing Schools.More interested in schools in a specific area of the country? Filter this list by region or state.

To further help you make the college decision, we’ve developed a unique tool called College Combat that allows you to compare schools based on the factors that matter the most to you.Go ahead and give it a try, or bookmark the link so you can check it out later.

Read more about College Factual’s methodology.

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What Are The Requirements To Study Nursing In Houston Texas

Caring for others for a living is a career choice that demands dedication, skill, and knowledge. To study Nursing in Houston, there are certain requirements and steps to be taken. See the details below

  • Complete an online application through NursingCAS.
  • Applicants must submit official transcript at least one month before the submission deadline from EACH college or university attended. You can send it directly from each institution to NursingCAS. The mailing address is NursingCAS P.O. Box 9201 Watertown, MA 02471.
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.5, and 2.5 or above GPA in natural, physical, and behavioral sciences is required.

Texas State University Score 81

Nursing Schools in Houston Texas | Top RN & LVN Programs Revealed

NCLEX pass rate: 100%

Tuition per year: $11,860

Texas State University is located in Round Rock, Texas, and is home to more than 38,000 students. The school boasts one of the best NCLEX pass rates of all the schools we analyzed, with a 100% pass rate for 2019.

The nursing program, St. Davids School of Nursing, accepts 100 students a year for its BSN program. Given the tuition rate and the stellar NCLEX pass rate, this school provides a great combination of value and quality for students.

The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

  • BSN

NCLEX pass rate: 91.07%

Tuition per year: $9,345

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is located in Lubbock, Texas, and has a small student population that fosters an engaging learning environment. In total, the school offers 22 different programs for nursing students. One of the more exciting features of the program is the online MSN.

Another important factor when considering this school is the low tuition rate. Its one of the most affordable nursing programs in Texas.

The school offers the following degree programs for nursing students:

  • BSN

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Life And Career Options In San Antonio

There are currently 14,460 employed RNs in San Antonio. The bulk of these RNs are employed by hospitals, however other good opportunities may be found in physician offices, home health care, residential care facilities and schools. If you are a Spanish speaker, your services as a nurse are especially important in San Antonio, as much of the citys population needs access to nursing care that can be provided in the Spanish language. Hospitals benefit by having a bilingual nurses on staff, so be sure to let your future employers know if you possess this crucial language skill.

Getting A Texas Nursing License

Texas has clear regulatory conditions for licensure by either examination or endorsement that include graduating from a state-approved School of Nursing and passing the NCLEX exam.

For licensure by examination candidates are to submit the following information with their application:

  • Criminal Background Check – with fingerprints
  • Passing score on ‘Nursing Jurisprudence Examination’
  • Affidavit of Graduation
  • Registration for NCLEX exam – passing score upon completion

For licensure by endorsement, candidates are required to submit further documentation with their application, such as:

  • Criminal Background Check – electronically submitted if residing within Texas
  • Passing score on ‘Nursing Jurisprudence Examination’
  • Verification of Licensure from originating state – NURSYS

Learn more about TX RN license requirements at the Texas Board of Nursing.

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Before Looking At Nursing Schools Ask Yourself These Questions:

So before applying for degrees, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to study at a large or small school?
  • Do I want a private or public education?
  • Do I prefer to study in a busy city or a small town? Am I planning on starting a nursing career in the same city or town as the college/university?
  • Nursing licenses are offered by states, so is there a specific state where I want to start my nursing career?
  • Do I want to earn a two-year ADN or a four-year BSN? Or, do I want to go even further into advanced practice by earning a master’s of science in nursing , doctorate of nursing practice , or a Ph.D. in nursing?
  • Do I want to become a nurse educator after practicing in the healthcare setting for a few years?

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